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How to draw illustrations with hatching technique

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to start

    • 3. A first exercice to start with the technique

    • 4. Example of a small castle

    • 5. Example on a face

    • 6. Rocks and grass

    • 7. A background like a castle

    • 8. Advanced techniques of hatching

    • 9. Final example with advanced technique

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About This Class

In this course, you are going to learn how to draw by using hatchings. this techniqu can be done with normal tools, like pencils and paper, or with a graphic tablet and softwares. this course is showed with the fotware Clip Studio Paint, but can be applied with many other tools.

The different videos are going to present you several techniques to start or improve your drawing skills by using hatchings. This can be applied to draw characters, landscapes and many other subjects.

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1. Introduction: In this course, we're going to see a technique to draw the outlines and details of the characters you can use. Normal paper and pencils are a graphic software and tablets. This technique is going to be the hatching. I will show you how I can use the hatching to create details on characters and landscapes and many objects. In the end, you will see that distinctive can be applied to many illustrations, too many subjects. So get ready to learn a new technique the one of the hatch ing's. 2. How to start: to draw illustration Using hatching technique, you can start with a blank page. I'm using a graphic software to show you this demonstration. Now you can use any software I'm using. Clips you pains are foolish up or creator are any kind of software that you feel comfortable with. So here I'm just wearing the white page to do not go in, do the options off any kind of software. Maybe after I would tell you what kind of software you can use. But right now we are on leaf accusing on the lines you have to draw. First, we have to work on the different lines and hatching you can use to create the effect want to create. First, you can start drawing simple forms like this. We can say this is tone search Stone can be draw with lines like this. And when you draw something like this with different separation here and here, it already gives you the feeling that this rock has different faces. Then here we're going to draw something in the shadow face that is inside the rock and this is creating a shadow. So we get the line closer. You can see there wondering faster, and I can cross by drawing also like this. And in the end you can draw something that's almost black with not totally. So you have the landscape and you can draw a couple of things here. You can also add some hatching this and even this line. It's probably two black, so you can use whites line to just create some details like this. I'm using the white color. Why not some here? This technique of having some one clangs and then sorry black lines and then white lines Crossing the back ones is very useful when you only draw with black and Whites, Inc so you can start drawing different forms like this and you drove hatching inside. This forms this. Then you're right. You draw a small separation and you're drawing in something here. This and whiteness, some hatching here. And then you finish with some G channels on the floor and Wayne out some additional stones on the ground. Three small Hutchings and way notes, another stone in the background that is almost invisible. So we're going to play with difference vision of the landscape we're going to draw, and it's like drawing and nonsense difference. And with the background of the four grounds and what kind off lines we have to draw to creating this effect of foreground and background, for instance, I can create some mounts and make this and nuts doing too much thick lines here, playing on the fact that's this partisan to be white and this part in to be dunk, you can see the difference we have of songs behind in the stones in front of us. And all of this is going to be very useful, especially when you are going to be close to the reader off your comic book or off your of the person looking at your outwork, for instance, with a stone. For now, this here four grams to draw small details of this stone and drew more specific lines this and sometimes very dark part here just to suggest the detail of the stone. Then you try to break Mr like this, and you can draw some lines like this here and in this form lines here. And then you know that this stints here in the other direction, it's like if you was getting your stone in several parts. If you was turn here. Just you can for this side. Lansley this then in this sign lines like this. And this isn't storm. So we're going to work different landscapes and effects to learn how you can improve your drinks kill specifically in using the hatching techniques. 3. A first exercice to start with the technique: one of the first exercise you can do is to start drilling by drawing clouds. We can draw some films and this and under clown, find another one way. Draw a couple forms like this he looks like brought Bush's. That's really green truth. Explain how you could look tonight, Chronis. All right, You can start with this and we decide to draw. Very simple length can go slowly at the beginning and you just draw this part of this crime . Then you do the other worm here, and you always draws his line insane directions. The theory behind this technique is just to have some couple of flames designing the shadow are developed. Um, on the form, I'm adding some flowers here, So don't take a rule to draw these lines. You have to draw them with your free hand because as your drinking natural elements, you have to kip again off 10 drawing style. Otherwise, if it is too straight, you will lose this natural aspect. Justin exorcising can do. Then if you drove administration for really would have to take more time to draw this so you can see that in placing these lines, always just saying place just in the down, the every clowns here, and you can rebut it again and again here, joining this It's not the same, uh, size of it. Doesn't really matter if you want to draw the clown that he's really behind and more in the shadows just to create some volumes in your generalised oration you can in force the rains increased something that's his darker and to just make sure that you draw everything every bubble. I drove here, and I'm not right now doing any cross chain. I'm just always fooling the same direction here. This is a more simple technique you've unlearn, and from there we can also step by step, learn more difficult techniques to create advanced effects. Maybe if it's too wide. Sometime can say there is something missing so you can add some details here and a few lines here. And why not any lines without any specific lines? You can continue like this, and you have some clowns appearing, so this victim can be developed for many things, like objects on characters, and we're going to see plenty of example how you can use this technique 4. Example of a small castle: in this example on going to draw a castle. I'm still using a very simple brush, and I will in first place drove the main appliance of the castle. So we're still using kind of skitch. They re lights, kitsch and some shows to illustrate the fact that there is a shadow can't through in there is the roof here someone's showing that this is it would. And this is the first face of the castle and Dan hatching. He's half I mean to illustrate the roof and the part and castle that are in background. And here we go for every single parts of the shadows. I'm changing direction of the lines. You can even draw inspiration. And I will draw a camera Stilton for rock just from the council. And I'm using the same technique for every parts of that on working with different hatching to spacing between the lines is changing, occurring to wasn't working with part time working, - you can see we have very rapidly something efficient, and I'm drawing a kind of traditional ruins here and can off shadows just created for ah suggests rocks laying in the ground and can continue to rule some additional stuff here and reliance in a different direction and a recurrence. It work in my castle, increasing, and he's shut. It was human error. - You can see that with all these kind off lines draw in different direction. This is replacing the small details you. Could you you will be interesting to draw if you will be drawing, uh, they're pretty size drawing. This kind of technique is really useful when your you want to do plenty of things but not spend too much time in drawing them. And then I can complete the rock here. Some details. This on man also train to draw mountain. This is where you can play with different black and white aspect. Feel drawing and especially if you want to draw something very dark. For instance, you have stone here in the foreground and you want to create something very dark. You can, of course, drawings like this, and you can also cross usual increased this feeling that we have more shadows here, - the mountain and the Mountie and be hiring. It was very small details. All right, then, if you want to draw also clowns, it's like any progress videos can draw things like this and use the previous technique. So it was in this example show new hiking, draw additional stuff like Stones Castle in the middle of stones and rocks with different foreground background things. So we're going to to go into more and more techniques like this. 5. Example on a face: we can apply this evening to the thinking things. For instance, if our stuttering just eyebrow and I can work on Lee with action and he can give something very in prison trying to respect rules and soon that I'm just playing with adding more honest change creative Villiers So every details can be working out. We didn't and change only I know that their nose here thank your draft. The learns frieze complete were the handshake. - So the wish will be how, during the two, where to place the hatching. In fact, you have to respect care of rule, which is the where the like It's the changing character. For instance, I know that the light is bringing more of the liberals down the phone. Uh, beautiful that I am ruled that he's covering the eyes a little bit and creating shelters were There is currently pretty old. And can I have some details? Trainees age so we can add some additional stuffing dense like this and use the ancient to increases. Feeling room is some age and also trying to play in some parts of the dream. That is more that and more door and the owners considers me really dark. Gonna get a word here. You can read everything or just creative is should've. - Then I can use Really They're Rhines chili threes, This gene Thanks. And continue the dream like this in freeing. And so so you can see that every details When we drove with this technique, I'm not choosing very large. Brushed on always using Singlish from my computer suffer but using it Very soft pressure fan and during the defensed, as free in various triggering. So you can play with this different take name right When you were some errands here that don't lead to much lights into a stark It's not too much in the dark you literally just simple rights and reading with their shelters you across. And if this owners black will cross freelance like this even I think so too. Aaron is here and this is just a distance that you can increased a little increasing pressure on your pen and Syrian something is still back. One of the eggless is conducive to stroll by using heart pressure and then occasion by decreasing the pressure to create a cannon off regiments and then to get more space between rounds. And while doing this I mean you have and more. Yes, it is to to use this tragedy 6. Rocks and grass: Let's create a new example about using hatching for something like rocks will just going to draw a couple fourths here. So first I drove main outlines and yes, we do for all soft ground and then I can kept this form into two parts. This parts is going to remain rather whites on. This one is the one we are hatching. Then you can double the hatching e mean that you have done first lines for Siris of lines and you can do another one here instead of hatching another direction. You can keep the same direction but giving a second time hatching. And here we will have some shadows congenitally go here this and here I can create the main form from the road. And as the rock is not going to be very ah, going to be the same here, same faces, there would be details and so on. But we're not going into too much detail. Just go into this can change the direction and the change of direction will be enough to make it clear that we have different faces and reproduces same technique. Here I am drawing another line and flying this and then I can change here again the same. And if I zoom out a little bit, we have something that is closer towards can have in Iraq. In issuing a student, you can just and another learning here can have another rock that's just in front of it. Ah, this technique is basically done for its Kitching advance sketching. If you want to go into more details when you weren't just kitsch, you can even add some all the details, like cracks from the rocks here. Some list. If you don't have to do everything with hatching, that's you could also play with different canon of cracks and just very slightly on with my brush to complete details here to do not have too much white remaining as this is. The stone is a natural thing, and you would never have something of these were clean. Even if it's grass, you will have to drove some grand for this, trying to spread all around a couple of friends like this, and there's just suggesting that you have some you don't have to drew old grass. You just drew a couple of things in this and create the ATF agents ingress and then you play with the background is full ground. For instance, I had here some grass or even stone in the first please here that's going to be former dark and then more. You drew something that is far away, unless you have details, unless you have to if you the pressure of your pen, especially if you are using graphic timber. And soon. So in the the other video, working to learn different techniques in many other examples how to use these takings. And maybe we're going also to see a more complete illustration using this taking. 7. A background like a castle: Let's see how we can draw the cylinder off castle or CD. You just have to drew some rains like this. If this is castle, we can draw. Still, forget First. Outlining is very simple form just during the main lines. Main downtimes of this city or Jessel. Whatever. Then you draw a signal from there. When you have these two lines, you complete weird line's insane direction. But this time you try to go as far as possible. You stuff from the tough and you go down. And if it's bit white Indian, it doesn't really create the effects of having a kind of distance between these buildings and the buildings behind. - And then this building during your scene and can complete my administration having a tree in the foreground. My tree is getting to have some hatching that's a more in here and then could be some to complete. This illustration here can also as some details. In the end, it could be rude or trees one of, but we'll see how we can also draw very simple trees. One example in here, really, just to raise one for its and to to play with the white that could be suggesting the outlines of the trees and just draw a couple of things like this and just draw the trees, the fuel lines and you will have trees in front of your canceled. You can also playing with the different hatching in the trees itself, between the different trees. You can also have some hatching with different sending sighs. But more important was how to drove. Very simple. Castle is just hatching such castle. You drive like this when this is really far away. If it will be the main element off my frame, if it will be a comic book, it would not be so simple. This is for the background. 8. Advanced techniques of hatching: Now we're going to see how we can draw a character with this technique so I can use a very simple technique. Wishes to drew first, please, Just a suitt with the selection tool off money graphics after from there is the first technique you can use. I can just suggest some forms and played a different size hatching representative shows and the details of this character. And I always child with one full black elements. And from there fine, continuing. Please. Some lines like this writing here, Kenyon, do this. I'm liking this yes, the remains of the character back. And we go one by one using take me through this and then as my illustration is their dark. I'm Justine by working with very strong lines, especially in the flu. On the first are full of shutters and we can play with the black and the white. And when and not satisfied because there is too much weight and just coming back with other machine, it will give the thing that was very detailed demonstration while just playing with you. Keep some parts still in the right. You said the courage is hand in the back and of close going like this. So this election is making sure that enough spreading too much lines old around in the way . I'm not sure about the size of the lines from starting with their feelings. I can feel the words faces with these lines, and I can see that and I can turn then a little bit just to suggest the movement of the cloth. And I came back a little bit here for their then run dissection is not helping me anymore. I can just complete. We don't It's maybes just finishing the character of this and we already have. Something could be interesting. We can complete it can add some things behind but give you the first on first starting forints to remain you. I started with I started with black things character, and I continue just anything more rhymes and crossing swords. 9. Final example with advanced technique: we're going to see more complex illustration based on Hatch ing's. So this time I'm going to draw a face and the guy's going to have just a shirt. And I didn't just see how we can draw this with this technique, so I can just drew normal lines and drill the out climbs on the shirts. Something very simple. We're getting helplines has all the risking to be doing with Kocin looking once. Emory. All right, just focus on this now how to work for the hairs so running first, drawing the hairs so well. The engineers. We are not going to do action because we're just following the direction off the natural direction of the hairs. We can estimate that heres something like this more like things on the others. Make sure that everything is not totally like, because it will not be good enough details to end difference between some like areas in some white areas to have some hairs that have quiet some that's quite enough detail without winning too timid things like drawing every hairs again. This techniques don't to draw something that is detail with their spending a lot of time. Injuring always is L D date is one by one. So now I'm going to add a shed on the face and to do so. And this is why. Also, I'm using a graphics after like this because it's easier to show you. And I created a new layer. Just you work showing you the areas touch by the shadows, the first shadows going to add on the face, and I will draw in red a limitation. And I can complete this selection like this because with the selection tool off any graphics software can do a selection, you try to selected properly, all right, throwing again. And I can go back on the later the black and white layer with its character. And I'm using a very small burn to this time. Do the actions. - Selection is too active between that. I'm not go out cannot draw outside of this situation. I can try with another another brush and I can also start drawing this hatching according to to form off the face, for instance here and fooling the line of nose on Kim and enforce this This And now I can maybe in select high this and we can already see the results. That's the submarine is getting you something very clean and at the same time just done with Catchings and the reason why at one point I'm in selecting just because I need to continue to draw on this area because we can just have one single zone where we have hatches in another wound. Where's there's nothing no kids on behind the eyes and then you can come back with this black area, just the road nose and continue with the kind of Grandin's down with lynchings and again here you can see that I'm crossing the rhymes and using the pressure of my thin in the areas where we have some shadows. Cain. So you can see we have a kind of realistic aspect of the face appearing with this hatching . We are really working on this advanced technique. We are really trying now to work in something, Larry. It could be hard in first place to use this technique, but if you train yourself with videos we have seen previously because it's Wilson matter off working with this technique and we're came out, it's really a matter of quantity of drying you're going to produce to give the head. It's refusing, mistaking and no, I'm working. Love is and I will try to use much more I think brush and we have to represent the different details in the So you can first draw the main lines where the lights, parts and dark part will be into place. And when you're ready, for instance here, we're going to have some black space. And here we stay with Right. OK, so now I can draw can cruise lines And now and not a technical also beat You do some to use a sanction tool and we can select different. I really like this. Fans also work with Catchings and you can see it gives something interesting. If you zoom in, it looks like nothing, but you have to consider a frustration with some distance from then. Also, we can play with, like in white rapid use of this hatching to drop the shadows from the neck from the class and I will use again this situation tool Phillips on the right selection even if you go to the refresh can give the effect expected. This is what is very interesting with this technique. So now there is Also another thing you can do. See here completing the shirts the second point because if there is too much hatching since two random so you can take a wide color and to cross with white lines and you will see it will give you something interesting. It will give another respect much more close to Reggie. Defines catches. It's give something very dynamic you cross was white lines, and you can see if you take some distance. He can work easily by changing Catchings and adding some different You working the details of the shirt and still, um, of course, if I wanted to maybe two. Get this frustration in the frame and rule, reframe it like this, probably to get which is a necessary with. Then we will have a cane off, background behind, also doing with wreck lanes, and we are almost done. Of course, this is a reputable overview of this technique. If you want to do something more accurate, that social is just spend more time in using the same taking Infinia here. So I hope these videos teach you couple of techniques, and this is up to you to take your paper or your software reputation. It whatever you're using to draw and two starts doing yourself is registration by using the hatching