How to get the Ombre Effect with a Brush Pen | Brush Lettering | How to do Ombre Lettering

Emma Witte, Owner & Artist, Black Chalk Collective

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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Part 1 : Introduction

    • 2. Part 2: Tools You Need

    • 3. Part 3: Basic Brush Lettering Techniques You Need

    • 4. Part 4: How To Get The Ombre Lettering Effect

    • 5. Part 5: Examples Using Different Pens

    • 6. Part 6: Using A Blending Pen to Get the Ombre Effect

    • 7. Part 7: Final Words

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About This Class

If you're familiar with brush pen lettering, you may have seen or heard of a technique floating around the internet and social media known as "ombre lettering". This is when brush lettering has a beautiful gradient to it. It is my number #1 most enquired about technique!

In early 2016 I started using a particular brush marker on Instagram, and due to its inky nature - the ombre lettering effect was (accidentally) born. But having the right pen isn't enough - and it's surprisingly easy to *not* be able to achieve this effect, so let me show you how!

This class will teach you:

  • What ombre lettering is
  • What tools you need to achieve the look
  • How to fake the look if you don't have all the tools
  • Basic brush lettering techniques to help you achieve ombre lettering
  • Examples of ombre lettering using several different pens
  • How to use a blender pen to help create the look

What are you waiting for? Come pretty-up your letters with me and learn a new technique!

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