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How to make 8 medium difficulty cocktails

Kristoffer, Student

How to make 8 medium difficulty cocktails

Kristoffer, Student

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10 Lessons (21m)



    • 4. IV - FRENCH 75

    • 5. V - LEMON DROP

    • 6. VI - WHISKEY SOUR

    • 7. VII - WHITE LADY

    • 8. VIII - GIN SOUR

    • 9. IX - FITZGERALD

    • 10. X - THE END

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About This Class

Hello and welcome.

In this class, I will be teaching you how to make 8 cocktails that are in the medium difficulty region of classic and well-known cocktails. These cocktails are however still fairly easy and mostly just about following the recipe.

If you haven't already, I advise you to watch the class "The full guide for getting started with bartending"  and "How to make 8 easy cocktails" before this class. Those classes are more beginner-friendly and a great compliment to this class.

In this class, I will go through how to make the following cocktails
- Vanilla Shake
- El Presidente
- French 75
- Lemon Drop
- Whiskey Sour
- White Lady
- Gin Sour
- Fitzgerald


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1. I - INTRODUCTION: Hello. Welcome this class. I will be teaching you how to make eight medium difficult to cocktail. If you haven't already suggest that you start out by watching the class full guard for getting started with bartending and how to make eight easy cocktails before watching this glass, they will explain the fundamentals. I will be teaching you how to make the following car sales in this class. Vanilla shake, President French, 75 lemon drop whiskey, sour white Lady gin sound and the Fitzgerald. I also feel the need to explain what I mean by difficulty when it comes to parts. Anything parts ending at the end of the day is just following. Recipes are often quite simple. So how do we define difficult? How long does it take to make the cartel? How many how obscure ingredients do you need to make the cocktail? And was it requiring any special technique garnishing? So remember that I consider the answers. All these questions to be about a meeting in relation to the cartels will be teaching today . No, let's get into the house to make the first card 2. II - VANILLA SHAKE: The vanilla shake is a sweet cocktail on the simple side. To make a vanilla shake, you need the following three cents Leaders 43 Core and mindset. Leaders of whole milk, simply poor, both ingredients. Injuries shaker along with ice cubes. Shake the cocktail for about 10 seconds and then strain the cocktail. Is your serving last Serving glass should be filled device, but 3. III - EL PRESIDENTE: the El Presidenta is a classic right Rome based cocktail making a precedent. You need the following four cents leaders two cents Leaders of Triple SEC two says leaders of Driver Move and a dash of grenadine. Now, before making the actual cocktail, we want to get our serving glass. The cartel is somewhat small, therefore, only requires a small service class. Take the glass, fill it with ice cubes and water and leave it needed. Now take off the ingredients for the mystery shake. If you don't have a bar spoon to measure out national Dean, simply use a teaspoon full up. Now Shake the car. Once you finish shaking the cartel, take the serving glasses chilled. Empty out the water and ice cubes that stranger cocktail into the class. Garnish the card show with an orange. 4. IV - FRENCH 75: French 75 is a elegant cartoon that incorporate champagne to make a friend 75. You need the following forces Jim Syrah 0.56 Years of sugar syrup, two cents Leaders of lemon juice and champagne. Now, to be clear. When I say champagne, I really just meat chilled smartly. It doesn't have to be from the Champagne region of France. Now mics off the ingredients into your shaker along with ice cubes. Except for me, shake the cocktail afterwards, straight it into your serving class. There should be no ice cubes in the serving last afterwards, poor 10 cents leadership champagne or to write about the top of your class, garnish with a slice of love. 5. V - LEMON DROP: The lemon drop is a sour and fresh cartel that incorporates garnishing the rim off the serving class. To make the lemon drop, you need the following. Six Sends leaders of vodka two sides. Leaders of triple SEC, three sets of leaders of sugar syrup and freeze as leaders of lemon juice. You also need sugar before getting into making the cocktail itself. We need to prepare the serving class, take a plate and put sugar on to it and make sure it is spread out. Take half a lime and running around the edge of the glass. Afterwards, you dip and turn the glass in the sugar to garnish the edge. Set the serving glass aside now for mixing the cartel you simply at off the ingredients into your shaker, along with ice cubes. Shake the cocktail and then strain it into your seven glass. Garnish with a lemon 6. VI - WHISKEY SOUR: the whiskey Sowden is a very classic cocktail based on risk. To make a whiskey sour, you need the following four cents. Leaders of whisky, preferably purpose. Four cents leaders and lemon juice, two cents Leaders of sugar syrup and the fashion anchor store bidders. Mix all the ingredients into your shaker along with ice cubes. Appreciate the cocktail and then straight into use every glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of love. 7. VII - WHITE LADY: The white Lady cocktail is an elegant cocktail for this summer finish. To make a white lady, you need the following forces Levers Jim three sets leaders of triple sec two sets of leaders of lemon juice. One says the leader of sugar syrup and one says later of pasteurized before making the actual cocktail. We're going to chill the serving last like differ, feel president. Then simply pull all five ingredients into your shaker and shake it without ice cubes in the shaker, shaking the cocktail without ice cubes. It's called dry shaking, and we do it because the egg white needs air, which you can't get ice in the sheikh. After 10 seconds. Opened the sugar up on now. Pour ice cubes in it, then give the Conseil another shake. Afterwards. Take your chilled serving class and strain the cocktail. Garnish with a slice of lemon 8. VIII - GIN SOUR: the gin sour, massive name suggests is a gin based kokko with a slightly sour taste. To make a gin sour, you need to follow six cents. Leaders Jim three sets Leaders of lemon juice 1.5 cents Leaders. Sugar syrup, one of the half centimeters of pasteurized quite and three dashes agosto Better mics off the ingredients into your shaker into a dry shake without excuse. Opened the shaker and put in the ice cubes and then shake the cocktail again. No. Strain the cocktail into your serving class of excuse garnish with love. 9. IX - FITZGERALD: The Fitzgerald is also a gin based cocktails with an intense sour taste. To make the Fitzgerald you need to follow six cents Leaders Jim 37 layers of lemon juice 1.5 Since leaders sugar syrup, two dashes of Angostura bitters simply shake off the ingredients with ice and then straight the cartel into an ice filled serving lash. Garnish with love, but 10. X - THE END: all right. That was how to make eight different medium difficult to conscience. What I want you to do for your class project is to attempt to recreate one of these, upload a photo of the final product. Also feel free to include what you think of the cocktail, and it's tastes goodbye.