How to get your Front and Side Splits ( SIMPLE, FAST, EASY ) for BEGINNERS. | Viru Badwal | Skillshare

How to get your Front and Side Splits ( SIMPLE, FAST, EASY ) for BEGINNERS.


How to get your Front and Side Splits ( SIMPLE, FAST, EASY ) for BEGINNERS.


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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 How To Approach

    • 3. 3 Warm up 1

    • 4. 4 Warm up 2

    • 5. 5 Stretch For Front Split 1

    • 6. 6 Stretch For Front Split 2

    • 7. 7 Front Split

    • 8. 8 Stretch For Side Split

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About This Class

Namaste Everyone, 

in this video, I am offering you stretching routine which helps you get your splits super fast! Even if you don't get them in one day, but by doing this routine three or five times a week you will have it.

Meet Your Teacher

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Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. 1 Intro: it must. Everyone minor is vital. And in this reader course, I'm going to teach you how to improve front and the side split. 2. 2 How To Approach : how to approach this program is a simple Just play your video tape and fall back to surges . Remember Body ISS yours. In any stretch, if you feel any kind of unpleasant feel, kind of pinch or shopping, just a little back off, but try your best during the each exercise, I will give you some of the absence. So some off a little easier, some off challenging, so be careful when you choose your absence. 3. 3 Warm up 1: Now you start with Obama. First is shouldered, audition on. Soared ahead. Rotate one. So three. Four or I six. Seven, eight, nine and 10. Napoli Side one doh three or five six. Seven. Hate line and 10. Good. Not next. One of the site twist. It's a twist site. Decide 10 time one door. It's free for five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good. No change. Next one. Burning your right knee. My left leg is your right leg and pulling me toward your chest. 10 seconds. Try. Lift your knees as much. You can tour your chest. Release Lex. Wish. Remember, if you feel you're balancing is not good. So just go to the wall and ord. After 10 seconds, come back and change. Next one is a card is fresh, So banning a frightening Grab a foot and try to touch your heel to your head. North Sydney's close to each other and again, if you find is difficult to find balance. Simply go to the wall Dick support and hoard after 10 seconds, Lex Wish and release. Now, next one is a circular movement from the hip joints, so take your right leg back in your hands on your hips again. Your right leg, his mind left black. So what you need to do, Bring your right knee forward and more in and then out. And then you like back? So 10 time one out and back door It's free for six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Now, how to inside one back? Don't. Three for life. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10. No, no likes wish one in, out and back. Don't. Three or by six. You can use your head for the external tradition. Seven, eight, nine and 10. Now out in one Dole three for by six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good. No next one kicking. So then you doing kick up like this? Bring a Denson toward your hamstring. So I started the right leg 10 times. So the first round your left hand's should be a shoulder level one. Don't it's ring or I six. Remember, if you cannot touch this fine. Seven. Eight. Mine on 10. Left leg one. Don't. It's free. Four by six, seven eight nine than 10. No second round your left hand. Little more up. Almost your head level. Remember, if you cannot touch this fine. No. One don't. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Left leg one. So three for fight. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Now next one. Psychic. So when you do your sidekick Victor together or you can turn if it's like out, keep belittling. Gets mentioned. Your abdomen. Andi, kick your legs to your site one. And then don't don't and down. For this exercise, you must go to the wall and dick support. Now begin. Let's start with the right leg. One down. Hold for a second and don't three. Don't four down by six, seven eight If you can try a little more. Excellent tradition. Nine and 10 Now left leg one. No. Three four by six, seven, eight, nine and 10. 4. 4 Warm up 2: right now. Next one is standing for rent. And then from here, kicking back one to mix your uni straight. Do not bend you knee hand. Point your toes. Remember, if you have died hence ring dick two blocks or the chair. Whatever you have ever level and then it starts with the right leg. One don't toe three four fight. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 Slightly bent your knees. Did you arrest on then with the last leg? One. Go three for five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Bend your knees. Take a moment. Prepare yourself for the next. When you really then come up. Now next to exercise for your lower legs. Soaping Mortensen toward you. Cuffed inner and outer both 1st 1 your heels together and you're toast. Likely out like this must keep little investment in your abdomen muscles and better go to the wall. Dick Support. Okay, like this. So keep little engagement in your abdomen being Mortensen. 20 lower legs now. 10 times one hold. And don't try to give more weight toward the big toe as possible. You can don't. Three don't for five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Got back Schickel extrude. Now the next one. Turn your feet slightly in. So almost you, Victor together. Now you're hints. Likely out. So from here again, try to Maxim body weight on your big toe. Big support. It gives your abdomen one I don't to hold for a second. And don't. It's free Down four. Don't fight down. Six down. Seven down. Eight. Don't. Nine down, 10 down. Got chicken, Lex. Now the next one below the half about the hill. This is called Oculus. Turn in. So it's stretching this part. So see, let me down. Right foot front like this. Okay. And your chest over the knee. And then from here, move your right knee toward the Met. Remember, if you have tied cough, you might feel your Hillis likely up this Fine, but just try your best. Try your hilltown safety. More weight toward the big toe. Give noticing how you're feeling in your inner foot. So after 20 seconds back and lex swish so it test over the knee, sifting more weight toward the big toe and then gently post your knee. Do what you meant. Try to keep more weight toward the inner foot, not outer give Noticing heavy feeling around here in Iraq. You list under and type slowly back right now. The next one sitting with your asthma, like this year, Victor together and hints likely out. Or as close. You can see. Just listen to your body, but you're hits likely out. So heaps on your heels. Maybe the first step just to stay here if you want living more challenge than try your knees off the Met. So for this position around 10 seconds and then change from here, Carl, your toes and your hips on your heels. Maybe this is your first stops. In second Try lift your chest and sit more. Which over your heel on hold this position. 10 seconds. Good and time. So here. Here. Bomber is finished. Now we're going for the some of the stretching exercises. 5. 5 Stretch For Front Split 1: no come to the downward facing dog. So in a downward facing dog, slightly bent your knees and it's stretch your calf in your hamstring One day Bend one needs right 10 times one So three four by six, seven, eight, nine and 10 Push a bald hills to own Bring your right foot forward between your hands Left me down. So now the next exercise you're going toe target. Hey, flexors front of behavior for the exercise, you must take your double and place it all under your left knee Must protect your new first . Now from here being a dense in front of the hip you're going to talk about this part So front of the hip, gentle lift up and drop your tailbone down So notice little extension. So once you have kind of sense off that stretch which is coming in front of the hip flexors your front of the hip mend in that field, Notice your front foot. Move your foot little forward. Not like this Now from here. Once you do extension now, deepen your stretch. So bending your right knee give noticing it. Stretch front of the hip is stretched according your capacity so beautiful. This oneness rushed for 20 seconds. Now from here back, no one more time Extension and Ben to your right knee. So again, but are getting front off the hate. So do not link forward. Pull your rips upward right now. Time slowly back. Don't, Murdoch. So prepare yourself. Bring your left foot forward and you're right down. So now again, Extension First front of the heat, Then then Ben tear left me. Give noticing. Do not relax your back. Good. No, back one more time. Extension down, then it stretch. So keep lifting your rips. The word. 20 seconds. Good. And Beck. No doubt, Murdoch. And bring your right foot forward. Let me down from here. Front of the hip. Push forward must export. And now circular movements. Glock voice one, Dole again targeting front of the hit. It's free four or and fly. Remember, If you feel uncomfortable, your knee must use your tubal Now. Anti clockwise one. No. Three for and flight. No, step back. Done. Medog and Lex will bring your left foot forward again. First you push your front of the hip forward where you, Matt and the clock wise one. Don't. Three four and five now and clockwise one No. Three for or and life back to the dump Murdoch from downward facing dog sitting position Don't know next a new lex out. So now from here, bending your right knee So my left leg is your right leg and they're just your sitting bones nexus wretch your left and down and with the right hand, hold your top of the left foot and flex here, Notice one point your foot position turned into out your dinner and or collect both would be active. So flax and those who are more flexible. Maybe lift your heel, not your calf. Just lift your hill and then sit your minor Denson toward your left sitting bone and push your sitting bones toe. Work the back wall. Now hold this a stretch for 20 seconds. For those who are more flexible, you might not feel too much a stretch here, but paying attention toward your sitting bones and flex your foot got now other side. Remember, you have to hold from the top and flags. If you can lift your heel and the right sitting bone, gently push toward the back wall. Keep noticing you have to push your foot against your inner tie. So in our life should be active. So hold. This is scratched on 20 seconds and then release. 6. 6 Stretch For Front Split 2: now, next one we're going to target. Hence string muscle. So lie down on your back. And from here, bring your writing toward your chest. Right knee straight. Flex your foot, so just watch your capacity. First, your challenges bring your need toward your chest little more so one hand behind your answering one behind your calf. So 1st 2 little warm up kind off. So bending your right knee. So little more awareness toward your back off your high and flex the foot. Now try to kick your leg back like this one. It's stretch en bend, sipping your glands and your your hence ring. No and bent. It's free and bench. Remember, if you have too tight hamstring, so just try like this. Okay, Not two more for and fight. Now it's stretch and hold for 22nd so try bring your right knee towards chest half inch little more if you want a little more challenge here, extend your left leg out. If you can. All the way down some time, you will feel a little shaking, and that's good. So just being a lesson toward your back on the black got now Time Venturoni and Lex wish so First little preparation. So five times kick one and bent no en bent. It's free and bend for and bent five and bent. Now stretch and hold. So remember your ass. And if you want a little more Jenning, extend your right leg out. But make sure your left nous rate and make your left in shahr your challenges. Bring any little more toward your chest and remember, flexibility will take time. Didn't prove now. Time bent Ernie's Hug your knees. Good. Now sit up. Roll up. So now we come to the done, Murdoch and bring your right foot forward. Let me down! Take a tubal. So in a nexus, wretch, we're going to deep, little deeper. So in this is Stretch, we're going to stretch more deep insight toward the inner leg, and some of you might feel more stretch front of the hip and front off your lips out of the body, so if you're right legs front, you will feel more. It's fresh toward the left side. It's a movie right foot out. Turn your right foot and make sure any following your second toe. Now from here, extension and push your hips forward laughter over the ear. So stretches coming right from here. Front of your abdomen, left side and toward your inner leg. Right and down. Or pick block if you need. And slightly arch. So it stretched from the left arm. So I start is coming front off your left side of the chest, front of the haven toward the inner leg and then slowly back five time. No stretch. So more focuses. Stretching here not only the back bend and back free. Back for back five and back. You got no down the dock. Bring your left foot forward right down. So first you let for a little more out and turn your foot 45 degree your new following your second toe dig block It's in need for support, so extension one. So moving your writing back push it. So targeting front of the right here and back don't. And back three and back for each time tryto a stretch a little more deeper and back. Last one, fire and back. No, I don Murdoch. Not from here. Next. Come to the sitting position again. No, next one, We're going to a scratch. Lower legs. So bend your right knee and grab your left foot from the top, Your elbows down on the mat if you find your hamstring is tight, so simply grab your foot and stretch, you could pick travel or the strap. Now, if you can your elbows down or dick two blocks and then five time one. Lift your heel and remember, get lower leg and down. Don't and down it's free And don't four and don't five. And don't no Lex wish. Hold from the top one. Don't No, don't! It's free Down four down life and don't Good. Now the next one, we're going to stretch quartz. So quartz is front off your ties. This is called courts. So we're going to stretch court muscle for this dick one double and go to the wall. So I start with the right leg, so really right knee almost touching the wall. And bring your left foot forward here must being a dense and your knee over the ankle. Maybe move your foot slightly forward. So maybe this is your past ups, and some of you might feel it stretches quality here. But if you're more flexible than lift your chest antics, support like this are your arms over the head. And if you're more flexible, try here. Rips in little more. Extension front of the hip. So hold this is stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Our maximum. One minute in this extract. Sometimes your body want little comfort. So you will do something is like this till the hips. So you might not feel good Stretch here. So must being a Denson. Your hips position. Not time, Lex. Wish again? If you feel any time in any stretch, kind of discomfort or kind of sucked pain, just stop immediately. So hold is a stretch. 20 seconds. 30 are for one minute, not time and come down. 7. 7 Front Split: So, after doing a lot of different different stretchy already Prepare for the front. Display it. Now we're going for the front display. Eight. So now you can use trouble for the slide and dick. Two blocks. It will give a little more height. So from here, start with the right leg. So bring your right foot forward like this. And remember, when we do, our front displayed a lot of scratches coming here in the hamstring, and the hamstring muscle is attached with a sitting born. So do not relax this one muscle by bending the knee, so keep little attention back with the name from very beginning. So flex your foot, your rightness rate and slightly right leg forward. So here you must notice. Just watch your capacity. For example, if your maximum is here, that's fine. Just move your hips side to side, and it's such a little more on on your hip. If you feel you can stretch a little more maybe half an inch, move little more Now. This one is stretches for one minute now. Both were flexible. If you are, for example, if you are here, do the same thing. Move your hips side to side. So try to hold this one for one minute or if you feel it's too much, maybe just 30 seconds and come back. Okay, Now slowly back and take your time downward Prison dog. Literally scratch and prepare yourself for the lap side. So now you're right. Knee down. Let me straight again being Morton's and Doorly sitting, born in your hamstring slightly Look forward and move your hips side to side And if you're somewhere here, your hips is a little high up, so just move your hips to the side and try to reach and reach touch and back. So it's such a little more around your hip. You will find this a little better each time. When you do this one sequence, you feel you're improving little more. Not both who are flexible Gold lower down and move your hips after 30 seconds. So one minute just come back and Don Murdoch, so you can repeat this one again one more time. So this time I'm going to give those who are more flexible. You can go with the over a split. So what? I mean, if you have, if you are here so just move a website, decide any stretch a little more. Or maybe you can take one block like this and hold the position. Maybe you're onto the site far over the year. Now, those were more flexible. Maybe dig the block and try. Go for over a split. Move your hips, little side to side and just watch your capacity. Remember, if you feel any pain, don't go over in the beginning, so just move your hips side to side. But if you feel comfortable with this one, then your hips down hold as long you can 32nd 45 then slowly back. So remember, take your time now left side. So once you know what to do. So just being a dental toward your own practice give noticing very feeling effect or the stretch. Sometimes you can feel one Silas little easier than other site, and that's a normal, so just try your best and back. So now, after doing your split do child pose and move your hips side to side notice, young gloats 8. 8 Stretch For Side Split : now, Next one is a side. This plate for the side s plate. This done on your knees and take your right leg out. So my left leg is your right leg, Noticia writing in line with me and your hands down on the Met from here. You're right in front of the knee and notice the gap between your right thigh and the waste increased this gap. That's a target. So pushing me toward the back wall and five time one had done and up each time, pushed a little more Dole and up. Three up. Four, uh, fight and up and then switch on the side. So it's very important being a density toward your time in the waste increasing the gap on the distance between one up push a little more Do up three Oh, four uh, fight, uh, and release now Next one is about a con. So, John, you saw the feet and bringing hills close to the hips. Interlocking fingers Grab your feet in hell. Chin up. Now in this is stretch is very important. Died your hips or generally tighter anise not inhale as you exhale your elbows over the calf and gently pushing these down for those who are more flexible. Try that. Your forehead to your mat. Remember, it is stretch must listen to your body. Now, After 20 seconds slowly come up and release next. The stretches called diamond shape frog. So in a diamond frog, you're Victor together so you can see the shape from the hip knee. And hell is a diamond shape from here. Your goal. Front off the hips, touching the Met. So chest is up. Keeps his down. Hold this position. If you cannot touch your oldest Fine. So hold this position for 20 seconds. Remember some of the stretching and feel little pain except little pin. Now, after 20 seconds, slowly back to the child. Posts the child pose. Move your hips side to side. Now, next one is a regular frog. Regular frog is your toe pointing to the side or the back. Align your heel with me and notice here. Your hips positions would be between the knees like this. And the goal Your hey, bones almost close to the mat are touching the mat. That's a goal. You can see my back making arch. The put my more weight on the hips on, lifting my chest up and putting my more way to over the hips. So this is stretched for 20 seconds or maximum. One minute. It's really up to you now. After 20 seconds, slowly come back and child pose. Now, after regular frog next one again, take a position for regular frog, and this time you're heaps. Likely up and then post your hips back and front back in front 10 times three for fine. If you want more challenge hips a little more down. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 Good non release child, because now side is split. So your next white apart and move your hips forward. In this position, you might feel some off. If you feel your back is rounding like this, simply take one block and sit on the block. Once you have a little more height, you will feel much better in this position. So if you need, block must dig one block. So from here, move your hips forward as much you can and then a few time flex your feet and then point flex and point flex and point. Not once you point your toes. Walk your fingers forward dry, your carts facing to the ceiling. So now, working with the intellect, stop off the inner thighs. So one and then chest up. No. Three, four and flight now to your right side, 45 degree it stretch. So when you moving your tourist or to the right side being attention left side and string bond, keep pushing down, so if you can stretch a little more and if possible, touch your head to your name. Then back to the center. Walk your hands to your left side. 45 degree. I notice you're right side of the body writes out of a sitting bone and, if possible, touch your head to your name. It's free. Four. Life six. Seven More Challenge your chest, Little more down close to the mat. Eight, nine and 10 Good now from here, come back and release. Cross your legs. Hug your knees. Next one is again next one again, your feet apart and movie hips forward if much you can. So flex point and flex Now, this time your right shoulder coming front off the court. So that's the aim shoulder coming front off the quart. So maybe in the beginning, your help or town, And then it's stretch you let over the year and try to touch the toe. If you cannot touch, that's completely fine. But here, when you bending to the right being, attention toward the elapsing won't keep pushing down now. Do so. If you bend to the left right sitting bone, keep pushing down. It's free for if you can't touch by. Remember shoulder coming front of the car. Six seven eight lying and last one is 10. Not from here again. Point your toes flex point. See if you can move your hips, little more power and your arms to the side. So toast should be pointing or the flags is really up to you. So Horgas position around 20 seconds are 45 or one minute and then back. 9. 9 Last: good. Now let's one feet apart And this money just little cool down your hands behind your hips and drop in the side to side. No, this 1 10 time got bound. Next one is 1/2 twist here. Right beside your left knee and choice to your right. Hold for 20 seconds. No. Sent her to your left side. Now back to center. Great and distinct rest. So try this practice in the beginning, three times a week or if you can, maximum five and tourists must take rest. Thank you for practicing with me. And if you have any questions, please send me your male and your messages and share your practice with us. Also. Thank you for watching. And we'll see you soon. No. Must a