How to get cells with acrylic pouring! (+ acrylic pour recipe!) | Poppy Koning | Skillshare

How to get cells with acrylic pouring! (+ acrylic pour recipe!)

Poppy Koning, "Some haters are just confused lovers."

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8 Videos (34m)
    • Intro

    • The supplies you need

    • Mixing your paint: adding pouring medium

    • Mixing the paint: adding water

    • Mixing your paint: adding silicone

    • Creating the first painting

    • Creating the second painting

    • Outro

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About This Class

We all know how frustrated it can get when things aren't going the way as they should be, especially when it comes to acrylic pouring. Due to the fluidity you never know what you are gonna get, but creating cells isn't always easy. Don't worry, because today I'll be by your side to help you through the process of creating cells!

I'll share my own recipe with you from what I use to how much I use of every single ingredient including pour two gorgeous paintings with you, so you can see the recipe in action and of course some pouring action. 

Let's do this!





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Poppy Koning

"Some haters are just confused lovers."

My granddad gave me my nickname on a young age because I was so tiny and running around with 8 months old and no single hair on my head, I really looked like a little doll with my cute earrings. Pop means in doll in Dutch and that’s where the name was born, hello, my name is Poppy!

25, from the Netherlands, living in Lelystad, full name is Cynthia Koning, last name is King in English, just putting it out there, but also the reason why I kept my nickname Dutch. It matches perfectl...

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