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How to make Beaded or Twine Tassel Earrings

Monique Littlejohn, Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

How to make Beaded or Twine Tassel Earrings

Monique Littlejohn, Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Tasselintro2

    • 2. Tassel tools

    • 3. Tassel earring body

    • 4. Produce 2

    • 5. Over the shoulder

    • 6. Tassel outro

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About This Class


Are you a fan of bead shops, craft stores, and fabric stores? Do you love to buy unfinished craft projects at garage and estate sales? Do you end up with a box full of twine, ribbon, or yarn?

We just moved into a home without any storage, so my husband has tasked me with clearing out my treasures. What better way than to show you how to make beautiful and practical jewelry? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make tassel earrings using ribbon, twine, or yarn. These appear visually bulky, but are as light as a feather to wear on your earlobes. You can also remove the earwire and use the tutorial to design a pendant. It only takes a few supplies, and the findings cost less than $1. I’ve seen similar earrings selling for over $25!

I've also added a tutorial on how to make these with seed beads for a more elegant look. Be sure to start with the first design before you tackle seed beads.

If you have any questions about this tutorial you are welcome to email me at [email protected] or Skype with name, MoniqueLittlejohn.


  • 1 pair chain nose (flat nose) pliers
    1 pair of round nose pliers
    Credit card, gift card or business card
    Wire cutters
    2 jump rings
    2 cone findings
    Ribbon, baker’s twine, embroidery thread, or beaded wire – approximately 2 feet
    Dead soft wire – 24 gauge
    French earring wires
    Workspace – I use a fabric bead board
    Reading Glasses

Step 1: Assemble all of your supplies on your bead board.

Step 2: Using the long side of your credit card, wrap your ribbon, thread or beaded wire around the card 6 times (more if you have a large beadcap), ensuring that the ends are on the same side of the card when you are done.
Step 3:
Place the card on the workspace and using one hand, hold the ribbon and using the other hand, gently slide the ribbon off of the card.
Step 4:
Using the scissors, cut both the top and bottom ends of the ribbon
Step 5:
Separate the ribbon into 2 piles with the same number of strings on each, keeping them straight, even, and flat.
Step 6:
Using your pliers, open the jump ring with a twisting motion
Step 7:
Grab the middle of the ribbon and place in the opening of the jump ring
Step 8:
Using a place a pair of chain nose pliers in your hand and hold the ring with the other and twist the jump ring closed.
Step 9:
Using your scissors, cut a 2, 3-inch pieces of thread or ribbon.
Step 10:
Wrap the thread near the jump ring and tie a double knot
Step 11:
Using your metal cutters, cut approx. 4 inches of 24 gauge wire
Step 12:
Using your round nose pliers, grab the end of the wire by the tip and twist until you have a closed loop at the top. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It will be hidden by the bead cap.
Step 13: Using 2 sets of pliers, open the new loop and thread the jump ring onto the loop.
Step 14: Close the loop.
Step 15:
Thread the wire through the end cap.
Step 16:
Bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.
Step 17:
Grab the wire again, and twist it into a closed loop.
Step 18:
Wrap the excess wire 3 times around the base. Try to not overlap the wires, and instead make a pretty spiral with it.
Step 19:
Cut the excess wire with the wire cutters.
Step 20:
Using your chain nose pliers, gently twist the loop on the French earwire to open it
Step 21:
Place the tassel loop onto the French earwire loop
Step 22:
Close the French earwire loop
Step 23:
Repeat steps 6 through 22 to make the second earring
Step 24:
Hold both earrings together and decide how long you want your tassels.
Step 25:
Cut the excess ribbon and you are done!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Monique Littlejohn

Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional


Monique Littlejohn is an American expat living her dream of sustainability in South Australia. Her classes currently focus on jewelry design, but in the future, she will add crafting with nature products, gardening, beekeeping, and winemaking - all with a sustainable focus in mind.

She left her very successful nonprofit corporate development and marketing career of 16 years to focus on teaching learning lost skills, so that she could bridge the gap between the "greatest generation" (WWII) and "millennials."

She is also an accomplished jewelry designer and craft teacher who has published 7 books on jewelry making.

See full profile

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1. Tasselintro2: Hello and welcome back to hobby Farm Girl. Today we're going to teach you how to make these tassel earrings. They're really easy to make in their lightweight, even though they have a lot of bulk to them visually. And I made them with some leftover bakers twine that I got right after Christmas from one of those Christmas sales. So they actually ended up costing me less than a dollar to make. So we're gonna go ahead and get started. But before we do a little bit about myself, I'm an American expat living in Australia, and I live in a hobby form. That's why I'm called the hobby farm girl. But I'm also a jewelry artist who has been making jewelry for over 20 years. So now we're gonna go ahead and get started with the class, and I hope you enjoy it. 2. Tassel tools: Okay, Now we're going to start showing you what we use for our tools. We have everything separated as tools and findings. So first we have the round nose pliers, a wire cutter and chain those pliers next. Because I'm over the age of 40 I have a pair of reading glasses. I'm using a credit card not to buy something this time. But Teoh design my castle. I've got 24 gauge wire here and some pretty silver thread. And then I have my bakers twine. So the baker swine I got, I think it was 90% off over at Michael's right after Christmas. And it's gonna make beautiful earrings and finally scissors to cut the bakers twine. I also always use a be bored because it just makes everything more organized. And I think that it makes me feel a little more serious when I start designing things here we have our findings, which are little silver cones. These air called Tibetan silver, which is, and nickel alloy. We have to jump rings. They're open, jump rings not closed. And then these are my French. Your wires and I always use sterling silver French air wires whenever I have a chance, because that way they don't they don't react with my very acidic skin. 3. Tassel earring body: Now we're going to get started. The first thing that you need to dio is get your twine ready and you can use ribbon. You don't have to use twine. Just grab maybe a couple of feet worth and then clip it off and then you grab your credit card or you can use a business card if you'd like and you just start rapping the twine around, but make sure you don't overlap it. Just wrap it along. Thanks. So and when you get to the last bit, you want to cut it off so that both the top and the bottom open at the same area. So then you just clip it. I think so. And then you just pull it up of the credit card and using your scissors, you cut through all of the holes, all of the loops, and then grab it with the other side, like so I can click through all the loops, so you have an even number. Now let's separate these out into two groups or six. One, 23 456 I have two groups of six here. Now I'm going to grab this jump ring. I am going to open it up. Since the jumping is not going to be seen by anybody, it doesn't really matter whether you use chain those players that have these ridges or not . I described whatever was he, Indy. You slip all of these through and with one hand, you hold it and hold one end. And then with the other hand, you just close between those players, like so next grab another piece of string. And in this case, I'll just use this really pretty thread kind of hard to see on the screen cause itself in. But if if you use, um threat, that's really thin, you'll have a much better chance of it, having it not shown your final design. So then I just tie it close to the jump ring in a double knot. So there's one not, and then I'm holding it. So that way it doesn't unravel. Stays nice and tight in an idea second, so that would just keep it closed. Can I just tie up? I just grab the ends in tight off and cut it off. So, as you see now, I've got this Tassel was pretty tassel. Next, what we need to do is use our 24 gauge wire. You know, just grab enough That is comfortable for you to use to make both. I grab about four inches, and then I could have bended over, so doesn't unravel quite a bit. Now for your son. Wire wrapping part, you grab. You're Randall's players. So and then you just twist, twist, twist until you have a closed loop, it doesn't need to be centered because it's going to be hidden. You know, a lot of times I asked for you to center things, but in this case, it just doesn't really matter. I'm gonna grab the chain, inspires and just open that hole. Think so And then using this I lived this through. So that way this is inside that loop, and then I close it up again. Yes. He's gonna be a bit stuff. I can't. They all right. Put it on and then I Granma chinos players. Can I just close it up again? Next I grab the cone gone. Make sure that everything's covered up nice. And you see this little string is not that pushed the string really close to the top and that was covered and then I grab my roundness players again. I've been in and 90 degree angle and then grab it just about about at half an inch up in the night. Twist it until it gets to be the way I want it to be. And then I used some wire and I wrap it three times, like so, and they use the wire cutters and you can just call lip it up. We're going to do exactly the same thing again, and this is a good chance for you to try doing this while you're watching. So first of all, grab all of the threads. So that way they're all together like so next, perhaps the jumping and using Pacino's fires. You open it, since I don't have my reading glasses on at the moment, I'm just going Teoh, use my fingers to feel the whole. It's better if you just have the reading glasses on to do so. But this is dead soft, which means it's really soft wire, and it's easy to open Now. I place all of the all of the twine into the hole like so, and then I close it up so we better tassel make sure that pretty well centered next week. Now what I want to do is I want to make sure that that double double not goes all the way up to is close to the jumping cause possible or else it's going to show. So I just kind of use my fingernails to move it up to the top like so next I grab the remaining wire and I do it twist closed loop like so. And then I use my change of suppliers and I open it this through again and then use the Gino's to close it again. I grabbed my cone, finding I bought these on eBay. They're much less expensive if you buy them on eBay than they are just about anywhere else . Or you could go to that one of the gem fares that are in town, and I invented it in 90 degree angle, and then you twist it using kind of a batter, part of your of your tool, and then you wrap it three times and finally use your clippers. Clip it up. So now, as you see, we have two matching tassels, but the tassels air pretty afraid. And unless you're going for a punk rock look, you probably want to clean those up. So what I do is I just make sure that the tassels air evenly aligned. And then I grabbed my scissors. Then I cut them. So that way, they're the same size. Once they're all cleaned up, then you can do the last step, which is attaching the French Year wires. French year wires always have the open end of the loop on the inside of the wire, so with one hand, you hold it the other hand. You open the chain, those players with the chain nose pliers, and then you just loop it through you and grab it and close the loop and do the same thing with your other one. And there you have it to fun tassel earrings to wear it for your next night, out for less than a dollar. 4. Produce 2: Now we're going to make these beautiful, slightly more expensive, luxurious seed need hearings. Now all we need are the same tools that we used to before. So once again we that the chain those pliers, a round nose pliers in the wire cutters we have big caps, little acrylic, mercury class beads and a couple of French year wires. What's new for this class is we have wired seed beads and don't bother with getting CBGB's and then putting them on the string yourself. It will take forever, and it could hurt your eyes. And this only cost $3. 24 gauge that soft wire and a credit card or you use a business part and then a pair of reading glasses gives his feeds get everywhere. What you're going to dio is well, this Ah, you can wrap this around six times, link wise and then make sure that both ends end up on the top. So I've got the top in the bottom here and you'll see here that I've made a little loop in here said that the beads don't go everywhere and you're gonna grab your clippers and you're gonna clip it here and fishing off the card and just imagine that this is flipped. You'll clip all of these and you'll close each end off with the loop so that the beans don't go everywhere so that I've already done that work for us. And I've already made one of the beads. I'll show you what I have ended up with just to save you kind. So you're not sitting here watching me fumble around with the beads flying everywhere? See, these are all of the beauty that flew all over the house just a minute ago. So after I cut both ends and put loops on each end, I've ended up with twice as many of this. And what I want to do is I want to find the natural center that each of these they don't need to all be the same late. Part of the beauty of handmade jewelry is its video secrecy. The Japanese call that wabi Sabi. So be sure your jewelry is not always absolutely perfect. Or people will think that it was built in a factory. Okay, so here's the natural center. Just fold it over like so. So that way there is a whole or these alternative little use. Next, you grab your wire here 24 gauge wire and you pull off about eight inches. Flip it. You're gonna use about 1/4 of the way up. You're gonna grab it and then but these through the use like so and now you're going to just simply use the short end. Rath those wrap the short end as close as possible. Teoh your CB's and then clip it off. There are two sides to a cutter as you see this side and that side. You don't want to cut like that. You want to put it like this because that way you'll get a lot closer to the the base of your design. So next you simply grab that be capped in you lace it through and see how it covered up that that loop. So it's really not even necessary. Teoh Teoh, Tie these up on the very top. It's all covered and you grab your mercury glass speed and you bring that one down like so . Sometimes ustedes need a little bit of help, and you can you can help it along with your chain. Those flyers. Next you bend. It just that much and you grab you round nose pliers and you go about 1/4 of the way up. So you have a fairly large hole, and then you just twist it like so and then wraps around three times. Grab clippers again. If you've got a little bit too much of, Ah, a tale here, it could catch on your hair and on your jewelry. Just use your wires to close it down some more. Next, you just grab your French Year wires and the opening is always on the inside of the year wire and you delicately twist it open and lace your hearing on and then make sure you close it all the way. Now you have two beautiful earrings that are unique to you, and you can probably talked about $48 for these. 5. Over the shoulder: Now we're going to start doing an over the shoulder video on how to price your tassel earrings. Here we see on Etsy several different prices, and they really do range between. I think I saw the lowest of about $8 all the way up to about $88 and it seems to be more expensive to purchase the beaded earrings. And that's why I've added the tutorial on how to make seed bead earrings. Also, you'll notice that if you add a little feed or a large bead to it and then make your tassel larger, the earrings tend to be a bit more expensive. So that is what we found on etc. And that's where I sell most of my jewelry. Next, we're going to check out another site. Here we have E Bay. So with e bay, I buy a lot of my supplies here. So, my dear wires, my jump rings and so on. I'm not gonna show you where to find them. But if you just type in the search engine area about supplies, that's where you can buy them. And as you can see, if you really wanted to make it easy, you could just buy the tassels yourself. But I'm afraid to say that the products that you would create if you to just buy tassels that were pre made would look pretty much manufactured, and you won't get a very high price. But still, as you can see, this is what people on eBay or charging for their tassel earrings. And if they're coming out of China, they tend to be significantly less expensive. But if they are made in Australia and you are in Australia, or if they're made in the United States and you are in the United States, you'll see that the prices are significantly higher for them. Of course, she could always make your life easy and just by the pre made earrings off of eBay, very in extensive inexpensively, and then resell them in your market. But we're with the fund. Be with that right? So next we're going to be moving on Teoh, another website. I tried checking out anthropology, but for some reason I couldn't find their jewelry sections, so we're gonna skip that and move on to Google in what Google has to offer. But in the meantime, while while I was playing around with anthropology site because I do think that they have some really clever jewelry and and layouts and designs. Let's talk about how you approach different markets so and how you price it. So if you want to sell Teoh a retail store, you can use a simple process of 1/3 1 3rd 1/3 So you will charge 1/3 of the cost of your retail price to the store. So if you had a pair of $30 earrings that you want a retail for $30 you would sell it to them for $10 then you would sell it in bulk. I normally don't sell less than eight pairs of earrings, uh, at the wholesale prices. You also won't be charging them sales tax when you sell to them, but it's a good way to move a lot of inventory and get in front of a lot of people. Don't make the mistake of trying to sell your jewelry at a lower price to the public and still sell to retail shops, because that would be undercutting your partners. And that's not appropriate. It's better to just go ahead and charge the same amount, whether you're selling at a craft fair online or in a store like Nordstrom. So here we are at Google and you can see several different stores and what the prices are on those stores that have Google shopping enabled. And once again, you'll notice that the prices range very significantly against the different markets, and I don't know if you've noticed this, but those items that look manufactured, rather than artistically designed, tend to be much, much less expensive. So the artists really do work on the concept of wabi sabi and and make it just slightly in perfect. So it shows that it was created by an artisan rather than maybe someone in a factory in another country. Now I'm moving on to Amazon, which offers a hand a place called handmade on their website, where you can sell your jewelry if you fill out a simple process. I've set it up myself, and it's really easy to get approved, and they are looking for more artisans to include on their site from all over the world. So now I'm gonna just type, type and tassel earrings again. And let's just take a look at what pops up, you can tell my sights, moving really slowly. Here we go. So I bet you notice that a lot of the earrings on this side are very similar to Google shopping. And that is because the Google search engine grabs things off of the Amazon site quite easily. And once again the prices really vary. But I would say a good guideline is if you have a new hearing that is made with the tassel Simple tassel. It's $25 with the beat, a task will go for $45 you'll be set. 6. Tassel outro: thank you again for joining us for this class. So far, you've learned how to make the tassel earrings, how to price them and how to sell them. Also, how to find the real value of making it yourself. If you enjoyed this course, please check out my other courses at Hobby Farm girl dot com, etc. Curious in Udine face again today.