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How to grow your photography skills

Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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8 Lessons ()
    • 1. Who am I?

    • 2. Inspiration for your own photography projects

    • 3. Shoot every day

    • 4. Take control of focus

    • 5. Refresh your perspective

    • 6. Inspiration x Creativity

    • 7. Always be a beginner

    • 8. Final project


About This Class

In this Skillshare class, you’ll learn how to grow your photography skills and obtain a new view on photography, which you will use during your photoshoots! We will go through my favourite tips, which will help you understand how to make better pictures. You will learn how to re-inspire yourself and use your creativity during photoshoots. I will explain to you how creativity can be the key to your best shots! Also, guide you how not to copy others work, but creating your own vision.

I am going to help you to grow your photography skills with my tips and project created especially for you. 

My lessons will walk you through the following tips on how to grow your photography skills:

Shoot every day
Take control of focus
Refresh your perspective
Inspiration versus creativity
Always be a beginner

Take pictures of your model or object and share it in your project! Show us your artistic soul and your own creative view on photography!

After this class, you will understand how to easily grow every day as an artist and obtain new ideas for your photoshoots.


1. Who am I?: 2. Inspiration for your own photography projects: 3. Shoot every day: Hi, guys. My name is Martina, and I pulled an sort of effort from burning these classes for people which want to grow there for the grab skills and also want to learn something about the photography. So if you want to take better pictures full of my advices and enjoy my class holder, Gadhafi's like any other skills, the more you do it, the better, if you again. So my first advice how to grow your photography skills is to shoot every day. When you're going outside with your dog or friends, just stick the camera with you. I promise you you will have a lot of problems and also groaner photography skills. So let's imagine a situation that they're going outside with your friends to do some crazy photo shoot in the public place. Your friends will make some front faces funny poses, and you're going to try to capture. So what, you're learning by having fun with your friends in a public place. So, first of all, you're learning how to use your camera and discovering your settings. Next time when you will have another photo shoot with people, you will be much faster with your camera because you will help already sittings from previous another great think with ur learning. Having fun in the public places is that you're getting familiar with strangers because usually, very when you are officiating outside, some people are coming for you and asking you about the lances for the threes and why you are taking features in this place. So next time when you have a photo shoot in a public place, you will be less distracted by strangers and more focused on model camera and pull composition. Don't forget that the best camera, what you have is the camera in your hands. So if you are outside with your friends and you don't have the expensive come around, don't be afraid to use your cell phone. They're gonna be photography. You can take amazing pictures with any comrade what you have and also grow their photography skills. 4. Take control of focus: May. Another advice. How to take great pictures is toe. Take control of the focus for courses. Dickie. How to make Amazing Sharp on beautiful pictures. So how do understand focus in the photograph an image that is completely sharp states to be in focus. An image that is completely blurry is said to be unfocused. The same metaphor applies to your mind. When you concentrate, your mind is sharp. You are focused. When you are confused, you like focus. As a photographer, you need to be careful with focus because sometimes when you have too much focus pictures who are destroying the mood of the picture. For example, when you're thinking for trades off the dog, you don't want to see any details in the background. You want to see the dog, and the dog should be in the focus. So the most ideal situation is to focus on the dog's eyes. Eyes are the key. How to make sharpened, beautiful pictures 5. Refresh your perspective: another great advice. Housing skills to take a day and focus on first, you can try new camera bodies or, Nuland says. Also, you can try to shoot from different angles. It will help you to grow your skills and also find your own style. If you want to be a graceful refer, you need to find something you are not comfortable shooting and go up. Three. Giving Bender Anything also giving. If your portrait for the refer you can try to take pictures any most landscape or nature. If you are nature for the river, you can try to go to the city and make some cool street photograph. If you spend time for the shooting things you are not used to, I promise you come away with ideas for your father shoots. 6. Inspiration x Creativity: there are numbers are because tomorrow to this class, the providing at least ways to get better. Most of them won't go online and throw on their first more party spirit. But, he said, with our crafty meeting, I don't think so. Really making angel veins. Any kind of information is available for us. We've in the second. So we are going online and checking for for the preparation for you are killing your instead of coughing people's for just sit down and brainstorm for your next I promise. Thanks. Brainstorming came up with new ideas, and most important use ideas will be yours. 7. Always be a beginner: another brazen device. We checking the visible refers to grow their photography skills faster is always feel like a beginning moment, except the mindset that you are the best at something, even inner circles, is the moment when you become unteachable, graceful refers, always give their mindset from beginner. Believe me, I've met a lot of other verifiers who thinks that they know everything. You're trying to tell them something new, what have learnt, and they will shut you down over the answer that the new acreage or they refused to learn anything new because they don't want to change their old ways. Photographic. This is the death sentence for your Karadic, said The Cider Bride, and try to learn from others, even if you think that you're at the top of their game. 8. Final project: I hope my advice is to help you and because one of my advice is to shoot. Every day I prepare the project. So first of all, choose. And what other objects off your foot bush Dan, choose a location or a candy bar. Cool whatever you like. And when you will be on that location with your model object trying to photograph it from three different angles, then create a composition off your pictures and sharing it with us. I am looking forward to see your work.