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How to draw plant doodles

Madi Hill, digital artist

How to draw plant doodles

Madi Hill, digital artist

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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Procreate settings and color palette

    • 3. Doodling flowers

    • 4. Doodling potted plants

    • 5. Doodling gardening tools

    • 6. Doodling grasses

    • 7. Doodling leaves

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About This Class

This class walks you step by step on how to draw different types of plants and gardening tools for your bullet journal. The doodles you will learn are great for spreads, to fill space, or to use as accents.

You'll learn how to draw flowers, potted plants, gardening tools and leaves of different varieties, styles, and types.

I'll also walk you through how to color with a minimalistic style on Procreate and my Procreate settings if you want to follow along digitally.

These tutorials work for both a physical paper bullet journal or a digital one:)

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Madi Hill

digital artist


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. And welcome to my class on creating plant doodles. So in this class, we're going to be talking about different ways to drop plants for your bullet journal. So we're gonna be talking about leaves, flowers, um, some gardening tools also grasses and potted plants that you can totally out to your bullet journals. To make them way more adorable. We are going to be using the up procreate, and I'm going to be sharing my screen grabs of how I am drawing everything step by step so you can watch along. By the moment, these tutorials totally work appropriate, which I would suggest, or also pen paper, which looks awesome, too. At the end of the class, you're going to be able to draw all of these doodles on your own and create new doodles based on the inspiration I've given you. Additionally, I'll be sharing all of these doodles on a pdf file so that everybody can access it, so I absolutely cannot wait. Go ahead and click on the Next with you, which is going to be our procreate settings to get doodling 2. Procreate settings and color palette: Hi. So this video is going to be about this settings that you're going to need to use on procreate since this video is about appropriate settings. If you are not planning to do this vigil eat, I would definitely suggest using a broad tip black pen for this and then for the colors were using. If you want to skip to the color palette, you can look and use highlighters or markers in that same color. I'm gonna go ahead and talk you through all the different settings I'm using. So first we're going to talk about the brushes and the layers. So for the color portion, I'm gonna go ahead and use a marker tool on a partial opacity. And if you look over to the side, you can see the signs at the top, and then the opacity of the bond I am using and that's gonna be on my second layer is all the colors. So for this, I'm gonna be using a couple of different greens, a dark green and then a middle green that's kind of minty. And then a lime green and then eight pink and purple, and then obviously the black for the lines and going back to how we're going to layer this . Let's look at layer. Once the layer one is your black white art, you can notice a couple of mistakes I made by adding color and there, but we're almost sticking to black entirely. We're going to use a technical pro pen or I'm using the technical propane because it's very light and it can create lots of different lines that we're going to need through this to the side. You can look at the size I'm using, and also we're keeping it on a full opacity. Can't wait to start drawing with you guys, so go ahead and get to it and click on the next video. 3. Doodling flowers: Hi. So, in this lesson, we're going to be talking about how to doodle. Flowers and flowers are really great because they look awesome. And bullet journals they're great for filling up random space are just plain fun two draw. So let's jump in. So our first flower style is kind of a lotus styles. We're going to start with these little egg shapes and you conceived were stirring with one big egg in the center and then some smaller ones. Each one has a line going down the center, and then the one in the middle has a line that is way. And so you're gonna want this to be symmetric on both sides. So make sure to have five pedals with this flower. And now that we have all of our egg shapes done, we're gonna go ahead and make the stem. So it's going to be kind of a triangle shape with a point at the bottom, and I'm gonna go ahead and color that in with our black that is it for that one. So their next flower is going to be a carnation. So for the carnation, I'm doing these kind of irregular hurt shapes kind of round and you start with three in the center and then each layer on the outside, you keep going, and then you want the ends of the pedals to kind of go in between the previous ones. And then I'm going to go ahead and fill in lines on all of the pedals for a next flower. Since this is a doodle, it doesn't have to be a real flower. So this flower kind of is similar to a doctor Bill, but not really So there are four leaf shaped pedals and then in between all of those on the next layer, there are another set of puddles, and we just keep going and expanding outwards out of more and more. And for this being, lines are only in the center for metals, and that's it for that power. Okay, let's move on to the next one. I'm not really sure what this flower is, but I thought in a picture and I haven't stopped Googling it sense. So this flower kind of uses elongated heart shapes, and there's gonna be five of them, and that is it. So we draw the five shapes and they're kind of uneven in cool looking. And then we're gonna draw ribs or lines down the center off all. And for the next one, I took inspiration from African daisies, and I think everybody will look this design. So you start with kind of a cat design in the middle, and then we're going to do little ovals coming up, and the important thing here is to do as minimal ovals as possible. It's not create some sort of dimension, and it looks really cool. Then I'm gonna fill in the cap. Andra lines one line on each little oval, and that's it. To mix it up a little bit, I included some longer designs that this one is of a two lips. So we're going to do that leave shape and then on the opposite side. Underneath we're doing another one and then a little one peeking out and to talk. And it's kind of cat like here, So I wanted and fixed it so around it. And I don't make sure that yours doesn't end up looking like a cat and looks like a tulip instead. And then I went with that line because I'm really loving the texture. But If you don't want to do that, you don't have to. And then I went ahead and added in some leaves so that it looks like a real tulip and let's go on to the next. So this one's a little beach here. It's a hibiscus. So we're gonna go in with these leave shapes, and this one is a bit challenging, so you will have to mess with it in a race until you get it the way you want it. But I went with five petals here, and they're kind of messy, but that's on purpose, and you just want to get the proportions in a way you like it. Then I'm gonna put a dot in the center, and from there we're gonna have little sticks coming up. And those sticks were gonna be holding the Pollan's and just keep adding them until you feel like there's the right amount. So this time we're going for another beachy by again with the next flower. And on this flower there are five petals and the pedals are very round and we start with the first flower, and then each one is going to lay underneath the other. So you can see how there's 1/2 that's under and one hot. Don't talk, and then when we get to the last petal, we're gonna need to fix it. Make sure all the size is correct and make sure that one goes on top of the other one, and then we can race to fix it. And then, of course, we're gonna go in and add texture. So there's a little bit in the center and the long lines along the side to add dimension. That's it. And I'm super excited for this. Next one is lavender. It's lavender. Technically far. I don't, but it looks like one to me. So for this, we're going to use long ovals on a single line, and they're going to be one across from the other, just moving up and make sure that they are touching and very close together. And then at the top, they get closer and closer. If you think this is a bit plane like I did, I went and added some or imperfections just would be a bit cooler. And then I added two sets of leaves at the bottom. This design is really simple, but I like it a lot because it looks super cute. Okay, let's go to the next one. So I'm about consuming, but in the left corner, we're going to start with some little circles, clump together, and then we're going to do pedal. So there are five petals and these pedals are kind of messy and round. And then there's gonna be one line in the center of all of them, about half like that's it about time for the absolute best part color. So we talked about the color palette before, but I'm gonna go with that purple, and I'm going to apply it to the lotus looking Lee. And because this is a doodle is supposed to be sketchy, I'm going to make sure that it kind of starts in the center doesn't color all the way, because that's a bit too much. I want it to be softer, so I'm gonna make sure it's darker in the center and later on the other, the outside and I'm turning off my low power mode. And then in that same purple, I'm gonna go fill in the to that color and same lightness. Um, but I'm gonna fill it in a little bit better this time because I think that is a better effect. And then obviously lavenders purple. So we're gonna do the lavender to, and now it's time to switch to the green. So I mean it going do some green. I know that's a little creepy, but I think it's gonna look nice. So we're gonna do leaves first, because obviously leaves were green. And then when with the lime green. I did try to color in the point of tick Flower, but I realized it looked kind of like succulent, so I went ahead and used pink instead. And if you're interested in another coloring style and some started when we can actually just color the outline and it looks really cool, so you could try that, too. I want ahead and did that for this one band. That that's one and that's it. That's the lesson. How did beautiful flowers go ahead and click on the next video? If you want to keep learning more 4. Doodling potted plants: Hello and welcome to the video on how to drop potted plants so signals I'm gonna be giving lots of inspiration on different ideas. And the 1st 1 we're gonna try is hanging potted plants. So we're gonna start with one line down and then three sticking up to be the rope, and then we're going to draw the actual pot, which were using a U shape, and then we're gonna fill it in with heart shaped leaves, and it's gonna be like hanging ivy. So we're gonna go in there and draw awesome long lines with little hearts sticking out, and then we're gonna fill it in with smaller lines to be the bangs of beliefs. Don't be chyna. Just keep drawing more leaves until you feel confident in it. But we're gonna make sure there's more at the top. And then when you're finally finished at the bottom of the lines, make sure to do a little loop so that it looks like really binds. All right, for the next, we're gonna do kind of a terracotta style pots that we're gonna do a bit of a rectangle shape and the we're gonna draw lines upwards as the pattern and then we're gonna do He rounded up rectangle on the top and then a smaller one and then a little trapezoid at the bottom. And then for the actual plant were gonna do these cute little lines with hearts going on it . And I did five of those little sports, and I think it looks awesome. But depending on the size you hot, you could do, however money you think make sense. Since the last one was terracotta, I thought it would only make sense if we did a little bit more be free, Hansa. So this one is kind of a clay style, and we're going to do a U shape and the line and then some squiggles and dots, depending on how you want to decorate it. And then we're going to draw a really simple succulent using upside down along, gave use and just make a bunch of them on top of each other until it looks like a succulent . And if you don't like the rounder style, I didn't want to show you another way to do that kind of succulent design. So this one, you do a rectangle with some diamonds in the center. And then you just do long, long succulents just like last time. And I ended up preferring a pointy tip on the second so I won and fixed it. But you can do these pointy tips or round tips if you like. I think sometimes we all need a reminder that doodling is for fun. So really, don't worry. If you don't like it, fix it. And that's what I didn't hear. All right. Next we're gonna draw CAC Ty. I love, Captain. So we're gonna drop what I like to think of it, long given mitten shapes and we're gonna get to mittens ones longer and then one is a bit skinnier. Once we're done with that, we're gonna start out in texture. So we're going to do long lines and then a little bit of a star in between two parts of the line going down on the campus, falling along the video is not only gonna add a lot of bon texture, it's also going to make it look like it's straight out of a desert and that it's time to add in the pot. So to draw the pot, we're starting with a rectangle at the top, and then I'm going to draw a bit of a square and then colored that in. But I'm really obsessed with Harvest cactus six. I didn't want to add into more of those black scribbles that are gonna be the desert flowers. So I'm at the monk practice and surprised because the next one is a succulent, But this one is different cause it's small. So for this, we're going to do a bit of a school rectangle on the bottom and then a train you in shape and then a little triangle cut out to be that kind of modern style. And then we're gonna do a ton of ovular pedals, and that's gonna be it. It looks super simple, and I think it would look super cute as just a bit of detailed having your bullet journal backs it. Now let's move on to color. Color is my absolute favorite part. So using those colors that we had before, I set everything in that I'm gonna be good green. Then we'd go in and color believes all those tiny little hearts. And I'm very into coloring outside the lines recently because I think it just looks funny messy, so that when you remember the fill in those stripes with purple, I'm also choosing to accent the dot demons in purple too. And now I'm gonna go in with that gorgeous Coralie pink color, and I'm going to add that to some of the hot zones. And while I'm at it ever NFL in that succulent without mint green color and the other one gets to be in long green because I'm sure you guys get the point. I'm fast forward. Three This a bit. So the hanging plant is going to have a purple plot and the cactus is going to be in that darker green, and that's it. You can't wait to see him. The next lesson, by 5. Doodling gardening tools: you guys. And welcome to the lesson on having gardening tools. Now, I know gardening tools are technically not really a part of plants, but we'll count it anyways. So the first tool we're gonna do is a pair of gloves. And to do this work was going to follow the outline of your hands. So probably put your hand next to the people and draw it like that. And then at the bone, there is kind of a long oval to mark where your hand goes in, and then we're going to make a 2nd 1 And make sure on this one, the thumb goes the other direction. And I would suggest moving the fingers a little bit, just so it looks a little bit different. Also, make sure to correct any creepy looking fingers like I've done here and then on each risk we're gonna Adam Opel in a circle for reflection. So finish close, okay? And so the next doodle is going to be a soil tiller. And don't worry if you don't know what that is. I didn't either, but basically, you're gonna draw kind of like a fat fork and then extended out, and you know. Make sure it doesn't look bendy and curvy. Make sure it looks like a straight line. And to make it look more like a cylinder, I added. Some will see so that Comptel, it's three D. Our next doodle is super easy and looks really cute, too. So to make these little veggie labels, you start with a triangle at the bottom and then a rounded off rectangle on that, a little piece of the top. And then you just fill it in whatever your Betty is. And I drew some lines to add character, and we'll see if my opinion still stands. But these air, definitely my favorite so far are next. Tool is gardening scissors. So to do this, we're gonna do two circles letter right next to each other and that triangle with a line through the center. And now this is the part that's a little confusing. So going from the line, you're gonna wrap belonging around and you can follow along. So you're just gonna treats around the circle and then look at the click scissors, our next doodle. It's a lot simpler. It's a garden travel, and so you're gonna start with kind of a spade shape, and then you're going to draw a bit of a comb in the center and then from the comb, you're going to draw upwards and look garden, trouble or lift. Next step is a good old water. It can. So to do this, you're going to start with a circle, and then we're gonna make that spout. So draw two lines down and then what? They're into the loan, and they were to draw a line up and the handle, and then we're gonna make sure it's a circle at the top and then extend it downwards. That kind of creates a truck is a little shape, and then we're gonna write it off at the end and and a couple of lines for decor, and we're gonna finish off with another handle and to make any guard in the heart of your work boots, right. So we're gonna make some work boots, so starting we get two lines and then a circle at the top, and then we're gonna add the human and then a big old front of the boot, and then we're just gonna make a 2nd 1 behind it, making sure to keep in perspective and not drawing the lines with the front. Dude, I think they're super cute and simple up next, our garden clippers. So we're going to start with a bit of a curved line and then we're gonna try to do, like, 1/2 moon situation, and then we're going to do a little circle and draw some lines coming out of there and then starting on the right side, we're going to do a curved line and then in that same direction on the left side, we're going to do to curb lines that are gonna connect together. And last, we're gonna add a little line where the two blades me. That's it. That's the Garden Clippers. Next, we're gonna be doodling a shuttle, so we're gonna start with this ovular shape and then we're gonna draw a little square bit at the bottom and then finished off with a handle, and this one's really, really simple, but looks really, really cute. And for the third toe last, people were going to be doing a great kissed are going to do three little fingers and then on each of them there's a curve, and then it goes down in a w shaped and we're just going to clean this up a little bit. Make sure that that the pieces are long enough and far enough apart. Once we're finished with that, we're going to go ahead and the handle. We're going to draw two lines downwards, and we're gonna add the end on. And that is it for the Rick or next tool, I believe is called a telling tool. Go ahead and people of and check me on it. But we're gonna start with two lines and then another angle to more loans connected to it and then a little bit of a handle. And that's it. All right, Last, but definitely not least we have a broom. So we're going to do a trying. You in shape will be grounded top, and then we're gonna do lines across and then lines coming down so it looks like the little pieces of the brand. And then we're at a handle right onto that, and we're gonna fix it and make sure it looks really nice. And that is absolutely it. You're done. And now it's on to color. Making sure to change layer and pen to mark where I'm going to start coloring the glove screen for this. I'm using larger size and starting in the middle and making sure to keep the opacity low. Then I'm going in and adding a bit of an outline on one side toe dimension. All right now for purple accents. And for this, I'm receives in unison. Accent color, Not really to color anything in. So I'm gonna put it on the carrots and the radish and then also some of the handles that some of the tools all right. Now it's time to use pink. So starting at the bottom of water and can still but in the and then making the inside of the big pink their handles of the clippers and also a little bit on the broom that I'm going to go in and color some other details. And Green just took for that some parts and making sure to keep the green kind of balance between the left side and the right side. I'm obsessed with this important color and style. I think it is super cute, just really brings everything up. That's it for this lesson. I hope I see you in the next one by 6. Doodling grasses: Hey, guys. And welcome to the short lesson on how to do the grasses. You're probably thinking, why on earth would I watch you on Hung doodle grass? Well, I didn't think I needed to learn how to draw grass either, until I tried to draw a graph and I realized it was really boring. So this is going to help you guys mix it up a little bit when you're trying to draw grass so it doesn't look like three triangles kind of stuck together. So our first rest is actually a weed, and it looks a lot like wheat. So you're gonna draw a line down the center, and then you're gonna do these little out spurts from it, and you're gonna keep going all the way down. Kind of like if you wanted to draw lavender. It looks very similar to that. But then you go halfway and in between, each of them there's a little long and well, that's the scene of it. And if you don't really like how it looks a lot like you can do this other version where you don't do that talkies is you just do a couple of going up in a couple going down and then none of the top and battling also looks like aggress wanted to show you more traditional way of dry grass. Okay, Minute, actual grass. Um, instead of doing all the little lines the same size, I decided to mix it up and draw summit angles and some upwards, and it looks a lot like press. And then I just went in and kept adding triangles and cleaning them up, so it looked like actual rats plates. And then if you don't really like the trade in shape, I haven't other option. They're kind of curvy. Looks a bit like seaweed to me, But some people really let this and then I just did to curves You can do as many as you want if you like that stuff too. Since I'm just offering more ways to drop based grass, Here's another one. So you're going to start with a bit of a sprout on the bottom, and then you're just gonna keep going upwards, and this looks a lot like wild grasses. So if you like that, there's that. And then it came upon me that you can actually color in the wavy looking ones, and I like it a lot more that way and the next for you. I have a bit of a prairie rest, so when I draw breast, sometimes I just need inspiration to add a little bit more texture and progresses the weight to do that. So this you just draw a bunch of little circles until I kind of a Shrum shape. This design is super, super simple, and I think it looked really unique, which makes it quite interesting. And for this I did do a bit of appointed top and added in some variations on the sides of bigger leaves at the bottom, it really elevates it by adding detail. And you can really do this for all the other grasses. Just changing a little bit makes it a lot more detailed and adorable and another about grass. Next, we're going to draw a line down and then some courts on it, and you know how I look parts. So we're just gonna go down, down, down and color all the way, and I think this one super cute and really easy so you can definitely use to fill in space in your boat driven and on to the next of this one was inspired by Pond reads. So I'm gonna drop a bit of a long reshape and then draw some lines on it. And then another 12 of the reeds and then long lying down, connecting to it. And I've been bounds really basic, but it looks good and you guys know by now how much I love wheat looking sign. So what's doing other one? Because we're going to draw one long lying down and then a bunch of little lines around. I did that the opposite way in the video, but it doesn't make a difference. So you to connect the little lines to the big one, making sure that the end is darker than the middle and that's it. And then I'm gonna clean it up. Then I figured, Why don't I show you another way to make one of these? And this one is at a bit of a sign angles for changing perspective, up with it so you can start with a curved line and then you draw a little line spreading out of it, making sure that those lines are very, very thin. And then I two of those differently. It's And then I thought I would show you guys a composition tips on all the duels I do. I like to try to make it look pretty when I kind of combine them together. So for this, I'm gonna take a piece. And if you appropriate, you can follow along and reorganize them in a way that I think the sizing looks better because at this point I thought together some of the space them out better and moves them around. And for the last design, I thought, I cheat a little bit and it's a bit of a shrub, but that is OK, so we're going to draw lines. And then at the end of all the lines, there are little circles and those are all the way colored in. And we're just going and drawing lots of these little sections branching off the main section and, you know, just keep filling it in until you feel like it's full enough. And I did some of the lines a little bit curve years of that, it and natural and that was it for drawing. So now let's get on to cult Rick, like always, are going to switch my players and then to start with a green this time but and then colored the reeds. And then I'm going to go on that still with deep pink and using that think I wanna have and colored the brush you'll notice. Since it's already so textured, I decided to just cover lightly and in only certain spots, because I didn't want it become to over power over the other ones. Then I called or traditional grass in green or curvy one and mint that cement to our little weed. Then I went ahead and added purple to two of our meat and some more mitt, and that was it. But believe this video inspired you to broaden your horizons in the world of grab steal on the next lesson by 7. Doodling leaves: Hi. And welcome to the dual tutorial on having dropped leaps or our first I'll We're going to start with a simple line, got make sure to get the size right and you're going to draw kind of an elongated heart. And then you're going to start drawing little lines that are gonna represent the veins. And with those little lines, we're gonna start extending them further, further outward until they look like actual veins on a leaf. And this is pretty simple. We're just going to keep going and drawing the lines. Make sure that the middle line continues all the way from the top to the bottom. And there you go. Our first week is done. For the second week, we're gonna follow that same pattern. Except instead of starting small, I decided to start long because we kind of get the point and for this, and you're gonna make sure have an eraser or use or a racer tool. So we start with long lines, and then we trace in kind of that same similar heart shape except a little bit point here and a little bit right at the bottom. And all that extra were bit that didn't touch the edge. We're gonna clean that line up and it looks gorgeous. And for that next style, we are going to do the exact same thing we did on the last one. Except this time, instead of doing around it, just we're gonna do this kind of cigs ag style, and you can follow along. But it's kind of an imperfectly inverted triangle situation where you just keep going up and down. And now I am cleaning it up. So I was pretty much our 1st 2 style of leaf, and we're going to move onto the next one. So starting with a curved line here, we're going to create ovals laying next to each other, and at first we're going to space largely apart. And then we're going to go and fill in the little pieces in between. Make sure that as it goes up, they get a little bit closer together. And now, using that sinker blood we used before, we're gonna draw that in, and we're going to create a new type of weak, so this leaf is going to have kind of round edges, and we're going to make sure to not touch the end of the lead back to the center vein, and there's going to be two ways we're gonna do this. So there's gonna be the very tight tooth, one where there's lots and lots of bridges and then the looser one where there's less ridges and it's really up to you. Which do you prefer? Okay, Internet. So using a curved line, we're going to do you shapes going up and down the one several of them long and that we're going to do these kind of little bubbles on it. So think of drawing a B and just draw a bunch of bees back and forth and back and forth on top and below. And we're going to draw the whole thing in at the center, where it kind of touches the middle. You're gonna want to do a bit more of a U shape and said it would be, but you see what I mean and I think I for out here. But later we're gonna come in and fill in the top with kind of another little bubble and your I am doing another little variation of the same silence, um, on this one, instead of drawing bees. You actually draw hearts that are cut through the middle of the lines and you just draw a bunch of parts. And this is what I was talking about earlier. So what? The talk. You see how I kind of did a heart with another bubble on top over there? I'm going to go back and fix it with another little cluster. So for the next week, we're going to scribble a cloud shaped design, and it doesn't have to be perfect. That's kind of the point and draw a line down center. And then from that line, we're going to do little offshoots of the line, and it's going to look kind of messy. But that is the point. It is a due bill, so it's supposed be messy. And from there we are going to do offshoots of that line to do the veins. So this leaf probably looks failure. And for a lot of people, this is a little bit too messy for a bullet journal ice like it myself. But for this I did do another version of how to do it. That is quite a bit cleaner, so this time we're starting with line, and then on this one. The clouds are lot rounder and the lines are a bit simply so. We are just drawing lines from the center to the center of each curve. And so the next Lee style we're doing is a palm leaf. So, like always, we're going to start with a line. But this time in between two sides of violent, there's a little bit of space. So we're kind of mixing up and to draw the Palm Lee, there's going to be these little spikes that are coming out, so you start at the top and draw down with this fights. Feel free to do it as many times until you feel proportional and make sure to draw the veins in between the little spikes of the palm leaf. And now it's finally time for our final lifestyle. So for this Lisa, we're going to start at the top and doing Big Spike, and then we're going to give little bumps down kind of similar to the policy. But this time we're gonna draw a line. Three was center, one single line, so the veins are symmetric to either side. In our little you shapes going all the way down, and that's it for the leaps, because I included coloring all of the other videos. I felt we were done than to do it in this one. So if you need help, color and go to any up the other videos in this lesson by