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How to grow a youtube channel in 2021?

teacher avatar Henrik Olsen, YouTuber, Drone Pilot, Storyteller

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. How to GROW on YOUTUBE

    • 2. Get Started

    • 3. Decide what is your channel is about

    • 4. Create your youtube channel.

    • 5. Research your videos

    • 6. Before you press record

    • 7. How to get views, subscribers and engagement

    • 8. Running an efficient Youtube Channel

    • 9. 9

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About This Class

I will answer this during this course by sharing what has worked for me with actionable information you can apply right away after completing this course. I’m Henrik Olsen and I created TECH DRONE MEDIA some years back, a tech youtube channel with 60.000 subscribers and close to 7 million views. 

I read a lot of posts about small channels not growing, and a lot of frustration about why it's not working. Only 0.1% will get more than 1000 subscribers, so that is pretty discouraging, or is there a way through?  Youtube is not easy and requires dedication, and as you properly have heard before it’s not a sprint  but a marathon, that given we might make the journey as good as comfortable as possible and make your actions count towards the goal of growing your channel 

This is not a technical video, but more the strategy you need to apply to make your channel grow

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Henrik Olsen

YouTuber, Drone Pilot, Storyteller


Hello, I’m Henrik Olsen and my passion is photo and video, and I love to share my knowledge helping you Make Better Videos :-)


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1. How to GROW on YOUTUBE: How to grow a YouTube channel? I will answer this by sharing what has worked for me with actionable items that you can apply to your own channel after you have completed this course. I'm an recalls and then I create a tech drawn media some years back, tick YouTube channel with the 60 thousand subscribers and close to 7 million views. I read a lot of posts on social media about small channels not growing and the frustration that you have y, everything that you throw into it is not working. And there's a reason for that because 0.1% of you that decides to start a channel will ever get more than 110 hundreds of tumors. That's discouraging. But is there a way through? Yes, there is. If you decide to apply some of the tips that I'm going to share with you in this course. I will not kid you. Youtube is not easy. And you've probably heard it before. Youtube is not a sprint, it's a marathon. With that, given we might as well make your journey as good and comfortable as possible and make every move that you make count towards growing your channel. I do wanna say this course is not a technical course. So if you're here because you don't know how to create a YouTube channel physically on YouTube. This is not a video for you. This is more about tips and the strategy that you can apply it to make your child grow. The class assignment for this course is to shoot at Channel intro for your YouTube channel that tells me what it's about. And it goes without saying that you can use this class assignment video on your own channel and they just shoot to tell your potential audience what your channel is about. Let's get down to business. 2. Get Started: If you're not already have and you are in the face of considering Get Started, Get Started to day upload your first video today. You have to come to terms with that if you're not used to being in front of cameras, that your first ten to 20 or even more b2, they will suck. The good part is that nobody will view them anyway. So it does not matter. What matters is that you get started. You'll start to get some practice in front of the camera and you start to deliver your content when you have just died. And it's very important that you don't focus on gear. It's very easy to get caught up in the game about getting the latest camera, the latest microphone, and all that sorts of stuff. Doesn't matter. You can use your cell phone. A lot of you have pretty good cell phones and the camera, and these are pretty decent. So just put up maybe the camera on a shelf and then start recording. That would definitely be enough to get you started and to get some practice once you decide to up your production quality, it not the camera that you should start up by upgrading first, probably because that's the most expensive part, but it's also the one that counts the least. The first thing that I would recommend that you upgrade is the audio. Good audio is essential to keep your viewers watching the microphone that I am using here under challenge, that is erode reader, my pro, that is hooked directly into my Sony mirrorless camera. This is a rather expensive set-up, but it has taken me a long time to sort of earn the money through YouTube to pay for this gear. And you don't need them to stand out. If you decide to use your phone, you're gonna simply, by an external microphone that will fit to your smartphone, never provide much better audio than the built in microphone that's inside the phone. And if you want to do something that's a little bit more advanced, you can go for like an external field recorder like this one. This is a test camp DR. seven x seven x from Tashkent. It has an input here that will allow you to attach a lapel mic that you can put on your shirt. Or you can simply just use it directly like this, that it has to build in microphone's head that is a perfectly suitable of recording good audio. It even has a one-quarter inch thread in the bottom that will allow you to attach it to a tripod. That type of ricotta records a separate audio track that is a very high quantity. Only downside to using an external field recorder like this one is that you have to sync up the audio track that this one is recording with the video during editing. So maybe an easier approach if you're just starting out is to buy a microphone that simply just plugs into your cell phone. And you can position on top that will provide much binaural audio. Then they build in man Microphone. The next thing is decent lighting, and that's all sorts of tricks to do that you don't need to use a studio lamp like the one that I'm using hand. You can use simple natural light from your windows to light your scene probably for inspiration, you should go online and you should search for three-point lighting setup. Or three-point lighting setup. That will give you an idea of where you should have your lighting setup and down the road. You can then upgrade your camera for like f mirrorless cameras, like the one that I'm using here where you get a little bit of a blurry background and all that fancy stuff, those are simply some ideas that you can pursue. So justice our ice, audio first, then improve your lighting. And finally, you can operate the camera quality. That would be my recommendation. 3. Decide what is your channel is about: As you're probably going to spend a significant amount of time of building an audience on your YouTube channel, you need to choose a topic that you are very passionate about and that you can continue to talk about flowers. That's very important to keep the energy up and to be able to produce consistent content over a longer period of time. One of the major problems that I see on a new challenge is that they are all over the place. They have a little bit of cooking, they have a little bit of racecar, they have a little bit of family event. And the problem is that the content is spread all over the place. One thing that has helped me a lot is to niche down and focus on specific topics that people are searching for. By Neijing down and doing searchable content, you increase your chance of potential audience finding you undo to think about it, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And people are using this all the time for searching for different stuff. And if you can provide the enzyme to people's questions, then they get views. But you need to be strategic about it because you can't just start out by making a video called How to make coffee. Because then competition will be way too hard and you don't stand a chance to rank in the search results against the bigger challenge. So you need to use long-tail keywords. What do I mean about that? So instead of how to make coffee, you could say how to make coffee on my new purchased Italian espresso machine by using a long-tail keyword, you will, of course, reduce the amount of research results, but you will also reduce the competition significantly. Focus and nice that your channel is about. Don't be all over the place because if you try to talk to everybody, you end up talking to nobody. Adjust your content to be unique on point and produce content for your audience and not to your audience. You need to realize what you think your audience want and what your audience actually want might be two different things. So you need to spend a little time in the analytics behind every YouTube studio to analyze where people are kind of dropping off and read your comments. Answer every comment below the video, get into a dialogue with people to understand what it is that they're actually wanting to see another channel. Megaliths of ten to 20 things that you think about or more if you're capable of doing that linked to the topic that your channel is about. And the good part is you can use this video lists as video ideas for the first video you need to produce for the channel to get your stars. 4. Create your youtube channel.: Now move on to creating your YouTube channel. If you already have a YouTube account, it's fairly straightforward to do this because you already have a personal account. So uploading videos you can simply do lead to that account. And if not, you need to create an account. And you simply do that. And you can either choose to create a channel for yourself or you can create one for business. And if you've just started out, I recommend definitely to do one for yourself. And the process is pretty straightforward, where Google will take you through the remaining part of the process. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you should end up in a front page like this. I read yours for food channel that I have. So and you should see something like this. And I just need to change the language and so you can understand what I'm saying. Like this. So if you go in here and you have the channel, and right now that's not much on this channel. It's basically an unused one, but it will look something like this. And from here you can start uploading videos. And from here you can do the necessary stuff to get your channel going. No, this is not a taking home video, but I do want to point out that getting a nice channel banner and a profile photo is something that I would recommend. Just use a nice cover photo that you have taken, maybe with your phone or something that is relevant to what it is that you're doing and use that as a cover photo. If you can't make one of the fancy wants yourself, if you later decide to improve that part, you could use services like five away. You can find freelancers that can help you do your channel that when people come and visit your page, it's like when you invite people into a stall, you wanna make sure that everything looks nice and tidy. And if I use the textual Media as an example, you can see that I had someone who helped me design the law for the channel as well as the channel graphics. So everything matches up super nice. I still have a little bit of work to do and the thumbnail design so it matches the site layout. But as he would experience, you can't do everything at once. And just to summarize, if you don't already have a YouTube channel and then go to and create one. Create one for yourself. You could always convert it into a brand account later on, then update the channel out. So the banner and the profile pictures for something that's relevant to what your channel is about. Then you're basically ready to upload your first video. So what is this going to be about? We gotta talk research in the next part. 5. Research your videos: Researching your videos is extremely important if you're going to stand a chance against the Honda YouTube channels that are pushing out content constantly within the niche that you have chosen. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to go to YouTube. And what I normally do is I start up and Incognito browser. So I don't have any preferred search records stored with YouTube about. So I would see the wrong search result without being clouded by my previous search history. Previously, we used to examine how to make coffee. So let's use that again, how to make C coffee? Hey, you're basically started the headlines of the different videos and tried to get a sense of what's working and what's not working. When you're searching for long tail keywords. And we'll see you don't stand a chance he had that channels with 5million, say 1.5 million views of 3 million views, 4.9 million views and law reviews that if you have a new channel, you don't stand a chance to weigh it rank among these channels. So what you can do is because we ending cognitive mode N mm, YouTube offers like an autocomplete. You can use that basically to help you by using the APC method to generate the ideas, Foy and long-tail keywords that people are actually searching for it. We look, now you're just getting those out of the box. But you could start by just putting in an a and see what comes up there and just scroll down and see is there anything that sort of is the Anything he on the list that you would like to make videos about. And you replace it with a b. You can continue this process through the alphabet and you can search for headlines and you can make videos about, and of course, you should make sure when you pick a headline that then the competition is not to piace. So if I take this and coffee Mega, that was a tough one. That's not one we're going to do. Let's go back here and select, we just pick a random letter now, g grounds, glaze, ghetto. How to make coffee grinder at home. So c, by just adding two more words, three more words to this long-tail keyword. So instead of how to make coffee than we are how to make coffee grinder at home. And it will see the videos that show up. Yeah, they still have a lot of use, but significantly less than the other ones. Actually seen. 39 thousand years, 16 thousand years, 17 thousand views. So by using this strategy, there's a much, much higher chance that you will be able to squeeze yourself into this list of videos. Because everybody knows if you end up on page 16, nobody will find your video. So the whole game, mouse and kept game is to find a long-tail keyword, then precision is somewhere on the first page of search results. And you can verify that by using the Incognito mode. When you get a little bit more advanced and you can use tools to help you. I'm using a tool called mourn fame that is developed by very, very skilled guy called Nico. And he's doing all sorts of stuff to make that journey a lot easier. And then in this way, I can simply just take how to make coffee and put that in as a search term. And then I get all sorts of indications. If this is a good or bad search term, I get a common keywords that are being used for natural channels. We don't want to look them over here. So we can see homemade cold coffee is just take that one. And in this way, I will get like a quantification of the keyword or the search phrase that I'm using. And right now it's a, I know if it has an 87 out of a maximum of 100, it's doing very well. There's very high search volume. It basically takes the key word and then it evaluates it on four different parameters, giving it a great from a, a two f, where f is the worst and a is the best. So what z is that the grades here are not that great. And this is probably because there is a mismatch up against the textual media channel audience via, I've been ranking stuff like drones for a long time and not so much coffee. This tool is very helpful to tell you how strong your keyword is and what your chances are for it to rank. I would not stand a chance with this type of keyword because I need to make sure that at least gets sees a piece in all four categories here. So if I choose something else that is a normal topic on my channel, so unlike your traffic, and so if I select something like this, you would see that the result is different. It takes all the right boxes for good keyword morning famous, a paid service for around €10 ALL what does that 20 US dollars a month. So that might be a little bit steep and if you just started out. So there's of course, other alternatives that you can use. And one of them is two-body, which is a plug-in that you just install in your Chrome browser. And that can basically help you do a little bit of the same. Or you can put in a keyword here and then you can basically get it to evaluate the strength of this keyword against search volume and competition. I bet it's going to make. But that can basically do the same and help you evaluate the strength of your keyword. Does another free alternative as to party, and that one is called vid IQ. Those are basically competitors and can also help you and look into your keywords. 6. Before you press record: Script or bullet point, your video before you press record. Also make sure that you've read. You include a catchy into a middle section and an algebra where you promote some of your other videos. I see a common beginner mistake is that you ramble about all sorts of stuff that is not relevant to the video and that is ok. Or when you have grown to a specific size and people start to have a personal relationship with you and start to buy into your personality. But when you're just starting out or YouTube channel, no body gives at about that. So all of this stuff about use your morning routines, brewing coffee, slamming the can't all and all sorts of stuff like that. It doesn't matter. Cut to the chase and deliver the content. At least in the beginning. You need to get on top of all the essentials like gay catchy titles, like a very good description and also a really nice thumbnail. And also you need to consider your tax, tax a less important. Now at the three top things that you need to be in control off is the title, thumbnail, and description. Those are where YouTube is scouting for information to sort of place your video in search ranking. You can clickbait and little bit of that really works wonders. I know that personally because stats never nine videos where I sort of baked potato title a little bit or put it to a little bit more extreme, they performed significantly better than the other ones. It's okay to do it. The tablets have been doing this for years to sort of when they headline. As long as you stay within reason of the topic that you're doing, it's perfectly fine to do it. If it's not okay to add impactors would boobs and lovely ladies and stuff like the head suits facade of Dr. views to your videos. If it's not related to that. 7. How to get views, subscribers and engagement: Find your tribe outside YouTube, on Facebook group and forums. If you pick groups and forums that are within the topic that your channel is about that generally interested in the content that you're producing. And because they are generally interested in the topic that you're covering on your channel. This will definitely dram views, promote, but do not spam and use these groups actively to search for new video topics. This probably the easiest way for you to grow your YouTube channel as organic growth on YouTube is almost impossible. But you need to be aware of protective admins of these Facebook groups. Essay, if you self promote too much, we'll get you band. And how do I know that? I know that from personal experience. Often it's easier and less intrusive Just to engage in the discussions in these groups and then just slide in your content whenever it makes sense. And for God's sake, don't do SOP for SOP. And the lead support each other's channels and all that the barracks. Because that's not going to help your child grow in the long run. You need to realize a when people are asking for this, there might be people that will do this in good intentions, but they generally not interested in your content. They're only interested in your support. And that will harm your stats on your channel and it would basically limit your growth going forward. So stop doing a SAP for SOP and their lead support each other. La, la, la, la, la and all that sort of air box. It will not help you. And I'm not saying of course we should not support your good friends and you're hanging out. I'm just saying that as a general approach, this is not a good growth strategy. Everyone is obsessed with Subscribe us. But let me tell you one thing, subscribers, they don't pay your bills when you're monetized and YouTube, you are getting paid according to the views that your channel generates. So a subs does not mean a thing. The only place where SOP is going to be helpful is to boost your confidence because it's always nice to be recognized and that people I wanted to subscribe to you. And it can help you to land deals with companies because they don't understand this mechanism would Views versus sops. So if you can go to M vendor and telling them do it that you have a 50 thousand sops on your channel. Instead of saying that I have 500, this is more likely to lend you a deal where you get your hands on some stuff that you can actually use a activity on your channel. So don't be obsessed with stops, but tried to generate views on your channel first. If you have the views, you could convert those into sops, not the other way around. Don't compare your personal results with others. Instead of sitting, being discouraged because a channel that you have been following or maybe you have starting out at the same time is growing maybe twice to paste that you're doing. You need to focus on making content on yourself. Because all the time and energy that you're wastes and being areas and the other channels. You could use that actively and put that into new content that will help grow your own channel. This is not a game against others, it's a game against yourself. So instead of wasting time on negative comments, what everybody else is doing, then make your own path focused on producing your own unique content. Build a community. This was one of the biggest mistakes that I made in the beginning when I made my YouTube channel that was not building a community. I thought my task was to provide content and spread it out into the world. But that was a big, big mistake because getting a strong community, those are the ones Lynn's help you inspire you with ideas for new content. They would comment below your videos and they will share it among the people that they know. If you see some of the biggest channels at what is common for them is that they all have a strong community. So once you get started and people start commenting on your videos, then make sure to reply to every single one of them. In that way you respect that they take up time to comment on your videos. And it's also super nice that there when you will start seeing the same people come back again and again, commenting on your video, patting you on the bad, helping you push your forward in your journey on YouTube. And also tell you where he thought going in the right direction. That is super nice. During the medial, ask your audience to comment like and subscribe. But don't ask them to do it all at once because they end up doing none of it. And don't be discouraged. A bounded dislikes on negative comments because once they started to happen, you know that you are on the right path. You can't please everyone. One easy way to make your audience a comment below your videos is to ask a simple question that's easy to answer. That will boost engagement for the video n0 and against audiences more likely to share your content. So make sure to start building your community early on. You would definitely thank me for that later. Just to summarize, find your tribe outside YouTube to drive views to your channel. Use Pig social media like Facebook, tick tock, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram to drive fused to your channel. Don't do soft facade because that's going to hurt your channels that and your chances of succeeding. Look of ways to drive views instead of focusing on subscribers. Once you have the views, you can convert those into subscribers. And finally, built and chairs the community. 8. Running an efficient Youtube Channel: Running efficient and growing a YouTube channel, be consistent and post on a regular basis. Consistency is very, very important because people have very short attention span. And if you don't post on a regular basis, they were really easily forget about you. And you also help you took to understand that you post content within a specific topic and might get some help from the algorithm boosting your videos. It's probably one of the hardest one to do. But I would suggest trying this out for maybe a limited period of time, like three months, and then evaluate the results from there. Mega release plan for your video. When you have been doing this for a long time. And this is sort of getting a like second nature so you know what you need to do. But in the beginning it's very easy to forget. Especially if you are trying to push your content to different as the challenge on social media that you don't get the full circle around and promoting your stuff. So make a similar list in that will highlight the points that you need to do, like make the catchy title, the description, and the thumbnail. You need to post on this, this, and this Facebook group. You need to engage in this forum that I'd ask stuff like that. So you get the whole way around. Doing a YouTube channel does not stop with you pressing the Upload button. There is a whole lot of work of promoting your content after you have actually pushed the video. So make sure that you attract new audiences and people see your stuff. This is unfortunately the reality for, for smaller create us a like me and you that we need to still put in a lot of work to push the content. It's not likely the big channels, a PDA, MacKinnon, Peter lean green, and channels like debt. Than when they publish a video, you'll automatically be pushed out to thousands of subscribers. Youtube is constantly changing and one of the most annoying things that has happened over the last couple of years is that YouTube decides which one of your subscribers should get notifications about day when you're posting new content. Because they're testing all sorts of strategies and how to optimize the revenue after channels and stuff like that. But the downside is that the people that subscribe to your channel is not likely to get all the notifications there from you when you post your content. And bet is super annoying and you need to take control of that. I realized that way, wait too late. And the way to have done that is I've created a website for the textural media brand. And the way that I do this is that I put up different stuff in relation to the videos that I'm posting on the YouTube channel. And if people wants to get access to this content, they need to go to the website and downloaded. It could be some when I've been out flying. So it could be from a new drawn a awarenesses sought, a certain a video clip that people are interested in seeing the quality for themself on web. Some nice photos taken with a drone. I put them on this website and then I put it under the Download section. And if people have to download it. They need to sign up and accept that I send them notifications afterward. And you might be thinking Mies and that a bit sneaky that you are you getting people's accepted this way. But in general, it's not a big problem because they accept that I send them notifications afterward and then at January interested in denim material that I'm doing. So I've had very few complaints about this strategy. Actually, people appreciate that they're getting notified every time that I upload a video. And then smart pod here is that the way that this works is that the block section of this website is linked up. So every time that I post something like this, that would be a notification that goes out to everyone that has signed up to the website. Right now, my mailing list is around 3 thousand members that get notified every time that I upload a video. 3 thousand members does not sound like much because I have close to 60 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel. But they, I was late to the party building this. And this has actually only been going on for the last six months or so that I've been working on building dismayed lists. So this will grow as we go. So that's a, that's a super nice initiative and something that you definitely should consider doing. There are other ways of driving people to your mail list other than making downloads, you can simply put up articles. Maybe you're doing something in a video that will be better to have a printed copy that people can bring along if it's a recipe that you're doing, if you're doing foodstuff, maybe it would be a good idea to have the recipes so you can print them out. Why cooking? It. It's not that many people that uses their phones while they're cooking. And I'm more confident using in a recipe on paper. So if it's just going, hey, something about picking the best SDK, just login. They're gonna see you right now that get access to this article. And I also put in a nice buttons so you can download as a PDF, as a reference. So this is also a way to drive people onto your mailing list. This is definitely something I should have done from the beginning. And one treat that I do normally when I post a new video is that I sent it out to people that are getting notified by email. They are getting it like 68 hours in advance before I publish it on the channel. This way, I kind of robot the people that has signed up for the notification that they get a chance to preview the material before I actually release it to the public. That is pretty smart and that could be the reason that you make people subscribe to your mailing list? I could decide to use this for newsletters. I do that once in a while, but I'm not a big newsletter guy and it's just basically being a repetition of what's being posted on the channel. So I'm not using that approach, at least not yet. One final remark about mailing list. Imagine if YouTube decided to shut down your account at some point, maybe you get, I don't know, like a couple of a 100 thousand subscribers at some point and a YouTube decides to shut down your account, then you have lost everything. Maybe you have spent like ten years of building a channel like that, and then you lose everything like that. That is another reason to start building this mail list because in that way you still have contact with the people that actually like the content that you produce. This is the closing remark from this course. And let's move on to the assignment. 9. 9: The class assignment is very simple. Shoot a 60 to a 120 seconds video that tells me what your channel is about and share the video as well as your YouTube link as the channel assignment. Who knows, if I like when I see, you might get a new subscriber. And of course you can use the same video on your channel and telling your potential audience, but your channel is all about. I'm really looking forward to see what you can come up with.