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How to draw zodiac/astrology sign doodles

Madi Hill, digital artist

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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Procreate settings

    • 3. Aries doodle; the ram

    • 4. Taurus doodle; the bull

    • 5. Gemini doodle; the twins

    • 6. Cancer doodle; the crab

    • 7. Leo doodle; the lion

    • 8. Virgo doodle; the maiden

    • 9. Libra doodle; the scales

    • 10. Scorpio doodle; the scorpion

    • 11. Sagittarius doodle; the centaur

    • 12. Capricorn doodle; the goat

    • 13. Aquarius doodle; the waterbearer

    • 14. Pisces doodle; two fish


About This Class

In this class, you'll learn to doodle the symbols for all the astrological signs and how to draw their constellations for your bullet journal in an easy way for beginners ;)

These doodles can be used in your bullet journal to decorate spreads with a simple, cute or cosmic style, accent daily horoscopes, accentuate calenders, or simply fill in empty space. They are also great practice as in this class we will discuss composition within pages.

I'll also walk you through how I use Procreate for my bullet journals and my Procreate settings if you want to follow along digitally. 

These tutorials work for both a physical paper bullet journal or a digital one:)


1. Intro: Hey, guys, welcome to my sculpture class on How to doodle your horoscope. Recently on Pinterest, I've noticed a bit of a trend on adding horoscopes to your bullet journal. And honestly, I think there's a super super cool idea. Horoscope Doodles could be a really, really cool idea You could make, like a calendar of what all your friends signs are or just right some things about yourself . I know for Soviet skeptics, you think it's a little bit strange, but to me, I think it's just a great way to sell for But getting back to the class, this class is going to go over drawing the symbol of your Zodiac and then the animal symbol and then also the constellation on a different lesson, one sign so that we can get into detail on all thumb and just a little bit of info about me . My name's Matt be on artist, and I'm a Libra. Also, as just a little bit of an FBI. I'm going to be doing my bullet journaling digitally, so I'm going to be doing it on procreate. If you want to follow along in appropriate, that's great. But if you already have a bullet journal and want to follow along on pen and paper. That is super awesome, too. Also be including a video on all my per creates endings in case you want to follow along. And that's it. I absolutely cannot wait to start teaching you guys. So if you're interested, head to the next video. 2. Procreate settings: Hello and welcome to the procreate settings for my horoscope videos. Okay, let's start out with the colors I'm using. So for the two colors, I'm using a bit of like a dark blue for the titles Blue Zodiac names. And then I'm gonna use a near black color for all the duels. And for this, I'm only using one layer. But if you want to, you can add the calligraphy and then the doodles in two different layers. And then for my brushes, I'm going to be using one brush only. I know surprising. It's the brush pen from the calligraphy section. I just think that this one has a lot of versatility choosing to stay on full capacity the whole time and only change the size. If you are not using appropriate and happen to be watching this video, I have some material suggestions for a physical bullet journal. I would recommend a thick tip pen as a brush or very, very soft point. That way you can get a really, really versatile line from it. All right? Yeah. I can't wait to start drawing with you guys. Let's get doodling in the next video 3. Aries doodle; the ram: Hi, guys. Welcome to the horoscope doodles. So this is our 1st 1 and this one is going to be on areas. So areas are bored from March 21st to April 19th. And they are the ramp. So for their simple, it's kind of this V shape, and we're going to start by drawing that. And now we're going to start drawing the ramp. And just as a bit of a disclaimer, I would recommend putting this on 0.75 times speed. If you want to draw with me even slower if you need to. Okay, to start out, we're gonna add a swirl for the form and block out something here. Where is it? Well, I don't really know what called, but I'm doing a bit of a cloud shaped here, and then I'm going to evenly spaced another port on the other side of here. And then I blocked in the face here. I'm just gonna warn everybody you're gonna want to keep it very round so you can keep a very soft look to it. If you start to make the lines harsh, it gets very confusing. And then I'm adding the nose and the mouth and the cute little eyes. I'm keeping the inside empty and then just drawing the outline of a circle. And now I just I'm going to have a little top of the nose, and I'm going to go and add detail into the horns. So to do this and using oval shapes better kind of pointed at the end and making them look through dimensional. And then I'm taking the moment before adding a bit of the body to just correct everything in the way I see fit. So now I'm gonna go in and at the cloud shapes around the neck, and that is simply it for the ramp. Okay, Now I'm gonna move over and start on the constellation to do this. Amazing a reference photo and the time drawing adults for the stars and lines in between. Until I feel like the angles Right for this, I'm using a simpler version of Constellation with less stars than there actually are, because they're ones with, like, 30 or 40 stars tonight, the way I like it. So I wanted it like this, and I'm just going to draw in the lines now that I've got all of that done? I'm gonna put it on eraser tool and switch the ducks two stars. So the way I'm driving my stars is a four pointed star. So I'm gonna start on the left side and draw a little point and then go all the way down a lot lower and then up on the right side again and then a higher and then finishing this. And I'm just thinking that all my dots, just, like, always been to just check it, make sure like the way it looks and make any adjustments I need. Since I'm doing that, I'm taking a chance to reformat everything the way I want and get the sizes I like by grouping it and moving it now at the bottom, I'm deciding to put two characteristics of areas. So I have a bold and ambitious and when you watch the others of yet but he knows you'll notice that I've done this for the other sciences. Well, I'm choosing to keep the front very simple here and not double upon any once. And then I'm just lining up the words to make sure that it lines up with the title. I do this all the time in my bullet, General and I have a tip. If you are not able to edit it because you're on paper. If you mark the starting and ending letter first, it helps you kind of readjust that you don't have to do this. And then with a couple last adjustments, I am done so that it's it for the areas in him. And if you notice on the side, it does say tour spoke wrong. But don't worry about it. I will fix that in the next one C in the tourist video. 4. Taurus doodle; the bull: Hey, guys. And welcome to the tourist doodle in these. Oh, yet Siri's So tourists is our board from April Tonia to May 20th and or dependable and stubborn and just toe address the elephant in the room. I do have store spelled wrong here, but don't worry. I fix a leader, all right? Getting right into it on my drop the tourist full symbol. So at the top is a bit of very rounded you and then at the bottom is a circle. And I'm making sure that the pen is thicker here than I have used it before. And I'm just going to clean it up, all right? And now to the cartoon Dou doubles. I'm going to start with this, um wide eight shape and I'm just gonna make sure to get it right, And that's gonna be the nose. And then I'm gonna add dots in between where the eight would be and I'm gonna draw in the ATS. And then from there, I'm gonna based good years and face around it. So I'm gonna put two years on and at the face. This is very simple and turned out very cute. And then I'm gonna add the lower lip, and now it's time for the horn. So for me, words are always difficult because I really don't know how to size them. So first I started too big, and then I started to small. I put one in the front and one behind, and I'm just getting messed with it until I get it right on your own. You can use pencil first if you're drunk in a notebook or just Lee size over and over again , like I did or use a reference photo you like. But when I was finally sort of happy with how the horns looked after moving both to the front, it decided to review the eyes to be a bit cuter and smaller. And here I'm just going to add some stripes on the form person to mention and gullible neck . And then I got excited and my father should draw eyebrows. So I went in and tried some different eyebrows until I found out that I thought it was cute Ends here. I'm just going to make a confession. I really did not like, have important looked, so I messed with them a lot until I found the shape that I liked and that I erased the whole thing and read it with that new shape. In my experience, the first try, it is never perfect, and you just have to go back and fix it until you feel like it looks right. So this time I went with point to your tips, and it just looks a lot better. I can't even fix the left born again, but I got it to the way I wanted it to look, and that makes me happy. And it's in that spirit over here. I'm just changing the composition a little bit, lining things up the way I want. Now it's time to draw that consolation on top. So for the consolation, again, I would suggest using a reference or if you're driving along, just slowing down, because I will speed this up a little bit. I'm making sure when I draw this first test, I'm not going to draw the start up. I'm just going to drop thoughts that way. Later, I can go fill in the star. So if I make a mistake, it's not like other regret for messing up the stars that took so long to draw, though talking through drunk the first star. So this start is for tipped and at the top is the longest, and the bottom is also the longest. And then the two sides are shorter, so just fall along with the video. If you're trying to draw as here, I'm just gonna make sure the talk a little bit longer. Here is a 2nd 1 a little bit slower, and now I'm going to speak it and just fixing all the doctor distorts. And that is completely it. That is tourist the bolt doodle. Just a bit of a pro tip. When you think you're done, you're probably not so here. And it's going in and fixing all the mistakes or little dots and stray marks I've made the whole time and that I realized I spelled tourists Run. So it's that one too. Bye. See you next video 5. Gemini doodle; the twins: whole guys and welcome to the Soviet feudal on Gemenon. So let's get into it. Gemma, Nizar. Born from May 21st 2 June 20th. They are both open minded and also fickle. And if you have a Gemini I in your life, you know they are a personality, but that is enough. Discussion ends. Let's get straight to doing so. They're symbol looks like a pillar. And so it's just two lines and then a line on top in a line on the bottom. Kind of like a Roman numeral, too. The one difference being that the bottom and top are very curved. You don't want it to be straight, and now it is time to start working on the twins. So to do this I did Kirk faces that are kind of an extended use and then keep allies them up. And I made two of those after I drew in the hair for one of them. So it's gonna be big puppy hair. I like it like that. I think it looks very young. That's what I get in my mind when I hear twins and the bodies are kind of candy corn ships , and I just did two votes could make sure that the girls looked a little bit different. And here I haven't colored it yet. But in the end, I do end up coloring one of their hair black and at some eyelashes, the other one, just to create some difference than I went in and drew eyebrows. And I am finished with the twins Burnett. So let's go on to the constellation for this. I do have some recommendations. So first, when you draw a consolation, you always want to serve dots instead, drank full out stars and drawing lines in between the dots for the consolation. And second, I want you to get a reference photo when you news, just so you're able to base it off of something, correct everything. Just make sure it looks like an actual constellation, and then you can go in at the stars and make it the way you want it to look. And if you need to, you can pause here just so you can make sure that you got it. All right, let's keep going. So now that we're done with the dots, we're going to start doing the stars. So for the stars it's four points. That top point is the longest and then to shorter ones on the sides. And then the bottom is also long again. We'll do one more slower. So at the top, make sure longer a big triangle and then to smaller some triangles at the site. And you are Go ahead and systematically. Fila, Mullen and I am so sorry. I did forget toe film, the coloring, but it is pretty basic. I discolored one of the twins hair, and then I added some longer eyelashes to the other one to kind of compliment the cup. See you in the next video. 6. Cancer doodle; the crab: Hello and welcome to the lesson on how to doodle cancers. Think Zodiac's So we are going to start with when their ports. So they're born June 21st to July 21st. They are sensitive and moody, and they are represented by the symbol crab. So let's jump in to drawing the symbol. So to draw the symbol, you start with a circle of than a curved line and then on the opposite side, another circle and another Kurt Klein below. When you are driving this, you want to make sure to get the line thickness right? So here I'm just correcting and rounding everything at, so the thickness looks right. Yeah. Now we are going to draw the car station toward the crab. So for this, I'm turning the line thickness down a lot. So see that mistake? Don't do that about turn it back because it just looks overwhelming. There's gonna be a lot of details, so we're gonna start cloth. So it's this kind of tooth shape, and then another one, and then I'm gonna go down and at the connecting it to the bone, and then I'm going to draw the head. Worth the shell and two little eyes and they that I'm going to go in and draw the little legs so I'm just not have a bunch of detail on Tiny will try and go in shape legs with one joint in them. And then I'm gonna finish up the body. I decided to do three time legs on each side and then one big claws of them. I'm going to go in, finish the leads and drop the other cloth. Be singly. I did last time. If this is ever too fast at any time, go ahead and pause the video stop and then re draw what I did and then keep going. Okay? Not it's time to add the map. So he looks look real cute like that. I don't think crabs actually smiles, but that's OK. And then the term all right. And now I invite you guys to all make adjustments to how you want this to set up. So clean up all the lines that aren't right. Re adjust your set up, make sure everything that's good and we're going to start again with the constellation. For this. I recommend using dots instead of drawing the stars full out the first time and destroying the dots and the following with lines in between. For the consolation first, just so you can make sure it looks exactly how you want it before you put starts. That being said, if you're drawing by hand, draw the Bulldogs in pencil and then go back with Okay, lets friend starts. So the stars are four points, and then the top and bottom are a lot longer, and then the two on the side are teeny, tiny triangles, and it creates these long looking stars, and that's how we're going to draw them. So I want you to fill in all the dots like that, and that's it for the cancer doodle. So just clean up everything. Move everything the way you want it and we are completely finished. I hope I see you in the next lesson by 7. Leo doodle; the lion: Hello, you all and welcome to the video on Rio Doodles. So Leos are born July 23rd to August 22nd. And I do believe I made a mistake in the last video where I said Cancer's were born until July 21st actually the 22nd So somebody just let me know that, so I corrected it. Sorry if there are any fended cancers, but this video spot Leo, so let's get into it. Leaves are proud and generous and are represented by the lion symbol. So let's start out by drawing that line. So to do the line, I'm doing this kind of curve shape. So it's a bit of a fat pair, and I'm just going to do about both sides. And then I'm going to go in and draw the heart news, the mouth and the eyes. And now for the best part of the main. So for the main, I'm just going to draw in outline the always triangular bits a pair, and then I'm going to go in and draw the ears and continue moving down with the hair. Then I'm going to make a bit of a triangular point at the bottom making the hairpieces bothering further apart. And then I'm going to draw the shoulders holding or the cold shoulders. I don't. Then I'm gonna go in and add little triangles to put it as like, messy hair at the whiskers in and then at the top, I'm going to mess with hair so it kind of cascades down. Looks natural. I'm going to go dark and up the years so that they don't look like part of the hair and add some more detail in other places. Also add a tale, and then I am done or the lion. So for the symbol, we're going to start with the circle, and then we're going to draw a line upwards that curves, and that is going to be big tail. Here I am just thickening up the line. But just as a reminder, make sure that the tail goes to be low, the circle or else it looks very strange and Bockarie, and now it is time for the final set, the constellation. So, as always, I'm going to start the constellation by not during stars but dots instead, which I will go in a race later. So if you're drawing on paper switched pencil for this. And if you need to posit any time, that is perfectly OK, So I'm going to draw lines in between the dots where the stars are. And I'm just going to do this so I don't mess it up right right here where I'm pushing to move downwards. So make sure you get your spacing right before you move on to the stars. As you guys fall along, I would recommend opening up a separate tab on your computer with just another reference photo in case you want to use instead. Now, time to erase the dots and put in stars. So the stars is four points and at the top is the longest and the bottom, and then the two sides are the shorter ones. So I'm gonna turn this on slow motion, and then I'm going to speed it up and fill the molten. And those are pretty much all of the doodles. So at this time, I invite you to look at your drunk, make sure that everything is space the way you want to make any corrections unique. And you are finished. That's it for this lesson. I hope I see you in the next one by 8. Virgo doodle; the maiden: hello and welcome to them for Go doodle. So let's get into it. Virgos are born August 23rd to September 22nd. They are represented by the Virgin or Maidan and are both practical but also perfectionists . And you definitely know that if you're a Virgo or have a friend, that is a pretty. But that is enough chick tat for me. Let's get straight into doodling so to drop the made in This was a bit of a challenge for me to decide how to draw, but I decided to just draw a woman with flowing gorgeous looks. She looks very innocent, so we're going to do a V shape and then the month and eyes. And then we're going to go in and block the hair or the hair. I wanted there to be lots of volume just so there would be a detail was drawing. So I'm going in with first very curved shapes and then on the bottom, I'm going to a big, puffy hair, and I also decided to add eyelashes. Just so it was clear it was a girl. And for the hair I'm going in with these big U shape, so I'm doing into the jewel strands separately just so that it looks very, very large. So for the body, I'm going for a hourglass figures. I'm going to drop two curves down the center. And then, um, I'm just going to add the dress figure and just keep with that theme of purity. I decided to add a little bit of blush on the cheeks because I thought it was, and that is it for that deal. So now let's drop the simple so to drug symbol. We are essentially going to start by drawing in him. So make sure that your pen is a little bit thicker and we're going to go in and draw the M . But when we get sued, the last line, we're going to throw out a backward see and then extend to the end of the into a curve. At this point in the doodles, I want you to take a look at your drugs, make sure that you have all the details I have and then reorganize it if you need to, to format it the way you want it to look, Now that you have done that, we are going to go on to the constellation. So to do the consolation, I would recommend doing dots in so stars first and marking out the dots, using it referenced image on the side and just marking the docks where you think the stars are. Then you connect blinds between the dots just to make sure that everything looks the way you want. Then, using an eraser, we're going to erase every single Della Andhra star an instance that is the kind of start working it's for appointed longer on the top and bottom and shorter on the two sides. So I'm going to slow down. Just so you have a slower one to look at and then I'm going to speed it up. And when you're done filling in all the stars, I would just recommend making sure you look at it, tweak any mistakes you could've possibly made, make any last foreman and changes and you work done. I hope I see you in the next lesson by 9. Libra doodle; the scales: Hello and welcome to the lesson on Lee Bro's in the horoscope theme doodles. Okay, so let's get started just for our details. Liberals are born September 23rd to October 20 seconds and are known to be chivalrous but also superficial. They are represented by this scale. So to draw our skills going to certainly two dots that are going to be our to its then I'm going to draw hands and what is holding up the pants? So I'm going to drop two of those identical looking on both sides, and I want them to be very round and lend ship. And then I am going to go in and draw the beam. So I want the being to be very decorative. So I'm doing rounded edges and then I'm starting from the center, and then I'm going to add lines coming up so it looks very, very curved like that. And if you need to pause and copy that, that is okay. And then I'm going to draw the talk and the base not to toot my own horn or anything. But at this scale, drawing is actually so, so cute, and I am definitely going to use in things other than horoscopes, so let's draw the symbol to draw this. We're going to start with an omega looking symbol on top. So basically, that is a rounded curves with two lines on the side and then one line below, and I've started up then and then I'm going to add thickness into it. Hands like always. I invite you guys at this point to take a break, observe what you've got and see if you need to reform at anything to make room for the constellation on top or just add detail in the way you want to. Now for the constellation. If you were drawing by hand, I would suggest getting a pencil and eraser for this part and not drawn in pen, because what I suggest is drawing dots and lines first for the constellation and then going in, erasing the dots that will represent the stars. So now we're going to go in a race it like I had told you men were going to do a four point . It starts so slowing it down, it's longer on top and bottom and then shorter on the two sides, and I'm gonna speed 3% But just make sure to go through every single dot and change it into a star hands. No, you can look at it and make sure you like all the formatting, make last minute changes you need. And for me, I decided to have a lot more detail on two or scale. So here's how I did that. Basically, I added symmetric lines to it just to ads and curves and make it look a little bit brassier . And then why didn't be bottom and just added any last detailed thinking it And that is it for the Liber Doodle. Thank you so much for watching. I hope I see you in the next lesson by 10. Scorpio doodle; the scorpion: hello and welcome to be horoscope Doodle on Scorpios so or basic information. Scorpios are born October 23rd 2 November 21st and are loyal and possessive. They are represented by this scorpion. Okay, So to draw the scorpion, we want to start with 11 shape for the head and then we're gonna go ahead and draw the eyes in and also the things. And then it's time for the legs. So if you drew the crab legs for cancer, it's very, very similar to that. If you haven't, that is OK, so we're going to start with a long one and then a bit of a triangle and then a circle and then the clause. So on the left side, long and then a triangular one a circle and then to Klaus, and that's it. And we're going to continue by adding more half circles backwards so that it looks like the body of this work in and then they're going to start curving upwards. We're going to go ahead and draw the tail in. And after we've done that, we're going to draw the legs that are behind the front lines. So for these, they're just gonna be vocals with a little bit of a triangle peeking out. Welcome. One continuous line. Just so. It's a bit simpler than the one in the front, and there's going to be four simple ones and to call it, then I'm just going to add any details and I need and I decided to draw about here and moved the fans. This was a personal choice, but left the vampire look a little bit more than the things on the chin. Look, that's just my personal opinion, all right, so now we're going to draw the symbol so the symbol is very, very similar the letter in. So we're going to start by drawing a M and then on the last line of the end. We're just going to go and point that into an aero shape. So that's kind of like the scorpion tail, and that is it for the symbols. So now let's work on the constellation. So, like always, I recommend doing the dots as stars, first on the consolation and drawing lines in between and doing this all in pencil and then later switching depend if you're doing it physically after you turn the dots into stars just so we can keep for Matic. Also, I would recommend getting out of reference photo. I say this because I want the proportions to be nice when you guys draw, there is absolutely nothing worse than doing all the work of drawing these stars out and realizing he did it wrong the first time and need to fix the entire thing. That being said at this point, we're going to switch the dots discussed. So I want you to erase the dot and then we're going to do stars that look like this so therefore pointed with the top and bottom being longer than the two sides, and that is it. So go ahead and do them all. All right, we have reached the final steps, So make your last corrections at any lines that you think are a little bit wonky and you were completely done with the Scorpio deal. I hope I see you in the next lesson by 11. Sagittarius doodle; the centaur: Hi guys and welcome to the statutory issued a video back home info on such charity. I were in November 22nd to December 21st and their childish and adventurous people your sanitary IHS or have a friend who's one. You'll know how they're fun but also complex and difficult to understand sometimes. All right, let's jump into the drawings now. And just in case you want to follow along with the video, don't worry. You can always turn it down. 2.75 speed if because too fast. So let's get so the symbol for sanitary it is a center. So we're gonna start out by drawing that I'm gonna start by drawing on the side of his face , then following with a goatee by cinema. And then I did try to add eyebrows here, but I realized it looked really creepy really fast. So I went and erase those I blocked in some here, too. I finished the profile and then I made sure to keep it very lots looking so not too much detail. And then I'm adding in the shoulders and body here. I'm making sure to add just enough detail that it doesn't look scary, but I don't want to add too much because I want to keep a very relaxed look to this doodle . If you're following along, you can follow along with me. Or even better, I would recommend opening up a reference to see what the horse legs actually look like. So you don't have to spend time like me refining and over and over again. And then we're gonna get him some arms and I'm gonna keep his hands and fists just so I don't have to go on that detail into the hands because I know I might mess it up when I'm looking at it and realizing. Okay, well, since I'm not adding color, I want to add two more dimension. So I'm gonna go colored hair and mess with it a little bit. I think it's always important to make sure that I like how my usual looks. So since that was not what I wanted, I'm just gonna fix it, and that's okay. That's a lesson to be learned about doodling. It's just burger own funds. So you have to make sure that you like it's not going to be perfect the first time, so just ukqa fix it apart, and then I'm just gonna go in and out a ton more detail, add some boats, continuing to tweak what I like and don't like. I'm gonna color in the tail to make sure it matches and out a bit of blush, even though I wanted to keep it simple at this point, I thought it looks a little plane. So I decided to have freckles in. And with a couple little adjustments, I was done with this center. Let's move on to be a row symbol. So to draw this, it's one long and at the bottom is a cross in the neck. The talk is an error, and it's really, really simple. Just a tip for your bullet journal. I always want to make sure that the line with changes between different things so you can see how the title have different size than the center, which has a different size than the era. I think it's just really important for composition. Another way to make your composition so much better is just simply moving things until it looks right. So here I'm just moving the centre in spacing. It just looks better to get this so I could make room for the constellation. But this I'm really not gonna talk through it because I just think it's crazy. If you want to draw it, go ahead. To slow down the speed and work with one very, very important thing, though, is when drawn Constellation. If you always want to start out with the basics, so draw dots for stars and draw the lines in between just so you can get the sizing right and Casey mess it up and you need to fix it and then erase those DOS. If you want to add more complex stars like I did for the stars, I'm gonna do for pointed Diamond Star. So at the top of the point and then in the two sides, they're a little bit closer together. And then at the bottom, there's another point. I just think this looks really nice and super simple, but we don't be afraid to use a reference image. That's it. That's the whole thing. It's for tuning into the statutory ISS video 12. Capricorn doodle; the goat: Hello and welcome to horoscope Doodle on cap recalls. So Capricorns are born December 22nd to January 19th and are ambitious and determined. They are represented by the goat and sometimes are represented by a sea goat, which is a goat with the tail like a mermaid. But we're not trying today. Today we are trying just the goat. All right, let's get into the duel So we are going to start out with the goat head. So to drop, go ahead, use a curved line and then another curve, one kind of shooting outwards for the chief. And then we're going to draw the nose and eyes for the nose is a V shape with two little scoops coming out of it and then for the ice. They are empty circles, so I'm just going to drop to those and then it is hung to drop the rest of the body. We are going to work on the for instance, so for the horns, they're like little devil horns, their triangular shapes with two lines on them and then the little tuft of hair. And then they go years, which are adorable, and they're just kind of flicks up to the sun, and then we're going to continue the face line on a little bit of a goatee and then the boy for this. It's just basically rounded lines and then the little feet. They are like upside down triangle shapes, with one line in between the two lives on the fund and then for the plains legs. The important thing here is to start with a bit of a notch in and then curved upwards from the side. And then we are going to do the same triangle. Cut up a Z, the front legs like we did on that back, one that's kind of hidden. And then for the tail. It's going to look very similar to molest, so that kind of put out a triangle shape. I think this goat design is bare. Very cute might be my favorite in all of those of the act needles, said it, and I am very happy with it. So let's move onto the symbol or the symbol. We are going to combine a crossing in each so we're going to start with a cross and then at the bottom of the crosslink, you're going to move down in eight shape, and that's it. That's the whole thing. Our go ahead. And at this point, we're going to make any corrections we need before we add the constellation on top. So make sure the leak room for the constellation on what? Move everything around to the way you want it. And let's get started on the constellation. As always, if you need to pause, that is okay. But for the consolation, I would highly recommend using a photo reference of how the consolation looks. And then instead of starting in pen, if you're doing this physically, start with pencil and draw dots instead of the stars at first. So go ahead, draw dots so that you can erase the dots later and fix them into starts. That is it. Pause if you need to. We're going to move on to join the stocks now. So to draw the starts, we're going to races. Don't, and then we are going to do a four point it start with the top and bottom longer, and the two sides are sure all right, and here you just have to get to work and start erasing and keep going until you are finished. And once you are done with that, that is the complete end of the Sonia Toodle. So thank you for tuning into the Capricorn lesson. I hope I see you in the next one by 13. Aquarius doodle; the waterbearer: Hello and welcome to the lesson on doodling Aquarius in the class on Soviet doodles. So a little bit of background information you are enquiries if you are aboard January 20th to February 19th and are known to be an idealist, but also your simple is water bearer. And that's what we're going to be drawing today, along with your constellation and your other simple. As always, though, I would like to disclaim. I do go through this pretty fast, So if you ever need to pause at any point or slow it down two points on five times, speak that is awesome. And also recommend reformatting if you are inappropriate just to make sure all the spacing is right before we get started. And now let's get into drawing the water bearer. So to start, we're going to do a very, very basic drawing of ahead. So we're starting with the chin and then the two sets of eyes and smile, and then we are going to go in and block out here. Now this hair is not final. I did decide to change it later, and your hair doesn't have to be final either, as long as you're using pencil and not pen if you're doing physically, or you can edit it any time. So here I started with this kind of weird leaf style hair, which I kind of like but didn't end up keeping. And then after I finish my blocked out hair, I'm going to go in and at the shoulders and then for the water bear part, we are going to create a bowl that they are pouring out of. For this, we are going Teoh in a round curve than smaller than the body. And then I didn't mitt shake hands and then at the bottom of the bowl, we're going to like the lip of the cup. Think of this as kind of like the Irish bottom gold, but upside down. So we're going to draw two lines. That perv kind of in a rounded, pointed shape, and now it is time to add the water. So for the water, it's kind of this waterfall looking at that. So just from the top, we're going to draw the length and then at the bottom were doing these like bubble looking things, and that is it for the actual water park. So now we're going back to the hair because trust me, I'm not done with it. So I decided to end it, making this a girl. So I added the eyelashes and I'm going to go. And instead of doing small, choppy pieces, I'm gonna do longer pieces because I think that looks better. And then I'm going to make the bottom of the hair kind of black. And this is because I just think that the chalky pieces did not look good at all. And in my opinion, slow. We always looks better. So the lesson to be learned from here is, if you don't like it, fix it and always make sure to make it slowing if you can't because it looks better. And now for the inquiries. So the simple is very, very simple. It is just two lines. Each slide has given me peaks, and it looks like weights. So basically, you just put them on top of each other, looks like waves, and then you can build it in a little bit. And for a little bit of advice for everyone's bullet journal, I think that for money is very, very important. So at this point, I'm just going to form A. And then I also every big, big believer that different lines should have different sizing. So, like I have said, we're going to hold in the simple little bit more now that are composition is way. We want it to look. We are going to go ahead and at the constellation on top. So to do the consolation, I always recommend switching to pencil if you're doing it physically and doing Dotson's have started first and also using a photo reference. So Google Aquarius Constellation one will show up or pause the video Once I finished drawing this and just base it off of what you see so that you can know that your format looks correct before you go in and do the part of drawing the starts. So now that all of the dots and lines are the way we want it, I'm gonna zoom in and go ahead and change it to stars The way I'm going to draw these stars , it's four point it, and then the top and bottom are going to be the longest and the two sides of the smallest. So here is the Slow Mo version and Now I am going to speed it up and finish all the rest. And with the final touches, that is it for the Aquarius doodle. Thank you so much for tuning into this lesson, and if you like it, go ahead and click on the next one by. 14. Pisces doodle; two fish: Hi, guys. Welcome to the last doing this class. The prices doodle lesson stuff I Cesaire, born February 19 to march Tony and are imaginative and emotional. They are represented by the symbol of to fish. And just as an f y i. Before we're a about to get started, I would like everybody to know that if you need to pause, go ahead and pause. You need to turn the speed down and turn the audio off that 0.75 times. Speak. That is okay too. Don't worry about it. I understand. I'm going to go through some this pretty quickly. So let's get started on the fish. You're going to get started by drunk, uh, curtails the tail. Looks like it's two triangles put together, and then we're going to attach the triangle of the body and then a separate rounded triangle out for the head, and then we're gonna connect up the body of the lungs and the fins. The fins are made up of multiple little squiggles. And I did one talk and then one on the bomb and that I'm just going to clean this fish up and we're going to move on to his brother. Basically, for the second fish, we're going to do the same thing. So we're going to do a triangular shaped head of the eyes and then the mouth and then with the body, I'm going to start this time, curbing the opposite directions last time and then adding the fin on top and then moving down to the bottom. And then I'm going to stop and make corrections. So right now the head looks walk, so I'm going to fix it so he doesn't look like he got flattened. He obviously what's a lot better now that I'm going in and drawn the bottom thin and then the back tail, and I wanted it to stay like the other one, but I did a little bit different this time. Then I added a little bit of detail, and that includes on the tail, and then that will have circled it. So now I'm going to add fish lips and because they are fish, so here I'm just drawn really, really big lips. It makes it look a lot cuter, so I'm just going to go in and do that for both of them, and then I'm going to give our little guys gills and make our last minute adjustments for now until we go back to it. So not let's work on the symbol some. So for the simple. It's kind of like a fancy curved in each. So just hurt both of the two sidelines and then put one line down the center. Make sure it's thicker than the little fish. That's it. Now our next stop on our lesson is making any changes to the four minute of how we want this to look just so the competition looks a little bit better. So I'm gonna go in and add some details to I'm gonna make a little cheeks on the fish look cuter, and then I'm going to go and make sure my formatting is perfect before we go into the constellation. Now, if you are drawn physically with, then I would go recommend switching to a pen and pencil because for this part in the constellation, I always recommend wrong with dots instead of stars first and drawing in the dots the way I want the constellation to look, drawing lines in between and then switching the docks to stars by racing and drunk stars instead. I think this way is a lot easier. It also allows you to utilize our reference better. So get a reference photo or pause the video when I get being. The way we are drawn starts today is for pointed. So you're going to start with the talk being really, really long and then to smaller sides and then a longer bottom. And with that you can pause the video and go ahead and fill in all the little dots of stars . Now feel free to make any last minute formatting changes that you feel like you need to make were clean up any lines that you feel like Don't look perfect. And once you are done with that, we are absolutely done with this. So thank you for tuning into the pi ses lesson and thank you for showing up to the Soviet class. I hope you enjoyed it by