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How to find lost stuff easily

Eszter Gergely

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10 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • My experience with the lost books

    • How do you react to this?

    • Try this before the tips

    • You can't find it if you are lost, tips 1-5

    • Don't focus on the lack Tips 6-8

    • I lost my ring in the city

    • Meditation

    • Another way of finding your stuff

    • Conclusion, project


About This Class

In this class I give you tips on what to do when you lose something or in situations when you feel lost. This class is geared towards people who get nervous about not finding their objects.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

By the end of this class you will be able to shift your brain into another state in which you can find more easily what you want. Identify and then change your thoughts and emotions, and enjoy the new way of looking at your day.





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Hi, I started to find solutions for my problems, when I was feeling depressed. Life must be happy, otherwise it is not worth living it. So I dived into studying Theta Healing and other methods about conscious problem solving. I am a Theta Healing consultant, I help people get out of negativity and out of their problems. I can help you if you feel lost.


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