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How to draw faces and heads

Damien Barban

How to draw faces and heads

Damien Barban

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18 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. More details to the sketch

    • 3. from a simple fomr to a detailed face

    • 4. The profile of the head 1

    • 5. 4 the profile of the head 2

    • 6. The profile of the head 3

    • 7. The eyes 1

    • 8. The eyes 2

    • 9. The eyes 3

    • 10. The eyes 4

    • 11. The eyes 5

    • 12. The eyes 6

    • 13. The eyes 7

    • 14. Emotions

    • 15. Drawing a face from a picture

    • 16. Drawing a head from a real skull

    • 17. Drawing a noze, part 1

    • 18. Drawing a noze, part 2

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About This Class

Have you ever dreamed to know how to draw faces? This course is done for you! in this course, you will find many tips and advises that will help you you to improve your drawing skills. These videos you are about to see are providing many explanations, step by step, and will allow you to learn precisely how to draw faces for comic books or any illustrations.

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1. Introduction: We're going to see several very simple tips to start learning how to draw first during is something that it could be learned. But what's could be learnt is only the techniques. I can show you techniques examples, but as they say, disease, the this is a drill, the exercises, the quantity off work you're going to provide that would make a difference. Of course, you can run very efficient techniques, but if you are not drawing a lot, you will not get a very good drawing level. Is this thing for any kind of art like music on even cooking are whatever you have to to work a lot to improve your so ready, understand with very simple things. And we're going to speak about the head faces has and how to draw hairs and fish face expressions. So if we start with total begging off something we want to drop, if you want to draw ahead and you can start with something like this, that's it. This is the first step learning how to draw cycles. This is the first exist science you can do drain things like this. Small launch big. Don't take the time to erase just drill. What for? This exists that is just teaching you how you can easily do something without train to draw . And he raising because you weren't satisfied and try again and finally saying that run that good enough in drawing and stuffing Drink for days or weeks because you cannot really get which ones. So if you want to do nuts, fall into such trap feeling are feigning, had fading to to draw what you want to draw are and thinking you can you don't have the gift or you don't have what is necessary to draw Very good drinking And okay, you say I give up and so on. No, just stuff thinking on this. If this is the case, you will start to drool Very simple for us. The purpose is here is to find a certainty to find first certainty her bounce your hands and your pen and feeling comfortable with during very simple forms. Then you can start drawing a very big Saigal. This very big cycle is going to be a hand. How very simple. You decide that this form is going to cut here and here. Why? Because the head is not round like this, then you can hear eight this part. Okay, that's not bad. If you have some difficulties to draw this, that's OK. You just put the video on pose. And you just Joe this. You're going to get this in two parts. It's not very straight concealing the language, it doesn't matter. We don't care of that very straight lines. It's not the purpose here. You have to understand that nature are natural. Things are not straight. You will never find they re perfect angles in nature. This is only the man who is producing such form in buildings and all the geometrical forms . But in the nature will you will never find such forms angles perfect England's 90 degrees angles. And so so don't pay any attention to people working to say. Your face is not exactly the same here in here. We don't really care. Then once you're doing this, you can Joel here something like this and you will see that this is the top of your head. Then you can draw a line here, points here, this thing Pay attention to the space you have here in the space right here. You can draw a line approximately here and usual train right now. If you drink this on your paper and you feel that instance exactly the same than what you see on your screen again, we don't care. It's not important. I'm teaching you the eggs inside itself, the technique itself. Then it will be up to you to draw this exercise over and over again to improve your skills . Then I joined mouth here. It will be a line that will be approximately free from here to here. Then we have this line here. You can see that we have some geometrical forms placed here that are going to be step by step your face appearing. Then you're going to draw like this and like this, pay attention to the space here in this space here, then a normal like this, like this. Now we can think that the face It's big, too large and too big to lunch. Why not? You can draw people with such face. Okay, once again, some other important. If you are feeling not confortable or if your sketch it's really larger than once I draw here, then you can kept again here a little bit. Make sure that you have this approximately the same space here in this same space. This is a symmetrical lines. And if we mean symmetrical, it means that there would be something similar here in similar in terms space. Once you're done with this, you can stall during the tip of your hand and do something more this'll. And then you continue to hear this for is something a bit tricky? And there is no other techniques. Then just during its again and again and seeing more and more comfortable with this form. Then we have the base for the face here and you can drew too lanes. Here. You would see that Do discolored. The head is going to be like this and you will have. It's a joke here and we have to draw something like this and something like this. Something is not easy, but you have to draw something approximately the same here in here. This is the first steps off your head. Then you can draw with Nick here and that's it. This is the rule first exercise. If you stand during all these steps and drink this, we're going to improve just for the daisy construction of your face. We're going to see in the other videos. What are the next steps from here to the rest off the face? 2. More details to the sketch: Now you're ready to start the other parts off this exercise reading to add the other details that will make this face more realistic. First, the here's our at the level of the eyes here, then in starts to draw a nose that you have several ways you can draw knows this. I like such detainees like this. He has to be very good for draining us. I can show you something here Sometimes when we try to draw the news We used to do something like this and this and this containing this. It looks like the nose off peak. Don't do that. Don't draw the black hole even if you can see some somehow some back here when you try to reproduce a picture when you're drove, you don't do that. The nose is very sensitive as an element of the face because it's in the middle of the face . And when there is something going wrong in the drain of the nose, it would be very objects, and it can turn your character and do something quite really tickles. If you want to draw a nurse, it will be something more discredits, not sold. Childress like this this. These are sometimes the character is on someone that is not quite ugly. And you can drone knows that is the green of just this time Some defaults and you can put the accent the Agnes of character. It will be the same if you draw a character from the different from the profile on the face . If you can draw a known there was This are something like this. However, you can draw the very and broken nose. This if this is a dwarf, you know, like mirrors. Drove off with Venus beer here, Rice like this. But this is very, very special time off drained evenings should be careful in dreams. Something that is normal, not something that is too much detail. Because if 20 details, jurors again give you something another Marine another interesting he could raised all the other details. That could be good. So you do something like this and the mouth. You have to be very careful because you have a space here in the space here again. Do now if it's going to be like this and you can this sign and make, there's something this if this isn't men is going to be a girl, you can draw something different, but it will be the subject of finality. Deal. It would be a difference between male and female Enough. But right now we keep focusing on Just join very simple lines. And I brought here and the eyes looking to make the pre rating on the superior online you can inside just draw small rain here between make something interesting. It's like this this and like this this is more simple where you can draw on I we're going to see later how to draw a night in detail. But right now you can just draw something like this. If you want to adds more life in your character, you can the white point or Secret way points. Then you have, um, an interesting face because now your characters and start to be human. Of course, you can add more hate on the head here with myself towards easier because it can just select and get It's the top of the head. This and this better is better. Sure enough more space here. And you know that there will be hairs here. Don't remember. Don't forget that your head is from the profile something that is only this face here. So when you look at your character on this this and you see this is very important to understand this and this is this part. Then one, you are done. We can start to read the construction lines. Just let the main lines you want to keep to continue to drove your character. If you draw something else in there, fancy in that you can't erase. It doesn't matter again. It is not. This is an exercise to learn how to drove the character with some human characteristic notes. Something like, You're not at this level. You have to reach this kind of flip. And we're just there speaking about a face off a character that is not moving and who has no expressions. So Thistle is the first step that draft 22 draw. We don't really know yet if this is a man or a girl and if we see the jaw that is a bit Haiti for large can estimate and then but we can I mean to see also have to draw and such exercise for a woman. So what does this video again and again and trying to you to drop this. And if you drew days after days, you can just for this Onley videos to several days on during and sketching a lot, and you're going to see that you really already improve. 3. from a simple fomr to a detailed face: once you're done with doing the sketch you can, then using now the taken that she's going to make you your style or you're feeling more precise, you can draw with black. I think you matter if you use a China and are just back pain, are Carol Kane of Tools you can use. You can do us catch like this and with your pencil. And once you are there satisfying about what you have done, you can just drove the lines and you will see it's going to be very important to use this. This is what we call the in King the thinking in the creation off black lines to finalize your drawing. One very simple and efficient techniques, while you think, is to draw large lines around the character like this, and Finn lines in sight. - Of course, it's not perfect here, and I did this very far fast that give you a first overview off every step you have to respect when you want to draw comic book. This is one forms the main forms on the character. It's part of the sketch to the details on this kitsch. Three. Once you have enough, you have draw enough details you can still to ink. The three steps are going to be review in this course and you're going t do plenty of for exercises, but it gives you the main steps to respect off course. When you are done with such thinking, you can add some details, but every detail insight are going to be on. Can I see, I think, to be going to add some quality of your dreams, and it will also add some personality. According to several cartoonists. Some are using a lot of details, and some others are just keeping a lot off white aspects. And some are using hatching diggings and some others are using very dark, very big and launch dark spend to feel the space in the face to give very dark attitude to the carriage service. It would have really different us the which one to create what can affect most very on Crete. You can see that I'm just doing something on kind of off sketching and finalizing my drink , mixing several Texans hatching the creation of big places off black there. Is there some kind of additional lines you can put around the face to give another kind of effect. What is important to it's not to overwhelm your drained with 200 detainees, because otherwise, if you put too much detail is first. You have to know that you will have plenty of frames of coming friends to drop. And if you decide to use very detail style for your drinks, you have to respect this details time for every frames. And it could be existing to try to add so much detail for every frames. So shoes. What kind, what kind off? What is a little off the table to add and then keep you stick to it. Don't change it in the middle of current broke and went to be Can we not be perfection? All right, so we have here the first example of how we can stopped with very simple forms and finish with something that's more still a sketch. It's not very lean, and I didn't spend too much time in drink something very perfect, but it gives you an overview of what we can do and from where you stepped in where we go 4. The profile of the head 1: the head of character from his profile. When you drove such a form, it could be used to draw a character from different angles regulating to draw from very simple forms to an advanced in detail head with another view than the previous videos. This time it will be the profile off the head in first place. You drove this? Of course. As I said in the previous video, you are going to do many cycle like this to improve your Skilling such form. Once we're done with, drink this. You can does something like this and then something like this with this line that years longer than this one. Then you can drill something like this. He can already see the geological firms were going to use to drool Canada. Then at the distance you would have the eyes and here approximately you have the nose. Then you can drill something here. It's like a tree angle. They're here is going to be here. And then he has boom here, which means that you have the neck here and here shoulder be here in we take old this face . Remember, when you drill, you have to envision the character with the tree. The view you can already stand to to review this video and to exercise to draw only this sketch again and again. Once you are down and you feel comfortable with it, you can go to the next step. That is going to be the position of the eye of the hairs and more details about this. 5. 4 the profile of the head 2: Now we're going to work on several details. First, we have to add the eyes, the eyes with the profile off, the character is different. We're not going to drop something like this because from the profile, it really give something this. But we have to determine where exactly the rising to positions. So you can imagine line a proximity near here. And the guy is going to be at a certain distance here. This is where a position you Then we can see that the job is too large or too long. We have to get a little bit. I'm still working with only this time off her office. Rough sketch. Then the mouth is going to be here. But don't do something to and we're going just late the day now how we can dwright detail first, we're only looking for the right place. So headline here. All right. And we have to and soon thing here and I broke came to be approximately here then if you want to do Joel, it is not too much. This make its more really realistic more humans. You can make something more like this. Then we have to add the hairs. The hairs is going to be an additional villain here, and he's going to go around here and around the head like and helmet. And you are going to be from here to there. No matter if it's a person with long hairs are short hairs too, an additional living here. This is the area of the bears. So give you more explanation and down the construction of the face. Then it can't be used eraser, and then start to erase the construction lines. Do something like this so again gives you additional data about what you're gonna add what you can. Yuri's here. You can have something like this, for instance, and this is the basic construction off profile and Kendrick. Then we're going to work even more details of this. But first, really, Just looking for the construction nights 6. The profile of the head 3: then went to do in more more details on the face here. Because we're not still on something very human, I can draw something that is closer to what can half with human character again, see that I am doings. The line off, more realistic character. The mouth is moving isn't the right place here. That's it's this kitsch you drop previously. It's just giving you dude attitude. Order the main lines, but it could move at any time on the shoulder, and this is important to review every time the the position off your, uh on the lanes. And then when you are satisfying this, you can go into more specifics, details, and then you can handsome beer and became details. You can give it personally teacher or character, something here, the in its probably nuts and the right place can change it. - And here again is something that is more realistic. And you can see that state by state by respecting all these states and and advice is you can 16 to draw your profile 7. The eyes 1: we're not going to see how to draw a ni. We are going to start with very simple for me first. And I was not just a ball. Of course, when you have only one eye outside of the head, you are one bull like this. But you have also something like this and we're going to just see how to draw this Very simple. For first to draw such form, you have to really? I understand that while you're drink, coming Look, the more important line movie the nine here at the top of the I Then this line will be less important when you just try to drop. And I are You want to drill this? You can do Brian's right? This do plenty like a wave and in fact you can then Julie this and then a small one. This is too long and so far. So you're going to do some mistakes. But again, we don't care. Just trying to draw plenty of finding this. Then you, Joe Small line is a second part of the exercise one big nine smalling, one big forward this morning and then when you're done with existing this, you can do right on the left, right, less I then the next day is this and then the eyes. It's not the final result off the drain of your eyes, but this is a good exercise to make you able to draw rapidly. Of course we're going to do I mean to be more more detains and with more interesting design . But this is very first drill you can do. You will see that when you will get used. With this technique you can do something like this and you can just feeling this and start I eyes, eyes were and then you can already see that emotions could be very rapidly. So when you drove your head and you just previous steps and you get something a bit rough but there is an expression we're still working with very simple sketches. So this is the first step you have to do if you are starting from scratch is to drew this wave, then very small line. Then the eyes, Of course. Later when he raised this and some other detains inside and the bulls the I first, this is your first eggless site. You have to do do it many times 8. The eyes 2: Now let's try to draw night with more details. I'm going to do a thirst catch as we have seen here. And from there I'm going to add some very important lines that make the eyes very human. First we can envision that we have the head here, the eyes and we are drying. Next one, you have two eyes here and way hungering for so this this is very important to determine with this is the right of the left high. Soon we're working with him and it means that we have something here. Then you can work a little bit like this. Then drink inside way can see that that's fair is touching the tough of the eye, but not necessary. The button here. Then, to draw this, you can drew the Black Bowl inside the eye but again to chine the tip of the ice and not that part. Then I'm Givings. I'm using the reason todo to light vaults. This white bone is giving life to your then I'm nuts during all the details of the eye. But you can something like this and something here. Of course, you can add much more details like this can be, lose stuffed and come back then, As the eyes is something that is very it is a bone. Is that something always like this? It's behind this king. You have a night like this so you can drop very small details like this. Then you have this and you drove rule Lis here. This is a realistic I. Now, if you want to draw the eye off a woman, you can do something more and more things here for more here. But the principle is still the same. It is bit too orange. Can you raise this? You can have different for advice. You have Japanese. You have several type of ice. Some say more. Just dems in your big nice. And of course, it would depend of the emotion of the current nice. And if someone was surprised would be something. Morning, this eyes wide open. But we're going to see this is in the second time there. We have to focus on only the details. And when I'm feeling, if you read those kitchens don't can use Marie black ink to accentuate kitsch and can add some things this and then to depend of your drains time. If you want to add Larry a lot of detail. If you want to stay on something very simple seen, then we have here the first technique of drainage. 9. The eyes 3: I can show you now how you confine us to finalize the design of this. I'm going to use, um, some gray values, and I'm going to add his values to my eye. And these values could be down with pencil. Are any kind off tools that can make can be used to add some green rooms like this. So and taking grey and very soft values here. What you have to respect is the the same details. Number one, John. Yeah, in the eyes can. Let's some white here. And I went with the importantes of white Bill here. Then you don't have much detained in the whites of the eyes itself. But you can nevertheless, Joe, something nexus just to give this realm respect you some more Infect. This are handsome lines here. Accentuate this. We're not talking about the color color is going to be see somewhere else. And then those chapter discourse bits rights. Now we could just create soon rough. Great. Early was just give some a little bit more realistic aspect. All right, so you can do something like this and be careful because according to them, if you characters, your drink is a young person or nuts, you're going to add some additional things. Here you are here. Even there again. See, it makes difference on a person. Was quite. You're going to have the eyes more like this because of the of the age. The union. Our boy, like your baby, are very young Children. Child is injury to have more open ice so you can play with this size in the form of the ice . But always respecting this technique and by playing with all the things you can gave more importance to Theo. Age are to the the character he is bluffing. Or crane well, what's is linked to emotions into me. See in another chapter can already understand that the eyes are very important in the face expression off your carrot. 10. The eyes 4: now here is an exercise you can do to get shoes in drain eyes. Let's take a white paper and do such things. Don't take time to erase you don't care. Just draw a lot of ice. You draw with line here and then here. Then you can add Triboro in any sense. You all you gotta do eyebrows like this. Like this. Like this we don't care. You just have to drill on the relationship between the eyebrow and the eyes. You can draw his eyes with SSM. I is a black bull here at the top are in the middle here and then you can you can and draw any kind off eyes the left one in the right one, for instance. You have here rights and the left because the nose is going to be here that you can also just roll rights on a our own needed Nice one. How do I recognize this? Is the left on the right? Because usually I close my eyes I'm drinking and close its here This is the the end of the face and like this this is a technique you can Then around the I build up face of your current. You just have to respect their distance, that distance and their distance and from the eye you can draw all your fills. This is a signal bigger size. You can do its first to drain I and then build the your character around this, and you're going to see that it's not very easy for space because you will have probably some proportion problems. Something here is going to be down, are up and nose is going to be two loans in the mouth to two down. That's you have to. If you have some difficulties to build your character around the eye, then you can trying to watch the first videos of discourse about the construction geometrical construction of the face. And it would give you tips to recognize where you have to place the eyes because it's very you can kept your face with geometrical forms, knows with this place of the Eid here and respected distancing their distance on that one too, then have a kind of distance to respect here between two ice and then you can see that I was going to be here, U N efforts to respect can offline from that point to that point. At that point, it's hear, hear Character is going to be getting a weird Sue once again. Here's what you can do. Huge. When I we didn't seem personally and you build your country a room that you are still at the step of the sketch should don't pay any attention. To do very precise lines are something they're clean. We are not at that state. We have to draw a lots and a lot of sketches. Even if you use 1000 papers to do this course, you will see that Indian of this course after having waste 1000 papers. Your skill as a content is going to be improved. Drawing offense should be very easy free, and it's going to be so because you are going to draw. For instance, I'm not taking any any measures, for if the eyes is well proportionate or not, I'm just dreaming this. You can see that here isn't correct. So can change this. And one trick of the cartoonists is usually to put a cave shadows to use the shit it was to have to hide progression trolls. This is a kind of trick you can do that first, Don't try to. I'd hide too much mistakes. Try to do it properly. First place. If you have some difficulties to draw the first parts, then continue to work in it. And if you have difficulties to drop the second part of the face, I mean left part of the right parts, then trying to do the first part. Insensitive right one. And then you can try to use graphic software to cope in fast and try to root. You came off things like this. It will give you another view for its your drain. Well, looks like it's not exactly perfect. For instance, you can see that by doing so and by raising the line here, maybe the face is too large. If it's too large. Instituto Ality. It means that here too large and I will get my face and coming back here, which means that it would come here and give you on idea what where the mistakes from dream are located. Because this is also one difficulty of the cartoonist. It's too fine what is wrong, and sometimes you know that something is wrong, which you cannot three find where so you can use this technique of continue, drain into bars and put that part here with the rivers and see where he's proportion problem. 11. The eyes 5: Now it's going to more details and getting more precise ing drain hives. Nothing's Joe one ice can orientate this line like this Well going in that direction, it will give some more on emotion to the I Then I can drove here is more important then I can directly this this and what we have inside we have the right balls and this you can see that you can just create very there is true effect by drain search Very simple limbs This you confined eight in the documents given in this video. So as you can train yourself in reproducing these nights No, I can use black ink ink one lines are here and think of rain here can finalize the chains inside and then creates more tonight here and here Is this over here and here we can pretty good and you can see that the first steps have just xyz ones. So you can use this to help you in creating and drain the women ice 12. The eyes 6: now when you knew how drove eyes, You have to add emotions to the ice. Here is how you can do You can first drove very simple eyes like this. You don't pay any intention to drawing the rest of the face, which the first step is just to have a couple eyes like this and you can find this training paper in their documents. And then you can just trained self and I'd grow in different orientation. You can see that only that's difference or intuition can have a very good and important influence on your expression. See is very important to understand what kind of emotion you can create with just changing the the organization of these and then what you can do. It's also to play with the eyes. If you close on I, for instance, what's keeping forgive you? And so then, when you feel more comfortable with this creation of the eyes, you can do the same with the guys from the profile of the carrot. You can have this and do something like this. The night is this and this, but the profile of the character is more. I think this in the eyes is that distance so you can train self droning This two faces here on first drink the face and then and you can see that just with the same face with the different are in addition to different emotions. But of course, you can change this. Spending more details on this, the irritation of eyes grow and and changing in mouth. There again have additional data to Adeline face you this you have this and then you can also hairs and and all the other elements off your your dream that is going to emotion fitting situation intense but first just started to drew the ire of this. Change its orientation and do it again. This is when you will be good enough in during this that you can start to earn some additional data. Smile and you can see that it changed the emotion of a character 13. The eyes 7: No, we have worked on many aspects of the eyes. You can add these eyes in the rest of the face. You can start during a face with all the data we have seen previously. Like the construction of the face eyes way have I brought here and in the construction of the things I can do woman, then we can have the nose knows is going to be in that distance approximately in the middle of the face. Then when they have and now the detainee is going to be reviewed separately in other videos . But first you have to implement the eyes in the middle of the face. Be really careful in He's different detains. You have the school character, separates your head with this lines and you have skill and you're going to end to zones here knows here in the middle here, so we have to respect that distance. That distance that one is the train girl having seen previously in their day was about creating head. But this is even more important if you don't want your character to be. Radicals are having too much distance here, so the elements off your face should really respect anatomy, human anatomy. Even if it's a woman or men, it should have very good proportions. This to simplify is going to give you something like this around here. Run here like this training group and I were there important distance here, Here, from here, from here. Hear from him. Hear from him. So trying to respect this and your character is going to be approximately correct. I cannot really say that everything is Face is perfect because professions is something these are too to try to rich. But you can draw something that seem to be more human than cartoonish. Even people drain cartoons like fun, conscience using big nose, big eyes and funny stuff. This are in first place. They're good curtains with realistic stuff. So this is like, this is very important to respect. I mean and not meet its I don't say, for instance, that this faces respecting perfectly. But give at least some good idea of what you can do. Is is respecting the honor to me rules we have seen previously. These videos are in that so you can Now you can drill yourself in drain every step seen previously and then drawing that the big face with all the eyes, the place of the nose, base of the mouth and the anatomy detained in the years distance and that elements job and train, not do a tool out. Joe Refit sooner. Drinking more. Roger, Julie fits man, and it should give you some tips and make you more confident in drain human faces. 14. Emotions: in the expressions used to give more emotion of the character. You can see that we can exaggerate the size of the eyes. If I draw the night with exaggerates emotion, I can draw something like this. The two eyes are no similar and the Aib rose. I'm not exactly the same. And it's even more power if I add knows that is a bit changing from the left side or right side and the mouth is also changing. So this is what is important, too is to you know, that you can changed in aspect of the ice and not having the same monies from exactly the same nice right of the left. If I want to give some different aspects of the ice, you can try to first drink. Nice normalize Thetis. Keep it blank and just black point inside during this and the eyes grow and then try to erase one of the back Friant here and changing like this. You can have a very simple exact size during this placing the bulls black girls here, Then he raising This is changing and you can have something different if you and you started again complacent. Here it knows, Then change the zones. Use something different by doing just this very simple exercise. You can get happy, tough finding, very interesting emotions. In the end, you will be able to draw very more intimate stick emotions is what is going getting to be good for you. Tube. You know how to represents the feeling of a counter. If you feel that if men is going to be said, you have to be handled to draw the referee institutions, everything's going to play a role in communicating that emotions or addition of the mouth that especially orientation from the of the eyes. In this sketch, the eyes not why open. It's pretty close, and the upper lines here is going in that direction, and the site is looking at the bottom of the drain. Then he's going to be more obvious when you and some tears. And this is all of this kind of details that is going to help you and make your drink more realistic. The woman for his happy extreme to be if we existed a little with lines having to close the eyes. But at that stage, you could say that she could be having pain. Are we happy for choosing the happiness? And when you have a character is going to be happy, can add movement in the airs and getting more life to the character and especially on the body positions can shoulders close to the end, and this is something we're going to see else later. But you can playing everything, including the position of the hours and all the body that is in movement, that she's improving this thing off her being happy and to the contrary. If you have a very dark character, first place you. We have more strong forms, like very dark attitude. I never really restrict High Bro's and very strong Ryan's to drove the eyes and the front emotions. Three fixed a face and not much movements in the body being transformed. Reasons it's it's being happy and probably wanting vengeance. So have strong rights. They're not much emotion in the sights of the cart is their importance to two drove Firstly to know how to draw your lines were to be open, and this is the first things your readers and going to see in your dreams, and if you really want to succeed to communicate communicates emotions. You have to exaggerate, really exaggerate. Then we'll be able to add some additional coming stuff This. But these nine, for instance, are not going to replace the Understand the understandable drink off. Your emotions can see such things. It's very easy to understand. And even if it changes runnings and I put such language this it's probably even more strong . But we still interested in a very enthusiastic character. So it gets. You can also train yourself in finally, a picture of emotions on Google, no matter where you can find in this picture and trying to rope religious this picture into coming. 15. Drawing a face from a picture: he could happen that you like to really draw something that is realistic and you can use a picture. Of course, you can use a picture just to help you, to drove the main lines and to get something really realistic Here, for instance, I'm using a software with a picture on the layer that's im decreasing the opacity. Then I'm using another. Of course, this could be youth with their light, a table with a real picture and you put your people she. It's both for the simplicity and a clarity of explanation. I'm showing this technique with the software, then how it could work. We were like this. I'm just using, um, the picture and that will transform this character into a superhero. You can see that going in the small detains and was drained with We didn't liking a really portray just simplifying the lines to make sure that I'm still on the graphics time coming thing. Rains here can play on several lines. For the for instance, something works give something interesting something that's which is to try really playing in the thickness of the line to create this faints. To really make sure it's in effect created on his eyes, quite a similar to this one. Consider Indian eyes and trying to draw them perfect sandals, trying to play on very planes like this. Dinners we doing drove hole in the nose just suggests that the name and I'm just adding some lines like this from here, que. Then you can see that I'm just simply fraying lines. Try to find the main lines more important once that needs to be. If I had some ALS details like something like this inside give you something everywhere. It's not what you have to create and something in hiding the picture itself to see if his correct I can see that it's too large here. It's waking, had hide the reason. Just drove something more Okay, so you can see the difference with real picture. It's exactly what you're looking for. Something realistic but not exactly the same picture. Same for the hairs. Trade, too. Do something, for instance, then the main and rains here. True, the face is if we stay on the realistic climb, it will give me something real. But nuts like coming book. So here, Joe something senator exactly the same considers a bit of difference from there. Here is nothing to be exactly the same hairs on the picture. Okay, And then from here, I can still to drove difference uniform, still respecting the main lines that's starting to change. How she's dressed can see something interesting. It's. And to hear I'm thinking, these going to change completely the header kits. You can be more focus on the buddy here on a custom. Then I can drove the normal back area that you can find every kind of book regularly just to give you an idea where how can work. It is something we're going to see, right? Of course, Captain. Can you range the birth with hairs? That's it's useless raising, still respecting the lines of the hairs. Then drink drove, then again and in force our planes and DJs here. And why not some shadows here deciding face. - I think there's something good costume and basically be completed, this effect since behind, just to drawing that, you can see that's we started from the picture, and we had now her coming book superhero character, so dissemble example something that can really you can reach Israel. This is just needing some training and respecting the N S A. Me and you're imagination, of course, with some every details and more nice isn't going to give you during this course. 16. Drawing a head from a real skull: one of the guilty. Any thing you can do while trying to drove heads? It's to start with a Really we have here the drink of the real skull and it it's going to give you and pure and perfect skill with the correct proportions I'm going to draw with Layer this skull and I'm going to just add some human characteristic like ice on hairs. And soon just to give you the way how you can or sue Joe perfectly, your face is first. You have to understand that you you have some vessels and skin and hairs about this. It's cool. So you can say approximately. You would have something here way, have the hairs here, and we have a part here and the hairs will stunt here so I can and at something like this, Then here's a little for the eyes so dreamed of here. And you know that growth, something like this approximately here. The eyes going to be here knows here. Mel here knows by the way, is going to be more here. Then I can draw my construction lines, and it's usual year give you something. Just make sure that journal isn't too high or too low. Okay, if I had this, you can change few details to make you comfortable. Really? As, of course, give you the proportion that you have to understand that if the school is like this, you will probably have muscles and different type off faces. A fun guy, thin guy. And soon. So just make sure to it gives use in some proportion, that nuts sticking. Exactly. You have here this place of the skill is not where the nose ear this is here. So he'd give you an ideal place. The rights, then my dream too. We're going to think then you can have Nick with ease respecting the proportion of the head. Because with the head I draw, he looks like a very tough guy. So he needs to have Nick. That is in proportion to Okay, so it gives you something now you can do the same with the the face of the head. This time I will try to draw directly with thinking technique on this. When you understand better how it works forgetting the construction of the face, you're more able to draw directly. For instance, this bone is nuts. Ah, the nose. You don't have to do something like this because in fact you have something here and then the nose is stepping here. You should have something exactly. Here they were here and I will be approximately here if I'm not. He's taking the line. Yes, it's right away. This should be raised exactly like this killed. It's it's fine. Just you just to created character Tune, not paying too much attention to being exactly the same again. You working, coming, book nuts And that's on me Perfect drawing like realistic and photographic brain. Okay, then you can have bases can then continue to improved Dream like this, especially on the lane. Here, man, you have something really Years then conceded the trees here, the job that is starting here. And if I just add some Flynt's here give you this detail that could be appearing on the face of people, especially if someone is not to To Fats. You would have some details like this here here, riding to work separately. The details of years, how you control then they were easily okay. It'll soon the hand for reading too far behind. But when you're doing a modification here and the energy drain always remind that there is kill inside the head if you trying to get the end, meaning that if you just want to put the hair to give you something weird because it's like you just put the hairs on the skill itself and stuff correct. Because chef to understand and every taking account that you have skin muscles, even sheets of thin, uh, part you always had earnest in that there is also you have the thickness of the hairs to keep this. And you really keep this in, right? When your dream, you gonna find this picture on In addition to the video 17. Drawing a noze, part 1: Let's talk about. Drain the nose of your counters first. When you stop speaking them, drink the nose there. Several things on already mentioned in the previous videos, but that needs to be really enforced. Here. It's about starting with drain Richt treatment. This finger will be in the middle of the face. Face here with construction lines and nose will be approximately here. From this, you have to understand several things. Let's look at the three series Freddie character. We can see that we have here some relevance lame that will help you to drop your character . And it knows that you can't. Of course, we have the eyes in the eye, bro. All this stuff we have already seen previously, but to place dinners here is very important because it's going to be the R key part of the person off the personality of a current. For instance, if your character who has being knows is going to be like, you're very strong versatility, if you have the currents and was a very thin knows, it could be a very slight personality in defense. It could be to know the feel of a woman off if used to drove character with Spy are very sly. Character would have something like this so you can build up your character counting to difference physical forms and nose is part of it. Now let's go back into the main construction off news. As I said, you know, strangle and you can constrict knows from here. You have two eyes were here and the ice here. You will have to respect the distance from here to here to here to here. If we take a picture, a really picture, we can really understand the difference and dimension can keep or the distant seeking keep from a nine to another. You can see that she knows it could be difficult to draw because he's going inside because on the nose and go downside here and have the same here around the head. Its head is a three D objects. So you have to through to understand this before to drop. You have this line here and yeah, and then in red. What is behind this? Something like this. This is I'm going down to the withdrawal of the face. But you have to know that is green front. So you have the three D here. When you understand this construction, it's busy, too, to them to to draw other noses. I can see that even creating new documents and tried to sketch knows very similar to the picture. Just see here. Just show you have the ice and nose here. And if I had to to draw a shadow that will do something like this and the shadow is going to go here just to show that this part of the nose is in the lights and that this party is back home and thinks part of the news is in fronts. So there is also and detail it means to be important for you. It's when your drawer knows you will never draw two sides like this, looking to go one side and the other side, the one that's probably more touched by the lights off your seared. It's going to be less drop, the reasons just otherwise. If you do a full detailed nose like this and it's like your character have 30 knows, it's not probably not the effect you want create the notice started over again. Bring to draw a face. I feel the eyes are completely nuts. Good memories again. I believe there's you can see that for every part from the face I'm always dreamed from left to right when I joined I and left, right, left right traits to make sure that I'm nuts. I don't know. It's like if I was trained to make sure that there is no mistake leaving left in the mistake left the side or another and to respect the proportion. So for the name knows, it's the same. I can had some details here and if I had more details in our not so much detail on the other side. This is the technique to to do something that is more natural. Then the fight. Andrus and shadows take a tool. Total prisons, shadows that would do something like this. The sports. It's part probably here, miss here, but concede nothing here can see that the lights come from here so it lights face like this and the use of shadows. It will be very helpful for you to creates this treaty aspect of your face. But this the lights, it's something that we're going to talk later in this course. First, this untrained beauty, just to explain that the nose is something that isn't pretty in in the middle of the face and that you have to pay very attention. Two knots heading too much. Things in the drink are in the thinking. I concede that can be very the re lights in my adding some details here. This is a bit like this and that's it can add some matching that love Mitch. Okay, so this is another example. Now let's try something else. If your character is is a woman, it will be a bit different because you cannot drew that. They're big nose are very detail, knows on a room, and we can try it. A fine draw. Very beautiful woman. They're beautiful hairs. Charming site is going to be here. Mouth you have. And then if I decide to end, were detained from the nose and consider there is almost nothing. But if I start to add some things like this and this and this, if you were and we're hatching, you said, My God, she's differently. Not, Yes, cute. And she was a few seasons on. It's like she had a very tough life, and she and she's not executed. So I go back control z trying to go back to the point where she was still pretty and you can see quite a difference. The difference is is in the how much detail we want to add in the face. And of course you can. You can just have a blank instead of the nose. But you can. And this is what is proving more difficult is to have now detained to make the drink and this clear enough clear that there is a nose. And how it enough, Too much details to make that too much that is going to too slow or drink can have shadow. And it fits. Not too much. Had seen Bill knows why you could be in a station also what you want to create. Okay, so this is a forest approach off drain announced. Then why don't you see? So are other things that will help you on this 18. Drawing a noze, part 2: now knows from the sign. Lifecycle right side is going to be something Just need to be drilled again and again as the other part of the body, you can just start with body from the side from its profile and at some forms like this Very simple face. You know, you would have the eyes here, and you have to nose here the mountain to be here. And you can have several forms for the news. Gonna have a normal. You can have something that is more this this night. Is this even the really big nose like fantasy stories? And you have a dwarf with a hatch. Thanks. Sorry. Door and liking Zoom Lord of the Rings stories. Doors have very big bears and nose. Of course, when you have there, bring those you can on march detained because this is done for that. It's like if you had a which, like in the fairy towers. And she has I think this and she's early decent authorities giving the apple two do snow lines so you can fuck you some such detail when you can accent trait the all the aspect of the news just toe add something to the personality of a character issue, you are drying. So this is a very interesting tips to add some more. You have details? Money we have No, that is expressing something early. If you have, for instance, on another fantasy creature like governing can try to draw kind of government. This is the way, however drunk and Virgil very knows this. And then if I had to should. It was a recent thing, and some shadows around knows, just eccentric the fight and hands reading us. - Then when you have such countertenor, you have to be able to draw the same from side. So I try to do it with this and the nosing to be like this, taking a lot of space, see how it works. Really Imagine this treaty and then be able to drink again from this side. Okay, then when we go back to normal in human character in two a human face, first it's kitsch. Then you can see that the nose could be decide. Very smart, something not to his detail. You never drove a black hole in the nose of the wines character. We looks like a peak, so you don't draw something like this always. Jewell. Maybe something just like this, but not too much. And again, if they want, just changer nerves and do something more for hungry. I can confirm this, and then when you add this and it's like this is going to get your character older, so be careful. If this is a young character, you don't add such line or such line are these Are this this so what? You have to remain to remain serene. It's too to take this model, what I'm giving you here and music's to drove. You're character from its profile. Have the construction line of the eyes here, and you would have somewhere the nose, and from there you can draw any kind of knows you want to.