How to give an antique finish look to Boxes or Hard Bound Journal covers | Prerna Poojara | Skillshare

How to give an antique finish look to Boxes or Hard Bound Journal covers

Prerna Poojara, Teaching Art & Craft

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10 Videos (27m)
    • About the class

    • Supplies for the class

    • If you are new to 3 dimensional paints

    • What to do if your 3dimensional paint spluttered

    • Sketch a design on the box the easiest way

    • Filing in details

    • If you don't want to use stencils - Bonus

    • Time to paint the background

    • Make it more awesome

    • Final tip & thank you


About This Class

Decorate a wooden box to make it look like an antique box.

This class will walk you through a simple process in creating a antique finish/look on boxes. You can do the same on Hard Bound Journal covers too. 

These  are great 

  • for gifting 
  • for using it as a decor around house.
  • to keep cards/keys/jewelry, tarot cards etc.
  • to sell at craft fairs.  

Check out all the additional tips to help you with quicker turn around time and packing.  

If you have any questions at any time I will be happy to help you.

See you in class.  






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Prerna Poojara

Teaching Art & Craft

Namaste from Mystical India

I am a self taught mixed media artist living in Mumbai. After being a significant cog in the wheel of an Outdoor Media Industry for over two decades, I am now living my dream life as an Artist expressing myself through my paintings.

I started off as a hobbyist and learning various art and craft forms used to help me unwind from time to time. I have taught in person classes and have also assisted during teachers training courses in Mumbai.

I lo...

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