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5 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Explanations

    • 3. The Exercise

    • 4. Tips & Tools

    • 5. Closing Words

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About This Class

Save yourself years of practice and searching..

Your 'true self' is nothing you have to achieve or develop in the future. It means your natural being, what you already are! Realizing this is simple and the only way to find real peace & happiness in this world.

That's all 'awakening' really means and what Buddha, Jesus and all the great sages pointed to.

You don’t need to sit naked in a cave, read tons of spiritual & self-help books or be good at Yoga. This is also not about your personal self; discovering your 'purpose' or unleashing your 'full potential'.

I've tried and seen a lot of BS over the last 10+ years on my spiritual journey, so I'd love to share what it really comes down to.

You can find out right here and now - all it takes is an open heart & mind!


DISCLAIMER: Seeking truth since I was 15, it only clicked after having met a true spiritual master called 'Mooji'. What I'm sharing in this course is all his wisdom & teaching. It comes from a lineage called 'Advaita' which originated in India.

PS: I'm very aware of and very sorry for the bad audio quality.
It's better when you listen without headphones!