How to live abroad – tips and hacks for a better international life | Bertalan Köles | Skillshare

How to live abroad – tips and hacks for a better international life

Bertalan Köles

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About This Class

Have you EVER considered to live or study abroad? Did you just move to abroad or you are already an experienced expat in your current location? Then this class is for you.

Living abroad is a special part of your life, even if it’s just a couple of months. This is something that will give you tasks, challenges and of course possibilities that you might never face in your home country. We stay abroad for different reasons and for different time periods. We come from very different backgrounds BUT there are some similar SKILLS that we must acquire to have a happy and fulfilling life although we don’t live in our home country anymore.

My name is Bertalan, I grew up in Hungary, studied and worked abroad and now I live in Germany for 6 years. In this class we will go through those phases of your international life that you will face, no matter what. If you’re a newbie, then this will be very useful for you, because it can save you tons of headaches and most importantly, TIME.

Now here is the TIME to jump in to this class. I’m waiting for you on the other end!





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