How to grow organically your instagram and monetize your content ( Instagram Marketing ) | Evangelos Anagnostou | Skillshare

How to grow organically your instagram and monetize your content ( Instagram Marketing )

Evangelos Anagnostou, Filmmaker and Photographer

How to grow organically your instagram and monetize your content ( Instagram Marketing )

Evangelos Anagnostou, Filmmaker and Photographer

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10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Course project

    • 3. Finding your niche and your style

    • 4. Optimize your bio

    • 5. Content is the King

    • 6. Leverage photo and video

    • 7. Hashtag strategy

    • 8. Communication and Crossplatforming

    • 9. Monetization

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Step up your Instagram game in 2020 !

Join videographer and online marketer Evangelos Anagnostou (@EvangelosAnag) as he analyses the process of  growing  organically your Instagram, building your brand and monetizing your content for success in this  30 - minute course. 

     Key Lessons Include:

  • How to find your niche and your style 
  • Optimizing your Bio 
  • Producing quality content 
  • Get discovered using specific Hashtags 
  • Leverage the power of your photos AND your videos 
  • How to make money on the platform 
  • How Instagrammers and brands actually implementing our strategies 

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, freelancers and anyone who wants to build a business with their personal brand on Instagram.

By the end of the class, you'll have the necessary skills to improve your content and the appearance of your account, increase organically your followers, and monetize your account. 

Also check out my second course to learn how to vlog like a PRO ! : 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evangelos Anagnostou

Filmmaker and Photographer




Hello people, I am Evangelos!


Join in while I am teaching you :

1. DSLR Photography Basics - From Auto to Manual

2. How to create Minimalistic Instagram stories and promote them for success !

3. How to grow organically your Instagram and monetize your content 

4. How to Vlog! (Complete Guide)

Support me and use my link and get 2 months of Skillshare for free: 2MONTHSFREE 

I am a professional videographer and photographer based in London . I am passionate about directing, filming and editing my stories. I am making commercial videos for brands, while I am capturing people.  Besides that, I am an online marketer helping companies understand the power of s... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Evangelist Diagnosed Toe and I love Instagram. I'm a videographer and marketing consultant helping companies to leverage their instagram grow and have results. Today I'm gonna teach you how you can organically grow your instagram, Aaron, some money from the monetization off your account. We're not gonna use those scum methods like like, for like or follow for follow because these methods are not a totally effective and they can only bring some shorter results. Personally, I'm using Instagram to tell my stories, interact with my community, express my artistic vision and develop my personal brown. So in this course, we're gonna learn the important off the niece over the theme and why it's important to have a cohesive style in the instagram account how you can optimize your profile in order, people find you easy and stay actually in your account and convert them to followers where do not talk about content, has stocks and the interaction with the community that you have to establish in order to grow your account and have real results. Also, I will show you a tool that the name of it is re crop with which you can regroup and refrain your photos in order to look more balanced. Finally, we will talk about the ways that you can make Mannion instagram. What's the best way to approach a company? How much you're gonna charge what to tell a company when they want you to lower your price ? We will also see examples throughout the course off How successful Instagram account are implementing the same strategies and tricks and tips that we're gonna learn in these scores . I'm gonna say all my no let's about Instagram. I will help you grow your account and make some money from our favorite application Insider , Let's dive in. 2. Course project: Now it's time for our class project. Your task is to change the information in your buy in a way that will be more organized, more visually interesting and more pleasant. You have to challenge yourself and make some changes if, of course, it's necessary. But don't panic. We will talk in next chapter about how toe optimize your by so you will be able to know what changes you will make. I think it's really important to do the exercise because only by doing you can actually learn something. So you have to upload to screen suits off the buyer off your bio one before the changes and the one after the changes that you are going to make. And in the end, I will be more than happy to give you my opinion in my feet back about the changes that you have done, and from this process, I will also learn something something for your vision. I can't wait to see your class project uploaded and said with the community and get feedback, and with this way, everyone can grow 3. Finding your niche and your style: I think it's really important to find your direction on Instagram, find your niece, fund your thing and stick with that. You cannot post everything. Actually, you can, but it's a road that leads to nowhere. So find a thing, find and niece that you love for two main reasons. First, you will be motivated to create the best possible content, and we need that. Second, you will be motivated to post regularly. Yes, because for creating a big, engaged following, many followers unit time and you will definitely get bored if you don't like your niece. If you don't like your think, we will talk in the next chapter about how often is recommended toe upload. It's also really crucial to have your own style. And when I'm telling style, I mean a unique type off your photos, the color of your photos, the mood from the editing and the composition, or even what saved in the captions. Whatever it is, find what makes your photos unique and play that up talking about the conclusive Stein that you should have. Let's see the example off a Vilma Keenan sees a photographer from Finland. Fairness here. Theme is the wild nature. We can see that sees uploading pictures that they have a cold temperature in term off colors and with this way, since creating a mysterious dramatic look. Amazing Lakes the Milky Way off our galaxy, the Amazing in Northern Lights. So these is here. Style sees a really cohesive. She's keeping the Stein. I think she's doing a great job. Try to create a basic storytelling that you really like on the low. And then people will follow because they will also really like the story if you really like a story. So this is in border. Be passionate with your thing and your niece, for example. I love traveling and landscape photography, so I stick with that thing and because I really love it, I'm really interesting. At eight, I try my best to deliver the best possible content, and my followers are expect this kind off posts and this kind off storytelling. So they stay engaged. They like it. They follow for this region to see my traveling photos and videos and adventures, so it's easy if you like it. Let's see now when exceptional example off good storytelling and I'm taking about off the account something nice from Alexandra Espinosa. Here theme is the Sharia photography and sees expressing here thoughts through here, pictures we can see that sees communicating ideas about freedom, about inner strength and escape. We can also see that the captions off here photos are really enhancing the message off your storytelling. She's really cohesive, sees communicating the same story through all here. Photos. See also has visual consistency in their photos because he's using the same organ scholar tones on all here photos. One thing that I want to give you is that every nice is different with some nous is you can gain followers like really quickly, but otherness is they require some time, so you have to be patient and set some realistic goals. 4. Optimize your bio : in this part Off the course, we will talk about the optimization off your by bait with a well structured bio, you can amaze the visitors off your profile and convert them toe followers. First, it choose wisely. Your profile picture high definition picture nowadays is totally amassed. Background is good, Toby Bright because with these way, you can create contrast. And this is really I cutting toe have contrast. For example, your face and a bright background. We need contrast. A profile picture mistake that I often see is sewing too much of the body, which makes the face quite small. With this way in the photo stream, your instagram account photo will be tiny, so I recommend you to crop in the head and a bit off the soldiers something like, under any circumstances, don't use photos that have crazy snapped up filters. These looks like really unprofessional. If you managed a company's INSTAGRAM account, use the company's logo for the profile picture of your account. Another tape is toe smile and so some personality. It's good to look like business like, but in the same time you have Toby approachable and personal, so smile a bit. It's not, but now important. Be aware off having a tidy bio. This bio is way better than this by right on Lee. The necessary things remember less is more you can use. Also your humor for your advantage, right? Something smart that will cut the others attention. If you have a professional looking bio, these will make your visitors toe. Click in your link in your bio, which is a way that you can monetize your easily account through offering it marketing. We will talk later about that, but this is important. A tiny bio will drive that tension toe the link, and then the visitors, your followers will click and you will probably make a say. We will talk later about that. It's crucial. Also Toe have a easy discoverable, usually in orderto save that it's not recommended. Toe have underscores dots, periods, random numbers that they mean. Nothing lets you know how tidy are the bios off the big brands and how they carefully leads you toe the link. So I just stopped the link. The page loaded really quickly end in the language off the person that see shirting. I'm from Greece. The page is in Greek So we're in the official paid with 81 million followers. And if I top the link I am, I'm gonna go to the Greek to the Greeks paid so it understands from where I am and thes by . I was so minimalistic. If you have a body, your athletes hashtag just do it by you also encourages people to use the house that just do it. So they have really strategic, hostile and really smart caption. A few words and just a side that it's loading really quickly and it drives you to the local weapons. Let's see now, another example off Fanta being more than one flavor. There is also a really minimalistic bio, and let's see the link where it leads. It leads directly to a YouTube video that it's probably an art, and things are really clear and easy and tidy. 5. Content is the King: content is the king, as we call before. Feed your following failure audience with the best possible content. We all love good stories. Try to communicate your story through your images, your videos and your content post for. Does that all together say something? They have a unique story. 10. Post only. Your best photos once or twice per day. Consistency is the key, but don't over coast because you will be annoying and because you fall in the trap off posting. Not your best possible content, because come on, you cannot have countless good pictures. A basic rule is that the more you post, the more likes you get. A 2017 study conducted by the marketing company Tailwind show that consistent posting is the key growing your instagram REITs. Also, for good storytelling, it's really crucial what you're writing in your captions. A caption can increase the message off the photo and therefore the engagement off your audience. If you're a business or you have started to post spawn short content, don't fall in the trap that you are just promoting products. Keep telling your story. Stick with your style and try to discreetly display the product placement Eatherly, the product or the surface that you are promoting must be a part off your story. Another strategy is to post photos that they are not yours, but they are relevant to your thing. To your niece. This is a really great way toe upload quality content regularly because you don't have to take the picture. The picture is already ready for you, but may aware of giving credit to the photographer because otherwise it's a stealing. 6. Leverage photo and video: as we learn it's really important for your content. Toe have visual consistency. That means photos and widows have to look similar and have the same mood. And there are basically two ways to achieve it up with the same filter or with similar composition. Personally, I think the best are for a plank. Filters is the up snap. See, however, at saving similar composition for your photos. It can be a bit challenging. It's basically about how you crop and how you frame your photo, so you need to exercise about how you can frame your photos. What, how to compose your photos. A tip for May to improve the composition of your photo, even if the shot is taken, is to use the up that the name of it is Recruit, which I'm going to show you right now, as I promised you. Let's see now the application regroup. So basically regrouped gives you a second chance to reframe your photos for a compositionally balanced look. So let's see, actually now how this works. So we go toe albums moments and we pick a photo. I have this photo here. I am in the island off Lefkada, having some drone church and let's say that I didn't frame correctly my photo. I will goto aspect ratio first, and then I will choose the vertical one. So let's stop the vertical and you shall that it automatically fill in the picture. The pixels expanded automatically. I can move the bars and this application automatically fill ins the extra space that is created so I don't have to grow up. They months in orderto be compositionally balanced. It expands the photo. So that's a big benefit for cropping our pictures. And we can change here. The aspect ratio 45 57 9 16 etcetera, etcetera us for us. I have finished with the precise off the photo I can export the picture and immediately uploaded to Instagram. A different way to use regroup is using grids. So basically the greed, our lines and partners that they help you toe have balanced and compositionally balanced. Look, my personal favorites look rule of thirds. Let's use it. I'm in the center and I want to position myself in the thirds so I will move all the theme and now I'm on the thirds and in the right. The picture field in so I think I'm ready to export again. The photo boom ready now it's balanced without groping inside the photo. This is the important thing. But guys, it's also really good to remember the importance off the video from my personal experience posting videos on Instagram. It's a really effective way to engage with your audience, the majority over the post on instagram, our photos so there is less competition in the video filled. But you have to remember to upload only your best videos, and the widows must be us. Sort us you can. A great example. Off videos on Instagram is Jesse Driftwood. He's a photographer and filmmaker, and the unique thing about him is that he's keeping the engagement up, using instagram stories with a really uncommon away. So Driftwood is creating many of logs that he added before uploading. With this way, he's offering better content the neuro food. It's taken with the phone, for example. But let's have a look to understand. - Hey , good work, guys. Theo. Creation off these stories is something talent ing, and you have to have some video known. It's toe make them, but it's a really good way to connect with your audience and drive the engagement up 7. Hashtag strategy: So now we will learn how to use pass tax with the most effective weight. But what's exactly a hashtag hashtag is a key word, and the user can find you and your content with this keyword the hashtag, and if you use hashtags wisely with the correct way, you can grow quickly, fast and organically. Your INSTAGRAM account. The basic concept is to use specific hashtags and not generic ones using popular generic hot stocks. Probably you will get some likes, but then engagement will be really low and you will never heat the trends because the competition is too high with the popular hostile Because, yes, everybody is using them. Hot stocks that they are more specific and not so popular have more chances to leave your post in the trends. And also you can be discovered from people that they are really interesting in your niece in your theme and your content of your already uploading not only human get lax with this has stocks, but also you can make these people the visitors, your followers, they know what they want to see. So you use these keywords and they're getting what they want, so they stay in your profile So used specific hashtag shopper important. Let's see now an example. As I told you my theme. My niece is traveling and adventure, for instance. I'm uploading a picture from my travel and I want tohave a hashtag about this travel I'm not gonna use the generic hostile travel goes e from shirts here travel. I will see that the first result Travel House 344 million posts. Instead of that I'm gonna use unless popular hostile a specific hostile instead of travel, we can say the German word. Wonder last. It's really hope now wonder last well, 3.1 million posts. So if I'm gonna use the house like wonder last instead of travel, the competition is not so high. So I couldn't be easier in the trends. And if I have more possibilities to go on the trends, no people can find me and and gates with me and be my phone Yours. It is that it's not good toe overuse your hashtag because it it looks like really a murderous. And it's also highly recommended to have a small garb from the caption and the halfbacks. It's not good to obey in the same line Have a gap now a take off how I organize my house Stocks I have created a Google go I have They're all my specific ha stocks that I have tested out and they actually were. So when I am uploading a photo or a video on Instagram, I'm just copy from the Google dogs and then paste in my instagram the hostels and boom, they're ready quickly. But in this point, you have to be careful because has stocks and trends are constantly changing. So you have also keep updated. Your hostel Don't use them for a long time, period because they will be outdated and no as much effective us. They were in the start. 8. Communication and Crossplatforming: communicate. The basic principle here is to provide really value, and Israel value will come back to you. So you have to really and authentically interact with the instagram community comment and like what you really like. Don't comment with this palm style like these under no circumstances don't use like for like follow for follow. They don't work, and you are making a really bad impression in your possible audience. Your comments must be thoughtful and really common. For example, why you like this specific photo? What feelings triggers you? Ask the other creators some questions about their photos. They content their videos and also invest some timeto. Answer the comments off your followers that they have made to your account. It's really crucial to have aerial communication. Also use the cross plat forming for your advantage. It's really important to lean your instagram account to your other networks. Were your other social media like with your Facebook with your YouTube channel with the twitter with the linking etcetera, etcetera? Don't be sigh and make a post on Facebook, saying that providing, of course, a link of your instagram account and saying them that you have an INSTAGRAM account that you're dedicated, you're constantly producing content, so let them know that you are there and tell them to follow you and they will. I did that for myself and it really works. Last but not least, approach other Instagram users in order to do a collaboration, try to think outside of the books. Ask another instagram er in your niece with the same or Italy with more followers than you . For a collaboration, you can do a project together. Fetal one. It's other to your instagram stories, guys, instagram sores nowadays are really effective, so try that and you will definitely get more followers with this way. 9. Monetization : Let's no talk about monetization in the ways that you can make money on instagram. Generally for making money on Instagram, you have to know that it's important. How engaged are your followers down the number off them? For example, an INSTAGRAM account that has 10,000 for example, followers and it's posts are taking 5000 lights is more effective on making money than an INSTAGRAM account that has, for example, 100,000 followers. But they are no that'll engaged, and the Post don't have likes and comments. It really counts. Also, what's the reason that your instagram account is growing? So there are three main ways that you can make money on instagram. The first is to sell your product or service through instagram. For example, if you're a photographer or if you are a videographer, you can sell your lats lots. It's a filter like instagram filters that you can apply them and change the color off your photos or your videos so you sell your lots and your audience can buy them. And with that, the way you can make money. Also, you can market yourself from Instagram. I'm marketing my videography skills so companies hire me for making them videos. You hear a photographer? If you are an animator, if you are an artist, you can work with the same way. The second main way off spending money on Instagram is through special post. Now in the question How much I'm gonna start? There is not a specific answer. You can start from low and increase gradually your prices us, your skills and your following are also increasing. A deep is toe. Ask somebody in your city that already works with bronze how much C or he is charging and then you can decide how much you should start the companies Don't forget that you can always negotiate about the price that you can offer them more services in the same first price that you offer them. For example, if you have firstly offer them five special photo pose you can ob to instagram stories, for example, or toe have their website in your link for 24 hours or something like that. But remember, it's good first to build your portfolio, have experience and gain some followers. Some engaged followers in order toe be ready toe ask more money The third way for making money on instagram ease. The affiliate marked affiliate marketing is when you get paid every time someone buys a product because off a link that you should, so you will get a unique you're And there, Philip Program Trucks. How many people? Both the product, through the link and you can get a cut a percentage off those sales. So here's how the artist George Grosz fr implementing the strategy off affiliate marketing in order to make money on Instagram, he passed on Okay, tighty bio. And then he has a specific link. And if you stop the link, it leads you to a website where you can buy products. So with this way, he's gonna take a certain percentage off money from the sale that you are gonna make. It's important that your affiliate must be correlated with your niece in order to maximize your saves. 10. Conclusion : my dear student, Congratulations. You just finished the course. My advice now is to be patient and keep posting your best possible content using the right specific Haas tax, interact with your community and pay attention to the photos and the videos that you are uploading. And don't forget the power and their rates off the videos. Please optimize your bio and a blow Your results. They think with the two screenshots that we say in the class poacher And I will be more than happy to see your projects common them give you an advice also, I would learn something from this process. You will learn something from the explosion and we're building and community. So police go and do your class project and then upload your results in the project section . Get yourself ready And don't be afraid to reach companies. Do the step. I know that the scores had a lot off information. So if you have any question, if you want to ask something, please don't hesitate and send me a message or comment and I will answer that Now that you have complete the course, I highly recommend you to read the book. The art off Social Media by Guy have a psyche. It's really informative book with many tips that you can implement in your Instagram game again. Thanks a lot for taking my course. See you in the next one.