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How to find your true Self

Emerelle's Voice, Spiritual Consultant

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About This Class

Save yourself years of practice and searching!

Here you have found a non BS course in "awakening" where I'll show you what Buddha, Jesus and all the great sages knew.

And I already have good news for you: To find yourself, you don’t have to sit naked in caves, journey to India or be good at Yoga. You can find out right now, in front of your Computer screen!

All it takes is an open heart & mind to discover who you really are.

I might be young, but already have 10 years of spiritual search behind my back.. so I'd love to share what I've found out + what it all comes down to. Hint: It's quite simple & everyone can do it :)

Looking forward to seeing you in class!



With finding yourself I don't mean your personal self. Like, discovering your 'purpose' or unleashing your 'full potential' - which you'll read about in every other selfhelp book these days. Those things might just come along with what we're about to discover, though.

Finding yourself here means, awaken to who you really are.

I consider this to be a very basic understanding about what human beings really are, about our own true nature.





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Emerelle's Voice

Spiritual Consultant

I help seekers to come out of the spiritual jungle & home to themselves.

Tried it all? Stuck in Spirituality? 
Stop wasting time acquiring spiritual skills - answer your calling & find your true self now.

Because the only way to truly find your place in the world is to come home to yourself!

I know it can be hard.. I've been on this journey for 10 years (and I'm 25 now).
But it actually is quite simple, once you understand what it's all about.

So I'...

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