How to draw and Create Standing desk | Murad Gulaliyev | Skillshare
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9 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Full FREE video course Creating standing desk with Autocad, CorelDraw X8 and Artcam

    • Drawing main part of Desk in Autocad

    • Drawing shalf and holder of Desk in Autocad

    • Drawing last part of desk in Autocad

    • Main part in CorelDraw X8

    • Drawing shalf and holder in CorelDraw x8

    • Drawing big shalf in CorelDraw X8

    • Preparing files in Artcam to cut in CNC

    • Cutting standing desk in CNC machine


About This Class

If you working front of a computer then you meet with back pain. This is because you are sitting too much. I also meet with this problem and decided to change my working style. I decided to create it my self. As a prototype, I took "Elevate" from Entrepreneurs from Europe. I took the only view but all dimensions I calculate my self.

In this mini video course, you'll see how I draw all lines and prepare it to cut in CNC machine.

Here is what you'll learn

  • How to draw it in Autocad
  • How to draw standing desk in CorelDraw
  • How to import into Artcam and prepare file for CNC machine 





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Murad Gulaliyev

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