How to felt organic wool slippers | Jelena Simoniene | Skillshare
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3 Videos (45m)
    • Wet felting in photos

    • Felted wool paintings. Pet portrait

    • Video lesson. Feltedslippers from merino wool.


About This Class

This class covers many different felting techniques using both wet felting and needle felting. Learn to make a warm wet felted slippers and animals





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Jelena Simoniene

Art of Felting. Creative Wool roving

Jelena Simoniene is self-taught felt maker artist who discovered needle felting in 201O. She specializing in lifelike, detailed Pet portraits of organic wool,
felt paintings of beloved pets for clients around the world. She focused
on animal objects using a combination of reality, emotions
and originality.

She use premium quality organic wool and make things that look great and are functional like wool slippers .

Each time she is finding something new li...

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