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How to have a pleasant, joyful trip with your next Ryanair flight

teacher avatar Arne Kähler, ZURUBANG

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons ()
    • 1. Ryanair Can Be Awesome!

    • 2. 6 Rules Before Flying With Ryanair

    • 3. Booking And Checking

    • 4. Sandwiches And Luggage

    • 5. Waiting Lines And Leg Space

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About This Class

Since my wife and me travelled a lot with ryanair in the last two years, we became awesome in having a stress less flight.

Since some of the strategies are pretty unique, we would love to share them.

Your next ryanair flight could be beautiful und relaxing after you have watched this course.





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Meet Your Teacher

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Arne Kähler



Blessed with being raised by two amazing parents, living most of my life in Hamburg, germany. Acting School finished in the year 2000, self employed as a promoter for various products, having most success as the Captain Morgan. 

Moved to Malta in 2014, married my wonderful maltese wife who is a gifted artist and I am very happy with my life.

I was always creative but could never fulfill any of my ten thousand ideas. Year for year I am coming closer. 

I found skillshare via Seth Godin's Website and am happy to share some knowledge and learn more.

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1. Ryanair Can Be Awesome!: Hi there. This and last year, me and my wife have been traveling to several different cities in Europe using Ryanair. We visited them for 2 to 4 days and had a beautiful time. Surprisingly also thanks to Ryan here, people are normally complaining about Ryanair flights being a pain, unpleasant staff being rude. That might be true to a certain degree, but way figured out how to get the best out of the flights, and I would like to share this knowledge with 2. 6 Rules Before Flying With Ryanair: Ryanair is still Europe's leading cheap airline. They can have prices ranging from 1 to 20 year old for a flight, but they're also loads of extra costs and rules to follow thoroughly. Otherwise, you have to pay more. One more thing, by the way, have nothing at all to do with Ryanair. Don't get anything from them. This is just our skill we would like to share because it will make flights better. I have gathered six rules, which you should follow to avoid any bad experiences. Number one, the check in has to be online in any other case to have to pay extra. Of course, customers can check in between seven days and up to two hours before their scheduled flight departure. If you're late, you have to pay extra number. Two. Either print your boarding pass or have the free app. If you think your boarding pass works as a PdF on your phone, No, think again. That will cost extra. Number three Heavier luggage costs extra. Well, that might be everywhere like this, but especially for Ryan Air, you have to be a bit more careful. Don't forget to pay the extra fee for both flights when you check in online, not only one way, otherwise, you have to pay extra. Number four thean correct Luggage size and weight will be punished hard. Brian Eyre has those. Check your luggage size boxes standing around. Always fun watching people trying to push in the big bag with every force they have. Pretty expensive Number five. This moment when you want to fly to Barcelona and book for the airport in Barcelona and suddenly you aren't in Barcelona were no in Gerona. Check the Internet how to get from those secondary airports or, as we like to call them, the Ryan Airports to the capital city. In most cases, either buses or trains go there and normally cost between 1 to 15 year old. If you haven't checked anything in front are lost and tannic rises. You might have to get the most expensive cab ride. Number six. In general, Ryanair has to struggle from a very bad image. Many years ago that service hidden prizes, terrible website, various extra costs. But things have changed, mostly because they had to change. Hidden prices aren't available instantly. The website has been renewed. The handbag situation improved. If you are one of those burned Children. Give it one more try. So rule six is open your mind again. Hey, I just saved you around 1000 euro extra costs Now off to the next Listen. 3. Booking And Checking: So you want to travel to Athens, Barcelona, Rome, London for some days? Well, first of all, don't go to the normal Ryanair website. Enter this website here. Cheap flights is the little secret for the best deals. Immediately, you can get to this side by just clicking down here, and you'll be there, too. But if you enter it immediately, just speeds up the process. So let's go to Athens and take more than 100 euros or pounds because you will adjust this later anyway. So now this time to surge for the best offer. Let's see Athens in October 11 99 Perfect at a return flight 11 75. Can you believe it? Let's go to continue. One seed is remaining, that's all. I need two seats and continue again and let's not do anything here. Let's just go up here to the check out on. I don't want to random seat because I have a trick to get a good, perfect, wonderful seat later, so we will go to this point of it later. Now, after you have entered all your data and are ready to pay way, can move on to avoid any stress just take out your smartphone and download the Ryanair a poor priest. Enter all your details and safe for future place. This one time closest will roughly take 10 minutes, one time, all the other times it will take 12 minutes to check in online. That is cool. Also, there's an app on your iPhone called wallet. Just safe the checking tickets and put them into your wallet. The only thing you have to do at the gate to show your phone, click on wallet and check in. Be aware. This only applies if you have very light on and luggage. Otherwise, later it gets they might check your carry on luggage, and that ain't too much fun. 4. Sandwiches And Luggage: make sandwiches one day in front for your flight because you might get hungry. Food is expensive on the airplane, and the smell of good food might get you hungry and into a bad mood if you don't. For me, nothing is more satisfying to eat One of my wife sandwiches in the airplane makes since the hard part about making a sandwich of your choices. Buying ingredients doesn't create a big, kindly note. You might have to buy a water at a kiosk after check in or on the airplane itself anyway, because being thirsty in an airplane doesn't feel nice to one extra Chavez. Don't forget your headphones and a book that normally goes without saying right. If you travel for 1 to 4 days, you probably won't need more than a standard backpack and hand luggage back to hang over your shoulder. I never had any issues with this combo, but seeing many other people having problems with their luggage, please check out these links. I won't post actual luggage sizes here because they might be adjusted every now and then, so just check these sites every half year or definitely check amounts before your flight 5. Waiting Lines And Leg Space: off course. It depends in which airport you're waiting. But one super good trick to have so much less stress is to sit down and not stand in this weird cute. This is such a fun and crazy experience of more than 100 people standing in line, which is not sure when it will ever move forward. Sometimes this stakes 45 to 60 minutes of just standing in a line and waiting like a lemon . This phenomenon always repeats itself, Const. What we do is take a seat. Watch the slow and sure progress until maybe 10 people are left standing in the queue to show our passports and tickets and slowly walked to the airplane. Because normally there's another big Q on the stairs at the and now for our last trick. Ryanair is confirmed to have crazy small seats smaller than loads of other airlines. Since you're entering the airplane is one of the last people. There's a good chance middle seats. Emergency seats aren't those emergencies. He take great responsibility. You might have to open the doors of the plane crashes if the plane ever crashes. I think that is fair. Those emergency seats have a beautiful, huge leg space. In most cases, you can sit there on your own or with your partner. The leg space benefit is worth so much to me, having a height of 188 centimeters. When almost everybody has set down, go to the middle and talk to the responsible steward or stewardess takes care of. Ask him or her. If it might be possible to sit here, be gentle, be polite and smile while Urs smiling. Having a question might seem weird but instantly gives the signal. I'm a happy person. You won't have any struggle with me on this If you are a nice person. Middle steward Stewardess will want to have you there to be no pain and maybe even cheer you up. Kindly note. While starting and landing, you're not allowed to have anything on the seats except herself. Around 5 to 10 minutes in the air. When the seat belt loosened, signal appears. You congrats. All your stuff you want to have like this. We had at least 20 flights, taking 2 to 4 hours and this lovely like space, which is worth gold, too. We now belong to the 10% smiling in this airplane since we had no hassle Stress waiting time, yummy sandwiches and beautiful seats. Stewards like us and flight as pleasant as can be way like Ryanair along. This might probably be a pliable with other airlines, too. If you have any experience like these, please, that is no. So buckle up and have a good right.