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How to find lost stuff easily

Eszter Gergely

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10 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My experience with the lost books

    • 3. How do you react to this?

    • 4. Try this before the tips

    • 5. You can't find it if you are lost, tips 1-5

    • 6. Don't focus on the lack Tips 6-8

    • 7. I lost my ring in the city

    • 8. Meditation

    • 9. Another way of finding your stuff

    • 10. Conclusion, project


About This Class

In this class I give you tips on what to do when you lose something or in situations when you feel lost. This class is geared towards people who get nervous about not finding their objects.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

By the end of this class you will be able to shift your brain into another state in which you can find more easily what you want. Identify and then change your thoughts and emotions, and enjoy the new way of looking at your day.


1. Introduction : Hi. My name is s that in this class and give you tips on what to do. When you lose something, you'll gain a new skill that can help you in finding your object, your last object and also in other areas of your life. When you feel lost, no prior knowledge or experience is needed. This class is geared towards people. Get nervous when they cannot find their stuff. By the end of this class, you'll be able to shift your brain and emotions into another state where you can achieve more easily what you want. You can post your project below, you, said tips. Identify and then change your thumb. Attend believes and emotions. Describe what your new emotions and thoughts are and experience a new way of looking at your day. I'm looking forward to meeting you in this class, but 2. My experience with the lost books: I couldn't find the book borrowed from the library. I ran out of time. I knew it was in the house somewhere, and there was this other issue in another book from the library. According to the library's report, we still had a book, but I remember clearly that we had taken it back to the library. I find sadness, anger and helplessness. I realized that these feelings have never had before. They only let me toe more negative state of mind. I said my intention toe find the book and saw this problem with the librarian, and I went to sleep the next morning. I did what I will tell you in this class, and in five minutes I could find a book on the chef, and my husband called me that the problem was solved because the librarian could find the book on a shelf 3. How do you react to this?: What do you do when you can find something? You may act like me. I get more and more angry as time passes by. Do you ask questions like this? How can I always lose it? Why is this happening to me? Why me? Is something wrong with me? And do you succeed in finding your stuff? After these negative questions, I have to admit that I rarely find my stuff with such an attitude. If my husband finds something for me, it doesn't make me really happy because I cannot get rid of the negative emotions so quickly. And usually I feel ashamed about my reactions. We may look so funny from another perspective. We spin around madly in the house and get more and more frustrated, although we should just calm down and connect to our inner intuitive being. 4. Try this before the tips: the first step before meditating is to identify your negative thoughts and emotions. This may seem easy, but you may need some practice to be able to describe and name your thoughts and feelings. Women are better in this after you have identified your feeling. Acknowledge that you are not that feeling and it does not rule you. In fact, you are above these feelings and thoughts. Name them and acknowledged that they are there and don't judge them or yourself. My experience is that naming them and putting yourself above your thoughts and feelings takes away the negative power, and you get to feel lighter and more calm. This is a proper starting point for your meditation, but you may need first to start your meditation. In order to be able to rise above your negative thoughts and emotions. You can try both ways. 5. You can't find it if you are lost, tips 1-5: We are intuitive beings, but we have lost the connection with this inner censor. There are some people who still use this power. Native Americans, for example, have a deep connection with nature and have trust in their intuition. We started to focus on the outside and put our trust in highly educated people and the new inventions. We believe that every knowledge is outside of us, and we have to study and to gain it in orderto have it and to use it. But many people start to realize that there is much in humans more than we were told. More and more mothers start to pay attention to their babies needs, so they don't need so many books and counseling on how to raise a child, even though people who do not use a GPS because they want to maintain their intuition, focus and knowledge instead of changing into an automation mode of being. So, in order to get in touch with your inner self, you need to slow down and turn inwards. This may be frightening to many of us because we are afraid of being alone in silence. We like to get along with people to listen to music, turn on the TV to chat with friends. We are not used to to silence and loneliness. Many people think that being alone is boring, and it means that the person is a loser because he or she cannot connect with others and obviously has some problems socializing. They have a weird image in their mind about lonely and boring people who say they are happy . But that must be alive because being alone is not interesting. It is easier to ask somebody or to open a book or a video tutorial whenever we have a problem, because we're used to think and talk, especially Western people cannot get rid off their thoughts. We cannot think of nothing. By the way, it is not as difficult as we imagine it. The obstacle is that we have so money means beliefs or preconceptions about meditation that we don't even want to try it. There are some people who say that it is very difficult and long to reach a meditative state. That is why people don't even want to try it because it would need so much effort. What if I showed you an easy way? The first step is to get rid of your negative preconceptions and start to believe that it is easy to slow your mind down and connect with your inner being. And when the universe or the Creator, the biggest problem may be that you feel eliminated and the part of this power the universe , is the creator and your inner being. So the very first thing to do is to ask yourself, Who told you that you are a part and why do you believe it? If you let this negative believe go, you can get better results in meditating. But if you stuck on it, you may need help from people who can access the unconscious of your mind and clear these beliefs. The easiest way to meditate is by focusing on your breath Every time you capture a thought . Don't blame yourself. Just let it go and get back to your breath. This can slow you down, and you can start paying attention to your emotions to your intuition. For some people, it is easier to visualize a route into the universe in order to keep the mind away of wondering. You can focus on the route until you reach the brightest and highest place in the universe that is called the Unconditional Love the creator Energy God. If you still see people there that higher, you should feel a relaxed con state of mind. Don't make a fast of it. Just do it for some minutes and don't judge yourself. Keep it simple and joyful. You cannot spoil it if you can sit still for some minutes. You did it right. The more you do it, the better it will be. But there is no measurement or expectation on how to do it and what to achieve. 6. Don't focus on the lack Tips 6-8: So let's say you cannot find a book or your keys. What do you do? Usually we start to get angry and judge and accused ourselves or others. This negative state of mind doesn't help us. It distracts us from the solution. It focuses on the problem and doesn't help in finding the solution. You keep saying something like, I cannot find it. I don't know where it is. These negative emotions act you back. This is the time you need to meditate, or at least to come down and get rid of these statements. It is not always easy to shift right into a positive mood from this negative perspective. That is why you need some off the above mentioned meditation techniques. As soon as you come down, your thoughts and feelings start to change. You can have them by focusing on your breathing and by thinking positive thoughts like I am come, I am part of the universe. I have intuition. I can connect easily to the universe to the creator toe God. The most important thing is to change your vibration, your emotions, your thoughts. You need to arrive into a state where you no longer focus under lack. If you have time, it is best to start your intention off finding your stuff and go to sleep and start searching in the next day, or at least later when you manage to shift your mood. So let's say you cannot find your keys. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. What thoughts do you have? I cannot find Where can it be? How can I be such a fool? Don't let yourself into the negative feelings. Just acknowledge these thoughts, then change your intention. What do you want to do? You want to find your keys and acknowledge that you're that you obviously know where they are because you have put them away. So now it is time to come down. Do not judge yourself or others and stop negative thoughts and feelings. If you cannot change into a positive mood right away, start the meditation technique. Start to breathe and quiet your mind. Sit still and let yourself merge. In this calmness and happiness, you can say affirmations like I am calm. I am part of the universe. I am worthy of love and happiness. I am love, I am loved. I am successful. I have the control. Negative thoughts or feelings may emerge. Acknowledge these and let them go. If they are very strong, you need to deal with them later because these thoughts set you back. Maybe your parents or teachers told you something that you believed, or it may be a thought that comes from your people who experienced something similar in the past. It may also be a collective thought that the people in your country believe the best way to get rid of the thoughts that are not yours is toe access. The unconscious. If you are good at meditation, you can delete these beliefs and download new ones that serve you. Or you can ask for help. Now visualize your last stuff and set your intention. I know where my keys are. Show me. Let your imagination work freely. Don't judge your thoughts. Don't say it is unbelievable. Just let your thoughts flow, then stand up and go wherever your intuition drives you without fear or judgment or expectations. Look for your stuff in the places you intend and don't change this positive mood. The best way is to do these exercises before bedtime. Fall asleep while doing the meditation and informations and started over Before you get out of bed, follow on being in this positive state of mind and start being intuitive. If you still cannot find them, acknowledge it. Don't judge your staff and don't get angry or sad. It may happen that you would find it a little bit later, or somebody else can show you where it is. Acknowledge that you still received something, a new way of looking at yourself and at the word. Repeat these steps daily, especially before getting out of bed and in the evening in the bed. Learn how not to judge yourself, repeat the informations and invent new ones. How does this new way of thinking and feeling change your day? And the way you see things you can even write down? What happens that is not usual started. They read the question. What miracles can I let in today into my life? You will be amazed by the changes in your life 7. I lost my ring in the city: my golden ring was to lose, so I put it in my wallet some days later. I was shocked when I opened my well it because during had disappeared, I took out everything from my bag, but I couldn't find it. It was obvious that I had lost it. Somewhere in the shop, I started to lose control over my negative emotions. This was more than a book that was somewhere in the house. The ring was lost in the big city. I decided to stay calm and said my intentions to find it. Even though this waas logically impossible, it was difficult to maintain this positive emotion because my logical mind captain saying that this ring was lost. I did the medication. I even considered my my thoughts about marriage and tried to stop judging myself now concentrated on the ring on owning the ring with a positive attitude rather than on the loss of it. And I went home for my surprise. When I arrived home, my husband told me that he had taken it out from my village because he didn't consider it a safe place for it. I simply couldn't believe this for me. This ring was lost. But I let the universe solve this problem without shutting over the doors by my negative emotions or thoughts. This event made me more sure that this method works. 8. Meditation : Let's start the meditation. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. They long slow breath in and out Release any tension As you breathe out Concentrate on your heart and bring the energy down through your feet Imagine that you drew up energy from the core of the earth through your feet, legs and body And your body gets relaxed Drew the energy up through your chest, heart, neck and head Relax your body now imagine that this energy gets through your head and forms a bowl of light above your head. Now sit into this shiny ball of light and let it lift you high into the universe. Go higher and higher. Go past the Stan or the planet. Keep going up you go past many Galaxies you can see darker or brighter lights you come to adore goes through it as you do so you arrive toe a bright light lighter than the sun This is the unconditional love The creator energy, the source energy. There are no people. Nobody Just this Rick just desperately light. You're both of light slowly dissolves and you become one with this light. Sit still in this light, the love, energy, the peace feel this love and peace and enjoy it. Say your affirmations. I am calm. I am part of the universe I have into Eastern. I can connect easily, toe my inner being. I am loved. I am birth e. I am capable. I am successful. Let the positive feelings feel you now set your intention. I know where my stuff is. Show me. Stay in this calmness as long as you wish. Then start to come back by getting into the ball of light. Start to come back down. Back through all the lights over the planet. Back to the universe. Back to earth. Enter your body through your head and go down through your neck. Heart next and feet Draw the energy off the earth. Back through your feet and legs. Heart neck to your head. Now take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. It is not a problem if you fall asleep during meditation. 9. Another way of finding your stuff: it is very wise to be open toe. Any solution don't narrow down the path by thinking there is only one way of finding your optic. Here is my example. I had my former medical records somewhere in the house, but I couldn't find them. I slow myself down. I switched into a positive state of mind, but nothing happened. I was in a hurry, so I just let it go and went to the doctor because I had an appointment right away. And for my surprise, I was shoot in another doctor's room. The doctor who had my records in her computer. So an idea popped into my head and I asked for Could you please print out the reports for me and shouldn't kindly And so I have found my records. But yes, this is not true, but I had the universe fascinate me, and I didn't know down the path off finding it so you can do the same and, uh, you can find your stuff. You can be open toe any solution, and you can experience wonders 10. Conclusion, project: in this class. I have showed you how to achieve a positive attitude that helps you find your last objects . Name your thoughts and feelings and rise above them. I feel that you are one with the benevolent universe. Focus on your breath. Calm down. You can do a short meditation If you have time, say positive affirmations. Change your negative vibration. No longer focused on the lack. Set your intention to find it and, if it is possible, go to sleep. If you cannot get rid of your negative thoughts, you need to meditate daily, tried before falling asleep or right after you wake up. After you are able to connect to your inner being easily, you no longer need to meditate. If you lose something, you can change your vibration right away and set your intention to find it. You can post your project below. Use the tips, identify and then change your thoughts and emotions. Describe what your new thoughts and emotions are and experience a new way of looking At your date. You can post your experiences and your answers below which exercise work the best or the worst for you. What kind of negative thoughts arose during the meditation? What did you feel after the meditation? Did you experience any wonder in your life