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How to engage your children using new Maze everyday, for Free!

teacher avatar Arpita Sengupta, The more we share, the more we have.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Maze

    • 3. Drawing a simple maze

    • 4. Drawing a complex maze

    • 5. Drawing another complex maze

    • 6. Different Levels of Mazes

    • 7. Project

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About This Class


Here I am with my new class on how you can create mazes at home!

Children easily get bored with toys and games. Its really very difficult to engage them with new things and increase their sitting span.

In this class I will show you how can create new maze everyday using simple paper and pen and keep your child busy.

You can even change the level of maze based on your child's age and capability!

This class will also help you to engage you with your child!

Hope you will enjoy my class.

Happy Parenting !!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arpita Sengupta

The more we share, the more we have.



I am Arpita Sengupta - Chemical Engineer, Mother of a Special Child, Special Educator of my son, Singer, Craft Enthusiast and just a normal person like anyone else.

You can watch some of my videos in Youtube also. Here is the link.


My 1st class is published. Here is the premium link.


Hope u'll like them.

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1. Introduction: Hi, friends. My name is arbiters in Gupta. I'm from India. I'm a chemical engineer, but at present I'm studying special education. Today I'm going to teach you how to engage your Children using Numis every day. You can easily make it at home on to prepare Amis. You don't have to buy anything. I'm also Mother, and I used to find it really difficult to make my son set at one place for some time every time. He needs some new game to play. And he's if he gets poured with all toys. And frequently buying toys is quite pocket pinching for anyone. So I started making them at home on. But he also started enjoying them as he gets a new one. Every day he has started taking interest on actually looks forward to the activity. No coming back to the plus. Here we will see. What is Amis? You must have heard about this. Tome means many times. But most of us don't know what it is and why it is so important for our Children in this class. Moving. See what role armies please in our Children skill development. We will also see how we can create it at home. Through this class, we will be able to give your child a new means every day whenever you want. It's very easy to make and you don't have to spend much time either. For this, he will also see different levels. Off means when your kid is just to order and 1/2 he has just started holding a pencil crayon. Your me should be simple and basic. It should also be visually appealing on colorful, to catch their attention on her. As he grows up, you can increase the difficulty level So there are in finite possibilities off meses for your child. And finally, at the end, off the glass you'll be given a project walk. You need to complete the present work and posted in the project section. I hope you found my class interesting on it. So then please enroll to my class and enjoy the class. Thank you. 2. What is a Maze: Hi, friends canst foreign ruling and welcome to the class. Now, as we have discussed or Lear here we will see what is Amis if you go by definition, maize is a part or collection off parts typically from entrance to go. No one does it mean I'm sure you must have seen these kinds of pictures in your school. Please. You can see in this kinds off pictures. It has a starting point on a Finnish point, but it has many parts which may or may not lead to the finish point from stuff. So in a means like this, our main objective is to find out the correct apart from start to finish. Now this is also means, but a very simple one. It has a start and finish point, but only a single. But this kind of maze is suitable for very small kids who have just started holding Peninsular creams before looking to the techniques off drawing this meses, they should know why we need means for our kids. It develops vision, motor skill off the doctors. Children use their eyes to scanned amis toe, find possible solutions. Standing is a vital skin for reading and writing. It also develops fine motor skills by teaching them to Manu over their hands through various parts, holding the pencil or crayon and avoiding hitting the sidelines. I have seen kids whose writing skills were very poor, but when they started soldering MEES, their writing skills started improving drastically. Having various parts in the single knees challenges the child to find the correct part initially by trial, and it it with dying the child lawns to solve Amis. Using visual tracking method in shot, it develops their problems on the ability amazes extremely useful in increasing the sitting span and concentration off kids by engaging them in solving such puzzles. My son was quite hyperactive. He never used to say that one piece for some time. Then I introduced means to him, and now, he said, send us his activities for more than another. Once that kids begin to solve MESES, it automatically increases their confidence and encourages them to take up harder problems . It is most important for parents to encourage on appreciate their kids effort in attempting to solve Amis, for them to develop interest and most their self confidence. Now that we have understood the benefits off a means for our kids. In the next part, we will learn how to make means is at home. So see you in the next section. Thank you. 3. Drawing a simple maze: Hi, friends. Welcome to the class demo on how to make a simple amis on progressively how to increase the complexity off the meats Do Stotch. We have a piece off white paper, a ruler on some color pencils or sketch. Been. Now we start. The basic concept is that we have a starting point on object on a finishing point. We have to start with raise objects. These items which interested child which can be a part off a storyline. Here you see, we're drawing about a fly on a flower. Two simple objects meter child can easily identify also can be a part off a journey off creating armies here. The simple storyline being a butterfly wants to fly to a flower. How does it do it? We make a simple street part between the two using a ruler? No, the patches. Since this is the first means that your child is exposed to, you have to keep the line street on wide enough for him to praise this part. As you can see, even though it is a straight line, it will take the child some effort to keep the Part Street. It also improves his fine motor skills. This is an ideal needs for any child who has learned to hold a pencil or crayon to engage the attention off the child. You might want to make it more colorful. You can also involve the child in the coloring process, which will make him for their interested in that committee. So you can start with coloring the butterfly and flour with his or her favorite colors. This way you can involve him in the entire process and keep him motivated for further, more complex meses. Once he sees the end product off his own effort, he will find interest in participating in future Mrs. Once he has mastered the simple Amis through a straight line, go to a bit more complex one. Just like the previous means. We start with the starting point or object on a finishing point or object on a simple story line again, where a boy or a girl wants to go play with the ball. The only difference being this time we have a coughed pot between us starting and finish point. But please know that since we have increased to the complexity off the MEES, we have increased the with off the track as compared to the street line because the child has to manual his pencil along the cough to reach the final destination like this. This is a fairly difficult means for a child because he has to keep his color pencils or crayons within the coughed. But once he has mastered this, then Goto further complex SMEs reading we again start with the starting object on a Finnish option. We keep the same storyline. How would this time? You will tell him that there is a smaller all a thinner but by which he has to reach the ball. Now we will see the gap between the two lines have reduced and the curves on the path have become more of a huge, which makes it even more difficult for the child to trees the path on reach the object like this. So you see, we have created three mazes in a single paper by gradually increasing the complexities to challenge the child. In our next class, we will see how to prepare complex Mees. Thank you 4. Drawing a complex maze: So here we start with Listen, how to prepare the complex MEES In this case, we're depicting a boy who's lost on. He wants to get back to his house to make it more interesting for your Children. You can always prepared different stories for armies. It will engage them on, make them more interested in that duty. Now that we have the stopping point on the finish point, the next step is to track or draw the correct route for the starting point to the finishing point. Please know that Form E's there could be multiple parts, but in this case I'm preparing a single correct route. You can see that I'm living gaps In between this camps are to place the incorrect roots, which will now be drawn to draw the incorrect routes. You can use your imagination. You can make some root Schardt on some roads long, but make sure that all the incorrect parts end up in a dreaded. As you see, there is a long didn't there's a shot. Didn't please also note that the including parts complex cities should be dependent on the level off understanding off your Children? It should not be too complicated. Too scared. The memory from the activity on it should actually be something that engages them further in the activity to find the correct route. At the same time, it should be also challenging to their level of intelligence. So now the next step is to make your child hold the pencil on, try to drag the videos rooms through trial and it it in most of the routes. He or she will end up at the dead end, as you can see it here. But there will be one single root in this particular Mees which will end up to his destination. That is his house. So here is that route to make it more interesting. Onda visually appealing to your Children. You can always add some other objects here and there as well. Like a bond or some trees. Some flowers, etcetera. So this is finally one example off complex MEES, which you can easily make it home. In the next section we will see another example. Awful complex, please. Thank you. 5. Drawing another complex maze: Welcome back. Let's start off with another complex knees. Having gone through the past person on making a complex sneeze. In this class, we will go a step order in increasing the difficulty level. Awful, complex SMEs. Now how do we do it? Like in all previous Mieses, we have a stopping object on a finishing object on a brief story line which appeals to the child. In this case, the story line is a bit different from the previous listens here. The starting object is a mouse. On the finishing object is his favorite food on this in dark planet, a piece of cheese now starting withdrawing the actual knees. The first it is to draw the on plane off the knees. In this case, it is religiously a square, Mees, so keeping the starting object and finishing object in view. Be close. The meals like this keep being sufficient gap on both sides and the starting point on at the finishing point. You can see it two year. No, it's time to start making the path in this case. First, we defined the starting part on the finishing part. After defining the two parts we will now break the entire body with different obstacles. As you put walls in the park, make sure they trace the Joseph so that you don't end up in a dead end. Increase the complexity by increasing the number of walls Andi keep on tracing the book as well. In this kind off MEES, the trick is you never closed apart completely. You always leave a gap between the address implants. Keep playing with your scale and colors you end up making amis with one on many parts will be starting point on finishing point. In this kind off MEES, as your child will find more than one parts, it will give him options to select the best possible path. According to his choice. This will increase your child's decision making ability. You can even involve your child in the making process. You can even add colors to the objects. Put some funny objects in between. If you wish to make different varieties, as you can see here, I keep on adding Waas here in there to increase the complexity, and when you feel the maze is ready, give it to a child to trace the desire part like this. - Hope you like the demonstration on hope. This will help you to make more interesting projects for your Children. In the next part, we will see different levels and radiations in meses. Thank you. On dsi you in the next section. 6. Different Levels of Mazes: Hello, Andre, come back in this lights. We will quickly run through different levels off meses. With example, you can see that I've drawn all vertical lines. There are different objects as a starting point and related objects as finishing point keep making up stories to your kids while they do the means. These are ideal for kids have just started holding pencil crayon on just started scribbling on paper. Like all vertical lines, you can make all horizontal lines keep sufficient gaps in between so that they don't hit the sight lines. In this light, you can see the next level off Mies the lines air coughed. The pattern off cough can be changed. As for your own choice, different types off golfs can be given to increase their confidence and they're better control on their creeping. Once he masters this, give him a little more complex maze with 10 lines from start to end. It ensures better concentration. Better sitting span on metal control would agree, and finally already complex SMEs Here you can see I've used two different starting points on one finish point. It gives them choice to follow whichever path they like. I have also put different objects here and there to make it more interesting to them. This kind off means you have seen in the tar demonstration. The story is different. Here you are in the car and find out your way to your him keeping prison the difficulty level as I have shown here with examples. Thank you for finishing the class on. Now it's time for some project. 7. Project: congratulations. You have completed the class. Now it's time to do a project work first, draw a picture off a simple MEES and then dry a picture of a complex Mees. Take a photograph off boredom eases Andi posted in the project section Let's lose your creativity and share the amazing results with all of us. Country to see your posts. And please don't forget to post a review about how you like this class. Thank you and goodbye.