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2 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. The magic behind Mentoring

    • 2. How to find and work with a Mentor

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About This Class

In this Class you learn:

  • why you need multiple mentors
  • how to find a mentor
  • how to work with a mentor
  • how to become a mentor

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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. The magic behind Mentoring: in this class. We're going to talk about which people inspire us. Yeah, and we're going to talk about mentoring. We're going to show you bottom enters how to find a mental, how to work with a mentor. And as a bonus, I'm going to tell you what this guy has done. How he hassled me, how he convinced me that I should become his skill. Shimanto joined his class. See you soon. 2. How to find and work with a Mentor: Welcome to this video. In this video, we're going to talk about two things. First, we're going to talk about inspirational people. Why they are so important for us. What we learn from them, What you can learn for them, how to find them and many other things. In the second part, we're going to talk about mentorship. Why is it important to have a mental? Why can I meant the coach you in a good way. Why can Aumento has really crucial impact to your whole life. Let's get started, Clements. Tell me something about pick any inspirational person you know, and tell me about it. Okay. In the first wanna know is constant in Pisa is he's an Austrian entrepreneur, one of the most famous ones from Austria. And, yeah, he built a few companies. I think the most important or the most famous one is brands for friends. And yeah, and he was in the same school as I waas. So yeah, he's one of the biggest persons I look up to and I hope to meet him in person some sometime . Yeah. Okay. Let's get into details about its print for friends. Friends of friends. Is Ah, Secondhand? Yeah, online shop. They're famous brands like Gucci, Armani and others. You have the stuff which isn't isn't sold. Um, you combine them off with about 70% and it's a little bit tricky because you can't simply go to the only shop and buy their but friends off. You have to invite you to his online shop. So it's pretty exclusive. And, yeah, they started also very small. And now the company has I don't know. I heard about 500 people working dance, and he sold the company. So yeah, and I really enjoyed building up to start ups and having this great idea so pretty cool you mentioned has been to the same school like you have been. Did you know him there? How much is older than you are? Counseling? Unfortunately, Yeah, I didn't know him in person yet. Let's see. Let's see. Howard. Rex? Yeah, he's almost 20 years older than me. So it's like mid forties, I think, and lives in America at the moment. And he has different start ups. Is also a business angel. I think so. Yeah. Always giving back really like this approach. How did you first get to know him. They dio here. It's cool about him. How was it? It was pretty funny because my uncle and his parents are close friends. Okay, so yeah, but I was talking with my uncle about start ups into stuff and then it they told me that, you know, someone who's into this business, and yeah, no. Then I started looking looking for him and instagram Google and watch about off his videos . And I really enjoyed and admired what he wasn't is doing. And yeah, I hope toe, As I said, meet him someday in person and connect with him. That would be awesome if you would meet him. And you're only allowed to ask him one question. What would it be? That's a tricky question. It's a very tricky question. Uh, I think I would ask him if he is happy with what he's doing in life, because, of course, he's famous. He earns good money, I think, and hostels very hard. But I think that at the end of the day, it's important to look in the mirror and just be confident. Be happy with what you're doing, and I will ask him if he could start his life again. Well, if we would be at my age, if you would exactly do the same, if you would start different to do something different and yeah, that's one thing. Nice question. Will like it. So my turn. Yeah, I would ask you, Who is your person if I'm allowed, er going to name several of them. The first guy I really admire is some strong. I'm always throwing hiss we spend because I'm really into what if done what he's achieved. Yeah, a lot off. You probably think What? He wasn't tracks and he was cheating. I don't know if he did it, Okay, They say he did. He committed to it. But what I admire him from is here. But most of you probably don't even know this guy had cancer. This guy fight so hard to get back toe bicycling. He went back to his old team. The kind off set to him. No, You're not coming back to us. You've been sick. You're not good enough for us. Go get away. So he went to another team. He went toe one off the worst teams out there. He want everything with this team he stayed loyal to this team even though his old team wanted him to have back Andi. I really admire what he's done. He's also giving so much back with its live, strong foundation. So it's really inspiring for me because this guy really lives. This never give up mentality. Another person that I really like is, I think a lot off. You know him a lot of few. And show him If you don't take a look on skill share or YouTube, you will find him there. It's gonna rain a truck. It's fucking awesome. Online market. Who has his own agency? Andi. Here's his escape re show, and in this show, he delivers so many value. I learned so much from it right now. I think he's an episode 239 have seen all of them off, literally spent weeks in front of my notebook and my phone swimming it, But it's so inspirational to watch this guy to talk to him. Yeah, I got to know him through. Philip and I can also say that is really one of the great on that. Entrepreneurs and I could also learn a lot from him, so check him out now. Um, one thing when you listen to him is like he's really trying toe threw it into your head that you need to hustle. You need toe hostile. You need to work on day really like this because this really motivated me a lot and really put this into my mindset on stuff was really game changer for myself. Another person that I really like is Tim Ferriss. History offer off the four hour work week, which is a great book which tells you, like so many things on how you can work smarter. Yeah, a lot off. You very motivated guys. Right now, we'll say Okay, I don't want toe only work for hours. Yeah, me neither. I also want to work from more than four hours, but the concepts are that important thing. They're Pareto principle and all these things. How you can really do less work and get a lot of things down. How toe automate a lot of things. This was really, really well important for myself. Okay, I think we talked so much about inspirational people. Let's get to mentorship. So, Clements, what is a mental for me? A mentor e someone who's yeah, who I look up to who's achieved something I would also like to chief. And I think mentoring is not just in case of business thinking every part or everything you want to do their mentors, whether it's sports, oh, our business or anything. So, yeah, I would really recommend you also to look up to the very best because yeah, if you want to really become great at something, you have to learn from the best ones. And some people are afraid to talk to them or to message them on and say, Yeah, he won't You made me back or whatever. But in fact, the the worst thing that can happen is that he's not replying. And I think you should give it. Definitely try because yeah, if it works out, it's It's great. And if it doesn't answer, yeah, nothing happens. It's also OK, but at least to try it. So don't be afraid to give it a try and to see how it works. So you said you are always trying to work with the best. So that's why you're working with me. I think this guy was fucking crazy when we first met I told him about that. I'm doing this skill chair. He didn't even have a plan. What? A video course. Waas All he knew about the smartphone was held to take a selfie with his camera. He didn't even know how to create video courses. And yet I showed him what I was doing. And from this moment, I don't know why. But that's why I loved this mother with guys so much. He was so hooked. He was really hustling me down. Always coming up with I want to do its well. I want to do Jesus. Well, I could help you. I can help you show me. Show me this. Show me this and yeah, Every day I'm getting new West message from this guy saying something like Hustle break in rehearsal. When can we work on DSO? I didn't even fought about kind off being a mentor to someone, but I have I've experienced it. I learned so much from my mentors, and right now I'm also trying to give back something. And this really, really helps you to reflect on yourself, Andi, to help other people cool. Because, for example, when I started out of business I got my first Mento. Who? Yeah, I had access to about one hour a month on glass. Really? Didn't even know how to ask. It was always is it okay to ask something? But it's so important to ask the right questions to attach yourself to people toe really strain on their knowledge to piggyback them. So you really, really need toe Develop yourself And you can only do this by having quite mentors. Yeah, and one thing I would definitely recommend us. And when you're approaching to a mentor when you text him or when you go to him and talked to him, think about the most important questions before because many of these persons don't have so much time there always in a hurry or stretch to this stuff. So I think about what you would ask in the bullet points so that you don't have to ask them 10 minutes to come to the 1.1 question You want to ask them, Simply think about before so you can You can Yeah. Don't Don't steal time from them because time is the most important value. Exactly. So yeah, and also an approaching a mental. It's so important that you give first because let's say you're starting out. He's the expert. So therefore why should he take time for you? Yeah, OK, because probably his goodwill moved or whatever. But if you want something from someone who's one level above you provide value to them sent them a message and say Hey man, I see you Instagram You only have 8000 followers. I have 25,000. I can give you a couple of shoutouts. I can help you create your profile. I came to this for you. I can do this for you but would you please in return? Show me some knowledge on this and this And this works really belt because mentors are willing toe boost the game most of the time the mental is older and more experienced than the mentee. But so therefore advisement also knows that he can learn a lot from the younger age. For example, if you take a look at Snapchat if you're today, let's a study and you have absolutely no clue about Snapchat. Why not start mentoring? A 16 year old guy was getting into his first business and in advance he should show you how Snapchat works, not only how to use it, but also how the young people are really working with it. I think this is so important. Yeah, and I think it's also very important not to make the mistake. To think he had a mentor has to be older than you because many think about when it comes to mentoring. Someone who's a lot has a lot of money and the staff. But in fact it's about learning something and nobody knows everything. So yeah, you can. You can always have an advantage when you're connected. People working at something you're not good at. So you have simply tried all terms and see what works for you. And there's one more thing for myself that's really important because today we Onley talked about Demento and Pepe's, and I think it's very important if you have time for it to create connections to Mark Supplementals of example would be very create to have bond mentor that can solve all your problems can advise in all these fields. But as the world gets one more complicated and them one more topics, it makes sense for you to have multiple mental for example. Get one guy for online marketing. Get one guy for league issues. Get one guy for what? They have a photo shop. I don't know what you're working on, doctor Passion. Andi doesn't. Oh, they don't have to be mentors. You can also get some peer groups, for example. But I love to do it. Have people working sessions were 4 to 6. People sit in a room and everyone brooks in his problem. Andi. But in this time, it's OK to ask the other person's for help. So, for example, Clement and I, and two friends of ours sitting together with working, and suddenly Clements decides he wants toe build up his first email family and two of the other guys will, where he done it so he doesn't need to start from the beginning. Can simply go to them and say, Okay, I want to do this. Katie, please show me. Can you give me some tips? Because a lot of times it helps a lot if you know where to start. And on the other hand, these people can come back to Mr Clements. You managed to get 20,000 fuels on Facebook on your post without spending marketing or anything. How did you do this? I want to do this as well. And this is kind off combining knowledge, connecting your points and really getting things done together. Yeah, that's one thing I can really recommend you, Philip, and me, We're doing it. What? We're doing it many times and it's worked out pretty well fast. And another thing that's that comes with this part is you stay motivated because when you work alone or you went home and stuff, I think everyone knows it. You lazy, you don't push. His heart is when you're sitting in the group and see everyone else is working on the plans and on the businesses. It keeps your motivation level higher and helps you also. Yeah. So I think once again, we talked about so many things. The beginning we blend to over talk about inspirational people. What was the name of your car? Constant in peace since Yeah, I talked about Guerena Chuck Lens Armstrong. Then we talked about mentoring, how we approached our first mento us what we get out from them, why it's so important to have not only won but have plenty off dismantles how to ask them why you should deliver value to them first, who also talked a little bit about Pierre working. And yeah, I think we want to end this class here with a call to action for you. So if you like this class, please give us a review. Leave us a comment and what's very important for us. Create a project in this project. Line out in Richfield. You would like to have a mental what you could offer the them and what you expect for them to help you. So who's the mental? What can you do for them? And then what do you want for them, Andi? Yeah, probably. If someone off you is interested. It's culture mentoring were trying to build a training program. This will be free. But we're simply trying to expand our knowledge because we really learned that the best way for us to master something is to teach something. Will also two more classes on this so creative project. Contact us and see. Assume. See you. Bye.