How to get Clients or Sales with Facebook Advertising | 2020 | Rita Zinger | Skillshare

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How to get Clients or Sales with Facebook Advertising | 2020

teacher avatar Rita Zinger, Facebook Advertising Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

41 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Facebook Advertising

    • 2. Manage Roles on Facebook Advertising Account

    • 3. Browser Setting for Advertising

    • 4. How to Start Advertising on Facebook

    • 5. First time log in to your Advertising Account on Facebook

    • 6. Introducing Ads Manager

    • 7. NEW Interface of Ads Manager 2020

    • 8. 3 Levels of Campaign

    • 9. Different Campaign Types

    • 10. Campaign Creation in Ads Manager

    • 11. Different Ad Types

    • 12. Targeting on Facebook - part 1

    • 13. Targeting on Facebook - Placement - part 2

    • 14. Campaign Status

    • 15. Introduction to Tracking on Facebook

    • 16. What is a Pixel

    • 17. Pixel Installation into Wordpress

    • 18. What events can we measure with pixel?

    • 19. 2020 Update: Pixel menu overview

    • 20. 2020 Update: Pixel Set Up

    • 21. Facebook Pixel Helper Extension

    • 22. Introduction to Facebook Audience

    • 23. Audience Type on Facebook

    • 24. Custom Audience

    • 25. Lookalike

    • 26. Saved Audience

    • 27. How to use Lookalike & Custom Audiences

    • 28. Engagement Campaign or Boost Post

    • 29. Conversion Campaign

    • 30. Lead Generation Campaign

    • 31. Lead form creation

    • 32. Image Ad Creation

    • 33. Video Ad Creation

    • 34. Carousel Ad Creation

    • 35. What is Optimization

    • 36. Optimization Rules

    • 37. Time Range Menu

    • 38. Columns

    • 39. BreakDown Menu

    • 40. Optimization LIVE example

    • 41. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Want to become a Facebook Advertising expert? To Promote your business or to work as a Campaign Manager?
This Course will teach you everything you need to know!

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In this course, you will learn how to use your Ad Manager System on Facebook, how to create campaigns for any goal, how to use Facebook Pixel, how to build your targeting and much more.


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Meet Your Teacher

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Rita Zinger

Facebook Advertising Expert



Hello, My name is Rita! I am a Digital Marketer and Educator. Nice to meet you :) 
You'll find many classes about Facebook Advertising, that will teach you how to advertise your business or how to become a Campaign Manager for an Advertising Company.  

Everything I teach about is based on my personal experience, I try to make my courses as practical as possible so that you will learn only the things you will really need. 

About me:

I work in Marketing space for more than 9 years now, running campaigns for different companies all over the world (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more). In this time I managed advertising budgets from $1000 to $500K per month and ran campaigns for F... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Facebook Advertising: Hello and welcome to Facebook advertising course. My name is Margaret is injured and I'm an owner or Social League advertising agents. I helped a lot of businesses to grow using Facebook advertising, and it's time for me to share my knowledge with you guys. 2. Manage Roles on Facebook Advertising Account: how to manage rolls on Facebook advertising the guns. Let me show you everything from the start when you looked into your personal facebook cones and you have been running some advertising on Facebook before. You will fund your advertising account right here. Go to the right. You will have an arrow right here and the right corner of your screen. Illegal. It's And the next thing that you will choose is managed. EDS And here you can choose your advertising account that you have been working with. Just click on your name and go in. I want to go back for seconds and talk about the case where you don't have your advertising account set up already. It means you didn't run any ads before on your Facebook. So in that case, you go to the same place to the same menu by clicking on the arrow at your right, but instead off choosing manage as because you won't have this option. You will choose, create it's and the truth, and that you will get toe the main menu where you can create your head from scratch. Okay, you to do is just to cancel it by choosing clothes right here on your left, and that's the screen that you will get this menu called, Adds Manager. This is where you manage your ads from. If you've been running your advertising before, you will get right away into your as manager menu. So from here, you have additional menu additional settings right here on your left corner. Just sleep here, click all the tools and choose settings on your right Inside the settings. You can set up your Facebook account if you're using it for the first time, but we're right now talking about other controls so you can add new people to your other account by clicking at people. You can add them as accounted me, an advertiser or on a list. You can add a new user by an email or by his or her name on Facebook. In order to do that, you need to be friends with that person on Facebook first and then tap in their name right here into this box and in order to save the tops and just click confirm and that's it. You have a new user on your Facebook accounts 3. Browser Setting for Advertising: before we're going to start adverse as in a Facebook. It's very important to talk about your browser settings, either using from browser or any other brother. It's very important to remove any ad blocker that you have in your browser by ad blocker. I mean, any extension that you have by going to mortals were two settings going to extensions and just removing everything that is related. Toe ed blocker. Otherwise, your Facebook advertising want work properly. 4. How to Start Advertising on Facebook: before we actually going to start advertising on Facebook platform. Let's take a look at Facebook advertising options how we can actually advertise on Facebook . First of all, we have our advertising accounts. Everyone has his own personal accounts. You can give it the name, and each account has an account. I d a unique number if you have one advertising account, but you have a few different Facebook pages. You can use that account in order to advertise on any of your Facebook pages. It means that by using one advertising account, you can advertise on a few different Facebook pages at the same time. In addition, nowadays, you can use an instagram as a platform for advertising, so you can use your Facebook account to advertise on your instagram as well. Take a look at this image by using one Facebook account. You can advertise on Facebook Page number one on Facebook page number two and at the same time, on Facebook. Page number free ends on INSTAGRAM number free, which is related to that page. It means that if you have different products for different services, you would need different Facebook pages. But you can work on one Facebook advertising account 5. First time log in to your Advertising Account on Facebook: In this video, I'm going to show you how to access your ads manager or simply how to start advertising on Facebook if you never did before. So first of all, you should have your personal profile. Yes, you should start with your personal profile. Now, when you are in your Facebook, if you already have experimented with Facebook ads, you will definitely have ads manager menu on your left. If you don't have this menu right here, maybe click on see more and check if you have ads manager menu somewhere here. If you still don't know what it is, you can easily enter it via plus sign on your right. In the right corner, click Create. And here you will have AD. So just click on ads. You will get this popup at first. If you've never advertised on Facebook before, you just need to close it and continue to your ads manager. This is your ads manager, brand new ads manager. This is the system where you're going to advertise your business. This is Facebook advertising system. So get familiar with this. And I'm going to show you how to manage your campaigns, how to create your campaigns in our next lesson, as well as how to setup your ads manager. If you're just starting. 6. Introducing Ads Manager: Let's get familiar with our heads manager and let's see what other options Facebook has here. First of all, on the top of your screen on your left, you have free lines right here. By clicking on them, you will get additional options. And right here we have all tools and just by pointing at all tools, the rest of the menu willful. So those are all the options that Facebook advertising platform has to offer. It actually goes by the category. That's why it's easy for you to understand which option does what you have a plan you have , create and manage. You have measure and report you have assets and you have settings. Obviously, when you use one option more than other, it will automatically get into frequently used option on your left, which will allow you a quick access street. Let's see what we actually have in ads manager itself. On your left, you have your name and your account a D. Then on the same line from your right, you have a refresh button, a discard drugs and review and publish bottom. Those are very important buttons that we used very often, and we're going to talk about them when we're going to create our first campaign. Then on the next line we have sewage, bottom on the left, futures and the glass bottom. All these will help us to find and to feel. There are campaigns if running more than one. And on the right side, we have our timeline by clicking on it. You have all those different options on your rights. You can choose Lifetime today, yesterday and so on. And we have a calendar which we can click on to set up our dates. Those dates are here in order to help us see our campaign that if we're running our campaigns for a full month, but we want to check what are results were for the last week. This is where we're going to do it just by clicking on the dates that we want and clicking update, then all the rest of the menu. It's kind of reminds us an Internet browser. We have account overview tub, which can give us an general over you off our account. We have a campaigns up. We have an ed sets up, and we have it's please notice that our editing menu is not changing on three off those stops on comm paid on assets and on Ed's level, it stays the same, and it helps us to edit our campaign on any level that we want. We're going to talk about campaign creation and our campaign levels in our next lesson. And for now, let's return toe our menu. Please notice that we have the create button. It's green and you can't miss. It's obviously is there in order to create a campaign or in that sets ordinance, we have performance. We have breakdown. We have reports, and here we have all kinds of data that we can receive for our campaigns. Obviously, we're going to talk about that later in this course right now. Since we didn't select any campaign, those buttons are unavailable. But if we're going to select a campaign, we have a campaign here just, for example, there become active, and we can use them as well. We're also going to talk about what each off those buttons are going to do in our next Listen thank you for watching stay with me and in our next lesson, we going to talk about campaign creation 7. NEW Interface of Ads Manager 2020: Hello, everyone In this lesson, we're going to look at as manager New interface. Facebook loves to update their features. So they did it for ads manager. And today we have a new interface. We still have our old ads manager for now, but soon we won't be able to use it. So we have to learn how the new EDS manager works. So this is our new ads manager right here on our left. We still have options to switch their previous version, but don't get used to it. So wet. Start digging into the new one. Previously, we had our search and our filters on the left as two separate buttons. But right now we have a new kind of just one line for both of them. So if you want to Sears, we just click on this bar and we can type. But there were once our compay Neymar absent name and so on. If we want to use filters, we need to scroll down here. All the filters are in place. Everything we had previously, we still have here objective placements compared metrics and so on. As for our date and time previously, we had this button on our rights. It was kind of bold, and it was very obvious. Today. It's canned, emerged in our backgrounds, were still seed, but it's not that visible, so you just need to get used to it. It's in the middle of your screen here in the upper many the time menu is still the same. You can still see. Oh, data from we could go 14 days ago today, yesterday and so on. But in addition to that, you have a compare button right here. If you're going to turn this option on, you will be able to choose two different dates to compare. For example, you can compare in November to December or any other month that you want when turning this option on. Don't forget to click and updates in order to get all of your data. Another thing that is missing right here is your account top you had account up than campaigns, adds it and adds. Right now you have only campaigns and sets. And as the account up is missing, let's see, what else do we have? Performance and Beck performance and breakdown out right where we left it. So everything seems to be normal. If you select your campaign, you will still have an edit button. In addition to that, you will have all of the options. Well, I don't see anything. You and anything different from the previous version. What else have changed that. Right now, you don't have to go to your head set up or to your El stop in order to see what assets are included in your companions. Simply kin, click on expend campaign. It's gonna and arrow on the left from your campaigning. So by clicking on it, you can see how many ads is there half. And by clicking on an arrow to expand your assets, you will be able to see all the s that you have in. That s it. The account tab that are missing in this screen. It still exists in as manager, but it looks a little bit different place Not Is that on your left? You have additional menu. And here is our account over you. If you're going to choose it, we're going to go to the separate window. We can't switch between tubs anymore. This is just separate window for your accounts. And if you want to go back, you will have to go back to table. They call it table right now, and that's how table looks like. It looks like the regular as manager, so table, it's for our campaigned exit and ends level and account over you. If we want to get all the data from our account right away, the rest of the menu on her as manager is still the same. We still have all of those categories, what you need to get used to his time and date, and you need to get used to working with those Stubbs, because when you click on your campaign, it's not necessarily going toe another tub. So basically, you have everything you had in your previous as manager version, except your time menu is changed and it has additional compare bottom now and your fielders changed and they kind of combined with the search. Those are all the changes that we have right now in our as manager is still very friendly interface, and it's just a little bit getting used to, and you're good to go. You'll be able to manage your companions in this new interface in a matter off minutes, so don't worry. Just get familiar with its and continue with your advertising 8. 3 Levels of Campaign: now when we saw how adds Manger looks like, let's talk about campaign levels that we saw briefly on as manager. We have free different campaign levels who have campaigned we have, adds it and it I'm going to use these terminology for discourse. So just remember, when we're talking about little one, it's our campaign level to its. Our asset and level free is our yet. So this is how it looks like you can build on the one campaign, but you can create a few different headsets, and each at Set can have an EDS or even a few ads if you want. In our next lesson, we're going to talk about different campaign types before we're going to create our first campaign. 9. Different Campaign Types: Facebook has a lot of different campaign types toe over. Let's see, which one should we use for our advertising for June 2019? Those are all campaign types that Facebook has toe over. Those campaign types almost didn't change for the past few years, except that they moved a campaign type page likes into engagement campaign. And as off now, engagement campaign has a lot of different variations. Let's take a closer look into Facebook campaigns and see what each campaign has two over. Let's served from Reach Campaign Rich Campaign can show your ad toe maximum number off people in your audience. That's it. That's all it does. Brent of awareness is very similar to reach campaign. It shows your adds to a maximum number off people. But in this case, it tries to show it to people who are more likely to recall your ads in order to increase your brand governance. Video views campaign its goal to simply promote your videos and engagement campaigns Today . By using engagement campaigns, you can get more people to see your ads to engage with your page to engage with any of your posts or overs traffic campaigns. They're simply needed in order to increased number off visits to your website or to get more people to use your up conversion campaigns. Get more people to use your website. Facebook up more boil up used By using those campaigns, you can truck and measure your conversion. Use your Facebook peak so and up events Lead generation campaigns a very popular on Facebook, and they simply there in order to what you collect leads directly to Facebook without using any Web site or lending pages. Messages. Campaigns. You can promote anything with this type of campaign by clicking your ad. People who open a conversation inside messenger with your page. And if you build your advertising correctly, you can actually create a regeneration campaign as support campaign or answer any off their questions about your Brent or your product. Happen stalls. You can simply use this campaign and send people toe up store or Google play store. In order to download your up store traffic, you can promote your physical business to people who are located nearby. Gotta look sales. You can show your product from your catalogue, basing the target audience, and but this Facebook means that if you have an online store either years in Shopify, Rukh homers or any other platform, you can create a catalogue on Facebook and then advertise it directly to your Facebook followers. Thus were all over campaign types. In our next lesson, we're going to talk about campaign creation. 10. Campaign Creation in Ads Manager: Hello, everyone. Today we're going to talk about campaign creation, and we're actually going to create a new campaign on Facebook. Right now I'm in ads Manager menu. If you still don't know how to get there, please check our previous lessons in this section. And for those who know how to get there, let's begin. This is a new ADS manager menu. We didn't have any campaigns running here whatsoever, but it doesn't matter if you do. In our previous lesson, we talk about free campaign levels, and here they are. This is our first level campaigns. This is our headsets, and this is our heads. We're going to start grating, campaigned from our first level from campaigns. We're going to start by clicking on the button that says Create right here, a green button from your left and by clicking it, we're going to get into this menu. Sometimes we going to get the same screen, or sometimes we're going to get a shorter version. Facebook has to vory Asians for campaign creation. Doesn't matter. They're both the same. You can switch it right here. Switch the quick creation, and instead of the full screen, you're going to get a smaller pop up that looks like this. The difference between them that in the full screen mode you can already build your campaign. Choose your target interest. You creative, while in the quick set up you're going to choose only your campaign name, your ad said name and you're at and then go little by level in order to ads whatever you need for your targeting for and for your creative, for your ads. Let's start with the quick set up. That way we're going to get a familiar with ads manager menu Welcome. 18 A campaign. So first thing that we should do, we should actually give a name to our campaign and choose our objective. Our objective. We can choose right here by clicking on this arrow. And those are all over campaign objective that we talked about. By the way, please notice that we still have a page likes right here something that we can run separately from post engagement. Your chosen your campaign objectives according toa your advertising goal. So if you want to generate traffic to your website, you're obviously going to choose a traffic objective and then just go ahead and give a name to your campaign. That's a traffic campaign. At this time. We need to provide a name to our Ed set and our ads. I will just write numbers right here. We're going to change those names a little bit later and let's see why. And I'm clicking on safe to draft. My campaign is ready. That's how technically I create a companion Facebook. But my work here is not done. I still need to choose who I want to target with this campaign and what we're actually advertise. How is my ad going to look on this campaign? So how do we move word from this screen Right now? We are at our first level. At our campaign level, we can see our campaign objective. We can see buying type auction and we can set up our campaign spending limit rate here. This option is optional. We don't have to use it right now. We choose our campaign objective. So if you don't want to ads your campaign spending limits, there are not so many things that you can do here. So let's just close it and move on to our next level toe our exit from now on what she do is go level by level headsets at. Make sure that your ad said right here is selected and you click on edit, and you just adds all the elements that you need to your head sets and all the elements that you need to your head. But before we start editing, we need to know what is it with doing here and what each level actually means? What options do we have in each level, and why do we use them at all? We talked about campaign loans with so that we have campaigned and adds, it adds, And now we see how it actually looks on ads manager. We know that we can create few exits and add in one campaign. So let's see what each level does for campaign level with so that we can choose our objective. We can split this their campaign, and we can choose our campaign budget for our exit level. We can choose our targeting here. We basically choose who you want to target. For example, if we sell fast cars, fast sports cars, we would probably want to target men probably even reach man who live maybe in specific areas like Hollywood's or Dubai. If we want to sell dresses, we would probably would like to target women because women are likely to buy our products. So you need to know who you want to target for your products or your service. The next thing that we can do is to choose a replacement and the placement. I mean Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and messenger. Those air options that are right now available in Facebook that we can choose our budgets daily or lifetime budget and we can schedule campaign wouldn't have to start our campaigns right away. We can start them tomorrow or day after that, and we can also schedule. When do we want her campaign toe end? Our ad level here was simply choose our Facebook page. This right. If we have more than one page on Facebook, we can choose whatever page we ones on ed level. Also, we can choose our creative and by creative I mean our image, our video carcelle, collective ads and all. We have a few different types, which we're going to talk about later in this course, and we can choose whatever we want in order to advertise if I had a good image of our product, then we're going to use that. You have a great video, then we're going to upload a video and use that for our advertising. The next thing that we're going to choose on our ad level is the feeling our landing page or our websites, or to choose lead generation form from Facebook in order to collect leads. And the last thing that we can do on our ed level is to set up our trucking. We're going to talk about Facebook tracking India Tal's but Facebook ed level. It's where we choose to track or not to truck over heads. 11. Different Ad Types: Hello, everyone. Today we're going to talk about different at types on Facebook. We're going to talk about the standard ones. They're used most often on Facebook and they are image. EDS. Video ads Slater adds and carousel ads for an image at We can use only one image text headline and website ling for a video ad. We can still use text headline Web settling, but we're going to use video instead. Often image first light show add. We're going to create a video from a few different images and we still have text, headlight and website Nick Carousel A type is it will be different. We can use up to 10 images. Each image will have a unique website link and a headline, but the ed itself will use the same text. Let's see. What does it mean? This is how our image ed looks like. We can clearly see a bold headline under any of the image we can see Ellen Description and our website link. We can see call to Action Button also underneath our image and our A text we can see underneath our profile image and Beijing video ads is the same, but instead of an image. We can see video. Right now we can see a science plate, but if we're going through Facebook's timeline, we're going to see that video is starting automatically, but without a sound. This is carousel ads. We have a few different images. As you can see, we can't see all the images at the same time. We need to click on the arrow in order to get the next image. So the first image here is really the important one and maybe the 2nd 1 because you can still see a fracture off that image. As you can see, we have a different headline for each image, and obviously we can use a different website link for each image as well. Let's talk a little bit about as characteristics. I recommend to keep your headline short up to 25 characters or one sentence for your ad text. I also recommend to keep it shirt two sentences at most a description, and this is important part because Facebook has sometimes a bug that just uses all the text that you have on your website or just a different gibberish at letters. That's I don't know where it takes it from, but that's what your clients will see in your description if you want feelings up. So just write something there, like click on my ads or go to my website, anything that you can come up with, something small, few sentences or even one word, but make sure you feel it in and don't leave it blank. Call to Action button or city A. If you have an option to use it, it will help your ads to stand out. And I have a few examples for your headline. This is just a few examples that I collected, but you can get an idea here how to write its use. Call to action for anything that you want to do if you sell apples. If you sell dresses whatever you're selling, use shop. Now tell your clients to shop for Apple's chauffeur addresses. If you want your clients to download something, just tell them to do so. If you have a sale or if you have some kind of discount making notice about its in your headline. This is important. Information is very attractive information, and as you already so you headline will be the one that sense outs 12. Targeting on Facebook - part 1: Hello, everyone. Let's talk today about targeting on Facebook. I go heads and open my EDS manager, and we'll start there, as you remember. Are targeting is based in that's it. That's where we choose our audiences. So we're going to goto our Adsit level. I'm going to choose one of my headsets and I will show you how you actually choose your targeting. So I will select my adds it right here. I will click on Edit button in order to make changes. Everything here is organized by categories. Right now we have a page category dynamic, creative gotta look And then we have budget and schedule. There's first categories. They depend on your campaign objective. Right now, my campaigned objective is traffic. So this is what I have for my campaign objective. But if you're going to choose a different campaign objective engagement, for example, you won't have all those options right here You will start directly from budget and sketch categories that are not changing according to your campaign objective and stained the same at exit level for all the time our budget, a schedule, audience placements and optimization and delivery. We're going to talk about additional options for each assets according to your campaign objective later in this course. But right now let's talk about the categories that are not changing. Those are the categories that going to help us to choose our campaign targeting. We're going to start from budget and schedule. So for a budget and schedule, we have a few different options here. First of all, we have a daily budget. This is a daily spent for your ads. You can change into whatever number you want. You can spend here $1 you can spend here 10 1 hundreds or whatever amount you want. By choosing daily budgets, you have an option to start campaigning whenever you want. Just by clicking on your calendar right here, you can choose whatever date you ones, and you can even choose an hour. And another option here is an states. You don't really need to choose it, but if you want, you can by choosing ends, run on so you can choose your end date for this campaign with same end of July. Please notice that you have at scheduling option, but it's not active right now. It's not active because you have another option for your budget by clicking on daily budgets. You also have a lifetime budget. So if you have just $10 to waste on your campaign, you tend type it in, and that's all the budget that your campaign going to use. You can also choose your A star great and in date. But this time it depends on your budget, meaning you can't run the whole month for Justin dollars. Facebook will definitely tell you that it has a minimum budgets run with. But you can change your dates right here. So you will be all good to run with $10 on Lee. But please notice that right now you have a schedule option available to you. You can leave it as default option run as all time, or you can choose. Run your ass on schedule if you click on that option. And here you can choose to start your ad, for example, on Monday and run it for a full day or to run it on you suggest for a few hours or here and right here not to run it on Sunday or Saturday and trying it half day on Friday so we can play with it. How ever you once and this option is only available to you. If he choose a lifetime budget, let's go and see what other options are here. The very important option is your audience. If you're just starting the first line here that says custom audience is not relevant to you, we're going to speak about it later in this course. Also use safety. Audience is also not something that is relevant because you don't have any saved audience yet, so we're going to start from location for location. You have also a few different options. By clicking on a row right here, you will have a few different possibilities. You can target people who everyone in this location, they don't necessarily live there. They just might be there. People who live in this location people recently in this location and people travelling in this location. Don't ask me how Facebook actually knows about it, but it does. So make sure you choose an option that is the best feet for you. Then the next thing that you're going to do, you going to type in location, which you want to target. For example, United States make sure that it says included right here if you don't want to. Sorry to eat and you want to exclude it from your targeting. You just click on includes and so it excludes and then type in another country. You, for example, by location. You can choose a country, a CT or specific area. Doesn't matter where. Let's see an example. I will choose in court. And let's say I want to target a specific area in Poland, so I will increase bones on my map and what I'm going to do. I'm going to select a drop being here, and I'm just going to drop it right here on the map. Here it is an unknown area. I'm just starting in this location right here. Please notice that you have a miles. This is sexually your radios. You can increases or decreases as you pleased. Also, if you're going to target a CD, for example, various and say we're choosing a city, Facebook will provide you this option with their radios as well. By clicking on the radios, you can either select cure, insist on Lee, so it will target only Paris, or you can also decrease or increase your radius that's for your location and that the criteria that you have for your targeting is age. You can choose anyone from 18 to 65 65 is really not. Limit is just the maximum number of the Facebook has here. So for now we have from 18 to 45 we can target men working target, woman or, we can tell, get both genders. As for language, we can type any sort of language right here. Wiccan type English recon took many in whatever language you're looking for, Facebook has is the next thing that we have on Facebook is our interests right here. I will close. It's right now and let's start over. We're going to click on browse. We have demographic in demographic, we have education, so we can choose either by education level were field of study, and in this case, we need to type, for example, muff in love teacher and so on. Financial Facebook actually knows your income, but it's valid only for U. S life events. Anniversary birthdays upcoming birthday Facebook has a lot of options here to offer parents writing ship work interests. Facebook has a lot of different interests right here. You just need to find the one that you're looking for. You have a lot of different options and and by clicking on one interest, you actually have more interests here, so you can choose what they were you like. And then you have behavior for behavior. It's actually what your clients or join on Facebook Facebook kind of monitor it. For example. You can choose people who digitally active, play console games or who make payment to Facebook in 30 days, 19 days and so on. There a lot of different possibilities here only you to do is to define your audience before you go to Facebook because you can simply go lost with all of those different options have a specific criteria in mind to target. For example, if I want to target people who are young leaving the United States and like outdoor and fitness, what I'm going to do, I'm going to target people who speak English. First of all, I'm going to target young people, so let's say 25 is my limits. I will choose on the United States. I will delete all those other countries from here. I will choose people who like fitness. So let's go to fitness. Let's say bodybuilding meditation is no truly fitness, physical exercises, physical fitness and that, say, running That is my targeting right now. So my potential rich here Facebook shows me 24 million people. So that's OK by me. And that's how I choose my targeting. 13. Targeting on Facebook - Placement - part 2: Another option in our ad set is placements. We can choose either automatic placements or 80 placements, but edit emplacement. I have Facebook Instagram Messenger Audience network. Sometimes those air not available like you see, Right now, it depends on your campaign objectives as well. But if I don't want to use an instagram right now, I just the selected and all I left with his Facebook. So that's for my placement. Another option that we have for placements is select a mobile device and or Britain system . Here we have an option to choose android device only. Are you as device only or feature phones only, which is not available for me right now. So if you have clients that using only android or you advertising and up only on Google store, you can use this option to target them. In addition to that, we can limit our ads to be shown to people who have connection only via WiFi and immediately as you can see, my potential rich decrees toe 60 million people. So that's for our targeting. Another option that is staying right here without any change is our optimization and delivery. We don't need to change anything right here. If we just started, we're going to leave this option as it is. We can come back here if we're going to run our compete for a few days already, But when you're starting, deception isn't relevant for you. 14. Campaign Status: But now we know how to create campaign on Facebook. In this lesson, I'm going to show you what campaigns status is. Do we have on Facebook? First? Status is very obvious. One active campaigns. You're going to see a blue button near your campaign name. It means that your campaign is active. Ends all of your assets, and ads are running normally. Another status is very important. One. It's inactive status. It means that your campaign is off. Your button is going to be great and none of your assets or as going toe run, not delivering status. It also means that your campaign is off, perhaps because your assets are actually completed. Completed status. It means that you scheduled your access toe end on a specific date, and that date is now, so your campaign is just run out. You can ring you it by going to your assets and changing your end date. The little status is kind of self explanatory. You can still see all your campaign data, but you can't restore this campaign in review or review status. It means that you just created your campaign and published. It takes Facebook from few minutes upto 48 hours, toe a pro your campaign and actually activated. If everything looks okay 15. Introduction to Tracking on Facebook: hello again in this section. We're going to talk about Facebook Pixel. What is a big soul and why do we actually need it? So pixel is coming to a tracking system that we use in order to see how many people are visiting our website or our landing page? And how much time do they actually spend their? Why do we need? We need this for targeting and in order to build our cost of audience. What does it mean? Retargeting is when I want to show another offer or another product to the same audience who already bought something for me? Customer dance is something we're going to talk later in this course, something that actually helps us out a lot in our targeting ads in our complaints injured. So stay with me and let's start. 16. What is a Pixel: Hello again In this lesson, we're going to talk about the pixel before we go into review different campaign objectives on the Facebook. It's important to understand what is picks, So why do we need a pixel and what is eh? Pixel pixel? It's kind of a tracking system that we install outside off Facebook in order to track our traffic track or sales leads and every other objective that we have. Where do we install a pixel when stole? It's on our website on our landing page or on any other platform that is not Facebook. How do we create a pixel? We created pixel using Facebook's pixel menu. We're going to look it. It's in our next lesson. How many pixels? During needs. I need basically only one. I can install it on my website on my landing page and that basically know where my traffic is coming from. So if I'm sending my potential customers to a London page, I will know that from a pixel or if they're coming from a specific page on my website. I also will understand that from my pixel what to speak So event big. So event is a tracking off a specific action, meaning that if I'm selling shoes, that's an action. If I'm collecting leads, that's an action. So those are different pixel events. Let's take a look at pixel extension. We need to check if our pixel is working properly. So we're using a pixel extension on from pixel extension is called Facebook Pixel Helper. So we just go to from website store. We look it up and we install it into our A browser. Let's see how our extension works if we go to any websites and we already insult our pixel helper by clicking on it, we can see a pixel number and we can see a little event underneath it. In this case, it says Page you and for some reason you see that it's not really working because it has a yellow signed near it. So let's talk about pixel on your windy in page Lyndon Page goal is to collect leads or to download and a boo register to a webinar or any other goals for the matter. Where do we installed a pixel? Were instantly pixel on the landing page itself, and it's very important to install the pixel on the thank you page as well. So we would track those people who just visiting their London page and those people who are actually doing something with our landing page and going all the way to our Frank you page in the end, this is how Lyndon pitch looks like we have some kind of form that collects data from us. Our name, last name email were any other information? If we're going to look at our Facebook pixel helper extension, we're going to see a few different events. Here we have a button click button click is actually for us. Meat button. We have a page. You obviously, because we're looking at that page right now and they have some kind of other events that pixel is tracking right now on the page. Those are old events that we have on our landing page, and we didn't even see your thank you page yet. So about a week pick. So instead decide. I think that's a custom event that someone who created an instant that big so deeds and name it like that Facebook pixel is also a kind of custom event. Page view is really common events, but we always use one insult a pixel. Another example for hops. Put blend in beach. All we have for that page that collect our data is based, you and me crow data. And when we feel it in and we go to the next step, we have more events. That pixel is striking. We have as subscribe button click. It means that we already finished our first step. And right now we are at the second page. It's almost the same thing as we're going to track people who go toe all Thank you, Page. We have additional events since a person already completed one step, and in this case we even have two additional pixels. Let's talk about picture on our website websites goal our usual providing information selling a product or service or any other gold that we have on our website. So where do we insulate Pixar owner websites? You really instill pixel on every page off our websites off course. If you have some pages that you don't want to track your traffic there, you're not going to install a pixel on that page. This is an example for a Web site that sells products right now on our product page. We have few pixels and we have a basic big so event we have a page you and you content, which means that we're just looking at this product right now and we're not performing any action. But if I'm going to try and bite by choosing my size and clicking bites or going to my cart and into my cards, so what see, was going to happen? I'm in my cards right now and just notice that we have a different event for our pixel. It called initial check out. It means that we're moved on and we're right now in our cards trying to buy our products, feeling in our content information. That's why pixel is counting that it is initial check out because it is so in this case, we know that someone actually tries to per firm in action, and right now they're using their cart in our next lesson. We're actually going to go to Facebook and create our first pixel 17. Pixel Installation into Wordpress: In this class we're going to see how we setup our pixel tracking system on Facebook. So we are in our Ads Manager, from our Ads Manager menu. They can hear on those dots. We're going to go to events manager. Here is our pixel. Since it's new pixel, we don't have any activity hearing yet. So we need to set it up. And we have big blue button continue pixel setup. We can do it either manually add pixel called to our website or use a partner integration. Isn't partner integration is really easier. But if you have a website developer person who helps you, you can just email them those instructions by clicking email instructions, typing their email address, and just sending them those instructions so they can set it up for you. If you don't have a website developer, I recommend to use a partner integration. So let's click here and let's see what does it mean? Facebook works with a lot of different platforms. Some of those can be familiar to you. For example, HubSpot or magneto, Shopify into using it. This brink Woo Commerce weeks and so on. And WordPress, if we are talking about regular website and we're talking about WordPress website, or we're going to choose it here. And that's what we have. Let's select all of those features. It's going to help you to track your conversions better. So create access token. After this token was created, copy and save this token somewhere saved. It won't be stored by facebook. And let's continuum. Download the Facebook pixel extension. So you need to download it. Then you're going to click continue to receive instructions, how to do it. After you download it, you go to your dashboard, you click on your plugins and select new plugin. Then you're going to choose and install your Facebook file, the zip file that she just doubled it and you're going to install it. And that's how you going to install your pixel into the website. You're going to activate your plug-in. And here in Settings, you're going to check that everything is correct and your pixel is identical to the number that you see your screen. And you need to fill in this token as well. And that sits at this step. You can verify that your pixel is working simply by pasting your website here and checking it with Facebook. It will show you right now it's not active yet apart. When it's going to be green, you're going to see that it's green and it's active. That means that she had done everything correctly. 18. What events can we measure with pixel?: Let's see what kind of events can measure with Facebook speaks. You need Toby already familiar with this screen. Now let's take a look at our events. If you're pixel is active and it's already running on your page, you're going to see all the events that pixel actually recognize automatically right here on the niv, the graph itself. Those are old events that that we see for the specific pixel. But if we have more events than just those, let's see where we can set them up. So we're going to click on set of button right here. And as you can see, we have two options. One is install pixel and another one set up new events. Let's take a look. What kind of events do we have in our pixel? So right now we have those options available for us. We click on mental instal event called and those air events that we can measure with our pixel right now. As you can see, everything is pretty simple here. Facebook actually gives us instructions on what we supposed to do great. Here we can choose our business type. It's set up for e commerce and retail, but we can choose automotive, education, finance, service, travel and so on, so it actually has a lot of different options if we're going to stick with it. Coomer's does that advance that Facebook pics will measure for us. We have a view content and here we can see what does it really mean? A visit to a continent page search issued performed on our website at the wish. List it to card initial check out as payment in for purchase, subscribe, start trial, complete registration and so on. Basically, every little action that will be going on on our website. Facebook pixel can measure it if someone clicked on the bottom on your website. Facebook. Big silicon measuring. If someone performs a Syrian your website, you will know it. If someone poor chased a product from your website, you will also know it. Let's take a look at events for different business, for example, travel almost same events here, so we have a lot of different options for events. If it's a view content if a super chase, if a serious we're going to measure it all, so let's summarize it. Each website has a different goal. Some websites are just showing information. Some websites are selling a product or service and some websites are there. Just tickle it information from their potential customers. In any case, Facebook be so can truck any activity that is going on on your website Oriole Landing page . It means that you will know how well is your upset performing and what exactly those people are doing on your website. If your goal is to collect leads, you will know exactly how many people are leaving their details on your page or how many of them are leaving. Before doing so, you will know exactly how many people are looking at a specific products on your website or how many people are purchasing specific products on your website or services you will know was the most popular product on your website was the most popular service on your website. So that's why we use Facebook pixel events for 19. 2020 Update: Pixel menu overview: In this lesson, I'm going to update and this Classical is albeit a sense in 2020, Facebook updated their whole as manager. So fields look a little bit different. So for you not to be confused when you trying to figure out your pixel. Let's start over and let me show you how it looks right now on Facebook. So first of all, when you are in your ad manager, in order to open your pixel, you need to go to your menu here. I have my business tools right here. And for shortcut, you need to go to events manager. So click here. Let's wait for it to open. Now, it depends how many pixels do you have? Usually you worked with only one pixel. Facebook calls iterate now data sources. So I have three different data sources. You can see it by the ID number here. They're all different. And also I gave names to all them. So I want get confused. Pixels menu looks pretty much the same. You still have your time filter here, and you can go back up to 28 days. It doesn't mean that pixel is not counting previous data. For example, if you want to create audience on Facebook, you can create a different audience up to even 365 days. So pixel is striking all of that data, but you simply can't see it from this menu. So this is what we have, 28 days, 14 days, and seven days. This is more than enough just to see that your pixel is still active, it's working, and it counts all the events that she wants to own your website. So let's see, what do we have here? Here I have all the activity. So those are all of my website views or different events would ever I'm tracking with my pixel on my website. So here I have beige Jews, view contents and search. Your pixel can measure different events on your website. It depends on whatever is your goal or whatever your website allows to users to do on it. So if you are eCommerce, for example, you will have different events, obviously, like Add to Cart, Checkout or purchase. 20. 2020 Update: Pixel Set Up : In this lesson, we're going to continue reviewing ads manager 2020. We've been talking about pixel creation. And right now since we have all these new interface, well, let me show you how will it look right now on Facebook, there are not a lot of difference, but in any case, let's just see how it will look. I have at test pixel right here, just something that I created a few minutes ago. And new pixel just to show you how you will set it up on your website. So right now might be Axel doesn't count any events on any website. And the only, but on that I have here in the middle says continue pixel setup, pretty clear, isn't it? When I click on this button, I have two options. First option, manually add big so-called two web set. And the second option use partner integration. Of course, the simplest way to do it is to use a partner integration. So if you're going to click here, you're going to see all the partners that Facebook has four pixel installation. So for example, if you want to use Google Tag Manager, you just going to choose it from the list and you're going to receive exact instructions of how to do it. Don't get me wrong. It wants automatically installed Pixel in your Google Tag Manager or in any other platform that you're using, which we will see in this Partners list. But you will get really great instructions with some print screens even so, let's see, continue. You're going to see how it will grow your audience size. Now at this stage, it will allow you to connect your account, rarefied, setup your event, and then configure it. Let's go back. Let's see what other partners do we have here? We have HubSpot, Magneto, we have Shopify. Of course, this brink weeks will commerce and WordPress. So there are a lot of different partners that you can use. Those instructions will help you out to setup your pixel on your website. So let's go and see another one. Let's go with WordPress. It will ask you here to select different features. Then you need to download the plugin. Then you will go to your setup and you clearly can see how to do it. Then install plugin, Activate Plugin enzyme. So those are very simple steps for you to connect your pixel to your website. If you don't know how to do it by yourself. The second step that you can do is manually add a pixel code to your website. At this stage, you can either insert it by yourself. Obviously, if you know how, if you know a little bit HTML or you know where to add your pixel quotes on the platform that you're using. Or what you can simply do is just copy this Gods and send it to your web developer directly to his email so he or she can help you out and install this code on your website. As for pixel idea, right now, we do not see it here. If you just need NAD to insulate, for example, on your Shopify platform, go to your settings, and here you will have pixel idea. If you're going to click on it, it will automatically be copied to your clipboard so you can pass it wherever you want. 21. Facebook Pixel Helper Extension: let me show you how you can install your Facebook pixel extension it called Facebook pixel helper. And by typing it in Google, this is the first riddle that you're going to find in Google from that's wrong. Perhaps it's sore, and in order to install this extension, you just need to click on it to from Click at Extension and you will have it right here in your browser. You can use this extension in order to check if your websites pixel is working just by clicking on your extension right here, you will see if there any pixels insult on that website. Let's take a look at this website, for example. Right now you see, there is a number one, so it has a big Salonen's. And if we click on this big so helper, we can see our pixel. I d. Right here. So we know this website has a pixel 22. Introduction to Facebook Audience: hello again and in this section we're going to talk about Facebook audiences. We're going to learn about custom audiences about lookalikes, ends about safety audiences, whether we actually need audiences on Facebook. Well, first of all, it helps us out. It saves us time, because if we're going to save our audiences on Facebook, we can reuse them in our other competes, which can save us time. What are custom ordinances? Custom audiences are people who already interacted with a page instagram profile or any other content that we already posted. So those people familiar with our Brent we don't want to just waste her money on advertising. We want to invest each and every door. That's what we want to collect. All those people who already So our brand already so our products and familiar with what we have to over and later on, we can target those people with different product or different over. Or we can use those people in order to build a similar ordinance in another country, for example, that will help us out in our future campaign. So stay with me and let's start this section 23. Audience Type on Facebook: It's time to talk about our audiences on Facebook, which are very, very important. What kind of audiences do we have? We have custom audience, we have local accordance and we have saved audience. You can the familiar by now with safety ordinance because you saw it when we were working on our asset to create our targeting saved audience, those air. Actually, our targeting options that we save in order to use it later in our next campaign. Let's begin with our custom audience before going into any details. Let's try to understand what is cast of audience exactly as it sounds. This is audience that we create by ourselves. Let's see, what options do we have on Facebook? Fourth, that those are options that are available to us own Facebook. We can collect audience that are visiting our website. We can collect audience that are visiting are up. We can upload at least of ordinance. We have some kind of emails, phone numbers and so on. We can just uploaded. We have video on Facebook so we can collect those people who are watching our video. We have different events so we can collect audience who attended our events or who were interested in our events who have instagram. We can collect audience from instagram as well. We have Facebook page itself. We can collect ordinance that engaging with our bait or looking at our posts. And we also have a thing that called instant experience. There's a specific types of ads we can collect, people that for engaging with only those types off ads. Now let's talk a little bit. Why do we actually need those type of audience? Well, obviously, saved audience will save Erstein. We can reuse them in our other campaigns for custom warrants. Those people who are already interacted with our brand. They saw our product or they are already familiar with our content. So we would like to keep them round in order to do some returning. Or we're going to use them in order to create it, look like look alikes. They save us money and they save us time. Let's joke about local eggs and see what it is. Local ex on Facebook There are actually people who are similar to your custom audience by their characteristics, meaning if you're targeting, for example, women or men who want to get feats in summer. So you have people with certain sets off interests, people who like fitness people who are looking for specific diet right now, people who are doing some kind of activities right now, those people with a very specific set of characteristics, you want to keep them around. So let's say you already Iran your campaign and you already find your audience right now you want to increase that number. But instead of using interests and behavior and demographic options on Facebook, you're going to create a custom audience. And based on that, you're going toe. Create a look alike, so you're going to use custom audience. You're going to collect people who interacted with your ads, since those a retarded organs and based on that, you're going to create a look alike in order to understand how lookalike actually works. Take a look at those circle. Let's pretend dance in 1% circle. There is a little circle there that contains your custom audience. Those are people who already store your ads, since you want to get more people to see you add with similar characteristics. When you create it look like it actually creates audience that are similar to your custom audience, and if you're going to look, it is going to be your 1%. So those are going to be people who are very much similar to your custom audience. Another circle a bigger 12% those other people. So we're going to get even more people from your custom ordinance. They're going to be also people with similar characteristics, but they will have some additional car 36 as well, and we have another circle off 3%. Those people who do have same characteristics as your custom audience, but they will have a little bit more characteristics as well and so on to we get to 10%. Of course, the small the percentage, the better your audience. But it doesn't mean if you're going to use lookalike off, 10% is going to be better targeting. No, you contest it off course. Maybe there are some characteristics that he didn't thought about. Maybe people who like fitness, they also read a Discovery magazine or watch a some kind of television program that you didn't even thought about it. Facebook will going to figure it out for you based on your custom audiences. So now you know all three types off different audiences on Facebook that we can use in order to improve our campaign and improve our targeting. Now let's go into Facebook's menu and try to see it by ourselves how we actually use each and every one of them. 24. Custom Audience: we're right now using ads manager Many, um, and from here, in order to grow and create a custom onions or a lookalike, we're going to click on our left, all the tools and we going to choose audiences that are in assets category. And here we are at our audience menu here. We have a lot of different things, but you need to look on the audiences right now, and we have free types of ordinances that we've been talking about. So for our custom audience, we have another option to create an audience. We have a website, traffic up activity, custom file, video, elite form, instagram, business profile and more. The common one is Facebook Page. Let's see, what options do we have for our Facebook page? First of all, if you have more than one Facebook page issue going to choose it from here by clicking on this arrow and shoes in your Facebook page now you have an option that says everyone who engage with your page. We can choose anyone who visited your page, people who engaged with any boast or add people who clicked any call to action button. This is important when you advertise anything with an called to action button who clicked on the button itself. You can collect those people, people who send a message to your page and the interesting option as well. And people who saved your page were any post. So let's say anyone who visited your page we can go go heads and collect people from 365 days. So it's like one year ago. Or we can collect recent people so we can play with this number, as we want just for two weeks and depends on actually your goal or your advertising. If you know that in those three months you advertise a specific product that you never bean advertising before, so you can just limit your customer. Jen's for those days, and that's it. What you can do here is just name your audience. Name it so you will understand what type of ordinance this is. So let's say noble name, it's and everyone who visited my page so page visits and I'm going to create it Now I have page wheezes right here. I will see a size off those audiences, and I can see that it's ready to be used and I can also see a date of creation. I can go ahead and create as many as they want in urgent great customer. Answer. Just click on, Create audience truce, custom audience and I can create with every once I can create audience from my website traffic. It looks like this. As you can see, my basal needs to work for that option and then I can choose all website wizards. I can choose people. Who is it? A specific page? And by that I actually need to type my specific your l for that page. If you use in a specific lending page, you can type it right here. Visitors by time. Yes, I also have that option right now on Facebook. Here I can choose it even by invent type, so it's view, content or page view as four days. I can go up to 180. That's a maximum amount of Jay's on four Might website truck. Another interesting option for my custom ordinances are people who toys to my video. So what I'm going to do, I'm just going to click here on this browse button and choose how do I want to split those people. I can split them by people who wished only three seconds, 10 seconds. Or if I want to have people who wished 90 5% off my video and by clicking on choose video, I'm going to see all the posts that I have on my Facebook page. And I'm going to choose the right one with the right video that I want and collect people from it. Also here you have up to 365 days. Let's see. Ah, let's go to instant room Business profile. Same idea here. As you can see on not much changing, doesn't mental. What are we choosing? The main use Bredemeier stays the same. We have any all people, and we have people who engaged, visited our profile, engaged with our posts and so on a little bit similar to our Facebook page. Don't forget to name your custom audience. Otherwise, if you create more than one, you just going to go lost 25. Lookalike: Let's continue talking about our audiences and let's take a look at our local accordance. But we can look like it says that I need to choose a source by source. It means the Titans like my custom ordinance for that one. And here I need to segment audience location and those are my percentage. I can create 12 free and up to 10. So let's see. Name off my custom ordinance page visas. I'm going to go here look like type page idiots page visits and I'm going to select location. I can select either country or I can select a region. So, for example, Europe area. Let's say I want to select everything from here all those countries. I can, of course, exclude some of them if I don't need. And let's say I want a great 1%. So I just click create. I do need to name those audiences there been named by themselves, we will see in a bid. Oh, here it says that thes sources actually too small, so I need to choose another source. It says that it must have at least 100 people, as you see it named this audience by itself. It just took my custom audiences. And it says that it's looking like 1% for this specific region. And this is my custom audiences name, and it's also populating populating. It means that it's about to create it. So we need to give it a little bit of time in some cases, this couple of hours. In some cases, this couple of minutes, Facebook thinks time to create it, and then we can use it freely whenever we want. So those are for our Luca legs. We can either go from here and choose our percentages a region, or we can select our custom audiences from the list. And just by clicking here on this menu, weekend shoes create a look alike, and by that we're making sure that the source is already selected. So it's kind of easier toe work like this if you want. But you also have another option just by clicking, create audience and choosing look like 26. Saved Audience: and the last option that we have for our audiences is the option Off saved audiences. Let's talk a little bit about it. We need to go back to our ads manager. So what we can do in order to save her audience? We go to our asset level and let's say we already created a campaign and we have an ad set was a certain targeting option. We already choose who we went to targets, how old of them and so on. So we just go ahead here and click on Save this audience. We give them a name in this option. We have a fitness people here, So fitness USA, and we just saving these data. So the next time when we want to target same people, we just will go tore at Set and we're going to select are saved audience by going to our audience. And as you remember, we talked about this first line that we're not using if we're new, but we're not new already, so we can quicken use, saved audience and we can choose audience that we saved right now. Here you go, Fitness USA, and we're going to have the same correct readings that we use in our previous targeting right here. So for our audience is this is a fast way to do it. 27. How to use Lookalike & Custom Audiences: we saw how to create custom audience with so how to great look likes. But if you want to use it in your campaigns, we have to do is go again to ads manager. Create your campaign. Go to asset level because that's where you actually choosing your audiences. Click on your ad set, click on EDITs and from the main you that you need to be already familiar with. We have audiences right here, and we've been talking not to use this first line if he knew, but we're already not new. So we're going to, uh, use this line as you can see custom ordinances. That's what it says. So here we can adds a previously created custom audiences local it. We named our custom ordinances the certain way. As you can see, I have more than one, and right now I need to know how didn't name it. That's how I will know what exactly should they choose? As you can see on the right, it says customer list and look like so I need to know what I want to use and I need to know was the name off my audiences, and I'm just choosing it, and that's it. I have this audience right here. I hope by now it really clear. How do you use your look alike and your custom audiences? 28. Engagement Campaign or Boost Post: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to create engagement campaign or, as you all know, is both post. Right now, I am in my ads manager menu, and I'm going to create it from here just to make it easier for you. I'm going to create campaign for a specific product. Let's see, I'm selling summer dresses and let's say this is my website. So I'm going to choose this particular dress. And so I want to sell these dress by using Facebook engagement campaign Going back to my ads manager Right now, I am in my campaign level. I'm going to click on Create Button on my left. I'm going to choose engagement campaign from my campaign objective post engagement. I'm going to name it and let's say that I want to sell this dress. Two U. S. C. So I'm naming my ad set and my ads. I'm clicking on safe to draft. My campaign is ready. It's time to set it up. I'm going to continue to my headset level. This is my ad set. I'm going to select its and I'm going to click on edit. Please notice that we don't have any additional options for these type of campaign. We're starting right away from our budget and our schedule, so I'm just choosing my daily budgets. I don't wanna work with lifetime budget in this case. I want my campaign to run all the time. I'm not choosing any entered it, and I'm moving forward to my audiences. So, as I said, I want to sell these dress to United States. So I'm choosing here United States removing another country, and I'm going to choose people who live here. So people who live in United States since its address and then see the reason the way a man should see my abs. So I'm treating women, since it's really girly dress. I don't think that women 65 plus going to be interested. So I'm going to limit my edge to, let's say, 35. Since my ads going to be in English, I'm going to target English speakers only just which home a potential rich is decreasing here. Why I'm choosing different targeting options and four might detail targeting. I'm going to go with people who like dresses. Let's see what Facebook has for me. Let's say party dresses, but it's not really what I'm looking for. Do they have summer dresses? No. So I'm going to go with something, General. Okay, I'm going to choose party dress then from here, I don't need to type anymore interests. If they're all related here. I just can click on suggestions and I'm going to choose dresses, maybe cocktail dresses and my potential reach is very high here. Right now, I have to 26 million people that I can target. The important thing for Facebook advertises besides a good targeting and a good creative for you is to have a good number off people for your potential rich. Right now it's too much. We can compete with this number. We need to lower it down. Good potential rich for Facebook advertising December from 500,000 people upto one million people. And right now it's too much. So what we're going to do as you can notice Here we have an exclude people option and we have narrow people options. So what we're going to do as you can see here, but have exclude people or narrow audience, we definitely need toe narrow our audiences down. So we're going to use this option. It means we're going to choose another set off interests or an interest or behavior or demographic feature that will help us to decrease our potential reach. So I must choose here another feature that all of my potential customers must also have. So let's see demographics. I think those girls must be in relationship or engaged because they want to show their dress toe there. Partner. Right now, we decreased our potential reach number, but it's still not enough. So what you're going to do, I can either add another interest here or excludes any feature that I think is not relevant for my custom audience. Or I can simply target by location. I can exclude some off regions from my location, and in that case I will decrease a number off my potential rich. So let's say I'm going to exclude just for this exercise. None. Because I have something against this areas. Well, still not enough. I have no choice. I must add another interest here. So what? I'm going to choose. I am going to choose people who actually like online shopping. So let's see shopping. Okay. Only shopping for a 1,000,000. Okay, engage shoppers as a behavior going to remove that one. So right now we have 1.5 1,000,000 people for our potential Ridge. We're not going to decrease it even further. We're going to stick with it. This is pretty good number. We can work with it. So what's more forward for our placements right now? We're not using any different placements were going with automatic placement. As for our optimization and deliver option, we are not changing it. Where is taking with it? So let's continue to our end. Let's create our ads. I'm at my ad level. I'm selecting my ads and clicking on edit. Former adds. I need to choose a Facebook picture that I'm going to use for it. So let's say that is it and my instagram account. And right now I need to create an ad so I'm clicking on creating ahead right here. I have add media, So I'm going to add a picture that I saved from that website. I'm going to click on upload image and this is the picture that I saved from that website. Continue now we have it from all right. We can see the preview for that same image, and right here plates noticed that we have only text. We don't have a headline for this type of campaign. So we're going to write something instructive about this dress that, say some address and you can see our text up here. And we're going to use a shop now button, which adds us another option we can past here. Our website. You're also I'm going to copy this, Ural and best of here. So our ad looks like this. Anyone hope would like this dress and would like to purchase. It will click on this button and we'll goto our websites. So that's it. Our campaign is ready, and all that is left to do is just click this publish Parton to publish your campaign. 29. Conversion Campaign: in this lesson. I'm going to show you how to create conversion campaign for conversion campaign. You must use at Pixel. Right now, I'm in my ads manager menu and this is the product that I'm going to use for this campaign . I would like to sell this dress. So to start my campaign, I'm at my campaign level. I'm clicking on create button right here. This is quick creation. Pop up. I'm going to choose objective and for objective. I'm choosing conversion. I will call it conversion. Some address. Former at said I still want to target U. S. And in my adds, I am listening as summer dress clicking and safe to draft. And it's time to set up in this campaign. So I'm choosing this campaign. I'm selecting my assets and going to edit. Please notice that right now we have a few different options right here before our budget and schedule. What is important here is we have a conversion category that we didn't use before. Right now we need to choose an event from our website which we want to track for this campaign. We've been talking about pixel set up in our previous section and this is where we're going to use it in this company. In order to actually run this kind of campaigns on Facebook, you have to have a pixel set up on your website. So let's see for these website we do have a pixel, and on this page we actually have attitude cards, events, page view events and view content event Going back to our as manager, we need to choose an event that is going to be relevant for our campaign goal. So if I'm selling dresses, I would like to choose a purchase event or initial check out events. For example. I have initial check out right here. So this is an event that I'm going to use in this campaign. Facebook is going to truck this event, and that's how Facebook will know if my campaign successful. If my potential customers will actually per firm an event that I want them to so moving forward, we are not going to use the gnomic, creative or offers in this campaign. The suggests additional options that would don't have to use this very optional. We're going to move forward to our budget and schedule. I would like to use 20 doors per day. I would like my campaign to run all day long and I don't want to choose any ended for this campaign. As for my audiences. So in my last campaign in my engagement campaign that I showed you, I used audiences that live in United States are girls and like dresses and online shopping . So in order to save time, I actually saved those audiences. And I'm going to use them in this complaint by clicking on use a safety audience. I saved them and they called U. S. A. Some address. So those are actually my girls from your safe. As you can see, same targeting. I am using those for my placement. I'm also choosing automatic placement and I'm not changing anything. My potential rich is still the same. It's 1.5 1,000,000. And for optimization and delivery. I'm not changing anything yet. So much asset is ready. It's time to continue to my aunt. My ad in this type of campaign going to be a little bit different. Let's select it and let's see what other option will get here. So, first of all, I still have identity, and I still have to choose my Facebook page for at creation. I still have a single image or video carcelle collection. Since I have a few images from my website, I'm going to use them here as well. So I'm clicking on Add medium ed image time chosen this girl in a dress. And as you can see, this image doesn't look here as well. So I need to edit it. I will click on Edit Image and I'm choosing crop image. So let's say I would like keep her Hades and I will Gods A little bit of her body got in her body. A plate gingers. That's how it looks right now. And right now I have a text. I have headline and toe have a description and obviously I have website euro This compared has more options and it actually tracks my success but rocking a pixel event. So if you're a selling anything on your website, this is the campaign that you should use. I'm going back to her websites. I'm coping my, you Carol and I will past it right here. So that's for my your old for my headline, I will say Okay, so whose goods. Let's see, What do we have here? Description. I don't have anything attractive that I can use. So that's the use of that in my text, and that's at a few more points. I can use those candy Morges just through lets that stand out to you with more. I think now it kinda looks good. So that's for my ads. It's ready. The campaign is ready and all that is left to do. Click on this published patent right here. 30. Lead Generation Campaign: Right now, there is another campaign that is very different from those two types. It's called Lee Generation Campaign. It's also very important campaign on Facebook. Let me show you how to create. So first of all, we're still ITER admin and Jermaine Ian. But today our goal is to call it leads and not to sell dresses. So I'm going to click on Create Button. I'm going to choose a lead generation and going to say that this lead generation please notice that you need to choose your page right away, right here, So I will stick with us, say, But let's say I want to sign a people for a summer camp or summer resort safe to draft. The process here looks the same. We're going to continue to our asset. We're going to edit it, and we're going to choose or targeting as you consume. We have our page category here, a page option and new option in our at set something that we had before only in our ad level. We have it in our at set because we're going to collect leads on our Facebook page. That's right. We're not using any wending pages for this type of campaign. The advantage of this campaign is that you don't need to set up any pixels or have any websites. You're going to collect leads directly to your Facebook and let me show you how you can do it. So right now, if this is not your page, you're going to choose the page you once for this campaign dynamic creative Escandon optional thing here. We're not going to use it. Break now. Also, we're not going to use a catalogue. It's natural relevant for us if we want to collect leaves, budget and schedule. Same idea, daily budget or lifetime budget up to you. I'm going to live as a started, and I'm going to choose my end date. For example, on Friday, six PM All right, so for my audience, I want to sell summer reserved ends. I want people to sign up for it. I will go for United States. I would like people with families visiting that resort, so I'm going to go a little bit higher in my age. Let's say 55. I will leave both men and women English speakers, and in my demographic, I am going to choose married 36 million people. Well, too much for me. I need to narrow it down. Let's say they would also need to have Children. Let's say small Children on may be free to five. Okay, Perfect. Now we have two million people with those characteristics, So I'm going to leave it. Is that I'm not going to touch my placement or my optimization. I'm going to continue to my ads here. I still have a place to choose my page. But as you can see, it's inactive right now so I can change anything from my ad level. I need toe change my page from the acid level. I still have text headline and even in display, ling, but no website. You're out because, as I said, we don't have one. And there is additional option that called Instant form and Cicely Generation form that we're going to create. So for my image, I'm going to use an image from resort, Okay, headlines and text. And let's put it smile here. So that's my ads. I would like them to sign up, or maybe book now. So we are already here with our creative, but as you can see, we need to choose our lead form. I will go with new forms. But if ahead I will just choose it from the list right here and the sits all is left. All that is left to do is just click publish. And you published your campaign. In my next lesson, I'm going to show you how to create your form or where you can download those leads from 31. Lead form creation: In our previous lesson, we saw how to create Lee Generation compared in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to create your regeneration form. You can create your regeneration form in two ways. You can create it either from your ad or directly from your Facebook page. I'm going to show you how to create your regeneration form from your Facebook page, since that's where you're going to check up your leads and sens. That's where you can download them. So right now I'm in my Facebook page in my top panel. I have different options and I have a bottle. That's us more. By clicking on it, I have an option that called publishing toes. I'm choosing this option in my publishing tools. I'm going down in the publishing. Those I am scrolling little bit down and toe have lied ads, for this is where my leads are hiding, clicking on leads that form and I am in My library leads library, and that's where I can create my leads from from download them with old information that those lilies are left me. So I'm clicking on creates. If I have formed that they want to duplicate I'm simply choosing that option. But if I'm new to it and I'm just taken with a new form clicking on next from my left, I have options for regeneration creation and on my right, I have a preview for the regeneration for so here I have a content. We have two options. We have more William use a form that quick to feel or at a review step that gives people a chance to confirm their infant. We don't really need that. So I'm going to go with more volume, and I will show you why we want together as many lives as possible. So we're not going to use the intra option here as well because we already have our ads. We're going to proceed to questions in questions I'm going to choose fields that I want to have for my potential customers. First of all, I want to have their email full name, and I definitely want to have their phone number. So those are feels that my customers, we're going to feel it additional thing that I like to do with my Legionaries inform. I would like to add a question. For example, I would like them to have multiple choices. Question. I'm Ed in these question because I want to filter our people that just clicked on my four by mistake. I would like to add you options for an answer, So it's going to be yes, it's going to be no, and it's going to be other. In my preview, I see that they have this question with few answers. So in order to set me in that form, they will have to answer my question first, which will allow them to think carefully about what they're doing and actually to read all the information before they're signing up. Next thing that I have here is my privacy posing. I need to feel it in this is policy for Facebook. So we talked about regeneration campaign and, as a said, You don't need a website or L landing page and you actually John for privacy policy, you can use any website that is actually similar to your privacy policy, for example, are just Google Summer resorts. This is the first website that I have, so I'm just going to use this website in my privacy policy right here, because Facebook requires me to use a your el that goes toe my policy. They're not going to check it right now. So it's OK for me to use someone else s website here and for your thank you screen, you also need to feel in those options. If you have a website, you can use it here. If not, you can just list your phone, call your business and least your phone right here. I'm going to use a website as well just to make it faster. And don't forget to name you for So let's say it's the summer reserved. So right now, you can either save this form to edit it later or finish this form to use it in your campaigns. So right now, when you already running your regeneration campaign and you want to check for your results , you can go to your Facebook page. Goto Publishing totals. Check for your lead generation library. See if you have any leads, and just by clicking on this download button, you can download this elite form with all your potential customers details, or you can go to your ads manager to lead generation campaign Goto add level and at the end level when you will have your first leads. You will see one as result and is going to be clickable. And if you're going to click on it, it's going to give you the same result as from your publishing tools. It will allow you to Donald you form with your potential customers. Details. So that's how you create Lee Generation form, and that's how you use the generation complaints. 32. Image Ad Creation: in this lesson, we're going to see how to create an image ads, and we're going to see all the options that are available for our image. And so, for our image at we go to our ad level, we click on edit or add or call eight and ends, and we have a few different options here in our create at category. So were chosen single image or video. And don't. Here we have an option to upload an image. So right now we have a new bridge. I'm going to close it just to show you how to actually do it. So by clicking on add image, I'm going to choose at image option and please notice how many different options do we have here in our at image menu? So we have a number shin for account for account. It means we used all of those pictures in our advertising account so we can reuse them jazz by selecting any off those pictures. Other option that we have here is our page. So you specific images on our page in orderto post some posts and we can reuse those images in our advertising as well. Also, another option is our instagram. We use specific images in our instagram. We can use them for our ad as well. Just be selecting a off those images, and another option is stock is actually very good option. Facebook eyes having a corporation with shutter stock so we can search for anything here and use any image that is available. So let's look for a dress. Just look how many beautiful images do we have here? We have reading dress. We have a lot of different options for dresses. You can be most Pacific. You can serious for a wedding, dress for red dress, for perp address and so on. So let's say I would like this image. I'm just selected and clicking on continuum. Let's see how it looks in our EVs. Looks great, but if I want Teoh, just edit it a little bit, I click on Crop Image and I can play with this. I can make it even bigger just for our ads. All right, so I click on confirm, and on my right, I can see how my image will look, don't mind. And those I don't mind those sign ups by shadow stock after publishing, this adds, you won't have them, and it will look naturally just as it's your image 33. Video Ad Creation: in this lesson, let's see how we can create a video ad. We're still trees in the same option, single image or video. And we have add media. So we're going to choose Ed Video for our video. We have a less options here. We have accounts page an import so we can upload the video. Or we can take a video from our page from our ad account. But we can't actually use any shutter stock or instagram for this type of at. I'm going to select video that I already used in my account Click Continue. And that's how my ad is going to be. When they click on play, I can actually replace my video. So this is how we create a video ed. 34. Carousel Ad Creation: So let's see how we create a carousel ads. We can create it using videos or images, so I'm going to sell it. Kara Solutionary here and Facebook gives me free options. Free images. I can upload either image or video here, and I will have free different cards. But so in previous examples that we have different headline and different website for each card. So that's what you can see here as an example. Let's say this is too and you can see to, and that's our first cards. That's one, and you can see what. So basically, we can't create cards. Different cards with different images upload an image. We can't. You shudder. Stop here. We can upload an image from count or page or just upload our own image and same thing goes for video. We can upload any video. We don't have an option for a shattered stock here as well. That's how it looks. It looks interesting, and that's how you create your carcela years. Different headline use different image or video. You add as many images as you like, and then you just click on publish and here you go 35. What is Optimization: hi there Today, we're going to talk about Facebook optimization process. This is very important station because is going to teach you how to improve your campaign wrestles and how to actually succeed with your Facebook advertising. So bear with me and we're starting. How would actually define optimization? Optimization is an act or process off, making something as fully perfect, functional or effective as possible. If we're going to talk about Facebook, advertising optimization is where we're going to improve, or a price per sale or our price privilege or our price per click impression or any other parameter. 36. Optimization Rules: There are some optimization rules on Facebook. Let's see, what do I mean by that? First of all, you need to get familiar with all of those parameters. They will help you to improve your campaigns and to reach your goals. First thing that I want you to get familiar with is CTR or Click-Through Rate. Cdr is the percentage of times people saw your ad and performed a click. It's actually a very important parameter for you. Cpm, or cost per 11000 impressions is the average cost for 100 possessions. Cpc is cost per click, is the average cost for each click someone makes on your ad. Impressions is number of times your ads were onscreen. Reach is number of times people actually saw your ads. Frequency is average number of times each person saw your ad, and of course, amounts spent, it's estimated total amount of money you spend on your campaign, ads or ads. Now, let's talk about the rules of optimization. First of all, please notice that UCT R must be at least 1%. Obviously, the more, the better, but don't go under a one-percent. That will guarantee the success of your campaign. If your city are, is under 1%, it simply means that your campaign isn't attractive enough for your target audience. And you must change either creative for your AD or your target audience. Cpm must be as low as possible. If you CPM going to be high, you're going to pay too much money for your click. And you're going to pay too much money for any action that performed with your ad CPC, you need to keep it as low as possible. It's kinda related to your CPM as well. But if your ad is very attractive and geotargeting is correct and you have high CTR, your CPC can go down impressions. It actually depends on your potential rich that we can set up in your asset level. But you need to reach at least 100 people in order to make any changes for your campaign. As for your reach, it must be as close to your impressions number as possible. Frequency makes sure you don't go over to going over 2m. It means that the same person looked at you, add more than two times. If that person didn't perform any action by looking at your ad onetime or even another time. It means he is not interested. He is not going to perform any action. And right now, you just burning your money. Those are all optimization rules. Let me show you how to implement those rules on Uriel campaign. 37. Time Range Menu: in this lesson, we're going to talk about time range menu, and what do I actually mean by a time range? When you're in your as manager on your right, you have this calendar. What? Say it When you click on it, you actually have a calendar. That's where you can choose a time period from which you want to see your data. So if you're running a campaign right now, the most relevant data is actually a fresh one. So let's say I can choose the last seven days or I can choose allows 14 days. If this is not enough, you can shoes 30 days, or you can choose it Monolith by yourself. It's very simple. All you need to do is just choose a month that you want to actually start with. So, for example, let's start from the beginning off a year. I'm choosing First of January and I want to choose Ah, let's say till the end of June. So that's my time range. And they simply click on update and all the data that a Syria now for my campaigns, is actually daughter for that period off time. Let's test it out if I want to see that off last 14 days. And as you can see, I see that our only on those two campaigns, which means that only those two campaigns they were active at that time. So that's how you actually play with your time range menu. It's very simple. It's up to you. If you need to analyze that, are from the entire account from this year or from the last year or the year before that, you can do it. You can do it with this menu if you want to see ah data from last few days from today from yesterday. This is also the main you that you're going to use in order to choose your dates. 38. Columns: in the preface. Listen, we saw what kind of parameters we should look for on Facebook oil, optimizing our campaigns. So how do you actually choose those parameters for Facebook? It's very simple. You go to your ads manager, and there is a menu that called Combs. That's what you're going to use for your optimization. Here you go. You have a lot of different options here. Those auctions can help us with different campaign objectives. For example, if we have a video views campaign here, we have video engagement. Option it. We're going to choose it. We're going to see all the data. That is kind of relevance on the for our video campaign. We can see for how long people actually of Ute video. If someone played it for 100% or only 25 video plays in total, we can still see our reach. Our amount spent on this campaign, our impressions and other data is for video campaign only West Shoes on Lifetime here just to see our data, that was for our video campaign for our engagement campaign, for example, we can see how many people reacted on our post have many people commented how many people save their post or share their post or a simply collect on it. But this data simply isn't enough to decide if this campaign for successful or not. So that's why I prefer to build my own combs that will help me toe unless any complaint that I have on Facebook. So let's start by clicking on columns. I'm going to get back toe performance, the fault option. It gives us a basic information about campaign, and I'm going to add a few more options that we already familiar with to Mike Holmes clicking on it and charging customize columns. That's how it looks like. That's how it looks like on my right. I have 17 combs that I can't see right now in my as manager from my left, I can actually choose anything. I want our for engagement for conversions, for setting simply a companion ity at site I D. And so on. Or if I already know, what am I looking for? I can simply type it here, so we know that we need CPI M option. That's what I'm going to, uh, ads. As you can see, I'm reading it right here. Just by selecting this option from the main menu, Then I want to see a frequency. Obviously, then I want City are option. There are few city or options I'm choosing two of them just to see a general city are. And then I want to see how many of those people are actually clicking on my link. Amateurs CPC. Also I will choose both options. I want to see how many clicks do I get on my ad, So I'm choosing clicks on a link clicks. There's a general columns that I want tohave. If Iran conversion or traffic campaigns using my website or my landing page, I would like to add a few events from my pixel as well, just to see how many people may be toe cart or install my up or simply feeling the lead form. So you have different options from conversion and obviously custom conversion. Right now, I don't have any. Those are basic options that you must have in your combs. You can save those columns for later use. Otherwise, each time you want to perform an optimization, you will have to go to columns to customize columns and choose all of those parameters from your menu well over again, so just save your choice. You can save a trade here. Safest presets. Give it to name optimization and click apply. Next time you want to see that for your campaigns, you just going to choose from your columns optimization option. And that's how you can see all these data for this period of time for all of your campaigns . 39. BreakDown Menu: in this letter. We're going to continue talking about our optimization process, and this time we're going to talk about breakdown. Mini. What is breakdown? Menu Breakdown Menu is basically helping us to splits our campaign by delivery, which can be age, gender, platform, country and other options by time. By day bye, week by month, we can see how our campaign preferment on a daily basis. In some cases, we can figure out that our campaign performs better on Friday, but not as well on Sunday. So that's something that can help us to decide went around our campaign by action. It's about destination by conversion device, video view, type and so on. Let's continue toe are as manager and let's see how to actually use our breakdown menu. Right now we're in our ad manager. I want to show you one off my active accounts just to see what breakdown does for us. Well, first of all, I'm going to choose one of the campaign's because we have too much data here, and it will be kinda complicated to show you a breakdown menu on all over campaigns at once . So I'm going to choose this campaign this is both campaign or engagement campaign. Our time range right now is lifetime. So all the data that we collected with this campaign I can see right here. Those are my posting engagement. This is my reach impressions and so on having to show you those options on our most active at sets. So let's filter it by results. Those are my biggest assets right here. I'm going to see like them. I'm going to click on the field. So and I am going to choose an option filter by selection. As you can see, right now, I have only those two exits, and that's the way to analyze specific at set or ads or campaign. You can do this action on any level off your campaign. Let's start. If I want to break them down A let's say, by delivery. I can choose by age and let's see what we have right here, right here. I can clearly see that's ages 25 to 34 or 45 to 54. Aren't that relevant to my campaign on the ages 35 to 44 were actually engaging with my headset. Same thing goes for my second at said. I can see that Onley ages 35 to 44 25 to 34 were engaging. If I'm going to break it down by gender, I can clearly see our for this, Ad said. I didn't target females, so if I did target both genders here, I can see that only males our engagement with my campaign. In that way, I spent almost $20 on females and I spends 72 doors on men. So basically just a fruit, my $20 away. Since females didn't even engaged that well with my Adsit. Let's see, what other option do I have? I can split by region, and if I'm going to do so, I will filter it by result. So right now we can see that those regions are not engaging at all with my assets. No, I can say add because in the end they're engaging with my head. So they're not engaging with my ad. I can exclude those regions from my headset. Other thing that I can see is my platform here. I can see it that I have engagement on Facebook and on Instagram. But let's see even further. Yes, I have engagement on both platforms, so I'm not going to excludes any platforms right now. But let's pleated by a device have platform and device, so that's how I can break down my That's it. That's how I can actually see what is going on. Who uses what device, what placement is working, what gender is working. I completed by age and gender by country. If you target more than one country, and I can split it by time, If I can split my asset by day, I can see that my engagement is pretty much the same every day. But sometimes I can see that I pay more, for example, in a specific day. And if it's something that and if it's something that is repeating himself, I can simply shut my campaign down for that specific date. If I don't want to see any more of those splits, I can simply are click clear all breakdowns you can play with your break down menu. There are a lot of options here that can help you to optimize your campaign and gets the best results possible. 40. Optimization LIVE example: in this lesson, I'm going to show you my optimization process. Obviously, my optimization process. It stars with my campaign objective. If my campaign objective is post engagement, what's these campaign for this example? So if this is my objective, first of all, I'm going to choose excess that were runny in last 30 days. I want to see on the those assets I'm going to filter them out because, as you can see, I have a lot of different access here. But they burned active in that period of time, so I'm going to use my filter options and filter them out. None of them are active right now. I can definitely use that menu if they're active, so I'm going to use that, said metrics. And for metrics, I'm going to go for impressions or a reach, because those are parameters that are actually exist here. I'm going to go with impressions and I'm going toe just one in here, and that's how I will get access that been working in the last 30 days. I'm choosing my optimization option. Let's see, What do we have here? Well, I can see that my frequency for at this asset and this one and this is very high. So I'm not going to use them again. They're breaking much done. They showed my adds too many times to my targeting here. Let's see, What else do we have here? We have a very good city arm. Here we have 5%. You will have 25. As you remember, we want to kids at least a 1%. So here we have Amazing city are we want to keep it. So let's concentrate on those to add sets because those air only one that I can use again. Since their frequency is not that high, let's take a look at their CPM there. CPM is very different. This one is kind of cheap and this one is very expensive. It's almost $32 so for my city are here. My CTR is great is 25%. It means that 25% off people who actually are so my ads collect on it. It's it's amazing. As you remember, we talked about having a city are for for at least 1% and here have 25 5 and it's great ctr for our sippy seem our CPC here is much more cheaper than here. But we have same amount off clicks for both at sets actually going to filter them out. So it will be easier. So I'm selecting those assets and I'm clicking on filter by selection. Let's see how much money did this bend. That's all they spends. So basically they spend the same amount of money and they performed good. That's right, to break them down a little by age. So what do we have here? We can see that are CPM is much lower for people over 35 years. So I'm thinking to exclude 25 to 34 because I'm paying way too much though those people May city are here is also higher here. So I want to keep those people around. I, John, want to target these people because there are much more expensive. What about our second ed set? Al? It seems a recipe em here is pretty much the same. Still, I have better or city are for people over 35 years. Also, my CPC is a little bit lower by the way, peace not is that CBC here his way to lower them for these age group. So I would like to exclude 25 34 from my targeting off Muslim. Let's see, what else can we find out about our advertising? So we're going to split by gender. We can see that females are not even kill leaking on our ads. So we're going to exclude them as well. Let's see what platform do the use here. For some reason, I didn't add Instagram So we have Facebook and Instagram right here. But for Instagram, we have no clicks, so I can't excluded from these headsets as well. So this is how our optimization process goes. We'll check out CPM which echoed frequency, See our amount of clicks and CPC. We break it down by platform, by country, by region, by anything that is actually relevant to your campaign. And we try to improve our campaign by excluding areas or ages that are not working as you could see in this example, females are not a good choice for us in this campaign. Instagram is not a good choice. We even have some congee limitation in ages because on the people who are older than 35 years old are actually interested in our campaigns, and it doesn't matter. What do you advertise or what kind of campaign do you use? You will have to consider all of those parameters in your campaign is well and to use them in order to improve your campaign and get better results. 41. Course Conclusion : Just remember, Take a little bit of time, make a research and prepare your target. Don't target just anyone. Prepare a good Saturday for your campaign. You can't tell. Get everyone in the world. You need to target specific people. And the second part off good and successful Facebook campaign is your advertising. You need to prepare a good quality.