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How to learn a new language successfully

teacher avatar Supitcha, A skillshare and youtuber newbie

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Set Goals

    • 3. Find a partner

    • 4. Learn the right things

    • 5. Surround yourself with the environment

    • 6. Practice makes perfect

    • 7. Have fun!

    • 8. Conclusion

    • 9. Bonus : Personal Experience

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About This Class

If you are someone who are trying to learn a new language or have been learning a new language for a long time and still struggle, watch this class! In this class, I talked about how to successfully learn a new language from my personal experience from being a native Thai speaker to learn English fluently. I hope these tips are helpful to you. xoxo

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Meet Your Teacher

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A skillshare and youtuber newbie


I'm Supitcha, a girl who always tries to be a better version of herself. Since I was much younger, I always look up to my parents about how successful they are and now I am old enough to follow my own paths and chase my passions. 

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1. Introduction: Hello, guys. Welcome to cost and Miss Class. Are we talking about how should learn a new language successfully when you learn a new language? Sometimes it's a little bit heart and you don't know where to start. But the language is the key for communication, so you have to learn it to be able to speak, to learn the new culture and be the in the environments that you want to be. So in this class I'll be helping you going through and give you guidelines where you can start to learn a new language and what you should do to help you learn, languish faster and more effective. So don't forget John and class and thank you for watching. 2. Set Goals: thank you for joining the class and the first tip I would like to give for this class and it's set goals. So the first cold, I have said as what language she want to learn so it can be in a languish you are interested in. It can be languages. So for me, for example, I want to let English. And personally, I'm not a native English speaker. So I want to learn English Muslim. So I choose that language English and I was sent my goals that I was trying to speak to anybody for at least 10 minutes a days. I can communicate and I learned 10 words today, so I can practice. Use it so it could be start from release. And both thing like learn five words. All our numbers colors are those simple things. If you have, my fans are already already know basic language. No, if you already know in the base of bigness about language and you can communicate already so you can try harder like Reed boats watching movies, so try to set goals. Maybe step by step can be long term. It depends on what you like and how long will commit to it so blank wishes something that you actually commit in a long term because it has it because it needs practice and practice makes perfect. 3. Find a partner: the last time I talked about was setting goals, and this next tip is very important. Miss Well is fine. A partner When you learn language, sometimes it's living heart. When you have no one to help on, no one to communicate with, especially when you try to communicate, you learn speaking. And if you don't have anyone or um, anything that you can be a touch with, it's hard when you try to learn. So try to find partner. Are any community or someone via social media or any social platform on anything that can help you learn language more easier? For example, you can find friends on social media that they're learning the same languish and, yes, Facebook group that you can join. And maybe you can learn that language. Caesar. You can communicate and make friends, and you can also stay in touch with those people. A swells black and see that it's tip 4. Learn the right things: said in a previous video. To talk about, find a partner and this one is important. This well, so it's learned the right thing. What do I mean by that? When you left right thing, it means that you learn to think that suits your skill. So if you have just a starter who just learned the language, you have to try to learn just the basic things first, maybe color animals, numbers and just basic things. But if you had just a starter are beginner and you try to learn and fats thing is hard and he was struggle. So learn the basic things. First, all learned this thing that since your levels. So for me, I think I'm a little bit most fluent in the language, um, English already. So I try to live by watch something that it's harder of, like what should movie without subtitles. I read books that IHS English books, maybe no novels magazines, awesome being lenders. So I try step by steps. So when I was younger, I trust you re like the shooter in books so I can let it better. And when you was just started, you a pair of yourself like up maybe 10 years old. Child. What mating. Flynn made his speaker. So that's why I have to run from the basic things. And you step, be step by step so it helps you to learn better and faster because you don't struggle when you learn to part. So thank you and C infects. 5. Surround yourself with the environment: sudden purpose video of talked about learn to write things, and it means that start from simple and then made harder. But in this day, I'll be talking well. Surround yourself with member. So what I mean by that it doesn't mean that you have to be in that country in particular. But if you, um can it's awesome because you have everything that you want to learn. It means that when you learn language, it's the only battling which itself. But you have to learn, Wendell, when you learn about languish, it's also toe culture, a community of people, that environment and everything. So when you try to be that environments and surrounds some with that environment, it makes you learn faster. But if you cannot be in bad place, you can make something simple. So you can try to listen to music off that language and washing movie or read books so mean , particularly I personally, I learn it by introducing a first. So I was music and trying to translate and treasure understand music real. It's and then as that made harder by washing movie. So I watched movie in my ties bad subtitles on and I trust you to understand that mimics the language when they talk and have it. Sounds like then I may be harder right by what she with English subtitles. And now I can watch it without any supply Rose because I think I've improved and better so you can try that. And it works for me, and I hope it won't speak to 6. Practice makes perfect: son improvements Video of Tom about surrounding yourself with the environment and this video will be talking about practice. Makes perfect when you practice and practice and practice in makes perfect, because when you continue to do those things and you're trying so hard to it, it makes perfect because it improves when you don't practice at all, there's no improvement or even imagine yourself to be speaking that language. It wasn't five years Oh, within five months, but you never practice. And how can you going to used at language when you note imparted? So when you practice makes perfect, so you have to practice practice and practice because practice really saved a result, The result, The result off improvement. 7. Have fun!: so the last timis have fun. So don't forget to have fun. Because when you enjoying to do something, you like you to do better and you can't commit it in a long term goal because when you're living language, you need a commitment in a long term goal Because because it takes time and it takes practice. So good luck. And I hope you. So this class and I also a touch the pdf for study planner down below, so you can check it out. And don't forget to share a result. So thank you for watching and see in the next cost by 8. Conclusion : welcome to the conclusion that this conclusion was summarize all the thing I've talked about. The first thing is set goals. So you have to choose the language that you want to learn, and then you have to set goals for yourself, how you practice it and how you will make it happen, the 2nd 1 as fine a partner. So you have to fly people who can help you and make the way that you can make it better, for. It's off to learn. So being that se is with that people with that community, so it helps you to study it better. And next is learned the right thing so you can start it from simple. If you just beginners and make it harder and maybe harder still, go step by step, because when it's too hard, it's hard and you can you feel like there's no motivation, and next one is surround yourself with the environment, so surround yourself with the environment that suits you that you allows that in a lawsuit . Practice on my connection was that language. So try to be in that environment and it helps and supports you. And next oneness practice makes perfect. So you have to practice and purchase trying to practice by at least two times or three times a week if you want to be fluent and it takes a long time and needs a lot of commitment. So good luck. And the last thing is, have fun said Don't forget to have fun because when you have fun, you enjoy it and you were likely to be must see because you have fun and you would love to do it every day are many times in a week. So thank you for watching and see you next cost and thank you for supporting me. 9. Bonus : Personal Experience: So let me tell you about my personal experience about learning a new language. So I live in Thailand and I speak Thai since I was young and when it was about in seventh Great. I started to learn English. So I went to take classes, um, with Native Speaker or people who speak English, and I start started from very simple things. So I love him numbers, colors and those basic things. So it was a little bit hard for me at the beginning. Even I was so young. I struggle, and I was very shy. I think it's also part of my culture, also, that we are a little bit shy. So I was. I was not confidence about talking in English, and so perhaps it It is so hard for me to communicate and say what I want. So I started, and then I when I grew up much more, I started to watch something in English, so I watch cartoons and sometimes movies. But even though I wasn't really understand, but I try to learn from something easy. So what? Kirton. Sometimes it's a little bit fast when you hear it because you're not used to the language on people around me. They're not really speaking English. So I have Children by myself. Then I when I'm like, I think tense. No at thing. Nice, great. I start to listen to music in English, so I translate the religious and I like to sing sometimes. So I look at the real eggs and then I listen to them and then read and translate so I can understand better. And then But I'm intense. Great. I start to watch movie, and at the beginning I put on a tie styles and then, um, then English subtitle and the nominal surprise. So and so's I got an opportunity to go abroad to study for exchange program for one year in USA. So it gives them an opportunity for me to learn English much more better because, um, it was in the environment that suits me. And so it's the language that I want to learn, so it gives me much of opportunity, and I'm not like, very fluent like a native speaker. But I think I'm okay and in the fluency, and I think we can understand me. So which is good, and I hope you can do it. It s well, it takes time and patient and love practice on. I hope you can do it. And it would be much small fun when you, uh, able Teoh connect with so many people in the world because you are, you are able to speak that language.