How to make Beaded or Twine Tassel Earrings

Monique Littlejohn, Jewelry Teacher and Nonprofit Professional

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Tasselintro2

    • 2. Tassel tools

    • 3. Tassel earring body

    • 4. Produce 2

    • 5. Over the shoulder

    • 6. Tassel outro


About This Class


Are you a fan of bead shops, craft stores, and fabric stores? Do you love to buy unfinished craft projects at garage and estate sales? Do you end up with a box full of twine, ribbon, or yarn?

We just moved into a home without any storage, so my husband has tasked me with clearing out my treasures. What better way than to show you how to make beautiful and practical jewelry? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make tassel earrings using ribbon, twine, or yarn. These appear visually bulky, but are as light as a feather to wear on your earlobes. You can also remove the earwire and use the tutorial to design a pendant. It only takes a few supplies, and the findings cost less than $1. I’ve seen similar earrings selling for over $25!

I've also added a tutorial on how to make these with seed beads for a more elegant look. Be sure to start with the first design before you tackle seed beads.

If you have any questions about this tutorial you are welcome to email me at [email protected] or Skype with name, MoniqueLittlejohn.


  • 1 pair chain nose (flat nose) pliers
    1 pair of round nose pliers
    Credit card, gift card or business card
    Wire cutters
    2 jump rings
    2 cone findings
    Ribbon, baker’s twine, embroidery thread, or beaded wire – approximately 2 feet
    Dead soft wire – 24 gauge
    French earring wires
    Workspace – I use a fabric bead board
    Reading Glasses

Step 1: Assemble all of your supplies on your bead board.

Step 2: Using the long side of your credit card, wrap your ribbon, thread or beaded wire around the card 6 times (more if you have a large beadcap), ensuring that the ends are on the same side of the card when you are done.
Step 3:
Place the card on the workspace and using one hand, hold the ribbon and using the other hand, gently slide the ribbon off of the card.
Step 4:
Using the scissors, cut both the top and bottom ends of the ribbon
Step 5:
Separate the ribbon into 2 piles with the same number of strings on each, keeping them straight, even, and flat.
Step 6:
Using your pliers, open the jump ring with a twisting motion
Step 7:
Grab the middle of the ribbon and place in the opening of the jump ring
Step 8:
Using a place a pair of chain nose pliers in your hand and hold the ring with the other and twist the jump ring closed.
Step 9:
Using your scissors, cut a 2, 3-inch pieces of thread or ribbon.
Step 10:
Wrap the thread near the jump ring and tie a double knot
Step 11:
Using your metal cutters, cut approx. 4 inches of 24 gauge wire
Step 12:
Using your round nose pliers, grab the end of the wire by the tip and twist until you have a closed loop at the top. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It will be hidden by the bead cap.
Step 13: Using 2 sets of pliers, open the new loop and thread the jump ring onto the loop.
Step 14: Close the loop.
Step 15:
Thread the wire through the end cap.
Step 16:
Bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.
Step 17:
Grab the wire again, and twist it into a closed loop.
Step 18:
Wrap the excess wire 3 times around the base. Try to not overlap the wires, and instead make a pretty spiral with it.
Step 19:
Cut the excess wire with the wire cutters.
Step 20:
Using your chain nose pliers, gently twist the loop on the French earwire to open it
Step 21:
Place the tassel loop onto the French earwire loop
Step 22:
Close the French earwire loop
Step 23:
Repeat steps 6 through 22 to make the second earring
Step 24:
Hold both earrings together and decide how long you want your tassels.
Step 25:
Cut the excess ribbon and you are done!