How to get the Ombre Effect with a Brush Pen | Brush Lettering | How to do Ombre Lettering | Emma Witte | Skillshare

How to get the Ombre Effect with a Brush Pen | Brush Lettering | How to do Ombre Lettering

Emma Witte, Chief Pen Wizard at Black Chalk Collective

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7 Videos (29m)
    • Part 1 : Introduction

    • Part 2: Tools You Need

    • Part 3: Basic Brush Lettering Techniques You Need

    • Part 4: How To Get The Ombre Lettering Effect

    • Part 5: Examples Using Different Pens

    • Part 6: Using A Blending Pen to Get the Ombre Effect

    • Part 7: Final Words

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About This Class

If you're familiar with brush pen lettering, you may have seen or heard of a technique floating around the internet and social media known as "ombre lettering". This is when brush lettering has a beautiful gradient to it. It is my number #1 most enquired about technique!

In early 2016 I started using a particular brush marker on Instagram, and due to its inky nature - the ombre lettering effect was (accidentally) born. But having the right pen isn't enough - and it's surprisingly easy to *not* be able to achieve this effect, so let me show you how!

This class will teach you:

  • What ombre lettering is
  • What tools you need to achieve the look
  • How to fake the look if you don't have all the tools
  • Basic brush lettering techniques to help you achieve ombre lettering
  • Examples of ombre lettering using several different pens
  • How to use a blender pen to help create the look

What are you waiting for? Come pretty-up your letters with me and learn a new technique!

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Emma Witte

Chief Pen Wizard at Black Chalk Collective

Hey, party pen peeps! I'm Emma, and I'm an artist from Melbourne, Australia. My love affair with art was reignited in late 2015 when I discovered brush pen lettering. Brush pens are still main bae, but I now get my hands dirty with pointed pen calligraphy, illustration and watercolour. I had an enjoyable career in corporate administration but left that world behind in mid-2017 to run my own show, make art all day run a creative publication called Penultimate Magazine and an online waterc...

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