How to draw cafe in Japanese watercolor style in Procreate - digital illustration | Inga Yoon | Skillshare

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How to draw cafe in Japanese watercolor style in Procreate - digital illustration

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating texture paper

    • 3. Tracing Pt. 1

    • 4. Tracing Pt. 2

    • 5. Coloring Pt.1

    • 6. Coloring Pt.2

    • 7. Shading

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About This Class


Today I will teach you, how to draw Japanese cafe in Japanese watercolor style, where we will combine actually watercolor and ink together

I will teach you how to trace picture properly

how to create texture paper

how to create those watercolor look that we might see in different anime.

Following the link you can download my custom brushes that I used today 

You can also check my whole watercolor brush set here  

This class is great for beginners, but can be useful for experienced artist - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways of painting.

I will use Procreate for this class with IPad and Apple Pencil. So if you have it or some other drawing pads or just regular watercolor paper, paintings and brushes - please join our class and good luck.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction : Hello, guys. Welcome to my class. And I'm so glad that you enjoyed me And I would face class will be about Troy and Japanese landscapes in Japanese style. Over asleep, like you can see my T shirts here and it's a sailor moon. So I am prepared for that. And I told you I promised you Was that drills trying different styles during my classes. And what color painting is one of the styles that I do like? And I hope you also like my way of arranging and I hold my classes would be very, very useful. Hello, guys. I'm Inga, freelance illustrator and sets our next class today I will teach you how to draw Japanese cafe in Japanese. What color style? Where we will combine actually what color and in together I will teach you how to trace picture properly, how to create texture papers, how to create this. What color looks that we might see in different Any me I will share with you my reference pictures that I took and you can use it for any purposes. I will show my whole process. Prom's a start to finish, and as a bonus, I will share with you my custom brushes that I created. I will also add PNG files, off texture, paper reference picture and my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use them in any way you like. This class is great for beginners but can be useful for experienced artists. Probably here you can find inspiration and you ways your class project will be next. Greed your own picture in Japanese style. Using the tapes and brushes that I give you today, you can use my reference picture all find some other pictures, ads of F side and splash. I will use procreate with this class is I've had an apple pencil. So if you have it all some as a drawing pads or just regular watercolor paper paintings and Russia's please join our quest and good luck. 2. Creating texture paper: well, best. Let's start. And today draws us beautiful, just amazing chicken escapee and draws it in Germany style so And I will teach you hundreds at about. First of all, we need to create extra paper and let's stacked. So he needs to create a new layer making create a couple of. And after that you'll press at Inter to file, and I'm and I'm on my references. And here I have a paper. Great. So next step, I will replicates in a couple of times, much to laters. And now I and here's Kahlenberg and also replicates when you throw yourselves what color Extra, Same three times that I want E think like and color burns. Fine. Now I went to group sense remain texture. So let's talk. And now you might see this, and we need to create the layers of this above all reference picture I made. I took this picture, so I added a description of the class so you can use it totally free. Like just check it. Okay, great. So lowers a positive off our reference picture. We have a new layers of this ball, our reference, and we go to the Incan set that is custom brushes and just grab mercury brush. And let's start tracing by guys Beaver. Careful costs. After that, after one refinished tracings, we will not remove our traces. So you need to make, because after that, we use also, uh, alliance real make right now. 3. Tracing Pt. 1: Oh, and if you need to raise something, you go to the razor and also grab marker brush and you don't need to be perfect Peace alliance. You see, I'm not using a razor or something like that. That's great if your lines are not perfect. So I don't really know characters, Japanese characters, Chinese characters. So I will just imitate him. But if you know, that would be great. So, yeah, use the knowledge and draws them in a normal way, Not a za racing I'm doing right now. I'm on a new layer. I really don't want to draw. You know all of these bottles. So I want to make one for everyone in a lot of time. Kate, we can do like Sandri's hole. All wardens now that's draws arrest. I'm here. We have different models, - so I'm in a new layer and that's draws this portal. - Well . Great. You did it all of us, Bottle so that it was hard. So next step, Let's now move on his part 4. Tracing Pt. 2: - well , guys that say to beat it now let's turn off our reference picture and that's it. That's our even Incan part. And now it's time to color a set and for that money to build a new layer, So let's start. 5. Coloring Pt.1: Well, guys, that's it. We did it. Now we can turn off our reference picture and said, We need to be on a new layer Santis underneath our texture paper And no, we can start coloring and said, I'm gonna use my brush from I said Just called woman over court color and after I'll tell you what we'll do is how can we add shadings back? Possess as you see the need, the reference picture oversleep and let's just increase capacity. And Frizette, obviously, because we don't have so much space where we can leave our reference picture. I will just publicly said a couple of times I have to. I will make one layer invisible and return to the one we just want to diss a visible. And now I want to move it slightly here. I know you have, well color like half hot. So believes it here. And I went toe lovers a paucity off our tracing layer, and once again we need to be on a new layer that just I'm Denise Texture paper. And once again we have our who made up 1/4 car and let's start, I want to grab this color So how gonna be does it by tapping? Here's is spot on and off two tip ins, a color that you like picket and increase the size of my brush more than you layer and let's start. And if you need, I had to leave your pencil. Go to blend into a gentle blender or to color and blend. You see, it's fine. 6. Coloring Pt.2: - Well , they've done with this part now, the last final piece, his Bortles, And it will take us a lot of time. So, guys, you ready? - Well , they made it. Now we can turn off our reference picture. 2nd 1 and that's it. But this is not the end. What I want to tell you. I want toe. I can increase the capacity. And now we have a Japanese art style painting. Buzz is not the end cause I want to add some shadings. And for set, Uh, just don't worry. If you make something like idea right now, just use blend. Tool man just blended nicely. 7. Shading: Now I want to add some shades and for said, I want to be in a new layers. It is about our original layer and I want to move toe leaner burn. So now I'll show you much tricks that I'm gonna use. I'm gonna choose this color. And after five algo slices are care, right? I will increase the size of my brush and I wouldn't sheets to bright. So I lovers are positive my brush in my city after I increases size sexually What you want to do, for example, if you think that is too right So you can just lovers that positive I will later. - And I do like that. Here we have this gap between colors because this is part of Japanese art. You don't make it less visible Shadows on the tree. You see it? I chose, like this purplish color, and it can help me to create shadows everywhere. Like on the small objects I can tell you that we can have Yeah, and finally, I can tell you that to be made it Guys, this is an end and I know it was Spend lots of time time, But you see the result is great and we made it. Guys, Congratulations and see later. Well, guys said was outclass and hopeless. Quest was useful for you. And once again, I will send you some new What color brushes? Probably next class on next next quest. So just wait for that. So let's Each has a next week. Bye bye.