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How to influence your employees to follow you?

teacher avatar Mayur Bardolia, Result Coach, Author, Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

40 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. 0 Promo Video

    • 2. Lecture 2 What do you think you do

    • 3. Lecture 3 Five Steps to influence your employees

    • 4. Lecture 1 What is your role as a leader

    • 5. Lecture 4 You are already a good leader

    • 6. Four principles of communication

    • 7. Lecture 6 Why do you need to communicate elgantly

    • 8. Lecture 7 Why can't your employees understand you

    • 9. Lecture 8 Why your employees

    • 10. Lecture 9 How people create results

    • 11. Lecture 10 4 steps to communicate and influence elegantly

    • 12. Lecture 11 What is rapport

    • 13. Lecture 12 How to build rapport

    • 14. Lecture 13 Avoid these common mistakes

    • 15. Lecture 14 How to know if they are in rapport with you

    • 16. Lecture 15 How to be alert and aware

    • 17. Lecture 16 How to lead your employees in communication

    • 18. Lecture 20 Why do you need to communicate precisely

    • 19. Lecture 17 How to communicate smoothly

    • 20. Lecture 22 Powerful Questions 1&2

    • 21. Lecture 23 Powerful Questions 3&4

    • 22. Lecture 21 Six Questions to communicate with precision

    • 23. Lecture 19 How to communicate with more impact

    • 24. Lecture 18 How to speak with impact

    • 25. Lecture 24 Powerful Questions 5 & 6

    • 26. Lecture 25 Some more examples of powerful questions

    • 27. Lecture 26 How can you motivate with these questions

    • 28. Lecture 27 How to use hypnotic language to influence

    • 29. Lecture 28 Hypnotic language pattern Mind reading

    • 30. Lecture 29 Hypnotic language pattern Complex Equivalence

    • 31. Lecture 30 Hypnotic language pattern Cause & effect

    • 32. Lecture 31 Hypnotic language pattern Presuppositions

    • 33. Lecture 32 Hypnotic language pattern Comparative deletion

    • 34. Lecture 33 Hypnotic language pattern Universal Quantifier

    • 35. Lecture 34 Hypnotic language pattern Lost Referential Index

    • 36. Lecture 35 Hypnotic language pattern Modal Operators

    • 37. Lecture 36 Hypnotic language pattern Tag questions

    • 38. Lecture 37 More Hypnotic Language Patterns

    • 39. Lecture 38 Exercises for mastering hypnotic language patterns

    • 40. Lecture 39 The Final Message

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About This Class


No matter how hard-working you are, your success largely depends on the way your team helps you to achieve your goal.

Whatever you have so far and whatever you will have in your life or business, it will all come through people around you and the communication you have with them.

Meet Amanda,

She is a businesswoman and she is struggling to make a profit in highly turbulent business environment. Time is ticking and the cost of running a business is constantly going higher. She is worrying about the performance from her team members. Her employees don't understand her vision.

She says to herself, "Why don't my employees think like me? Why don't they understand my expectations?"

After all, she wants to grow her business as well as grow her team but she is unable to make them understood. Her employees are hardworking but they don't have a clue what their boss is feeling and talking about.

Meet Jason, who is working a senior manager at one of the multi-national companies. He worked hard to get promoted but now the leadership position is not so joyful and comfortable. 

He can not fulfill his targets and goals because his team  members don't understand his expectations. He has tried all techniques he knew to motivate but he failed to get the work done. 

Instead of creating a compelling and challenging vision, he is busy with less productive activities. 

Life becomes miserable if the situation persists like this.

If you too are seeing yourself in above situation, you need to know the exact process to influence your employees.

It's not easy to motivate people if we don't know how to do.

I would like to introduce you to the  course "How to influence your employees to follow you?"

By the end of the course, you will be empowered with the knowledge and skill of influencing your employees that too with least resistance.

You will be enjoying leadership with the team that follow you and help you to achieve your targets and goals.

I welcome you to the course.

I will see you on the other side of the enrolment.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mayur Bardolia

Result Coach, Author, Trainer


I'm Mayur Bardolia.

One of the most qualified and highly academically recognised as Results Coach, Inspirational Speaker, International NLP Trainer and an author.

I've devoted several years of my life to create training that teach people all my best strategies and techniques for personal development, business growth, profitability and happiness.

I am dedicated to inspiring individuals to achieve lifelong success & happiness.

I see everyone filled with infinite potentials. I see you and everyone as the dreamers, innovators and leaders who make the world a better place through their actions and creations.

I believe that we all have the ability to build a life, career and business that supports themselves, their family and the world.

I want to crea... See full profile

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1. 0 Promo Video: meet self sees a businesswoman. She wants to go. She has a good She's a wishing she wants to make profit. But unfortunately she can. No, because she's gonna team who doesn't listen. And this is what it's wedding. She is constantly draining our energy to instruct the same old thing to the team members, but they still don't understand this country constantly sharing a revision to the team. The team doesn't have a clue what she's talking about. She wants to be a great leader. But unfortunately, nobody's following. And this is what it's Woody Ces thinking that what would happen and she has to close the business because her team is not helping her out. She's got the best players in her team, no doubt, but she cannot influence. She cannot motivate them employees. You follow her commands. In fact, nobody can understand what she's trying to say. The problem lies in her communication and the way she influences on employees just captain with. But she doesn't communicate very well in order to get the work done, so their employees meet under the person called Ellen. He's a senior manager and one of the multinational companies, and after so much hard work and use. He's now got this senior position, but unfortunately he's been busy with some small issues. His team members are not understanding his frustrations and pains. In fact, he has to answer. His own boss is also, but he can't. He cannot perform, and it's constantly find to motivate his team. Members of the team members, they don't have a clue what and is talking about, and now, and it is thinking that he might have the loosest in your position. He's worried because he spent so much time and energy in order to gain this literacy position. But he's not enjoying because nobody is following him now. Is waiting that he might have lose the job and he has to go back from the bottom. No, the fingers. He is also facing the same issue. He doesn't know how to the Naqvi it employs. He doesn't know how to understand them. He doesn't know how to influence them. Place same and shut up said I can understand the level of understanding off employees. She can't understand the one of the real problems her employees are facing. So no, they got the solution inside the same thing might be happening like you too, if you two are facing problems in order to get the job done for your employees, you should know how to get the work done for the employees in this course. I'm gonna tell you exactly how you can understand them. What is the difference that makes the difference in that understanding and your understanding? You love precisely how they create their own reality, how they believe and how they behave. And you will also learn how to connect me to employees and by learning how to establish a strong lock or with others, you're going to create such a powerful hypnotic for team members so that they easily agree that you and follow you with least resistance. They will understand you, and they will connect with you comfortably. You will also learn how to use some of powerful questions in order to influence your team members, your team members, your employees, they want to listen to you. They chose the job to follow you, but they have some real issues. They have some fears and phobias and limiting beliefs. You really learn how to deal with those issues by asking them really good questions and that you were comfortably and you will also learn how to influence your team members using hypnotic language patterns. And this land is patterns were happy out to influence your employees to get the work done for you. And you will see that when you used to signal early language patterns, they will easily listen to you and follow you with least resistance. So I welcome you to the course. If you two are facing the problem off understanding your employees and how to get the job done, so them you need, you learn from this course. Remember, when you have the light people at the light place with the light among the skill and knowledge and the right attitude, see, you struggle to get the work done through them. This course will help you to be a great leader in your own field, where you're being a business or at the senior position. You have to get the work done through others, and you can do this by the use off communication by elegantly influencing your team members to help you to achieve your region and gold and help you to be a winner. So welcome you to the course. I said see you on the other side. Off the enrollment. Thank you for watching. 2. Lecture 2 What do you think you do: So what do you think you do? I asked a question. Too many see, use entrepreneurs and senior manages. And they generally reply. I sell this product. I said that I provide this service and death service. Business is not about selling goods or service. Business is actually all about how you and value into people's life and society as a whole . Let's say, for example, if you're selling car, you're not saying card only you are helping people to go from point A to point B safely and happy. When you sell a car, people feel powerful and confident. So in other words, when you sell a cost, you are giving people comfort, happiness, security and power. They when you do in our Western business, you're not selling only food. You're giving people the platform to connect with each other. You're giving them a platform to enjoy the best moment off their life and selling that the success. And that's what you do when you into the restaurant business. If you're selling insurance policies, you know, selling insurance policies, you are making people's future secure. You're helping people just cover themselves to save themselves from a possible danger. If you under quoting the steer. Fashion distinct? You're saying close. Only you're making making peak people feel confident, charismatic and powerful, and you're making them more beautiful and handsome. So there you go every single businesses, adding some value into people's life. So what value your business is heading into people's life? Check your employees about that When your child is to employees. They feel excited to vote for humanity and one for a society, and they feel exciting. So it's your job to articulate your region in such a way that employs feel excited. You work for you. So exercise for district for this video is find out what you do and how you add value into people's life. Remember every single employee and even including you. You are the catalyst off joy, happiness, security, gold and success off your customer. So how do you add? Well, you're in terms of happiness, joy, safety, comfort and success and growth in your customers life. Find out that's exercise for you. 3. Lecture 3 Five Steps to influence your employees: now imagine there's a point A and at that point B now, which is the quickest way to go from point A to point B. Number one option is you stop from here, then you go circle, circle, circle, Circle, Circle and then you reach the point B option to lease. You stop. You go up and down, up and down. And then that's how you leads to point B and the option fees. State line from point A to point B. Simple. Now, obviously, the answer offer how to go from Point A to point B quickly is to stop from Point A and draw a straight line to Point B now exactly the same way you really know how to influence your employees to get your desired outcome. You can do this in just five steps only. First of all, you need to understand their respect. You that believe in them mindset, this solution. Most people fail at this because most people think they are like if everyone is right from their point of view, you need to understand their perspective, that point of view, and then you need to go to that level. But that's step one statue is establishing rapport now. Local is a continuous process is not in your one step, But you need to make sure you ain't the four between boys. In order to get the job done through them, we could You know exactly how you can establish strong Aleppo. People agree that you and accept you with least resistance. Step, please. You need you know, the outcome. You expecting from the employees. I need to tell them what outcome you expect from them. And you made your article in such a way that they understand very easily. Step forties, gather information and given information. You know that you achieve your outcome. What I mean by that is you need to get the information. What exactly is going on in their mind, and what's the problem? They think they're facing that need to give them the instructions. How they can go from point A to point B and step flies. Make sure you want a sack. Okay. Keeping the neck with a U N. Fact from point A to point B, sometimes they get lost. It was acceptable circle. They don't know how to go from point A to point B with a straight line. Step five to make sure continuously, that they are achieving you achieving your outcome in a straight line manner. It's that simple. So these are the five step I just explained to you. Step one is understanding prospect you and mindset and behaviour. Step two is establishing strong with a whole Step three's knowing what outcome you expecting from them. You need to articulate in such a way they understand it very easily. Step four season that you get information from them, what exactly is going on in their line? One of the policies they think they're facing Then you need to give them information from the beginning to the end until they achieve the outcome and step flies toe. Make sure constantly monitor that you lead them from From the beginning, she was your desire outcome. So they go. These are five steps toe influence your employees very easily. Now, keep this five steps in mind because exactly we're going to learn throughout this whole course from everything to understand them, establishing the whole gathering information, giving them information and how to lead them towards your desire outcome. I'm gonna shabby to so many Cheerios as well. Practical exercises. I highly recommend you to do those things in order to take this spy steps successfully 4. Lecture 1 What is your role as a leader: What is your role as a leader? Your role is to get the work done to your team members. Your role is to influence the team members in order to achieve your goal Organ Adjustment goal and wishing one of the biggest kill, you must times the communication skills You must be able to influence your team members with the power of communication. You cannot help you know yourself and even help your employees in order to achieve your organization's goal without powerful communication skills. Now your role is to get the world and for them. But if you don't tell them precisely what you expect from them, maybe not follow the instructions. For example, let's say there is a game of football and is a team each and every team has some players like goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker. Every single player has the old role to play, but if the captain and manager and coach if they fail to express the expectations to the team members, the team members will not perform very well. But what if the coach and captain are empowered with the powerful communication skills if they know how to influence the team members in order to win the game. Then there's a there's a chance it gets higher, you know, to win the game now exactly the same way you need. You guide your employees, you need to share your story gets so precisely that the following instructions completely and easily. And you can do this by the end of this course because in this course I'm gonna sherry to exactly you understand how your employees are thinking why they believe in certain way and why the behaving a certain way, you will understand the psychology and the mind set off your employees that will help you out to understand them where precisely, you will also learn how to anak maturity and members so easily and so comfortably that they happily grieve it you and follow your commands comfortably. Another thing you're going to learn is you're going to learn some questions that will help you out to get to the root cause off the problems faced by employees. Sometimes they won't tell you what exactly they're facing what is really the problem they're facing. But you need to find out, you know, one of the partners they're facing and you must influence them because they are some four beers and limiting believes. And some, let's say there they have someone mental blocks. Your job is to remove all those mental blocks unit you influence them. You have to empower them with the power off your communication skills, and you're going to learn this in this station anyway. Then you're going to learn how to influence your employees with some language patterns and so effectively that they will follow instructions with least resistance. So by the end of the schools, you will be able to influence your team members in order to achieve your organizational goals and achieve your vision, because that's the ultimate thing you need to do as a leader. 5. Lecture 4 You are already a good leader: you are all really, really good at motivating your employees. You're already one of the greatest leaders of the world during a joking. Not really. Most of people failing leadership because they don't see themselves as a leader. They don't actually act like a leader. Now what do you need to do? You just have to do one small exercise. It's a small game for you. Just talked to employees like you always do and you know how they respond. You know how they follow instructions, but just for change, just pick 10 as a greatest leader of the world and one of the most influencing leader of the world. Just act like one of the most influencing leader of the world and see how they respond. You know, the most influencing leader. They they talk in such a way that instruct in such a way that people follow the instructions and you just have a big 10 to be one of the most influencing leader. And then you started a logician because team members and see how they respond. You see a huge difference, you know, way you influence that because you just saw yourself as a great leader So that's the game for you. And you know very well how one of the best leader speak one of the best of the influence. Others. You also have some Lord, what is in your mind? Maybe, you know, some one of the best leaders of the world. And you know how the influence that you members, you know how they are, make people follow him and you know very well how to motivate them, how to empower them, just pretend as a greatest leader of the world. And then just meet your team members and see how if it's going to make, So that's the first step. People don't become leader because they don't see themselves as a leader. That's the first step to was the greatest leadership. That's the first step in order to get your employees to get the work done quickly. So that's the game for you. Go out and pretend as a greatest leader of the world and see the difference in the way you communicate 6. Four principles of communication: Let's talk about four principles off communication or leaders follow. They follow this for miracle based formula. No basements before purpose. If we adopt and see for Taliban and for engage, Let's discuss in detail possible. They have purpose. Okay. When they communicate, they know they have a reason in their minds. Every single word. They say it has a meaning. You have some intention, That least was the group off organization as well as individual. So they have the purpose. Okay, Why you meet? You have purpose in your communication. Well, I share one exercise at the end of this video. And you know why you need to have a purpose in your mind. Most of all, the figures, every single person is constantly asking themselves What is any for me? And if you don't have a purpose in your communication, your communication will go land. And it will not let you us the outcome you want. Remember what we discussed in appreciation called how you can start your communication on the straight line and how you can lead people to point B. It should desert autumn easily. You need to have her Postwar outcome. You expecting and then a four Adopt Adopt means great communicators greatly. This always be flexible in your communication if in one way. If the person doesn't understand, the leader changes the way he communicates, so you need to change the way you communicate. Which would you learn throughout this whole course? How you can change how you can be flexible so the great communicators, they never just be so rigid? No, I don't want to change my strategy. I don't want to weigh the way I speak. No, it changed the way the communicate their flexible, the change, the message when it's needed. That changed the tone. Minutes needed the chance, the facial expression and body language when it's needed. So they're flexible. Seen For Caliban, calibrate means the play close attention. They pay undivided attention to the employees AP undivided attention to the person in front of them. Now people fail because they don't listen. People fail because they wait your reply. Now the great leaders, when they communicate, they pay complete attention to the person in front of them and they see the my new changing their body language and tone and voice, and they go, you got to calibrate you to see what's happening in front of you and e means engage. Now, whatever you're going to learn from what discourses amazing. You're going to learn. Really good check name really good tools that will empower you to be a great leader to get your work done for the employees. But if you don't put in action, everything is useless. So whatever you're going to learn from this course you need to implement, this is what the leaders do. Why communicate? They put everything in reaction because when you don't implement your knowledge, it's useless. So the leaders implement what they learn. Another fingers I got to exercise is for you. Number one is first of all, go up and meet you in police. We don't any purpose. Start communicating without any purpose and see how the condition is going. And secondly, you need you meet your employees and have a clear purpose in your mind. The clear off our expectation from them, the clear objective. So when you have purpose, you will see how your communicates is designed in such a way, at least towards the outcome. So the number one exercises you need to go and meet your employees. We don't we don't any purpose and meet with purpose. Next thing you need to do is unity, paying complete attention to the person. Now this is so fundamental. Have it every unit has. They pay close attention to what the employees trying to say, and that's how you can design your communication further in such a way that can leaves toward the group off organization as well as individual. 7. Lecture 6 Why do you need to communicate elgantly: now in this station, I'm gonna show you. Why do you need to learn to communicate elegantly? Whatever you have so far, whatever you will have in your life, it will all come through communication with others. No matter how confident you are, No matter what kind of 1,000,000 are ideas repossess no matter how much money you have invested in your business. But if you if your teammates don't understand your region if they don't understand austerity, if they don't follow your command, you cannot achieve your goal, period. So that is the reason why you need to learn these schools now, before we move on, Let me tell you, one thing is the only one outcome everyone is expecting at the end of communication. And that is productive relationship. Absolutely. Each and every person is a selfish I I should say. Everyone is asking one question to themselves. What is any for me? Your employees are asking the same question toe themselves. What is any for me? Why should I work with you? So you need to align your organizes for goal. And that personal goal together with can be pretty for both parties. And you can do this when you know how to communicate elegantly. So if you want to grow your network, obviously you need to learn to communicate elegantly. So offense this is the reason why you need to seriously learn how to communicate arrogantly . 8. Lecture 7 Why can't your employees understand you: Why don't you employees understand you and follow you? It's because they're resistant now in this video under to tell you exactly why there's a difference between your understanding and their understanding how you can guide them alone . Now the figures Before I move on, let me making sure that you have a light person at the light place. What I mean by the light person is every single job profile has a specific skill set required and knowledge required. You need to make sure the person who is doing a job at your workplace is equipped with the 11 knowledge and skill set and also behavior. And that's called the light people at the light place. The thing is, you cannot hire an accountant to do the I T. Work and the same way you need competing people at your work place. This is the first condition you can influence others, no matter what. But if you think the person doesn't have the knowledge or skill cell, there's no point you can get the best out of that person. So there's the first condition you need to have the light person for the right place. Now let's come back to the understanding of you and your employees. Now the thing is they There's a disagreement between your vision and ambition. I can say that they don't understand. Understand you. The visa is that there's no such thing as, you know, conflict or disagreement. It's always the difference off ideas, opinion, respect you and experience. And that's the reason people don't understand you very bad. Now, to understand it clearly how? Look at this maze now. Look at this picture. It is amazing, and there's a one corner disappoint. A and it's a point B on the corner. Nothing is. You are at point A and they are at point B. Is your understanding, opinion and perspective and B is that understanding that perspective an opinion? So you have the difference of understanding now. They cannot think like you because they are not leaders. Yet they can see the wall. Now they're clueless. How to reach, from that point of view to your point of view, but you earlier it's your job, influence them to guide them along. Now it's very easy to do when you doing along through our throughout this course. But just this is the fundamental principle have a look at this, and there's a difference off is a gap off understanding. Your job is to go to the labor and then you need to guide them along. Do your understanding. And you might say, Well, it's not easy because there's a big difference of understanding they might have an argument with you that might be a conflict of interest. But that's okay because that is the difference that makes a huge difference. Your job is to go to the understanding you need to understand them. So they also think that, yes, my leader understands me. You need to make them feel that you understand them and then you guide them alone, and that's the legal way to influence your employees. So I hope you understand from this from the small days. Now your job is to influence them. Like I say to you throughout this course, I'm gonna share it exactly how to do that. In the next video, I will show you how people create that understanding that reality. So in Until then, have a look at this maze again, and then you find out what is the difference that makes the difference. You go out and meet Empoli's and just listen to them. Don't come to any conclusion. We just listen and you will find out. What do they understand? Okay, and what they understand and what you make them understand. It's the difference, so that that's what you need to do. OK, so that's the exercise for this video. 9. Lecture 8 Why your employees: why your employees believe their life. Let's understand these first of all, how we create our reality, how we create our understanding. Let's learn from this three steps whenever we receive information really see information not as they are, but we interpret those information. And then we create our understanding. It's it is happening first of all, really see two million bits of information at one time. And we don't pay attention to all this information. We pay attention, toe only seven plus or minus two tings at one time. You want to understand that? Have a look at this picture. You will see some dots in different colors. No, what I want you to is I'd give you a chance Seconds only. And unity account number off lately Dots in it. Ok, stop holding up. So I assume you must have counted all those red doors. Okay. And, uh okay. You must have seen all those dos Now tell me without looking back how many blue dogs were there? How many green door. So there. How many black dots said there kind of member. Can you? It's because we didn't pay attention to all other colors because I asked you to pay attention to only that color, and that's exactly what happens. We get what we focus on. We want to pay attention to. One is relevant to us. Your employees do the same thing. They don't they complete attention to what you say or what to show them. They pay attention to where, what is important to them, what is relevant to them. It may not be 11 to you and maybe for them. It may be wise, what's up? But they don't pay complete attention to whatever you're saying or showing to them. And exactly that's what happened in their life so far. They didn't see the reality, didn't see the situation in front of them as it waas. They interpreted, and death didn't. Next stop. It's called distortion. First of all, release information. Fifth through five senses visual, auditory, kinesthetic, Dustin, Terry and olfactory. But we delete so much of information, then maybe store. We don't actually believe the information. We actually change the meaning of the situation. It happens very fast in few seconds only and then be the storm is we change the meaning off it. We give a different meaning to the situation that cities in some people see, the problem is an opportunity. Some people see the danger has an opportunity to go. Some people see that discomfort as an opportunity to become stronger, and that's what makes the difference normally that reaching the meaning. And then we just learned that this is how it is really learned by experience. And we give Labour to every single experience, every single person and every single event in our life. And this is called generalization. And that's the reason people have generalized so many things. Phobias are generalized human. Whatever you're learning, whatever you have learned so far, I saw generalized. Okay, let's say, for example, if you see the business, if you see the customer, you have generalized that all customers an opportunity to make them. When you that's not really fine. All customers are an opportunity to serve them okay to add value to their life. But your employees mental seeing the same way because their understanding is different. Maybe for them, the customer is like, Oh, there's not a world for me and you can means that person. I don't see the way like you do so tastic difference that makes a huge difference. So maybe they have the phobia off meeting people because in the past they have been ridiculed hard in early, rejected by customers. And that's why they don't take action off meeting new people. Sometimes your employees are not clearly because so many times in their life, when they fly to create something new, they were laughed at or they were rejected. Or maybe they'll fail. And that's why the generalized don't think nothing new. Okay, don't think anything new. So the thing is you need you understand them very well because they must have deleted the stolen and generalize, not exercise for you. Ease chalked you employees, or maybe just abso them and see what they're deleted so far. What? I still deleting one of the distorting and what other generalizing. So that's exercise for you once. The difference that makes the difference in your understanding and the understanding remember their life. From their point of view, nobody is wrong. Everybody is taking the season based on the situation they had based on the knowledge they have based on the wisdom. So the fingers you need to understand them. What they're deleted was their distorted and want to generalize. So I hope you don't exercise after watching this video 10. Lecture 9 How people create results: in decision. You're going to learn how exactly people become positive or negative. First of all, we cannot not think what I mean by these were always thinking. And every single thought is the combination off some words and all those you know, combinations off birds, create some beef and based on the belief people take action and we cannot not take any action. We are always acting. We're always taking action to do something, either being very property for less therapy. You know, we are lonely. Forget sleeping. We are always doing something and every single action least with certain reasons to understand this. Let's take a look at this example. Let's take a look at this picture now. As you can see, you create some thoughts, words, believes action and results, and it's the circle goes on and on. Let's understand this. You re asserting thoughts, and there are some words into it, and based on the words, the quality off your words, you create specific actions, okay, and based on the action, you could hear some reasons Nothing happens until something moves. If you decide to do something, still the results will come. It would be failure lost or disempowerment you can a white the reality, but you cannot a wide the consequences of reality. If we take actions either productive or non productive, we get reasons for sure. But if you take productive action, we get productive reasons. The biggest problem people face is hesitation. To do something or checking action can is a key point here. Can you hesitate to hesitant now? We understood that how we clear reserves through over costs and it does no stop in one lizard with every result, we create another thought pattern related to the previous result. Now, first of all, have a look at one example one person who is negative and see how he starts and words create his reality and he's tossed in Words and beliefs are like Oh, I don't think I can do it. People be not like me. Oh, people you love at my presentation People be not like what I say we'll do. I'm just time to fail. I will fail again. What access you can take and what the election you ting he can take Sorry but one Excellency General. So what action he is going to take? He will take less politically reactions because he chooses to prove himself right. It will look at the problem and not the solution. And I'm gonna talk to you in a minute about how our focus on the words and actions share celebreality. Now the results, he will get it. He retakes Lisburn direction and less empowering steps. How can he expect you get the positive missiles and the loop continues just like this? Okay, thoughts, words and beliefs like See that I can't do it. I still believe it's not going to happen. Did you notice how people reacted to me when I say represented? And the action from the same old productive or less bird reactions and that will lead to less productive listens, not take a look at some positive people and how they get it. Is it a pope? They haven't thought words and believes, like let me find a way to make it happen. What would I do if I knew I could not fail? I have achieved similar previously. So I mean lets you the same again. Well, problems only puzzles. I don't actually shooting the he's gonna take. Based on the beliefs, he will take more productive action and powering and desert or the interaction agree or not the measles. So obviously the results would be more productive. Progress is better than perfection. We can always learn from experience if something doesn't work, which you try to do something else and if you keep doing the same thing, the same thing will happen. You break this look from negative into positive. You need to replace the words you say do them. And if you wanted us to take different action, help them to get different weasels unit. You replace the words he used it in their mind that inner voice. And remember, you get what you focus on whatever you focus on, it grows simple when new communicated people, they don't pay attention to everything you say. David. Pay attention to where they want to pay attention to, and it will least was the outcome you want. So your job is to artfully communicate in such a way that deep pay attention to the words they want to. The way you want them to pay attention to your job is to replace the words in their mind so that they create different empowering beliefs and empowering billions will lead them toe powerful accents and powerful is is remember the steps, thoughts, words, action and believes. Actually, it isn't soy if you want. You know how the person is thinking will be believing. How can you know that? It s pretty thing, But let's find out. So if you want to know how the person is like you get the results. Look at that actions that we tell you what kind of believes they're holding forth kind of pop it is there, holding in the mind. It's just like reading person like a book. Just that he was disposed This Okay, you started from pot who was, believe action and drizzles. Now look at that. Listens on that. You can assume what actions they were taken. And you can also assume what kind of believe they're holding. Then you can figure out what kind of words they're using, what kind of course they're having in their mind. And that's the way you can judge person very precisely. Just look at the results and that we tell you how that person is like So there you go. You just found out how the person becomes positive as well as negative. No. The thing is, that's the size for you is look at the person. The employee Listen to them. See what words they're using. And then you really easily figured out what was there using on one actions they're going to check and what this is. They're going to get prison. But I will teach you exactly how to replace the words in their mind so that you can encourage them to take different actions. And that will eventually get the different results. Remember, every communication must have a purpose. Every communication must tell the objective. Okay, so there you go. That's exercise for you. Meet your employees. Listen to them. And see what that I should listen to one. They say, What? What is that? Using. And you can figure out what accents they're gonna change. 11. Lecture 10 4 steps to communicate and influence elegantly: Hi. In this video, you're going to don't exactly how you can perform elegant communication and how you gonna elegantly influence people in just four steps. These four steps are Number one is You need to get their attention for us. Okay? What I mean by that is you need to set the frame off the communication, you to set the tune off your conversation and the way you set the beginning of the commission, you will actually lead the convention in your own way. We'll set the frame of communication. They lead the whole conversation. So you need to get the attention first. Don't worry. I'll teach you exactly how to do it later on, then. Second thing is you need to bypass that conscious mind versus mine is where their fear doubts conflict. Ego has been stolen. So the fingers you need to bypass the conscious mind. I will teach you exactly how you can do it by some language patterns with a shadowy to later in the later part of the scores. Then the trust that is new to the area create the unconscious response. Okay, Now, how can you do that when you get to step to. When you bypass the conscious mind, you're speaking directly to the unconscious mind, and when we speak of the unconscious mind, it's least resistant. So when you talk to the unconscious mind, people accept your instructions and suggestions more easily. Step forties. You need to lead the conversation. Leading declaration is the most powerful thing you need to do as a leader. You're going to guide people as you discussed earlier from point A to point B. So the four steps are you to get their attention for us and use the by. Pass that conscious mine enemy to speak to the unconscious mining. Create unconscious response and step forties. You need to leave the competition from point A to Point B. Now it may sound to you like a Slovakia science, but it's that easy. By the way, I'm gonna show it to some powerful language patterns later on. By using this, you're going to speak to them elegantly and in the next section I'm gonna teach you exactly how to establish strong rapport without speaking about. Maybe we don't with the use of very fuels, and this is very powerful technique to recreate very good a nationally almost everyone. So if you say, for example, in now, let's say there's a conflict going on between George and Michael in your in your company. No more time, really good employees. But the thing is, they don't get along very bad. So you speak you Michael. First you tell Michael that. Hi, Michael. I know you have some farm listener dealing with George, and that's completely fine. You have a valid reason to defend yourself. And remember, you are the valuable asserted organization and you know very well how to deal with this kind of people. And I know you are very good at the ad making friends and dealing with some conflict. And you have clamored enough. I can say that. And the more you intellect with George, the more clearly you will get how to deal with your delusional, and that's completely fine if you don't want to deal there. But the thing is, if you do that, that will give you that we create really good atmosphere in our company, and also you are intelligent enough to go ahead in your career. Also, you know how to perform very well and how to add more value to the organization and you know how to create more reasons. And you also know that you are really good at the limit. Almost everyone in the organization and precisely you can learn how to deal with George and people like it. And you know what? We working as a family, we all a part of a team. So you know very well how to create a friendly atmosphere, how to influence others very well. And it's entirely up to you. So now you just listen to discrete, you know, doing a conflict resolution with Michael. And how was it? It was less threatening compared to the traditional way off conflict resolution. And you're going to learn exactly how you can influence it does and elegantly inferior communicate with them so that they feel comfortable and still follow your instructions. You want to learn those things for look was anyways, No, I got three exercises lined up for you. Exercise number one is you need to capture some of attention and instruct them for as long as you can. Now is that it may sound Bettino scary for you, but this is a game only it's a very fun playing this game. You need to talk to someone and grab someone's attention for as long as you can. And you're creating enough to do that, and you know how to how to do it very bad. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable. You may have an idea, but your mind is clearly enough to know how to capture someone's attention for a long time . So that's exercise number one exercise number two is you need to pay attention to the people when they're talking to others. You need to find out that when they're paying full attention to someone, how do they look? How is the facial s patient and how is the body language? This will help you out to find out where when your employees a paying complete attention to you're not really powerful of society just need to observe people and just just whether they're paying attention to the person. Not you will find out exactly how to do that when you start doing it. Exercise number, please. You need to observe people again, but you need to pay attention to, you know when they're paying complete attention to vice watching TV while reading a book while driving and when they're having undivided attention to something what they look why I'm telling you these. It's because you're going to learn how how people looked when they pay complete attention to something. When you have the mastery over this observation skill, you're going to know that when you're paying venue employees upping complete attention to you're not. This is really interesting exercise. I strongly suggest you do so fast. I hope you enjoy this exercise and see you in the next section. 12. Lecture 11 What is rapport: now in this section, you going to learn how you can a studies strong Rocco Ritual employees. Now you need to make a strong relationship between praise in order to group, because, as we discuss only around that, no matter how much confident you are, no matter if you have a $1,000,000 idea. But if you don't get a support from the team members, you can't make profit. You can turn your organization. So the thing is, I'm gonna show you how you can establish a couple with others now. First of all, one is in a pool when they support the sense off trust go on foot. You had a willingness to collect in front. More parties that have a willingness to connect with each other. Listen very well. They feel safe, the share, mortal feelings and emotions. And it's a harmonious relationship between two or more people where both parties understand each other's ideas and emotion. So when there is a pool is a harmonious relationship between two or more people where both parties understand each other's ideas and emotions. So how can you do that? First of all, you need to understand that most of our communication is not done by wars. In fact, our words play only 7% rule in order to comically the communication. 38% role is played by our tune. 55% Rule is play but play. But our body language side B 7% role is played by awards, 38% role is played by our tune and 55% role is played by our body language. And that's how the communication happens. So then, I say was, It's worse place. 10% room was include some key phrases, embers. It's an example, some stories and all those kind off water. But instructions don't be a person who is playing by cartoon. Tone means the way you speak the beach, the Walliams loud alot the speed off the speech may be thinking very fast, maybe slow and also the freedom off the speech that's included in tune when I say 55% old is played by body language. Body language includes Fischelis, Peixian. Then I lose even the body movement. The way you sit and stem your head till your spine woman your hand gestures. All these things are involving body language. No, you're going to learn exactly how you can use the body language, tone and words in order to establish strong Aleppo with others. That's really interesting, you know, exercise, which I'm gonna savvy to in the next station. But you need to understand that you need to make a strong rapport, which employs in order to get the job done through them. If you don't have Aleppo, you will face some problems in getting Brogan food then so this is a fundamental thing. The poor is a harmonious relationship. When board parties, you know, listen to each other, they understand each other's ideas and emotions. 13. Lecture 12 How to build rapport: So we have learned that what is up or the poor Israelis sense off comfort, safety, care and willingness to connect. People share their stories without any hesitation. And that's exactly what you can create with your employees, too. In this session, I'm gonna Chevy to a very famous technique called matting and meddling from the fields off nearly mystic programming found by Richard Bandler and Jungle in the late seventies. Now, in matching and mirroring, you going to establish Aleppo at unconscious level very easily. Now, remember, each and every Aleppo is made at unconscious level. The poor is not happening at a conscious level. You don't actually officially declare the oh, I got the whole I feel I I think I'm commit connected with, you know, it's not like that. People feel really safe, comfortable, and they feel really good in talking to the person. And that's how we can define that. Now we got up or not. Now you're going to create really good emotions with others so that they feel the naked video and then they easily accept you and they easily agree Video. Now what? I mean by met in the middle attack made in matching a 1,000,000. You have match our middle other people. You have a copy? Other people. But where is certainly remember you need to copy them. Where? God conscious level. They should not know that Your copy. Now you got to be very elegant. ATM, Etting and Millie. When I say matching meetings, you have to master words that tonality and their body language. When I say you meet you, Mr Watts, that means that he was there using some key phrases, some information. And you need to mask those words and walking. Larry. Then when I say you need to mess, that tomb is very crucial. You need to mask their y storm the low William off. William. If they're sticking in high volume, you're speaking high volume. And if they're speaking in lower while you you have to speak in low volume. If they're speaking for us, you have to speak for us. If they speak slow, you have to speak slowly. And that's how you gonna mass that tomb. Then you let you mess that body like this. That means you Minute li pay attention to in a facial expression and body ling with language and body movements you need to match all meter. Exactly how the sit or stand. And the way they move their hands. Now, remember, like a state early on, they should not know that you will find a copy them. Otherwise they feel offended. You don't need to match and middle immediately as soon as they move their hand or gesture or anything like that. You had a big about 5 to 7 seconds, and then you need to change according to that, then you to match and meter. But don't do it at the same time. Okay? Now the fingers when you match all middle their worst tonality and body language, somehow they both off. You feel connected and you feel comfortable at the same time. They would also feel comforted. Me too. Remember, Aleppo happens. Said unconscious level, not a conscious level. If you want to check out how exactly you can perform, I'm gonna Chevy to Ford exercise. In fact, it's only one exercise, but these are It's done in four different ways. No. First of all, you need to find one partner and you need to discuss on one topic where you might really disagree. Okay, There must be a topic. You mind? You disagree? Then you need you there. In first Come unit to start the magician. Remember, this discussion should go on. We should not just stop somewhere after 10 seconds. 20 seconds. It should go on and on and on. Okay, Sometimes you put your ideas, and then they put their ideas. And that's how the discussing should go on. So pick up topic where you might leave the city in first instance, you have to disagree. Like and then you need to match Almita and then see hobby fees. You will actually feel connected. And they will automatically agree that you after some time I'm not saying that they agreed it. You're you're really there. But somehow you feel connected. Somehow you feel understood both off you. You understand them very easily. And very lords understand you very easily, which released in existence. And so the first thing is you need you mismatch. You need you met and you have talking where you might be visibly in second thing, you have to discuss on topic value, agree on a topic. Obviously remember that this discussion should go on. It should not stop after 2030 seconds. So you need to find one topic where you agree. But you need to mismatch their body language that tone and words and see what happens even if you agree on top E, you actually feel uncomfortable talking, checking your condition up to the next level after one minute or so, and you would feel disconnected even if you agree. But this is the power off off matting a 1,000,000. If you meet man, they say disconnected and they don't I mean both off. You will not feel comfortable talking further in the third instance, What do you need to do? You have to finally topping where you might disagree, and then you have to mismatch and see what happens. Okay, Final Poppy, where you mind you disagree and mismatch your body language and tone and see what happens. I didn't see that you will not feel comfortable talking further, but in the fourth instance, you need to find one toppy where you agree and then you met. And here's the beauty. When you talk chart topping, where you both off your obliques and then you match body language and tone. You feel really good talking further and further and further. So the fingers you need to perform this exercise in order to understand the power of this technique or matting and Millie. Remember, this technique is so powerful you can easily connect with others. You can get agreement from others by just using this technique alone. This technique will help you out to Annapolis so easily, and the other party feel comfortable agreeing with you. Remember, that is all of our pacing and leading. Remember what we said earlier on that the difference of understandings, A different point of view, the ideas, an opinion you are find a and they have a point. B. YouTube pays them for us. Okay, you need to go down to that level. Then you meet you lead them to us. You outcome with apple what we're doing, we're actually pacing them. Well, matting a middle in That means we're going down to their level and then you need to lead them, and I will share it to end upcoming stations that how you can lead the conversation anyway . But remember, Aleppo is all about pacing and leading. There's always an objective behind every communication, and there's always an objective behind establishing a local 14. Lecture 13 Avoid these common mistakes: Now there's some common mistakes people or do wise establishing rapport with their employees. Number one mistake is they try to be too nice and dead and Feliz. Now, I don't want you to be too nasty with them. What I mean by two nice with Danny's. Sometimes we need to be too nice is that you doesn't solve the purpose. People actually have the past two some discomfort in order to grow in order to create more powerful raises. So if you try to be too nice with them, you're not doing your job. Let's take another example. Let's see if your doctor and if your patient is not taking medicine as you prescribe and you just slightly to united them, you just say, Oh, why did you take medicine is good for you. Come on, listen to me. And if they still don't listen and follow, then you know, start doing your job very well. So obviously, at the same time, you have to make make sure that they listen and follow you, isn't it example? Let's see if you're lying, and if your client is not submitting the were the required documents in China. You cannot be too nice with your client into say, Oh, why don't you submit the document? Otherwise we lose the case. Come on, do it. No, you got to be blunt. You to tell them if you don't submit the car documents in time, we will lose the case and is that it's the same way you are the leader. Your job is to get the job done through them. After all, you are serving others and you are helping us to go. And you need to remind your employees that if we don't grow, if we don't create please us, we will not make profit on our obligation. Cannot some Why for a long time, that's exactly you need to clearly Children. So don't try to be too nice and then be nice until only some extent that in a dozen interfere your business or your objective Number two mistake people do is they might be too harsh with them. So we obviously I just said, Don't try to be too nice. And I'm saying, Don't be too hard. So what I mean by that is house means when you fly to push someone, they will resist. The more you pull someone, the more they resist. So, in fact, we have a defense mechanism, as we discussed in the first section that when you try to, you know, push someone, that defense because I'm gets activity and they will resist talking to you, that's just listening to you. Your job is to elegantly influence them to agree with you. We have discussed about how to establish rapport when you mastered the skill of establishing rapport. Unconscious level. You don't need to be too hard. You don't need to be too nice. It will happen automatically. It will happen so comfortably. Don't put someone otherwise. Dairy Lizzie's another classic mystic people do. Is people actually don't convey the message very illegally. Now you need to constantly pay attention to. If you're matting on mirroring them or no, why, it's because you need to get the agreement from them. You cannot just give them command. We are a poor Aleppo is the prerequisite off any agreement process. If there's no LePore, there's no agreement, even if they listen and follow you. But that won't be very full heartedly. It will be half instruction. They will not follow your region completely, and that is not good for you. You need to make a really good connection with them. They happily agree with you. And I guarantee that if you master only matching and mirroring technique, you being the far more powerful position to influence your employees. 15. Lecture 14 How to know if they are in rapport with you: Now you're going to learn how to know if your employees I inappropriate you are not. No, so far, we'll match and meter. No. The biggest thing is how to know if you're in the pool with them or not. They are connected with us or not. Remember that what happens? That unconscious level. But there are still so sickness by which you can find out if the employees are in the quality or not. Obviously you feel comfortable, you feel safe and you feel like you know you're connected, you know, emotionally. But apart from that, there are some signals I would love to share it. You buy it. You can easily judge if they're in the probity or not. First of all, they pay attention to you. When I said de paying attention to mean. I mean, they pay undivided attention to you. Their eyes are focused and you know when How do you know if their eyes are focused on not the pupils. Their eyes got bigger than the normal condition. When the eyes got be good, it means that they're in the for me to there being undivided attention to whatever you're saying or showing to them. Another classic thing is, how do you know if they're in the probity or not? You will see that they swell. Swell, Oh, mechanism is a very powerful tool to find out if the person is in the quality or not. Don't just there like this to know if this swelling or not, just notice. Certainly the moon in the slalom mechanism and you will find out if they are swelling or not, and that means they end up of it. You're not another fingers you wouldn't know. That mood is change, the status changed. Let's see if they're sad and they become happy and you were also happy And that means you are in sync. You are connected. And if they are happy and USAID and they also become Savit, you and the moon ish similar show you that miss you in the for with that. Another thing is they will ask you some questions. This is really powerful. Most of the our leaders free to understand this questions are really powerful questions, since they want to learn more, they want to know they want more information from you, and it's a very good tool, you know, order to influence that. If they don't ask your question, that means they don't understand you clearly. Most probably. I'm not saying that. You know, if they know, ask a question. They don't understand what they're still complete. Not like that. But I ask you some questions. That means they want you no more. There I am there in the movie, too. They really want to help you to achieve your organ. I just know gold. Another thing is they relieve the delegation. Leading the conversation means they will check the condition to the next level. They will check you, ask you to take the next step, or they will take the next step. That means they're in the 42. These are the Cygnus by which you can find out their in the property or not another thing off for God. Then Weiss will change if they the wives, has become just like you. I mean, the speed, the tone on the wall, you. That means they're in the whole week. You Now, how will you find out? How will you find out? The guys are completely focused on Lord. If the voice has changed, if the mood has changed if the leading conversation or not. I mean, if they're asking questions or not, I'm gonna share it to choose small exercises in the next station. I will shove it. You how to do the exercise in the next station. Then I will share to audio Flex, you know, with you in this section elation on so staying church. So these are the signals by which you can find out if the employees are in the hole with you or not. 16. Lecture 15 How to be alert and aware: in the previous station we have discussed. How do you know if your employees are poverty or no? Most of the managers and an for Pinos Day struggle to pay attention to things around them and people around them. There's a problem of concentration. But remember, the best leaders are really good at listening skills. They can listen between two lines, and they pay undivided attention to others and things around them. If you two want to increase alertness and awareness, I have shared too powerful exercises with decision, and the first exercise is the full version off heightened state of awareness and the following exercise. It's a shorter version, this exercise waas used by ancient masters off martial arts. They can improve the concentration by doing this exercise, and they they actually increase the alertness or a bit of time by by the use of the similar exercise. The exercise. But I'm gonna shabby to. For us. It's a full version. It's about a few minutes longer, and it's no regulation. You have to keep your eyes wide open, and you have to follow my instructions completely. Once you understand exercise completely on your own, then you can do it anywhere and anytime you want to without the use of the audio clip and the next exercise is a small audio clip, for you can download it and you can just say now down and listen anywhere you want to, but once you understand it, you don't need to listen over and over again. But you need to understand the full version of exercise in order to perform the shorter was enough exercise, which is shared afterwards now, the sort it was enough exercise is that is actually less than one minute longer. Sometimes you can increase your alertness and awareness in just less than 20 seconds only. But in order to increase the concentration and alertness in less than 20 seconds, you need to understand the steps off the exercise. Once you understand the steps off exercise, you can perform this exercise anywhere in any time, and you can download the whole frat and then once you understand and you can increase your alertness and awareness any time you want to. So go ahead and listen to this exercise completely. Learn each and every steps and then practices over a period of time, and you will become master at increasing your alertness and awareness 17. Lecture 16 How to lead your employees in communication: remember the object you off learning discourses, toe pace our employees to lead your desire outcome. Do you know your mashed and meter? And now it's time for you to lead them to your desired outcome. Now we have established rapport at unconcious level by matching the tune body language and voice. Now all you need is you need to leave them. No, this is the crucial process in establishing rapport. If you match the meter them, if they are enter in the 42 that's not the objective were seeking for. We need to pay them than me to lead them towards your outcome. So how gonna lead others? Most of all, when you master Miller, you paste. Now it's time for you to change your body language and change your tone and worse and see if they are thinking with you or no, If they are changing their body language, tone and words with you or not, that is like a dance. You take one step and they take the same step, and that's how the dance continues. Now you need to keep doing it if they don't change the body language, tone and words just like you do, then it's time for you to again match in middle and tryto pays them again, and you let you lead them afterwards by changing your tune, body language and voice. Another classic thing you can do. You can ask them some question. If they answer you appropriately, and then that's how they change their words and tone. That's the again, another way to lead people. So I just shared me to how to change your body language. That means your facial expression, your body movement, your gestures head still spine movement. So all those things you need to change also you to change the tone. Maybe if they're speaking in a lower volume that increase your volume and see if they're increasing or not and change your speed. Okay, If they're speaking slowly, then you start speaking, you know, slowly forced upon to match. Then you start speaking faster and see if they are speaking fast or not. Once they follow you, that means you're paste and lead them successfully, so that's the way to lead your employees to your desired outcome. Now, in the next section, I'm gonna show you how to communicate with words with impact so far you have Master Meter, you let them. And now it's time for you to bring them to your understanding, to your perspective and opinion, so that they listen and understand you and follow your commands. 18. Lecture 20 Why do you need to communicate precisely: in this section, you're going to learn how to communicate. Precisely. But why do you need to learn to communicate? Precisely as we're discussing the first section that when we receive information, we believe what we see, hear and feel. And when we distort the reality, we give different meaning to eat based on our past, experience, knowledge, wisdom and situation. Then we generalize. That means we give Parliament label chewed. Then we consider as a habit. Now, in fact, there is no sustenance. Reality. People create the reality based on their own perception, believes and understanding. Now. It's not only about when we receive information where we believe the story and generalize also, where the speaker, we also do relation distortions, analyzing people don't married people don't describe exactly what they're so her off fell big changes the meaning off what they're so hard and friends and they generalized to. We need to find out what is the problem behind what they say. In fact, there is no sustenance. Problem is just a perception understanding and believe we didn't you figure out what exactly they have believed in the stolen and generalized Let's get into detail. We need to find out what, exactly they have believe it. They're saying something. They her something there fell something. But when they speak of their believe this information, people don't give the complete information. You know about the about the only reality. Those something has been changed. Something them. Some meanings have been teen. Some other meanings have apply to change the walking. With this change, the meaning of the child went based on the knowledge, experience, wisdom and perception. Then they generalized they consider as a parliament and thing. Now let's take an example. If someone say no, the new customers always challenging, it's because they're believing that there's so many customers that easily approachable. But they're the leader. Orders easily approachable customers, and they focus only on few those customers who did not pay attention to them. But that's not the reality, is just that perception. Now when I'm sharing with you some powerful questions in the whole section, you going to dig down into what's going on in your employees? Mine? Remember, So far, we only doing pacing. We have to find out that what their understandings, that if they give it you that is there some inner doubts he needs you. Uncover. You can't give command without understanding that. Remember, you had the point A that point b You go down to the level you to understand that they will come to you when you fight. You increase them to, you know, leads to was your understanding. But the may resist you. They may have some doubts since years it's your job to figure out why they do what they do . Sometimes they just come and say it was very tough. Why? Because there are no I've never done that. Maybe they have done something worthwhile in in the in the life preexisting, but they could not do. And that's why the label every new things hard. So you need to understand what other problems underlying what they say. Okay, because they change the meaning off what they saw, heard and felt and experience 19. Lecture 17 How to communicate smoothly: Now it's time for you to lead others. Now you have to make employees follow your commands. Most of the time people complain that my employees don't listen to me. Nobody listened to me. In fact, we cannot not listen. We can shut down a home out. We can close our eyes. We cannot close our ears. People always listen to you every single word you see, they re a certain image, all certain feelings and the associated certain sound into it. And then you meaning to whatever you say. Every single. But you say it has already been stored in their mind. So they know how to create the meaning, our faith. Now it's entirely up to you how you want them to listen to you. Now let me play a small game with you and by which you will understand that people always listen to you. Let me show me to one experiment which I had and uh is very cool. And somebody I've been to New York once. And I was walking in the busiest threesome Manhattan, and I said as I was walking, I saw Tom Cruise standing in front of me. I said, Trump, Cruz you, Tom Cruise, you say yes, and then it's mine. I said, Can I take a photograph? Me too. It's a no. Can you give me $20? Because I don't have money to hire a taxi. I say what you need. $20. You say? Yes. I need $20 to hire Taxi. I don't have money. Then I gave him $20. Then I say, Can I take a photograph now? Then he smiled and he ran away and suddenly started flying in the sky. I could see his wings. Then, after I was walking ahead of supplies, just just what happened Then I saw Billy gets the founder of Microsoft, and, uh, he met me and he said, You know, you so yes, I am and say, Would you like to come to come to my house? I said, No, I don't want you, but it's list me. I'm pleased to meet you. Then he gave me four apples and I tested for Apple's. It tasted like I never is the no. Then after, I just do not say okay, I've seen it up. Then I was walking ahead and that's it. The entire story was baseless. There was nothing fruitful in the entire story I never been to new off. Do you think Tom Cruise will be walking on the streets of New York? You didn't guess? We'll meet me and give me four apples, You think possible. But you imagine exactly what I say to you. This is the power of the language. You say every single bird you say they create certain meaning into their mind. They create some image to create some feelings in their body. So that s entirely up to you now to influence them. Now, how can you do that? First of all, you need to create the flu off your communication in such a way that they listen to you from the beginning of mechanization. She was the end of the conversation. Imagine a water slide in afford water park and you had trouble this light and then you just leave yourself light and then effortlessly, you're sliding through slides and then you go at the bottom at the end, you enjoy the greasy light. It was effortless life from the beginning to the end. No matter how hard you fight you stop yourself. Still, you were actually fooled she was the an. That's exactly how you need to create the flow off your communication. You need to create that unbroken flow off your ideas in your communication in such a way that your employees, your people, listen to you from the beginning to the end. Here's how you can do it. First of all, you need to come stocked with some facts. They can accept it very using, so that agree that you here's an example for you. You have been and role in this course. Okay, then, First of all, we learn how people think, how people creating their reality. And then we learn how people become positive or negative, and you also learn how to establish a strong rapport with others very easily. You also know some of the mystics people do while establishing rapport. That's completely cool. Now you onto this plot, how to use your communications so that people listen to you from the beginning to the end. Now, everything I say. You agree with that because those that effects the same way, you have to create the ideas in such a way that they agree with you, then gently moved to the ideas that they not unnecessarily agree with you and not necessarily disagree v two, but it can verify the fact. Okay, let's take an example again. So you endure in this course, you start a bit how people think and how people behave and how people create their reality . You also learn how people become positive or negative. You also learn how to establish strong report. Easy, Leavitt. Anyone now you under this part on how to communicate in such a way that people listen to you from the beginning to the end. And you're also going to learn how to design a script in such a way that they follow your command effortlessly. You also going to learn some language patterns which should help you out to influence People were easy, and I know you can apply in everyday situation because you have to communicate between team members on every single day on a regular basis. So, fingers, those are things we just stayed at. The last you may agree on may not agree, but you can verify the fact most early you'll agree there. Okay, Obviously I'm going to speak to my teammates. Obviously, I'm going to design my script. Obviously, I'm going to know. Learn all those language patterns which will help me l to influence my workmates. So there you go. That's how you meet. You designed the floor. Now here's the exercise for you as he discussed the same exercise before, you need to kept to someone's attention and hold attention for a long time. Now here's a beauty. You need to be creative. You need to create the unbroken flew off your ideas, you know, in your communication from the beginning today. So for I R B two employees started to talk, they started some few ideas that they are grieving You then move on to the topping where they mildly Leo Manu basically. But they can verify the fact and they cannot deny they cannot disagree very using. And then you can create the flow off communication. So that's the exercise for you from this video 20. Lecture 22 Powerful Questions 1&2: question one. How, what, when, where and who specifically and questions you? Who says that on according to whom? No question one. How, what led when, where and who? Specifically, these questions not only help you to get past the person's generalizations and really don't know what they're actually talking about. They also help you to get more information about exactly what they're doing inside their head. For example, when someone says I'm just finally get all a struggle at the moment, you can ask finally, what exactly a struggle or how specifically are you finding it? A struggle. This allows them to define for you the exact problem and how it is a problem for them. Another example. She ignored me, how exactly she ignore you because people create this kind of generalizations Anderson Universe that believes, which have no evidence at all. But they believe, as it is true and which is holding them back. Another cool examples. I need it now. What specifically you needed now I wish I had no started. What specifically It's bad, isn't it? How specifically it's bad now have you done it? What? Specifically I calmed him. How specifically you did that we are going places where specifically she's gone where specifically and I lost it. What specifically you lost of this question finds out what is actually missing. Question two. Who say's according to whom? This question, However you phrase, it is a powerful way off turning what is stated as a fact into opinion. Often people give wise to their beliefs. David word them as David through statements. So then you ask, who says the answer. They give repositions the statement as an opinion rather than a fact off course. An opinion is just an opinion, and it's not necessarily through. For example, if someone say's people don't like me and you ask them who say that according to whom people don't like you, you ask this question. Then they will have to own the belief. More than likely, the sentence will become. I believe that people don't like me the moment you phrase it as an opinion, you make it easier for change to happen. Now let's take a look. Some example. Customers don't like this for it, who say that I could no sell this productive three customers according to whom people make mistakes who say that mistakes have been made according to whom they should have done. Who said that they're always doing that according to whom customers want by these, according to whom this report is finishing. Who said that according to whom says People are pushy, who said that failure is not an option according to whom So file Trying to find some examples, I'm going to share with you some exercises. Listen on any days. 21. Lecture 23 Powerful Questions 3&4: question. Three. Everybody always. Never. Nobody, nothing. All no. One and question for compared to what? Compared to whom? Let's find out. Question. Feed everybody always. Never. Nobody, nothing all No. One. Another category that we have seen in the example that I gave you before and that you will encounter is that off over generalization. Listen for words such as always, never and everybody. We're new here to use words. You can challenge the statements simply by repeating the world. Always everybody never think of someone who says, I always fail. There are two problems here. Firstly, the proper person is only noticing times in the past when they feel, and it's filtering out times when they succeeded because success would be through the rule . The second problem is that always means every time in the past and every time in the future . So by saying I always fail, the person is setting the perceptual filters to notice failures in the future tool, and they are then generating behavior that is likely to lead to failure because they have stopped taking any action about the future, and obviously eventually they will not get any reasons. So let's take a look at some examples. He never listens to me. Never was there ever a time when he did. Nobody likes me. Nobody. Is there someone who like you? Nothing works here. Nothing. What is lurking here? It's always the good people who lose. Always don't bad people lose? Everyone knows that. Everyone noting the same anymore. Nothing. Something has changed. We all need to do this. All of us. All our computers are doing this. All of them. Everyone. You never do what I want. Nela. Was that what time I did your job? Now people always always generalize, and that is the problem. You need to ask this kind of questions to break their over generalization. Not question for compared to what? Compared to whom? One of the things that people often do to limit themselves to evaluate themselves in relation to others. They say things like, I'm no good at this. And when you ask the question compared to whom it forces them to see that they are making unfair, complacent? That is not useful if you feel bad, because you feel you are not good at something and I ask you competitive, whom he will more than likely compare yourself to someone professional. Now we often focus on our floors and compare ourselves in those areas to others. Low self esteem is the result off feeling bad compared to other people. By challenging such comparisons, we get you realize that we all have good points and bad points. And because we are all unique, the only valid comparison we can actually make it. When we compare ourselves now to ourselves in the past, the best person you can ever competitive the youth, the you who will yesterday decided to be better than yesterday. Or let's take a look at some examples. Our new product is more effective, more effective than what, when and who do this far more efficient compared to what this is more like it compared to what everything is better now compared to what that too slow compared to whom, see, it's most brighter compared to whom blue is better compared to what he is more tolerant compared to whom it's easier when you know how. Compared to what it's better this way compared to what? So find out some examples off your own life. Also, you know where you were composing, comparing yourself with others so fighter. Use this questions on yourself 22. Lecture 21 Six Questions to communicate with precision: in this session, you're going to learn six questions to uncover the lost information. This six questions will help you out to find out what has been deleted, distorted and generalized. Like I say, people don't have a problem. People create the phobia by believing, distorting and generalizing. You know, the reality or the situation. And this is questions. Are what? Which, who? Where, when and how. Okay, what? Who which, who well and where and how. And did you notice I did not include the question stuff with Why? Because when you are someone, questions starts with why these generally answer with the Because if you ask them, why did you do that? They say, Oh, because this is what happened. That's why I had to do this and this exact this, you know, answer system. Mostly I excuses. Your job is to find out the real cause of the problem. The really little for phobia. The real reason why they're not doing it. OK, now, when you start this questions, I know where we walk, which who, where, when and how. Sometimes it gives a knee jerk reaction to the listener. Sometimes they feel like they feel offended because the fingers you're tryingto uncovered the lost information. They most really don't feel comfortable sharing with you. But these questions are so powerful in order to help them to grow in order to more of it than you want to find out what is really stopping them. Okay, Andi, to avoid this kind of need, alienation and objection, you have to use some softness. Probably this softness such as, you know, perhaps, can you please tell me more? I'm curious to know. And can you add some more point when you use softness? It actually, you know, gives comfort to the listener and they help you out to answer you any been like, for example, this thing. If they are stuck, I cannot sell them. Or And you can not just ask that you cannot tell them. No, you have to, because there must be some reason there may be the year isn't maybe a fake reason. You can ask them who is stopping you Now. This is sometimes, you know, when he sub casting when he gives a knee jerk reaction. But you can say, Okay, can you please tell me who is stopping you to sell more Dan. It's more comfortable. Sometimes most of the time the phobia, the fear and limiting beliefs actually created. People see the reality, and then they interpret as it is. Still, your job is to lead people your daughter's toe influence people to take more productive action in order to solve certain problems, you need to Ankara's them to think beyond, and then you can help them to more. You can help them buy more, diverting them to go to the next level. They're not falling you. They're not listening to you because they have some limiting beliefs they have generated from the previous experience. Your job is to get them out of the limiting belief, making them more powerful. Because the more powerful team you have, the more powerful you will become as a leader. And then you can go very well. Now, maybe maybe you also have some limitations in limiting beliefs. Maybe some phobia. You can use these questions which I'm gonna shag, but you are better off excuse stations. You can ask this questions to yourself to in order to motivate yourself. Remember this Christians are so powerful when you use it elegantly, you are helping um employees to be more powerful and floating and then eventually help you out for your to achieve your organizational vision. 23. Lecture 19 How to communicate with more impact: So in this section, first of all, in the first session we'll discuss that how to create the unbroken flow of ideas in your communication. Then we talk about say the words with meaning a test in light to knowledge into and speak with the light tune. Now we're going to the next level. Speak with even more impact. Now if you receive any document, any people So then whenever something is inboard on the line was highlighted, you pay more attention to now The problem with the communication is the listener. Don't pay attention completely to the whole sentence. Why? Because, as you say, the first session that VC two million bits of information at one time. But we play. We pay only several plus or minus two information at one time, and we'll release so much information and we d sport and we generalize. We pay attention to what we want to pay attention to staff. Single. Now, if you want your listener, if you want your employees toe, pay attention to what you say. You know, I like those keepers so that they know what you're talking about. If you say the whole centers without emphasising on starting was there. We create the meaning. What do you want to create? And it's not impactful. Let me give you one small example. If I have to say one sentence, such as I never asked you to do selling of $1000 in this month, I can say in a whole different way, like in many different ways. I never asked you to do selling off $1000 in this month. I never asked you to do selling off $1000 in this month. I never asked you to do selling off $1000 in this month. I never asked you to selling off $1000 in this month. I never asked you to selling off $1000 in this month. Say every single time. The meaning off the entire centers were different because I was emphasizing on different, different words. Let's take a look at his example again. I never asked you to the selling of $1000 in this month. That doesn't mean anything, because the listener, in fact, you you just didn't know how to pay where to pay attention to you. So you pleaded the meaning off. It whatever or however you want it to. Not if I say I never asked you to do. Is selling off $1000 in this month. That means I never Okay, then I never asked you to do selling off in a $1000 in this month. That means I'm emphasizing on you. I'm not talking about anyone else. I'm talking by you. I never asked you to do selling. Okay, then I never asked you to this. That selling off $1000 in this month. This is what I'm paying attention to the action. I never asked you to selling. Okay. I asked for the prophet $1000 in this month. Maybe the net profit or a gross income, Anything like that. So the thing is, then, after we say that I never asked you to selling off $1000 in this month, I didn't say $1000. I say 1500 I say $500 on $900 but I focus on certain numbers only. Okay, so you knew. Okay? It wasn't about numbers or some, you know, it was about numbers and numbers can believe him, and I never asked you to selling off $1000 in this month. Okay, this month. So the time is more important. Time is at play in this sentence. So every single word you emphasize, it creates the end child meaning off the sentence. You understand that? So when you say one sentence, But if you emphasizes certain keepers, the listener pay attention to only those keepers where you emphasize on if I have to give you the example, I can say that. Look, this is very important for you to listen and because it will help you out. You include your productivity if I have to stay in a different way. Look, this is where important for you to listen and understand, because that would improve your productivity. You complain the whole in many different ways if you want to. Not. The next thing is you have to speak with the leader. You're not Robert. You cannot speak in the morning in the storm. So far, we have discussed how you can use your tonality. But now you're going to the next level. You have to speak with the little. Remember, there's a very good chance off your influence when you pause for one or two seconds. I always load you pause in my communication. Why? Because every time you pause when you pause for one or two seconds during those two seconds , the listener becomes more curious to know what you're going to say next. And that's how you need to speak with little people, don't know, to listen, to monitor the stone, people low to listen to rhythms. That's why people low to listen to songs, a lot of the lectures because songs have rhythm. I'm not asking you to sing the song in front of him place but you to speak in such a way that they flow with the music. They feel like you are just putting them in France and then lower listening to you over and over again. And that's what you can do. And remember, if you want to, you know, someone you need to emphasize and something worse and you speak with them. So he is exercise for you. You don't find out any sentence. Okay? This is a really cool game. You can flavor it, find a one sentence and emphasize or different different verse. OK, then see how it creates the different meaning off the whole sentence. If I have to say that I am asking you to do all the exercise I shared with you in the entire course, I could say in divinity from where suggests I asked you to do all of their societies throughout this course. And you can change the meaning by changing by emphasizing or different worse. Then the next exercise is your to speak with the rhythm. Remember the Golden Force. When you force a one or two seconds, people become more curious. So there you go. These are exercises from this video. 24. Lecture 18 How to speak with impact: what you say is important. But how you say is even more important. Every single word we say has certain tonality, cash to it and 30 a person rule is played by tonality in communication. So now it's time for you to work on your tomb. Now every single word you say it has a meaning attached to it by the way, you speak. If I say one sentence in two different way, I would speak like this. It's very important for us. Toe work hard in the market. No, these early words it wasn't so. In fact, let me use the tonality. It's very important for us to work hard just a while in the market. Now that was tone attest to it. It was more convincing them Before now, I used body language. It's very important for us to work out just a while in the market. Now. I had indicated the elements off body language into it, but so far we're discussing on tonality. Only words alone won't make any difference if you don't don't say it a light tone. So now you need to find out some keywords off your routine activities. Your instructions, then you need to really find them with appropriate tonality. Some of the words in the most about Tripolis and business people use us such as results. Okay, A past, it all with the word reserves growth high. Great fast, slow payment. Levin. You profit. Okay, Production, you benefit sale and savings. Discount all this walking there is a very, very common market. Very. You must be having some more words. And so find out those words and just, like, done and creates tonality with that because the way you speak impacts directly into people's line. Let me just give you one small script light on this time that if you're talking to your employees, how would you? How you should say that? You can see we have to create the new for work in the market what no one else has dared to create. To survive in the market, we have to work up. We have to give the best to our customers at the reasonable price and our customers to fall in low. It'll product, and then we can make more profit. We can take our organization to the next level. That's how you need to use numbers with light tonality. So the exercise for you from this video is you need to find out the words that you use in everyday life and then just create the tonality. Or maybe you can just you already know how to say so. Learn how to say with the light tone with the after Peotone. So that's exercise from this video. 25. Lecture 24 Powerful Questions 5 & 6: question five. How do you know? One of the most damaging belief is when people convince themselves that they know what another person is thinking or what will happen in the future. Now, Ah, great question you can use to challenge such belief is how do you know this forces them to explain how they leads that conclusion. When they try and do so often, it will become apparent that they are basing their beliefs on faulty assumptions. For example, imagine you believe that someone doesn't like you. And I ask you, how do you know another example might be if you were to say to me that you would never be the same steel again if I want to ask you, How do you know at best, you point you what had happened in the past as evidence for what would happen in the future . When you ask them to clarify what they mean? Usually they will the state the problem in more process or into terms. They might say that they feel depressed or they panic. If they present a problem is something they do, then they have the ability to do something different instead, if what you're doing something isn't working. Try something else. We act as we know what someone else is thinking off course. You may be right. So the point is that you do not know for certain And it may not be useful to respond as if you do some examples. I know you don't believe me. How do you know he will hate you if you do that? How do you know he doesn't want you? Help me. How do you know he's in a foul mood today? How do you know? You just don't care. How do you know? She's much happy. And now how do you know he wouldn't want to help me? How do you know that they want by that? How do you know? She will never believe me. How do you know him? Who say that people don't want that now. How do you know? My boss thinks I'm lazy. How do you know who say that? I know what you're thinking. How do you know? You can ask. How do you know when someone implies the relationship in time? So that when one even takes place, a second event will automatically follow. For example, my boss makes me angry. How do you know he makes you angry? If you do that, I will live. How do you know that? I'm going to do that. If I go to the meeting, he will just get angry. Well, I'll just get angry. How do you know that You will get angry when you go to the meeting? I will not apply because they will never give me the job. How do you know that day will never give you the job? Things always go wrong when she walks in here. How do you know that when she walks in here, things always go wrong. There are some other situations where a person uses presuppositions, which are the implied fax which must be held true in order for the sentence to be grammatically correct. I don't know how to manage such a difficult project. How do you know it's difficult without even working on it? It would be easier when he lives. How do you know he's going to leave? When are you leaving? How do you know? I'm leaving Some examples, Charlie, People are scary. How do you know that 12 people are scary. Also, who saved that and every child person. When she smiles, he's happy. How do you know that Venture smiles is happy. He's late and he will be fired. How do you know that he would be fired if he's late? I mean trouble. How do you know? They're also specifically what trouble I messed up. How do you know it's raining under the bad day when she is quiet? I know she's angry. How do you know that? Quiet means angry? And now be more to question six, what stops you and what would happen if you could when you hear someone say I can not What I'm not able to. These two questions are love you to challenge those limits. Vic Titian. What stops you? Have you figured out what obstacles lie between where you are now and where you want to be ? Now the question. What would happen if you could get City? Imagine yourself overcoming all the obstacles and achieving the lizards. This gives you the sense of sense that it is in fact, possible. Houston convention. These questions are really powerful. For example, I worked with a business person who told me that he cannot make X I Z amount of money from his business. We can ask them what would happen if you could. No, let's take a look at some examples. I can no call the customer. Who's stopping you to call the customer. What would happen if you do? You cannot do that. What would happen if I do what's stopping me? I can not finish their report. We're stopping you to finish that report. What would happen if you do? I cannot imagine that what would happen if you imagine I cannot tell him that we're stopping you. What would happen if you challenge? I can't stop. What would happen if you stop? You could not. If you tried, what would happen if I could? I never able to learn this. Who's stopping and you learned this? I cannot apply for the job. Who's stopping you to apply for the job? I cannot get the hang of this. What stops you and what would happen if you do 26. Lecture 25 Some more examples of powerful questions: So now we take a look at some more examples off powerful questions. This will help you out to sharpen your skill. You ask powerful questions elegantly. If someone say's I'm uncomfortable or I'm unhappy. Ask about what? Specifically or whom specifically unhappy about what? They don't listen to me. They don't care who specifically does not listen to you. And who doesn't care sees a better person better than whom better bought compared to whom and compared to what? Our new product is more effective, more effective. And what? More effective than who he rejected me. How specifically? She ignored me. How exactly does she ignore you? There is no communication here. Who is not communicating? What to whom? How would you like to communicate? I want recognition. How do you want to be recognized? You don't like me? How do you know I don't like you? You don't let me. How do you know that I don't hate you. What makes you think that? What leads you to believe that I don't let you? You make me sad. How does that I'm doing? Cause you to choose to feel sad. Or you can ask how specifically I make You said I was late. The whole day is going to go wrong. How do you know the day will go wrong? How are you going to make the day go wrong? He's always yelling at me. He doesn't like me. How does him yelling mean that he doesn't like you? Have you ever yelled at someone you like? When he's quiet? I know he's angry. How do you know that? Quiet means angry. I will do that after I win this contract. How do you know you will be in that contract? She never listens to me. Never. What would happen if she did? He never liked what I say. Never Was that at a time when he did. I don't have to learn this. What would happen if you do? And what would happen if you don't? I cannot tell him the truth. What happens if you do? I cannot get it done. What prevents you? What would happen if you did? What stops you 27. Lecture 26 How can you motivate with these questions: So we have discussed about some questions that will help you to communicate precisely in order to find out the real cause of the problem. Now you can use this questions elegantly to motivate yourself and even others. Let me save you 21 example. I had a client who came to me for a courting, and I asked him, So what do you want to do? And he said, I want you to accumulate this much of, Well, I want to sell my product to people. I want to help the community grow and I want to deliver the top class service and everything in here. Everyone things off. Now I asked him the question. Who is stopping you? Do you go? Who is stopping you to make money? We stopping you to sell your product or size? And he wondered, and he awesome. Nobody is stopping me exactly, infecting over life. We wanted to so many things, but we just stopped. Always sense nobody stopping us to go now. You can actually use this question to yourself if you have any meeting, believe and ask her said who is stopping you the same way you can ask this question to employees if they're stuck. If they are limiting beliefs, you can ask this question. Who is stopping you to sell more? Who is stopping you? Don't think off more possibilities, then the other question is what would happen if you do The first question which I say Who is stopping you? It is actually are stopping you to think about your bare past experiences and freezes the freezes yourself in the moment so that you don't think about the bad past experiences, and then you think about the present moment. The second question. What would happen if you do this helps you out to create the future representation off the positive future. Now, when you ask yourself what would happen if you do, it helps you to create more pictures, helping to visualize the better outcome, and that actually helps you to get motivated. This question is equally powerful. When you asked to your employees are the classic question is, how do you know people have some assumption that I don't think my business will go? Nobody will buy my product. I don't think investors will be happy to arrest in my company. I don't think I would get the job. I don't think people will listen to me. Austin, how do you know the same sort of you know assume since you might help, you can ask yourself How do you know? Now, here's an illegal way to use this question. I shared with you some questions over the period of lot. Last few sessions. What do you need? You on PR? Write down all those questions. One question each piece off people and leave all those questions in front of you and ask yourself what limiting beliefs you have. Why stopping you and all those negative statements you are saying to yourself and to say all the statements and pick up the appropriate card? I can say after big question and answer yourself. Most of the problems are actually baseless. So you will find out one of the real problems one north of your problems. You can actually do the same freak with your employees. Okay, what would they say? Any negative statements you can is that car. You can ask that question and that's how you get motivated. Then remember, this is a very arrogant way to motivate others. Remember to use software such as I'm curious to know. Wow. Can you please tell me more and all this kind off softness you should use before asking this question? Say you are helping your employees in order to achieve your vision. They are the point. You at the point A they can't understand you. If you don't ask these questions, ask these questions in order to motivate them to follow you to point a. 28. Lecture 27 How to use hypnotic language to influence: So far, we have discussed about how we can lease today understanding how to know what they're thinking and why they believe and behaving certainly a real under so far. Then you also learn how to make a strong Republican employees so that they grieve it. You happily and comfortably. Then we also discuss about how to find the lost information using powerful questions and these questions help you out. You know what? You find out, the real cause of the problem. So far, we have paste them. Nice time for us to lead them to was a wonder understanding you have reached a point. Me. Then you have to guide them to your 0.8. You can do this when you learned some hypnotic language patterns, toe influence employees. In this section, I share with you some hypnotic language, Petters, which I share in my was just hypnosis course and conversational hypnosis is allowed how to influence people and how cheap protects people with open eyes in our everyday communication . So you can imagine how powerful you ve become into influencing your invoice. So far, we have found out that one of the lost information now we will provide more information, and they will have received information with least resistance. This language patterns will help you out to make them agree with you easily. I wish every to so many language patterns in this section I strongly suggesting toe practice in your own everyday communication. I was shaving to some examples that we help you to clear the centers using those hypnotic language patterns. These are not the really miss sentences for you because every communication is unique. You need to find out the content and context, and then you need to put this language patterns designed the centers on your own, using this language patterns. Now communication is a dynamic game. You'll have to play this every single day in order to be master at communication. Every single communication is unique, like a say earlier, so this language patterns will help you achieve influence. Others only when you practice on your own. And it's very easy to do. Remember this language Pendants are used by so highly motivational gurus, politicians, motives to speakers and highly influenced people around the world, and you can use it to influence your employees to to motivate your employees. No, I hope you will enjoy learning hypnotic language patterns still influence, and I hope you do that societies off every single hypnotic language pattern. 29. Lecture 28 Hypnotic language pattern Mind reading: mind reading now, mind getting is a hypnotic language pattern. It's about making an educated guess about what another person might be feeling, and this will mean anything psychic. It means acting as if you know the internal experience off the person you're talking to you . And mind reading is a plodding language pattern. And when you use this pattern, using your ideas and giving suggestions, the listener will accepted which least resistant, for example, As you're learning about mind leading, you might be wondering how it relates to the one we discussed earlier on. And you know, that's a good question because it is the same pattern. Just reverse. Instead of presuming that you know what someone's thinking, you are offering a suggestion about what they might be thinking if they turned their minds to it. Now the Paterson, I know that sometimes you're curious, and that's a good thing because it means that you know about learning new things and other minded in phrases such as I sensed that I sense that you are understanding this principle. I understand that you really want you acquire the mastery or conversational hypnosis, and we both know that we can do it together, and I understand that you're choosing the light kind of response for you. You might think that you might think that is so difficult to make language patterns. But it's not, You know, people off. People often ask me, You know, people often ask me that How can I make my own sentences? You just need to find out where you want to use. And your mind is already creative enough to create sentences. Using this mind reading, I know you can hear me. I know you can hear my wife's. Now you're probably thinking that this is good advice, but it won't work. Yeah, you probably thinking that it's a good address, but it won't work until you practice. I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking. That manure is making language patterns so effortlessly, and that's like no problem, because I I spent so many years learning the subject. You may be wondering how you can use this. No problem. Just find out where you want to use it. I know that you are. I know that you're wondering. Sounds so easy. And I know that as you become more interested in this topping you will find some ways to implement this language patterns, and I know you can listen to my words. So friends in this station we'll discuss about the mind reading language patterns, and I was also making some language patterns along with some phrases. So did you find it useful? Now, after finishing Decision Unit, you make your own sentences using the mind leading hypnotic language pattern, and I know you can do it very easily. 30. Lecture 29 Hypnotic language pattern Complex Equivalence: complice equivalence. That means, which means that not complex equivalence is the language pattern which allows you to connect to get a two beliefs, one which is currently accepted as true, and one which can come to be accepted as true. Where two things. I quit it as in the meanings being equipment, we can use the same natural language believe pattern to help create more positive beliefs in people it x x like a breeze between two sentences. It makes moved transition from one sentence to another, one with least resistance, not discussing the earlier part off the coast. The unit. You make your script in such a way that the listener keep attention from the beginning to the end. And this is a very powerful language pattern to connect two sentences. Now have a look at this pattern as you relax in France, this means that your unconscious is beginning to open up more. Now I got more examples off complex equivalence. How? Look at the 1st 1 and as you enter into France, this means that you are ready to make some changes. So while you're thinking about this consciously, this indicates that you are searching for a positive outcome. Unconsciously you don't have to think about is right now because very you do over there, you don't do it. It just means that you can let your inner self get on with helping you. Either way, knowing that you're started to take action is equal to finding a solution. Now all you need to do is to realize that you already know that you know what you do. And when you says the time is right, you are relaxing. Now that means that you are going deeper and deeper into France, leading this world's means. You are learning. Sitting these words means that you can focus. You're leading this voice and you can begin to imagine how to put this into practice. Being able to look at your hands means that you can become more self aware. Seeing yourself in the mirror means that you can see what other seeing you have. You understood means that you are lady too. The fact that you're bidding deeply means you're entering a trance. The fact that you're listening or viewing this mince your learning the deep trance you had just experienced signifies an important positive change for you learned this metiers symbolizes the many improvement you about to make you're being in this meeting. The sign off your increased maturity so you see many examples off complex equivalents. You can also makes some mole in your own context and situations, and just have a look at these examples again and find out how you can create more and more sentences. Again. Remember, practice makes a man perfect In the very first station, we have learned that in order to be mustered this subject, you have to do it over and over again. And it should come out from your behavior because learning happens only when he comes out from your behavior. Now in complicit. Kremlin's too soft in this pattern used more permissive terms such as allows as opposed to harsher terms like forces. You can also soften if it may can might or other possibility walls. You can also make some sentences using this softness. Okay, listening to me will allow me to pay more attention to my words simple. So make some more examples and shabby me 31. Lecture 30 Hypnotic language pattern Cause & effect: close any fact because makes if and then as and then these are the words off cause and effect hypnotic language pattern. Not just the implication or direct statement, that one thing cause another one Is that simple? Because you're listening carefully. You can enjoy ever deepening comfort and relaxation where it is implied that one thing causes another. Basically you former sentence that includes the idea that one event or thing, causes another. Have a look at some boarding that you look out for. If then as you then you because, yes, very powerful world. Because you should use the word. Because when you say no to people, let's see if I say to you, you should factors over and over again. Okay, You should practice over and over again because it requires practice to be master at this subject. Fantastic. And makes since so and causes how. Look at this example. Listening to me will make you relax more of living slowly can help you make changes being curious, connective it your unconscious. When I click my fingers, you will relax more into France. Now let me just break down. That's right. And as your eyes are closing That's Mr Cause you can that Mrs, in fact, begin to start to experience more off your experience so that we eat sound of the gentle music You here because you will continue to effect. Enjoy relaxing now, in a moment when I click my fingers because your unconscious mind can, in effect, consider new alternative that works for you ecologically in your personal and private life . No causes. The fact that you're breathing deeply causes you to enter France much more quickly. The fact that you're listening right now cause is your mind. You remember my words whenever you need to use this language pattern because because you're so intelligent you will understand my proposal much more quickly because you did this. You really got good business on Saturday because they're practicing this. You will become master at this makes. This fact may make you realize how much you'd be missing out on if you did not apply. Right now, you're interesting. Hypnosis makes it much easier for you to be hypnotized, creates learning. This material creates a much more powerful you and another one as soon as a really powerful . As soon as he close your eyes, you'll be relaxed. As soon as you start writing down this language patterns, your mind will help you out. To create more and more examples, we'll make learning to gain new knowledge will make you smarter person. And if you want to soft in this pattern, use more permissive terms such as allows, as opposed to harsher terms like forces and allows means practicing This meteor allows you to automatically use this patterns to make your life better almost without even thinking about them. 32. Lecture 31 Hypnotic language pattern Presuppositions: please support citizens. Linguistic equivalent of making assumptions. The pre separations is an assumption, or pre mice. Presuppositions are the hidden meanings in sentences, phrases or individual verse and work covertly or indirectly. It's very creative process, and this is a bit more difficult than any other hypnotic language pattern. You know we're going to learn or we have already learned for you. But it requires a little bit off creativity, too. Create the sentences with presuppositions because it has a hidden meaning in it. In order to answer the question, the listener must hold questions presupposition. True, in order for a question to make sense, if I ask you, how did the cat get him? Three. It Presupposes that the cat is indeed in the tree, and in order to answer the question how you must hold true that fact that makes you have to believe that cat is already in the three Now. Presuppositions is not an assumption, which is a cognitive process made after the information becomes available, presupposition precedes fact. That must be true. In order for a statement should be grammatically correct a question such as When did you first realize how valuable this program for you makes grammatical sense. And in answering the question, you must accept certain facts as true. You might disagree later, when you stop and think about it. Yet on some level you can see that there is some value in obsession, even though not a toll is a perfectly acceptable answer to the question how well you burn. Okay. But when I ask you, where did you find when did you realize how valuable decision of this course is for you? You have your except that there is some value in this coast. Now let's take a look at some examples so that you understand what is presupposition. You are learning many things. It already Presuppose that you're learning for sure. Either now or in the next few seconds, you can think off of time when using the right words that it like time would have been more useful to you. So either now or in next few seconds, you will think of a time when to use the right words at the right time. But definitely you're going to think right? You did not win next to your seconds, you will understand in either first or second example either in first or second example, you will understand for sure. Chris, would you like to talk about X Y Z? Now? What? ABC elements. Chris has to talk about any off this. Did you notice how easy it is to get an answer? Well, the answer is always easy once you get it. Look, it's very powerful. When someone has done, someone has taken the step which was difficult earlier for them, you can say, then they look. Did you see how easy it waas it generally very helpful when ah ah, when a child, if he or she is in a four week off. Mathematics, let's say And if they're done something worthwhile less a small step in learning mathematics, you can always say they go. It was so easy because once you get an answer, the problems is not so difficult. When you start working on this idea, you will understand everything. That means in order to understand it, you have to start working on it. Clever. This first part of this course is the hardest part. That means the second part is easier. Okay, you are discovering many things. What is the principles? It Presupposes that you were discovering for sure. And I'm guiding you to was some things. OK, so obviously you're discovering many new things. But in order to discover new many things, you have to discover a few things to once you stop flying, you will achieve. You outcome. You eventually. That means you have to start in order to achieve your outcome. Before you take the season, we can discuss other options. You have to talk about other options. For sure. You have found nothing yet yet Presupposes that there are options away level. I don't know how quickly you're going in France, and it means you're going in phones anyways, so make sure when you make presuppositions should have the heat of meaning in it. Okay? This is a very creative activity. Fight off, make as many sentences as you can with presuppositions. Okay, So I wish you all the best. See you in the next session. 33. Lecture 32 Hypnotic language pattern Comparative deletion: competitive deletions, a phrase often in the comparison but omitting the object being compared. Using the world such as more less better. For example, you will learn even more. It's usually better to use a compared to relation when you want to imply that someone will be happier and that life will be easier as a result off them checking action to achieve more. Now, as he know, the objective of conversational hypnosis is to pace people to their level of understanding and then lead them. She was the better perspective, better options and better possibilities. And this is what the club based communicated dude, this is how the leaders were the inspire people. And by using his comparator relation, you can inspire people for a better possibilities. People are no stuck because their problem people are stuck because they don't have many options available they had. They didn't see many possibilities. So by using discomfort in relation, you can provide better options and better possibility. And this is how you can influence that. Have a look at this example, and as your unconscious helps things to get better and better. So in here getting better, this Presuppose. That means it's going to get better. However, the word better, by its very nature implies that something is being measured against something else in order to arrive at the conclusion that it has indeed become better than the other unit off measurement. This means that when said like this, the element against which it's being compared has been deleted. No, you can use this terms to compare best better, superior, improved, enhance worse inferior. Greater, lesser, bigger, larger, smaller, more advance higher, higher quality, lower price. Let's take a look at some examples. The positive changes can happen quicker or more quickly. Fantastic. I use it quite a lot of time in my telepathic practice. As things get better, you can access higher level of awareness, which can help you make better choices. As things get better, you can develop more ideas. All you Condell, even more ideas that Presupposes that there were some ideas. Things can seem to happen more slowly. It's like you have a greater insight Now. You noticed that your response has lessened. Do things better and more easily. It's better. Death see is better than me. Our new product is more effective. I can give you more. This system is more advanced now. Politicians used this pattern quite a lot of time. If you see the speech, if you listen to some speeches off famous politicians or leaders, they say things like this, things would be better. We are doing better. Our country is progressing lot better than before. You will see the improvement people are farm weighed once. So all this kind of things people are taking in the trance and they are showing the better picture to the people and that they do it very well. But you can do this activity. You can use this pattern to influence people. You can provide more options and more possibilities. So write down 5 to 10 sentences where you can use compared to religion. You know, the words are better, worse, lesser, higher, lower, greater best and all those words in with your discussing decision and write down fight it and sentences 34. Lecture 33 Hypnotic language pattern Universal Quantifier: Universal Quantify Air Universal quantify. As the name suggests, introduce a universal element to a statement or a question due to the use of 13 types of words. These results in the scope of what's being address becoming ratchet up to infinity. This matter can be very helpful when offering suggestions to the listener. An absolute generalisation could be You have all the knowledge that you need. So we speaking generalities but applied them specifically. Everyone knows that. Don't they remember also that generalizations in time lawfully trust? Listen to now. So some of the words are all always never every none everywhere. Never no where everyone. So let's take a look at some examples. Your unconscious mind always knows how to help you. And now all the time you are getting better and better. Every time you do this, things improved. Now your inner self can let you remember this positive suggestions so that you can always feel different and forever Remember that Uday things have changed for the better for you. Everyone around you will notice this more positive side off, your personality emerging. There are many ways to begin to a process you already have all the skills you need. You everywhere you turned. There are new things to be discovered. You can never not learn or discover something. You will always be able to enjoy more. Everyone can relax. There are opportunities everywhere. For good people. These feelings can stay with you forever. Every cloud has a silver lining. You will never need to worry again. We all like to feel in control and you will always discover new ideas. Nothing. A certain you have all the resources that you need in order to succeed. Now, if you're noticed that all of these examples were creating the possibilities using universal country fires, it's very much helpful When people feel stuck, you can say like this, you know, someone is stuck. You could say everyone can succeed. And whoever the success they all have worked hard and all of them face failures. And then they succeed and always work like that. So how wealthy speech. You know, I used unison. Quantify it in that. And how did you feel, Mick? Fight to 10 sentences using universal quantify air and see how you can use it in your daily practice. 35. Lecture 34 Hypnotic language pattern Lost Referential Index: lost referential index value judgements, which delete the person whose judgment is being given, for example. And it's a good thing you are learning this now by dropping either the person doing something or the person saying that someone is doing something. The listener. We often inserted genetic speaker or performing in the statement, thereby accepting it as true simply because someone else said it. Waas because we tend to believe you saved by someone, for example, they say that I heard that is good. You feel relax. Relaxation is good. Now if you use powerful question what were discussed in the previous section? Um, you can argue, like who say that according to whom but Naevia influencing people now we are encouraging people to medical Make them in this turn what we think. So consider these two examples and pay attention to what questions come to mind as you leave. Each of them sharks leave 400 years. The kid next door stays that shocks leave for 100 years. Now if I say my teacher says that shocks leave for 100 years, our guest is dead. For for the first example, you question the statement for the second to you question the speaker? Which one is more likely to influence you having to figure out how you know that sharks don't leave for 100 years or dismissing the words of the kid next door? And are, you know, wondering how long shocks do leave for. We tend to believe what saved by Daughter T and destiny reason the sentence number flee mighty just say is that sharks leave for 100 years. That's more acceptable. Then we say. The kid next door says there sharks live for 100 years. This one sentence solutions are created in these examples. Solutions are created. We could ask who is creating them, how we were hypnotically speaking. It's often better to leave that part out. That's because this pattern is useful for offering suggestions, which are artfully wake in order that the positive message can be conveyed in ways that allow the clients unconscious mind to add propia meaning to them. Here are some examples Things can excite you. This sentence carries with the lack of specificity. What specifically are the things that can do? The exciting changes were made. Who specifically was making the changes? It's been saved by many leaders and politicians and it's quite good sentence. New feelings were felt ideas would form. Happiness was experienced. They're feeling curious. Things can excite you. We have made progress. People are experiencing more freedom. Things are becoming better. 36. Lecture 35 Hypnotic language pattern Modal Operators: mortal operators. These are the words that imply what is necessary or possible, for example, and you can allow that you haven't mortal operators modify world and reveal information. About half a person feels about the activity, whether they're motivated, obligated and so on. This in turn, tells you the conditions under which day we take action. The state has its own walking blurry. Our mood has direct connection with the words we used and the words you use your tone and the things you talk about are influenced by and can influence your state or mood. Think about something that you do really easily, something that you can always find time for or that you can only help to think about in order to do it. What do you say to yourself as you think about it? Can will. I am now, want and need. Now think about something that you're really good at. Almost getting round to. Something does your job, and that needs doing. But you really don't want to do it. So you always find a way to awarding us Stop. So what do you say to yourself? As you think about it, I out to I must do it. I should. I need I try for later. Do you notice a pattern here, or is it possible to swap the words we use around in order to change the states? So let's take a look at in more detail. The two parts off model operators Number one is mortal operative necessity and model operator off possibility. So some of the words off, more than operatives of necessity are most need should out. Must not need not should not and supposed to. I have a look at this example. I read that this clip for you and notice how you feel about that. Can you effortlessly listen to me from the beginning to the end? And can you get influenced by me? Let's see, making the improvements that you must sense that you really know you have to make because we both understand that you must not let them pass you by its Now is the time when you out , you followed through. I did not take longer. You should not have to try hard. It's all about doing it. Adult flying. It's about making it happen without needing to make it happen. Now the words which I have bowled indicate the necessity elements off the linguistic structure, and they implied that the receiver is bound to respond to them out of necessity. The words either imply allowance or prohibit Shin. Let's look at some examples. York Unconscious must always find ways to help you. Your unconscious must do the things which help you. I must do better or you must do better. You really shoot. Sense changes happening soon. You ought to be feeling better about things within a very short while. You need to fully understand just how powerful your unconscious is and why it always knows how to change things for the better. I have to win. You really should do it right. I really need to start taking protective action. So how was your motivation? And now B. Want to model operate off possibility and the mortal operative posterity. Words include can possible? Could able cont impossible could not or enable. Now look at this cape now Let me enough for you. You can wonder which benefits he really notice force, but you can not consciously know for sure what they will be until they happen. But it's possible that you may have a good idea. You could even be sensing them at some special label inside. No, because you are able to notice more. When you think about things like this, it's impossible not to. Can't you tell already, or are you going to notice this soon? Because even if you could not before, maybe you thought you were unable to do so. Who knows? But now you can. It's possible to do what your own conscious knows you can and knowing this feels good, does it? Not Now. The M Borden words indicate the possibility elements off the linguistic structure, and they implied that the receiver either can or can not respond in a certain way. The words chosen indicate, by implication, whether or not something being addressed is within the listener sphere off ability to either do or not. Do no. Have a look at these examples off model operators of possibility. Your inner self knows that you can change how you feel. It's possible to change the way you feel by changing your physiology. You know, let me show you how you can do this. You could even notice that you sense more positive towards just happening in just a light kind of ways. It's impossible not to let your unconscious helping because it's able to make good things possible. You know, you could not possibly guess all of the new resources that are being generated for you, so you may as well just relax and let them come into experience in all right kind of waste . I can't do it. You're able to run seven miles a day. You might have a problem with that. Your inner self knows that you can change how you feel. So it is that examples of more than operator possibilities. Now let's play a small game. Let me put you that how your words can affect your motivation. So take something that you need to do. All right, So you need to do. But you're not doing it. Let's call it X. Pay attention to have you talk to yourself about it. If you see, I really ought to do X today, then actively changed the words. Say out love. I'm going to do X today. Fantastic. Off course you haven't done it yet. It isn't the future and is therefore still uncertainty. We can make the language even more powerful. by shifting it into the past. By the end of the day, I will have done X fantastic and notice how you feel. By the end of the day, I will have done acts. Now we have the problem that the end of the day is not very specific. Who we stay and when exactly does it end? We can go one better. By the time I walk out of the door to go home today I would have done X fantastic. We can still make the language even more powerful Still stand up, Look up activity breath smile and think about something you really love doing and really enjoy now saying a confident musical voice By the time I walked out of the door to go home today I will have done X and notice how you feel. Okay, so you must have noticed the difference in your motivation when you shifted your sentence from out you do x two. By the time I walk out of the door to go home today I will have done X No, but be careful with this. You will find yourself visiting through all your outstanding course like a world win. We need you even the balance of take something that you always end up doing, even though you think someone else you do it. Okay, let's that Let's take a look at some bad habits, like smoking or drinking or any of the thing you know you should not do. But you're doing it to sit down. Look down. Think about something you would rather not too. So it is a bad habit saying a flat voice. I really ought to try to do that. Any bad habits soon. Okay. For example, I really out to try to smoke soon and notice How is your motivation? This is a very powerful way. If you want you a wide all those negative habits or believes you have the same a flat tone and just use the word I really out you and notice the difference in your motivation. I hope you enjoyed 37. Lecture 36 Hypnotic language pattern Tag questions: Tech questions attack question is a question that is tagged onto the end off a statement which typically asked the listening to verify that understanding all agreement with the statement. Ah, question added to the end of a phrase such as Count, You haven't you? Isn't it, for example, and you learn many things in the past, haven't you? You do understand, don't you? It's warm today, isn't it? We could stop for lunch now, couldn't we? Let's go ahead and get the people were completed. Shelby Attack Question is an odd grammatical construction because it's needed a statement, not a question, but somewhere in between, for our purposes. Attack question does have one very important feature announcing the attack. Question the listener must momentarily, except the preceding statement as true. And even accepting the statement momentarily leaves too good a chance that will become through permanently. So instead of thinking off tech questions, is a picky eater linguist incurred that some people use necessarily think of them as a powerful tool for directing a listener on a reader. What to at least consider statement is true and evaluate it totally rather than rejected out of hand. Ah, question added after a statement designed to displace an assistance. Tech questions make it difficult to say no. They deport, initiate resistance and can help to overcome a polarity response. They are called tak questions because the question is tacked onto the end of a statement in such a way, this sounds like it's purely a question when at a deeper level is an embarrass statement that designed to evoke agreement. And technicians are very powerful. If you use it, other person will agree with you more often. Some people suggest that one of the reasons it can be useful to employ tech question with people who exhibit a polarity responses because the habit really respond in a polarized way . To what say to them by ending with a question like, Can you not? They were naturally spawned in opposite direction off. Can you not vehicles to you can which in turn, healthy process of communication to move in the right direction? It's one PM We have finished the first task. We have 30 minutes, so now would be a good time to think off some good questions that we discuss, wouldn't it? No, it's very important instruction, if you not, Why you say a yesterday? This increases is in fact, Eunice. Dramatically, that's all makes sense, isn't it? So then you not your head. While saying tech questions, the other person will most surely agree with you. So some of the examples of us tax such as, doesn't it count you? Isn't it? Don't you? On a day does it have you? Couldn't I? Is it not? I want you. Could it do there? Will you? Can it now? Some examples is a very, very easy language pattern. So let's see, John. I explained what my expectations are to you now, haven't you? Now, it should be easy for you to get this right in the future, shouldn't it? You can do this, can you not? You want to make a change, do you not? It's easy, is it? Not now You're finding it easy to implement, aren't you? So now you understand this concept. I hope you'll be able to make some of your own sentences once you 38. Lecture 37 More Hypnotic Language Patterns: more hypnotic language patterns. Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind saved by Rudyard Kipling. Now in decision, I'm gonna share some extra hypnotic language patterns. Not this language patterns are very easy to describe. I will also share me to some examples off using those hypnotic language patterns that will help you out how to use those patterns in your everyday life. First of all, what would it be like if this question designed to cause the clients remember a resourceful state or feeling and re experience it again now or create a new, resourceful image and feeling it forces the person to think off the positive representation off the future? In fact, in the station of powerful question, we have discussed about this. I shared with you three powerful questions. What is stopping you? What would happen if you do? And how would you know this was the second question. What would it be like? And what would happen if you do very similar example ease? What would it be like if you found yourself absorbing this patterns? Naturally, I'm not suggesting that you can do that. I just wonder what it would be like, what would it be like? If you could create more sentences like this? It will be very good for you if you could so make some examples using this language pattern . What would it be like if you make more examples here, you become muscle at this subject. Next is notice. When you say notice, you are bringing their attention to certain issue thing and they pay attention with least a system. It's very powerful if you want to bring someone's attention immediately. I used this word. Notice the difference in my voice now So far. How was it on notice where you're sitting. So obviously it brings your attention immediately. Do the things that I'm talking about. So let's take a look at some examples. Notice how a single word will define your focus. You could try to resist, but you listen even half a. You have to notice first. Notice how your thoughts can be leading any direction quite in? No, simply you only meet you. Notice that and after you noticed this good things happening and then notice another good thing to time and time again, you will notice why your life is improving that notice what it's like when you begin to speak differently. Just noticed. Hardest speeches so natural, then the more done more. It was very simple to explain. Let's try to understand me. Some examples. How about that? The more you want to change, the more change you get. Understand is the more you check it easy, the easier it will all becomes. He and listen. The more you feel good, the more you feel good. Funny, the more you wonder more wonderful things can become. It works like this the more you let it happen, the more it happens, the more you want to change, the more change you get, the more you absorb yourself in the experience and are willing to get it wrong a few times , the more quickly and easy you will learn. Now, now course, these are very powerful courts. Matter offers a useful way to relay information to a client or two listener in an indirect manner. Using courts is very powerful because people change you believe far more easily. How does then you say directly by quoting someone else's experience? It helps to convene a potential solution, but we don't decline feeling under compulsion to respond in the same way as did the subject off the story as they might if they're told, for example, what you should do is a client can instead freely received a message that's embedded within story being told and then apply an appropriate response as beef. It's their own situation. Sometimes if a person is told directly that they should respond in a certain way given situation, they will reject the suggestions that by so doing they are asserting their independence what instead, in some cases unknowingly exhibiting a polarity response. Now courts are way powerful, like a safe course matter offers the usual way to really information to your client in an indirect manner. Let's understand, with some examples, when my friend John said that he was dealing with a situation like this the other day and he found that the more he relaxed, easy became, my friend said, I always seems to achieve the things she sets out to do just by getting on with them as my friend or Mr anyone and any name say that is usually very helpful when you're talking about when you're conveying messes saved by not targeting, the people tend to believe it more easily. As Mr X, the famous guy, my client on my friend one say everyone can learn and mastered is hypnotic language patterns most people can such as this one. Most people can enjoy the process of communicating with more subtly and clarity. One can, you know. You know this guy? He could do that one can. You know, John, Let go and learn for sake of learning. Listen, listen is equally powerful as noticed. When you say the word listen day pay more attention to you. The world listen, creates powerful leverage. It has the effect off turning whatever follows its use into a powerful, hypnotic suggestion. It also implies a high degree of importance to whatever follows its inclusion. Hello? Came in. Listen, now is a good time to get on with that coaching outcome. Okay, listen, he is what I want you to do. I understand what you're saying. Listen, if we do X y z, we can reach ABC more quickly. Hey, hold on a moment. I didn't do it. Listen, what you can do to change it is and then everyone thinks it's a good idea. Listen, if you started the way we see you will notice that, too. Another powerful one is Imagine when you see imagine people can no stop to imagine it's an unconscious process. People have no control over imagination when you ask someone to you married something they cannot not imagine. Our mind is programmed to imagine when something is asked to imagine in terms of picture or sound. Imagine. Just imagine what it will be like when you can communicate with influence of this season. How much better are people responding to you now imagine a little elefant. Imagine if you become president of USA. How would you walk and talk differently? Imagine everything works out well in your life, and the next is remember, remember, is very good word to help people to re collect the memory. When you say remember, the person goes back into the entire library off life history. Ah, person has all the memories off his or her life in his mind. Your job is to help them to re collect the specifications experience. Remember the last time you were faced with the challenging situation and you managed to live to the occasion? Remember the time when you were extremely happy remember the time when we talk about X, I Z topic and now Cartesian Logic. This pattern is very helpful when the person is confused about the season. This question. Help your client to find the right this season. So when your client you're listening, stop used these four questions off Cartesian logic. Let's take an example if someone say's I really want to work with James but I don't know if he will by my productive service, so I'm afraid to ask him out. Okay, so this is what someone is saying to you. I really want to work with James, but I don't know if he will buy my product or service, So I'm afraid to ask him out us. The first question. What would happen if you did? So crime would respond. I would know if we would go out with me. Ask question to what would happen if you did not, It will decline, will say. I will still be unsure and question say, what would happen if you did, and your client would respond. I won't be unsure anymore and question for what would happen if you did not, and your client would be spawn I won't know whether he will want if I don't simple. So asked this four questions to your clients and the cartels and logic questions are useful for helping clients to consider all of the possible ramifications to a course of action if declines the seasons to each response or really to the same overall conclusion than the logic of the response, the model says can be healthy, reliable. Now you can ask this four questions to yourself if you're stopped. Okay, lets see. If you are lost somewhere and you don't know what you do, you cannot take it this season, Oscar. Several would happen if you do what would happen if he did not. What won't happen if you do, and what would happen if you did not cough it now? Top this for learning to use hypnotic language patterns. We have this to the end off explaining hypnotic language patterns. Take it slow at fourth and keep it simple. Don't let me muster over night because success can be achieved with every little steps you change. So take it slowly, check once hypnotic pattern at one time and make some centres are off it and fry out on yourself on others and just notice if you see the difference, notice the difference in motivation and influence and power. And remember, you should have a clear outcome in your mind before you do Scripting you should be knowing where you're going to use this hypnotic language patterns. Remember the pace formula P means purpose. I always help positive and productive purpose in every communication you do. Then be flexible in your communication notice. Constantly. Value conversation is leading to yes sets up. Oh, yes, Tags are very easy to practice with. Have fun with it. Finally, practice, practice and practice. There is no alternative or practice Simple. In the next session, I'm going to give you some hypnotic language pattern scripts. Okay, These are the scripts are giving in the region form. So it will be in the manual or the resources you're going to get with this coast. And also I'm gonna chabot you what exercises unit you do in order to be mustered using hypnotic language patterns. And it's compulsory to do those exercises vit deceiving In order to be master at conversational hypnosis, we cannot order others to perform acts of greatness. Acts of greatness must be inspired 39. Lecture 38 Exercises for mastering hypnotic language patterns: we have discuss about some hypnotic languish patterns over the people of last few stations . Now you must be having some ideas. What are those hypnotic language patterns and how to use them? But now it's time for you to sharpen your skill off using hypnotic language patterns in everyday communication. So here, because some exercises for you, the more knees first off all, you need to pick up each and every language pattern and make sentences out of it. Now it's the game you can play anywhere. Any time you want to you you can go back to the video. You can understand the language pattern and then design and make some new sentences for everyday communication where you can use it. And also you can actually make the big scraping or whatever doing presentation, whether you're dealing with investors or your customers, even your employees. And how can you go, though still, how can you use those language patterns in order to influence others? So that's the first exercise. Second, exercise is beautiful. You need you what? Some of the speeches off famous leaders So the politicians off the history, even at the present time, I highly recommend you to watch the speech off Barack Obama, Winston Church in even Hitler on Ramadi and Tony Blair and so many other particle leaders in off the history and even at the present time. Why? Because they use this hypnotic language patterns in their speeches. In fact, you can check on YouTube. There's one video design it says Barack Obama, using hypnotic language patterns are similar like that, and you will see he has been using this historic language patterns to influence the waters . And you can choose any of the leaders and just listen to them. Remember, I don't have any particle view. I don't support the those people which I name earlier on. I have. No, I'm not a supporter. Even I'm not an opponent. I'm just giving example that these people are using hypnotic language to influence the club . So that's the exercise Number three exercises. You need to listen to some more Teest speakers. There are hundreds of videos available on YouTube. You can check, and when they motivate the crowd or people, they use this igniting language patterns, and you can learn exactly how you too can motivate others around you. So these are exercises for you. So I hope you two orders exercise in order to be master at using hypnotic language pattern . Remember, it's a skill. It's an art you cannot learn by just watching the video off by just looking at some hypnotic language matters you need to practice is because the more you practice, the better you become. Is that simple? So go out and stop making it, putting language matters and influence on this. 40. Lecture 39 The Final Message: so heavy are well in so many things from how to understand us and how to know their behavior and their beliefs. And you also learn that you understanding is different than that understanding. That's why they can't follow you. But you also longer how to restore the level of understanding and how to lead them to your understanding Well on one of the powerful technique on matching and mirroring, which will help you out to s Dallas strong ruffle. When you establish the look for using matching and mirroring, you would make people agree that you happily and easily you also learn how to speak powerful e and how to speak smoothly. You may remember that you need to start a conversation in such a way that they enjoy the free Syria water slide. They pay attention to every word you say from the beginning to the end, and you also learn how to uncover the lost information. Using precise communication, I shall be to some questions and using this questions, you will find out the one other limiting beliefs one of the few years and frustration and you're going to motivate people you're going to influence people to check new action. Then you also learn how to use hypnotic language patterns in order to influence of this mean. But this language patterns are so powerful that the this will create really good future. Let presentation and people will happily agree that you But there's one condition you need to practice. So he is the last exercise for you. You need to implement everything you learn on everyday situation. You cannot just, you know, watch this video and live it. You can re watch it over and over again. You can re fine you can you Can we find your strength? You can shop on your skill. Then you can be powerful at influencing your people. After all, you can be a great leader when you can create the great followers when you can influence people to follow you. So if you want to be a great leader, I highly recommend you to implement what I shared with you throughout the schools. Remember this technique shop tried and tested in practical situations, so it will work for YouTube. The condition is you need to practice so we'll wait for your feedback. I'm waiting for you to talk to you so shabby me your feedback. You any questions? You know how to contact me and show me your questions. And your experience is also if you use these techniques and you found wonderful losers, then please share with me. I'm more than happy to listen to you so thank you very much for watching. Thank you very much for enrolling in this course. So much policy. You be awesome. Be unstoppable. Thank you very much.