How to edit a video in Imovie | Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip) | Skillshare
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6 Videos (20m)
    • How to edit a video in iMovie Intro

    • How to edit a video in iMovie part 1

    • How to edit a video in iMovie part 2

    • How to edit a video in iMovie part 3

    • How to edit a video in iMovie part 4

    • How to edit a video in iMovie Part 5

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About This Class

If you are looking to create a vlog, YouTube channel or even a lesson here on Skillshare, you will need to know how to edit a video.

In this class I show you how I use iMovie to edit my video's for my Vlog, including the following

  • Cropping the video
  • Editing the audio
  • Inserting a photo into the video
  • Adding intro and exit frames, including music
  • Adding a title

I hope that this class helps you to create something wonderful!

I am using iMovie version 10.1.8 and this was recorded in January 2018





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Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip)

A Dressmaker who likes to paint.

Hi I'm Mel from Handmade By Ditsy Tulip.

I recently joined Skillshare to help me to re-ignite an old skill of painting/illustration which I am absolutely loving so far (thanks lovely Teachers), but then I thought "I'd love to help others to learn how to sew"!

So, watch this space, I'm filming lessons as we speak and look forward to sharing them with you very soon.

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