How to make Amazing Looking Thumbnails for your Videos using Adobe Photoshop | Dhanda Vishnu | Skillshare

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How to make Amazing Looking Thumbnails for your Videos using Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Dhanda Vishnu

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)

    • 2. RESOURCES

    • 3. CREATING PART 1

    • 4. CREATING PART 2


    • 6. EXPORTING


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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Adobe Photoshop, and how to take your thumbnails to the next level. We'll work together to create an amazing looking thumbnail. I will teach you everything you possibly need to know to get started teaching you from the very basics. I will also help you increase your productivity and efficiency in Adobe Photoshop by showing you some handy keyboard shortcuts.

I will take you through the following in specific:

  1. We will go through how to import your images and use custom fonts, I will show you where I get my images from and how I set up custom canvas resolutions and sizes so that my thumbnail is suitable for the platform I plan to upload it on. I will also show you how to get running with some great looking custom fonts.
  2. We will go through the actual method of making the thumbnail this involved the setting up of your thumbnail and making your text pop with enhancements.

3.Finally I will show you how to export your final product, this will include different methods you can use to export and some tips on exporting.

P.S the content taught in this class can be applied to many other projects such as infographics and much more, since I go through all the basic principles which you should know.

What qualifies me to give this class?

I have been using photoshop for 6 years now and have learned quit a lot. I am also certified in the Adobe media suite and thus have been trained professionally.


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1. INTRODUCTION: Hey, guys, welcome to the sketch. A class in this class. I'll be teaching you articulate and abusing looking Tommy, just like this one. I've been using food to shop for about six years now, and I've learned quite a lot. I hope to share my experience with you in this class will go over everything from the basics of how to get your images on how to put them into Fort Shopping Start manipulation to exporting your images. I want to show you a few very important keeper chocolates, which we speed up. You work through and make it more efficient. I hope you enjoy this class. Let's get into it. 2. RESOURCES: for images. Great abusing on Splash to get all of my images. I'm using this one, but few feet go with any other off the choice on. Plus images are free and have a great selection off them for four months. I prefer to use the website effort average of using the martyred sons platform, but they have a wide selection of 1 to 2 you can choose from. Once you have your images and fonts downloaded, you're going to want to install them. So let's go ahead and install the fourth. You want to unzip it first elected since it under the one Ford on wedding, downshift to select on the front. You'd like to eat store, go ahead and pick on in store. That's it. Now you have the Martin Sands phones and your Year, which usage? So that's it for recesses. Next week, losses were going to be assembly big product 3. CREATING PART 1: So in this class, we're going to be assembling your project, going to lead on a basic framework for your image under text on Do a few alterations to the image to make it look a little better. So once you open for show because you want to create a new document, we're shows great, since that it gives you a lot of presets to choose from. But I'm making this dominate for sketcher, so I'm going to enter my own dimensions. So that's drive 80 for the wit servant waiting for the that the resolution is how shop you want. The image trouble. I prefer to leave my number at bar to 17. Once you've done that, we're heading. They read. This is your plant kindness with infinite possibilities. Next thing you're going to want to do is import your image, so go ahead and click virtual O on your keyboard. This is open dialogue box. You can then go to your image and important. No distorted opens the image in a new document, so you're going to have to drag this image onto your document. This image is a little too big, so let's go ahead and recite it. It could drive into you on your keyboard to recite. I'm zooming in and out using a school and control. I'm quite happy with that. The next thing we're going to do is an teletext. So go to the text would or tea when you keep with and let's begin to enter our text, make sure that your for two selected. So the fun for me to do it was called March and sons. So I'm just going to go ahead and select water science about the next thing with which to is an teletext. You can increase your text by increasing the Bt or FedExed. Well, I think about 36 would be signed for that. You look, once you have entered your text, you may want to put it in the police. You'd like it to be, and you find a point. So go ahead to the move to hit. We keep it, reposition your text. That's a little bit of weapons from reaching for the increased the size of my text. So I'm going to you and make you would select vortex using control D on increases bay, maybe three pics is I think that looks like this would also be a great time to put any other text that you would like in your image. I want your foot shot document Plenty. I'm just begin to type of you control E to select everything. And I think nine pixels would look good to decrease the weight off your text, go to take part of honor and reduce it. I think that looks great. Now that we're doing being down a basic framework for our project, their next loss, we're going to take a look at how you make the subject stand up. 4. CREATING PART 2: So how do you make our subjects dine? Upped? There we elect. Do this is places subjects such that he's covering a bit off the text. So let's go ahead and hide Delius off. Text clicking this morning. True extract. Next, we can go in, select our in material and click on the Magic one to which you can or depressed. W to access. Well known shift. Select all the areas which are outside your subject. You see, he's watching Arntz go around your subject, then right, click and select endless Copy this subject and pieced him in a newly let's control C control beach beast. You're not see that my subject is formed in a newly you can. No, please, that's clear. Drugging it. But dont off your text. Go ahead and shoot the text. You know just that the subjects is right in front off the text, giving it a much better look. Next, loss archer your heart of food or enhance this image by adding different effects. Such a blue shelton 5. ENHANCEMENTS: I think I'm going to show you a few enhancements you can make to your image to make it look a bit better. So we're going to go over the Blur and the shopping off, the image on guard out of me, Your desk. Bach. I'm Yeah, that's pretty much it. All right, So the first thing I think we should do is mess around a bit with the text. Still, I'm not a big fan off the color black for the text, since I think it's going trusting re to marshal the background. So I'm just gonna go ahead and selected backing for Johnny and collecting on your color. So I think why should look good. That looks so much special. That's well ahead in order to change for shopped through your text, Right. One ski according to CME process, I want to thank the 40 shop to your text. Could be a little night or that. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and change the nasty freezing which about 60% or 60% changed on that looks. So we better order now. The next thing or nistru is make my subject book. So I'm gonna go ahead and select my image layer. I'm good friends. Now you can go to the floor cards on select Irish. Go ahead on and standard your subject. Getting the iris work on our reduced the blur to about seven five vixens. Okay, so that looks much better. Another thing you may want to do is shop in your emits sickle to your imagery of the clean image layer on select. It's much open now. You don't want to over shopping it because it really makes it look artificial. So you have to do peace. Their moment to maybe about 10%. I find work to help me sometimes. Seven. I'm just going ahead and do 7% on that looks so much better. One right? And I think that's what did to be a Tommy discussion. Kloss. Soon, all that's left to do is exploit disconnect 6. EXPORTING: So in this class agree to take you to how you export your products. The different four months you can export them in. And the way I think you should try out that's good food shop and to export to protect All you have to do is go to fight. Andi, look on export. Now, the way I think works, Where is the quick exporters? BNG? The finance houses aren't that big on uh, there's not much less in quantity. No, you're gonna exported as the antique having name it whatever you like. I just got it on Splash Another way you may want to export it is going to the vase. What, you going to save us? Just click on the little drop now on select Chip Beck. Now G big is great because you won't have any loss in quality. So it allows you to choose the quantity, But you will have a larger fight size, so keep that in mind. So that's another way you can exploit. So if you're going to see you see that it lost me to select the the quantity off the image and I changes to fight size and that's it. If you plan on meeting any changes to your water shop? Documented the future. You may want to say this other foot shop find to go even open it and for show and on your leaders. Let's let me go head to his foot. Shop has type. I'm I would have received it, so it's asking me to replace it and to see us. All right, so that's each congratulations and making your first only This looks great, and I think you'll get right few impressions out of it. 7. CONGRATULATIONS AND CONCLUSION: Congratulations on making your first only feel free to use the principles I've taught in this class for any of your other products. They can be applied in various synonymous. On was importantly, keep creating. I hope to see in my next loss. Thank you.