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How to give your living room a makeover

Mark Shorter, DIY expert!

How to give your living room a makeover

Mark Shorter, DIY expert!

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9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part 1 Rearrange your furniure

    • 3. Part 2 Paint

    • 4. Part 3 Lighting

    • 5. Part 4 Cushions and throws

    • 6. Part 5 Artwork

    • 7. Part 6 Declutter

    • 8. Part 7 Let in light

    • 9. Part 8 Get a rug

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About This Class

Whether you call it the living room, lounge, front room or sitting room, it is probably the most used room in the house. It’s where we sit with our families to chat after work, it’s where we watch our favourite TV shows and films and it’s basically where we live. Because we spend so much time in our living rooms, it can start to look a little tired and cluttered without us even noticing.

A great way to make ourselves feel good and to lift our spirits is to update the areas where we spend most of our time. So, why not think about giving a mini-makeover to your living room?

In this course, we’re going to look at 8 ways that we can easily do to update our living rooms without spending a fortune and without having to undertake a complete overhaul.

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Mark Shorter

DIY expert!


Hello, I’m Mark and I love DIY!

For the past 15 years, I have been developing houses,  and in that time I have become an expert in everything DIY. I started out as complete beginner and found out that with a little bit of time and patience, nothing is impossible.


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1. Introduction: how to give you a living room. A makeover, Whether you call it the living room, the lounge, front room or even sitting room, it's probably the most used room in your house. It's where we sit with their families to chat after work its way. We watch our favorite TV shows and films on Basically, it's where we live because we spend so much time in our living rooms, it can start to look a little tired and cluttered with that is even noticing a great way to make ourselves feel good and lift. Our spirits is talked out the areas where we spend most of our time. So why not think about giving a mini make over to your living room? In this course, we're going to look at eight ways that we can easily update our living rooms without spending a fortune on without having to undertake a complete overhaul. 2. Part 1 Rearrange your furniure: number one rearranged the furniture. This is the least expensive, as well as the quickest way to instantly give you a living room makeover. Moving furniture around gives you room a whole new look on. You can satisfy your need to change something with that, costing you a penny. I know I'll rearrange my living room friend inches several times a year because just makes everything look fresh. Not only that, but I know that I haven't had spent any money. So it makes you feel even happier if you don't fancy, like rearranging all your furniture, even something small, like rearranging your accessories or tidying up your bookshelf display is a surprisingly effective way of making your room look different, even rearranging one corner of your living room and have a big enough impact to make you feel like you've made a change. Absolutely love rearranging my shelves and taking an accessory from another room and stopping it over in my living room. It's a free makeover. If you have a small living room, you can still rearrange your furniture to make a difference. You'd be amazed at how something a simple is dragging. You're so far away from the wall could make the room feel more open. Taking furniture away from the very edges of the room gives everything more breathing space , and it can open up the smallest of Spacey's. Here are a few tips on what to think about when rearranging your furniture Choose a focal point. A focal point is a powerful thing in the living room. It helps to bring everything together and give something to focus on in the living room Maggie and appear less closer, unless haphazardly put together. Sometimes you might have a natural focal point, such as a beautiful fireplace or a large window, but you can easily create your own focal point with something like a media unit for your television. Whatever you choose for your focal point, make a point of sticking to it and arranging everything else around it. Pull furniture, wife from the walls. Obviously, this point depends on a big living room ease. But as I said, even a small space you want to allow you finish to breathe. If you could give just a few inches of space between the back of the furniture and the wall , this little bit of space has the effect of making the room feel a bit bigger. If you have a larger room, you can arrange the finished towards the middle of the room on leave several feet of space between this and the wall. The same thing goes for creating space between pieces of furniture itself. The idea of traffic flow in a room is an important one to remember. People shouldn't be tripping over furniture to get through the room, so make sure there's enough space in between pieces, so there's a clear path for people to walk through. Imagine how people will use it. There's nothing worth and pointing everything towards the TV. If you do this, it can make it tricky to have conversations with people. You should arrange the CT's that people can talk naturally without having to crane their necks or without having to feel like them miles away from whoever they're speaking to. If you look enough to have a large living room, you spit. The seating go between two conversation areas. This uses a spice better rather than having everything together. The same goes for tables he should put tables at in a way that Macy easy for people to put in their drinks, remote controls or books and magazines without having to traipse halfway across the room. Once you sat down, you don't want have to reach for or even worse, get up in order to pick up your drink. Makes the big with a small you don't want to put all your big furniture together and then all the small furniture together. It's best to creative balance. The same goes for different shapes to If everything looks this sign, you can look a little lot. If you have all your seating a straight line, for instance, then putting around coffee table in front of it cannot balance. 3. Part 2 Paint: number to paint. Paint is an inexpensive but powerful white uplift. Any room you have various options with a living room and how to use paint. Either you can paint the entire room one color. You can paint a feature wall, a different color to the others. Or you could paint some sort of design, such as stripes or Chevron's, or even some fancy stencil work. If you have an open plan, living room meaning is joined on to another room with their two dividing wall. Then you can use painters a way of creating boundaries between the two rooms. Pick out features. You haven't just got to paint the walls, either. If you have a character full house with beautiful features, you can bring attention to them rather than trying to hide them away under a uniform Kolinsky. If you have period door frames or skirting boards or even a beautiful piece of rail, then either you can paint them in a contrast in color to the walls or at a colorful border to the wall painted an accent color border around the edge of a door frame, for instance, can really highlight is and pick it out is a feature of the room painter feature WALL A feature war doesn't have to be a war that is bold and attention seeking. You can simply be a different tone to everything else. You could have a natural looking room with a feature wall. For example. You could have a beige room and then choose a neutral brown or green color for warm ball. A really nice design is to have beiges and natural colors, foot walls and then choose brighter accents. They were contrast each other beautifully and give a sophisticated field to your living room. If you don't want to paint an entire feature wall, you can instead just paint the wall around a feature. If you have a fireplace than painting, a thick strip of the wall around the fireplace turns it into a feature whitewash. There's just something about brilliant white paint that really transforms a room. You have beautiful furniture and accessories. Then, by painting the walls and ceilings white, you'll make a feature it of anything that isn't white. I want room also reflects light and will fill the room with energy dark and sophisticated. If what just isn't your thing, then go the complete opposite and choose rich deep shades to cover your walls. The good thing about darker shades is that if you like patterns and prince, then they don't look overbearing. Against the darker backdrop, You could have prince or designs and might look a little bit garish in a wire room and have them look very demure and sophisticated against a dark backdrop. 4. Part 3 Lighting: number three lighting, probably one of the most under used for most useful parts of any room is the lighting. People have to overlook things like light bulbs, and they just buy any of a bulb. But even the light intensity can make or break a rooms, deck or at night. I tend to go for warm, white led bulbs as these provide a beautiful ambience in the room and don't make it look like a broadly warehouse. So, firstly, I'll just say that if you don't have a dimmer switch, you should definitely invest in one. Sometimes needed bride like to see what you're doing, but of the times you want. Just a little light and don't want to be living by the Christmas tree and demons. Witches make all that possible. However, If you don't want to use dimmer switches, you can achieve the same effect with a couple of lamps. If you want a lot of light, then use this evening light. But if you want subtle or subdued lighting than you can turn on a lamp or two lapse of like sort of ornaments with two jobs, not only do they provide a beautiful thing to look at, but they also little seatings at night design speak. There are three different types of lighting. Designers call them ambient lighting, accent lighting on task lighting. Ambient light is usually an overhead fixture, such as the ceiling light, and it gives the overall brightness in the room. Accent lighting highlights the accents in the room, so specific objects or artwork and finally, task lighting is usually provided by floor and table lamps to allow us to read knit or so or whatever it is you need a little like to do so if you keep all this in mind when you're choosing or arranging your lighting, don't make your living room and much more pleasant room to sit in. You might already have some lamps, but the placement of them is important. There's no point having a small lamp on a table or unit in the corner of your living room. If it's light isn't accomplishing a purpose, it would be better to move a small I'm closer to a seat where it can actually fulfill its duty. Providing task. Lighting a nice lamp on a table in between two chairs is always a nice touch. You can even create a statement piece of lighting. Nothing can also be a great way to get rid of an empty corner that you don't really know what to do with. An oversize floor lamp will light up any corner and can also provide accent lighting. Friend of war large In my place, Neary's choose a lump that complements the rest of the room, and it would look like an empty corner is an intentional piece of design work. Finally, when choosing an overhead light, you want something that will given even spread of light all over the room, and not something that we just provide one small, every broadness. And when I say an even spread of light, I don't necessarily mean an even spread of bright light. A mistake people sometimes make is thinking the ceiling light needs to be an all powerful provider of light. But don't forget that the task lighting will give us the light we need to do things. The overhead light just needs to be a gentle, even tone, so a multi headlight with a few ball was pointing eight in different directions is ideal 5. Part 4 Cushions and throws: number four cushions and throws. Changing the cushions on your sofa can make enough of a change that it makes you feel like a new sofa. Cushions and throw blankets are a great way of writing different colors and Texas to your living room and are relatively inexpensive. Way I've given you a room of fresh new look, especially if you change them with the seasons in the winter months. Heavier dark pillows and throws instantly make everything felt more cozy it in the summer loiter. Fresher versions are better. It could keep two sets of pillows and throws, and every six months or so you'll have a quick way to update your living room. You can use a mix of different colors and sizes when changing your cushions. A mix of light and dark and perhaps the odd bright color will look nice on any sofa. In a similar way, you can have throws to your sofa. Either you can casually lay throw over one side, or you can open it up and use it to cover the entirety. However you use it, a throw blanket can not only cause you're a bear sofa, but it also can add new colors, patterns and textures. The whole living room when it's not being used as an actual blanket, a throat looks nice, folded up neatly on the arm or receipt of your city cushions. And throws are also good for adding a balancing quality or living room. If your room is mainly monochromatic, for example, with lots of blacks, whites and grays, then the colorful cushion or throat help surprising up things a little on your land. If you have a beautiful bright orange sofa, then dark blue cushions or a good combination, he should also makes a pew cushions. If you want some bold and brightly patterned cushions that you should even the made with some more neutral monitoring ones, you can even use more than one type of material. Combine various textures to give a cozy but modern look to your city. If you can't be sorry, what color to have your cushions, then why not try getting some inspiration from something else in your room like a piece of art, and then couldn't match to that? Don't be afraid to have too many cushions because you can't have as long as the cushions aren't taking over everything you could really go for it and have a nice collection of them . Having your cushions regimented in the same size and shape can look very formal toe. Combine different shapes and sizes and make sure they look lived in. You could try the karate chop technique, which looks good on cushions, where you chop the middle in order to make a crease. This then plumbs the mayor to be more and gives them a whole new shape. 6. Part 5 Artwork: number five hand guard work. I always think that delivery with no artwork can look a little empty and somewhat incomplete. Even just a couple of small, simple pictures hanging on the wall can really finish off the living room. There is not that could be done without work from rearranging your existing pieces or even creating your own new ones. What's on the walls can have a big impact to the whole room, sometimes all it takes if you brightly colored pieces of our work to liven up a dark or door corner of your living room. In the living room, there are three main strategic places. Toe hang our work above the sofa above a fireplace or the walls flanking a window above a sofa. A sofa plonked in front of a plane world wall makes it look like something isn't quite finished, no matter how beautiful you're so far is a so far is a big piece of furniture, probably the biggest piece of furniture or having your living room. So you really need something that's big that can compete with it and not look completely lost. So movie, so for you should either have one large piece of art or a grouping of small pieces. If you haven't just one piece of art, he should ideally measure about 2/3 the width of your sofa. Similarly, if you're hanging, a group of PC's used the same general proportions and arrange them said the entire display measures about 2/3 of the width of the so for again, you hanging a group of pictures. You want to have a consistent gap size of about 2 to 3 inches between each frame. Also, make sure that the whole things it's about 6 to 8 inches above the sofa, so there's a nice gap above the fireplace. There are two ways to adorn a fireplace with our work. Either hang your art about 4 to 12 inches above the fireplace. If you want a more casual look, you could lean a tall piece of artwork against the wall on top of the mantle flanking a window. Your windows don't always need our flanking them, especially if you're beautiful. Drive that spill over onto the wall spice, but if the space on the walls next the window looks a little bay, they try to arrange our work around about 46 inches away from the edge of the drapes or curtains to make the whole thing look well proportioned. If you're creating a grouping of PC's or even a photo wall, the best piece of advice is to plan it out first. I like to place my artwork on the floor first, so it's easy to arrange and then rearrange until I get it right. You really want a focal point in your grouping, which is usually a large anchoring piece in the center. You can then place or the smaller pieces around this in the sort of consolation pattern. One tip is to use masking tape to make sure things are level. If your paintings or pictures are to be arranging a tidy road, there's nothing worse than pieces of art in a slightly skew. If additionally, I also could have strip of cardboard at the right with so that I can double check that all the artwork is the same distance apart on every side. Even very slightly uneven artwork is very noticeable, creating your own our work. Oh, what needn't be expensive. You can pick up really beautiful pieces for not much money at all. If you shop around, but better than that, you can create your own. The simplest thing you can do is also one of the most effective. If you frame wallpaper or fabric samples, you can have instant art that you can update. Whenever you fancy a change, just make sure you're in the fabric first to remove any wrinkles. If you take your time with position in the fabric in the frame, you can have a really professional looking piece. Once you have it all in place in the frame, you can use strips of double sided tape or staple it on toe. Hold it securely to the frame. But using fabric or wallpaper in a frame is just one idea. If you're more arty and creative, you can get a canvas and have a go it doing all sorts. Alternatively, if you're less arty but still want to add a personal touch, steer our work. Why not try updating your photo frames? You could paint photo frames in the color that matches or contrast the walls. Or you could even use the wallpaper to decorate the frames 7. Part 6 Declutter: number six D Kloza. If you have amassed a large amount of stuff over the years, you might have a cluttered living room without even realizing it. Cluttering can be a long process that overtakes your room gradually, so take the time to take down everything but a few select pieces and put them in a box. Ornaments, trinkets, lamps are work or viisage should all be taken down and then only put back a few pieces. Having lots of beautiful things at all at once can detract from their beauty. If you display only a few things that this time you can really enjoy them more and you'll appreciate their beauty. Also, you'll have a box of items that you can use on rotation. Your living room will have a constant updates if you change the ornaments every few months or so, and you'll also breathe in a new lease of life as well as re acquaint yourself with all the memories. Your ornaments hole for you. I remember reading a but once that describe museums in the same way, it's said that when you're in the museum, you should only have two or three things that you really want to see and in all the rest of them, if you go to an art museum, there is so much stuff to see that you don't really appreciate it all, and you end up walking around really quickly just to get through everything. If you only visit the museum to see a few particular things, then you can take your time with them and take them in. It also means that you can go back to the museum another time and taking the new exhibit well. The same thing is true for your living room. Don't put everything your own at on display bones. Save some for another month just for your information. The book A Red is called the Girl Before by J. P. Delaney. It wasn't actually that great, and it wasn't about museums, but it did have a lot of talk about de cluttering, and I thought it was perfect for this section storage. Even then, you can pack all your unused ornaments into a cardboard box and throw it up into the attic . The same can't really be said for things that you use regularly. Bookshelves or bookcases are the perfect place for putting documents or magazines. He don't really want it on display. You can even turn your story solution into a feature. For example, you could use oversized last jaws or containers for keeping pens, paper clips and switch things out of the way. If you don't want a magazine rack, just use large baskets or boxes, which can conceal papers and magazines. You could stack them on a bookshelf for easy access, and they also won't take away from any of you floor space. Bookshelves are also a great place to show off your collectibles, plus rearranging a bookshelf every so often or freshen up your room for free. When you arrange your bookshelf, stick to similar colored items and place them in between books for a loose cemetery. You could also try arranging your books by color, although a lot of bookworms would consider this sacrilege or presenting your books in small groups is a nice way to show them off. You can also paint your bookcase to give them a new lease of life. Or you could paint the shells one caller and install a D. C. Paper to the back wall for a nice, interesting contrast effect. 8. Part 7 Let in light: number seven let in light. Obviously, you can't just knock a hole in a wall to create a new window. But there are always things that you can do to let in extra light, or at least make your living room of seemed lighter. Just because a room lacks an abundance of natural light doesn't mean that you have to settle for his dark spice. Well, it's space isn't just more inviting. It can also improve your overall well being. Having a brighter and area home can boost your mood and lower your stress levels. If you have a really small living room with not a lot of natural light, then I'm going to suggest going against the trend for minimalism. What's the minimalist room can look beautiful in a room with not a lot of light. It can look a bit boring, dark and gloomy. So have a look. Going with maximal ism. I know this room isn't a living room, but it just gives you an idea of how a room with only a small window can look bright and energized. What's this style and Kolinsky might not be to everyone's taste. You can decorate it in a similar way. Using your own preferences, a bride energize room will make it appear brighter and less gloomy and in turn make you feel happier. Another tip is to use light wooden flooring. Lighter woods will reflect any light that comes into the room and brighten it up a little. You can then break it up with a bold, colorful rug. Another way to enhance natural light is to incorporate a large mirror. You can essentially double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to banks off reflective surfaces. If you hang a large mirror across from the largest window in your room, you will help to get the most out of the sunlight that makes its way into the room. You can achieve a similar fit with metallics, adding shimmery gold or silver accessories will transform a dark and dreary spice. No will reflect off the shiny surfaces, and gold will also make a design feature feel more luxurious if used in the right way. I knew the hand choosing map paint rather than a high sheen paint can actually help make a room feel brighter. A light matte paint will actually reflect just as much light as a glossy paint. But glossier walls tend to create glare, rather reflecting liked. Equally. Matt Wars were helped reflects light in every direction. Another way to improve light is to get rid of heavy, dark curtains that will simply absorb light. Use breuder curtains or trans Lucien shades to a late start, trying to spread throughout the room. This next tip isn't really inside the living room, but it can do wonders. If you cook back any large trees or bushes outside that might be blocking the light, then it will give you a room every opportunity to grab as much natural eyes. It can in a similar vein, even if something is small, like making sure the Windows air clean can have a major effect on hand. Which light enters the room? The Leicester Door store spatters on your windows, the more sunlight can creep into the room. We've already covered artificial lights, but I'll just reiterate in this section that you have a tour lamp that aims light upwards towards the ceiling. It can actually help to make up for a lack of sunlight as a day like begins to dwindle 9. Part 8 Get a rug: number right? Get a rogue. Finally, this is probably one of the most simplest things you can do. But getting a root gives an immediate lift your living room at the fraction of the price of a new sofa. A new living room rook can have just as much of an impact on the choices of virtually endless. There are a few things you have to decide when you're choosing your new rogue. First of all size, you need to make sure your look is the REIT scowl for your room. Secondly, cooler you're a little best if it features at least two of your accent colors. Thirdly, comfort Europe needs to look noise, but just as importantly, it needs to feel nice under your feet. On fourth care. Choose a road that's not going to be impossible to clean should any accident happen. Unless, of course, you're not to really wear that. Most interior designers say that the RUC should be large enough to cover a conversation area with the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the rukh toe anchor the spice. The best thing to do is to measure out how much space your route will take up before you, boy, it thinking look bigger or even smaller than you think in the shop, so it's best to get an accurate measurement. You don't want to get home and then discover you've actually bought entire living room carpet rather than just a nice small rogue. Another good tip is when you go to the shop to choose your rug, take a cushion. I've been a fabric. The same is your curtains or a small strip of the living room wallpaper or paint, so you can see what colors were well with them. It's incredibly hard to visualize. Had the colors will work together without any reference? Here are some more basic ideas to get you going. If you're so far is a solid color, consider choosing a pattern. Rogue master second recorder in a pattern road to your sofa master third row cooler to your pillows, curtains or any other accents in your living room. If you're so far, is a posted in a pattern where is elaborately designed, then a solid colored route would work really well. Choose a solid core of the complement your sofa color on matches, accent colors in your room, such as vases or our work. Dark, rich colors will give the illusion of a more intimate and cozy space, whereas lighter colors will make a smaller space appear larger. Yellows, reds and oranges add warmth. What's cool colors can create calm, especially for the living room gets a love of natural light.