How to give proper attribution for free pictures and music | Marian Heddesheimer | Skillshare

How to give proper attribution for free pictures and music

Marian Heddesheimer, WordPress Expert

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Pixabay

    • 3. Flickr

    • 4. Freepik

    • 5. YouTube

    • 6. Soundcloud

    • 7. What comes next?

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7 of 7 students recommend this class
Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Brief and focused info that opens doors to using images from the web... and how to do so legally! Valuable class with some good resources to consider.
Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

Finally, someone explains that people cannot just "swipe" images and music to use at they like. Thanks for explaining this, Marian. :-)
Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator

Thank you for taking your time to put this information together, Marian! Attribution indeed can be confusing, so this class is very useful =)
Keren Duchan

Doodler, Teacher

Great class, very quick, clear and concise. I especially appreciated the explanation about "NoDerivatives" - I will take care about this in the future. Very important class for people with a blog, skillshare class, youtube channel, etc.