How to draw a comics character with a 3D software and Photoshop | Damien Barban | Skillshare

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How to draw a comics character with a 3D software and Photoshop

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting with a 3D software

    • 3. Completing the 3D pose and making a screen capture

    • 4. Drawing with pencil and a light pad

    • 5. Completing details

    • 6. Inking the drawing

    • 7. Completing with the color

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to draw a comics character from zero to its end.
the steps of this course are:
-Creation of a 3D chracter with th software FLEX
-Printing the screen capture of the character
-Drawing with the help of a light pad
-Inking the drawing
-Adding the color with Photoshop
This course is a real demonstration of the different steps you can use to do a work of illustration.

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1. Introduction: in this course, I'm going to show you how you can draw a comic book character by starting with the creation off Afridi model and to complete by drawing with pencils and coloring it with full shop. Older steps are being explained with the demonstration off all the tools and software's I'm going to use. 2. Starting with a 3D software: and this course, we're going to see how we can use a three D model to create an illustration. I'm using the Flex software, which is very, very good to create just single character and animate it. The way wants are to move every part of the body that we want to have to create a position that you want to create. And first I'm going to select Girl and the girl is appearing on the screen floating character well, so this is a normal, freely character. If you used to work on Freedy Software's, you will very rapidly finds the software view very is used soon. What they want to create is to have that girl in movement, and I would change a little bit. The body, instant scale, heat rates, fitness not alert. Not too much of this. The weight or nuts I will keep like this head would not change arm. Try to dress superhero so she has to be not too far to to and rather beautiful. Just it's too much, too much or so can not too much, not tutors. Who Prince No, Try not to change too much. It's good, like this face. Maybe you will not change anything. Skiing the hairs Well, Killing nuts, movements climbing. No emotion poses action. Maybe she's going to give a kick. Oh, are fighting movement and us here. You can play and you have an animation already set. And you can click impose, too. Take it. Any mission in Major? This a mission you want? I'm not going to do this. Maybe this one he's fighting. Ah, Maybe she's running. Just walking. Okay, lets see. Running running. Vinik Running forward. Sprint res Intimation to go back to the original bills. Action. Many animation like this is quite some youthful, but we have just to find the one you want. Sell foes action. Okay, She's gonna kick our she's ready, fied. Maybe it will take this one, and then I'm going to click on this and we can select, for instance, head and decided the orientation of the head. It will be the same for every parts of the body that has blue point perfectly from this one . This brutes Okay, Broom, he's now with this. We have to select the angle. I want to take shots. Maybe like this. That's not too bad. And I could come being a came true off my screen and from there going to print it and use it as a model. But before to print it, I will try to erase the black backgrounds. Maybe we can also do something here, like playing the different right. You can see we have to dunk. Shadow fits. You can have different like aspect of this and these rights are also going to be very useful. 3. Completing the 3D pose and making a screen capture: I'm just going to change on background camera here and we have backgrounds. You can decide to take a black background and you will see that it could be helpful. Are you can change this in white, which will be perfect because we kept the lights critic before and we have a full white background. So now I'm doing my screen capture Really great, this character. Okay, here we are. Information you can see that screen capture is now in the working space on this after amusing flex. When I'm doing a screen capture with another software and Scream captured tool off the software, it creates something quite. It's capture to have the form, and what we're going to do is to print his character. But I'm just going to reduce. It's to have it in the middle of life page, and we have two possibilities. The 1st 1 is two years this character to draw with digital tools like graphic tablets and a software life. The second possibility is toe print this drawing at this picture and to use do normal tools like pencils and brush and whatever paper normal stuff to draw this thing is the first option. I'm going to show you right here 4. Drawing with pencil and a light pad: Okay, so now we have the printed ah illustration the printed model and I'm using a light. It's life just panned where when I put on there is a light coming from the path I'm protein my model here and I'm using a paper just on it. This paper is a coming book paper. What's amusing is a dill ITER uh, paper. It's a for farming and the ICTY That such comic book paper is having marks here that are giving you some help to draw your coming frames. So we're going to But currently the picture paper in it. Okay. And I'm lighting home that light's path then on just taking no more and starting to work on the I just went in this one, all right. And I'm working on two main lines of the character and I'm already trained to work out some movement because the hairs will be in movement. This first step is just to start out the main lines to have a realistic movement. We are not directly trying to work on the final aspect of the character. So this is very good if you have difficulties to draw on that to me, this will help you with that so I can also delimited the shadows. You don't have to think about where to position the shadows because the light setting we created in the software is already and a giving you the places. - If I light off, I am already my character appearing and should it was here, and that's fine for this first step off, getting two main lines for the position of the body off my character. Then I will work with this situation on Lee, and I'm not using anymore the life. 5. Completing details: Okay, now I'm going into much more details. Train to really draw every things that will make me kill it original, - and I will determine Main Dime. What are qualities? Heart She's with dressed. Could be a shoot like a stripper hero. Shoot something like this traditional shadows because she's wearing kind of shoot that is reflecting even more. The nights shoes and then for the hairs draw something that looks like real years. Okay, so we have something that is more detailed, and we are now rather far from the original model that is still there. You see another characters as now making offshoots, or now more or something that she's making her riel superhero. We have a power here, and she's going to give a kick to the lane of the story. So after two step, we're going to work on the inking 6. Inking the drawing: I took English Trish in. I'm going to use a different pens. I'm using a Chinese stuff because they are doing very professional and good pans, and point here is very, very accurate. Two drove for such character. So the idea is to take the time to draw every details like this. What? And you always make sure that everything very clear you take the time to do the work and to respect every details off the character. The suit you always start to in from the tough to the bottom off illustration and usually used. Tell me the head. The arm is in the Powerball. She has here. We can do something like this in here. We can draw the power things even take big your family. All right. Completes very thin him to create some meaning planes. - I can even used a large pan to complete the heirs and just something very smooth. - And then continue by, for instance, drawing on Lee the show if you want. - But I'm adding etchings around the black areas here just to give the feeling that series um just sorry matter and leg. - The last part is going to be I feel Okay, in the last part. - All right. Thinking at some stuff here and here in cross black lines just to have something that is finishing, like inside the front. So now the thinking is done. Of course, you can do many of the things and you've this. Maybe you have your own style off creating the thinking. But this is just an example how you can go from this created with free software to administration. Now the next step is to erase the pencil. You just wait that it's not wet anymore. And you raise your scan and step isn't to be on the coloring. In full shop are another stuffed where? 7. Completing with the color: We're now using the same illustration in Russia to create the color. So I scan it. I make sure the sittings of the picture is on mode. Um, in RGB mode means that's motor here has to be to be. If it is in great little, you will only have agree values. It's not what is expected, but it depends the sittings of your scanning. But anyway, you can change the picture. If you're scanning black and white, you will be able later to change the mode. Try to scan in a free and red dp I This is qari quality if you're especially if you want to print illustration later. So now we're going to see how we're gonna add color to the administration and for creating such effects on first creates the background to color it. So here I have my layers. I can create a nuclear your the shortcut keys are control, and otherwise you can create here and your layer. And he said, OK, you can change your mood here. Otherwise, if you designed to apply color like this, I'm sorry. I just get the original sitting. If you try to fly some cars on your later without changing the mood. Here, you will just have this. What's three rounds to change the mode and to use the product note, then you will have transparency if it Okay, so now, doing control a select picture. And I will feel with lung color considered green or maybe another world. Maybe blue it, Phil. And I said, Okay, then this is the color filling my old working face. Then I will use kind off original brush and something like this. Maybe you can play with capacity, and I can try to draw some Rendon forms just to create an original background. And I can change. The brush can use silicon rushes for and we have something. They're interesting. Cain. I mean, use a tool is going to mix colors. Family can use a number brush to do so and increase sudden rush. Then here can so like something else. All right, so I can see what kind of Father brush can use and be with another killer. Screams, taking a lot of time to appliance from another good one to use. It's creating something very interesting, but it's different too long. Okay, another color, maybe something that is different? No, the brush. Let's see what we have here. I have 1000 of brushes. It's hard to say which one really fit. Just trying. Kiss. Try another one, All right. And in any way. If you are not satisfied, you can so use filters can use a blur. Directional There you could give you something smooth like this. It's not that. So now we have a background and I'm going first to work with and flat coloring. It means that I will apply very flat color. I just and we already have different colors. Offering here different values is because my capacity is still at 55. So it will not create a really flat color in different greens appearing, which is already need healthy new to quit your power effects. In addition to death, you can change the color, have something different here. Maybe also to feel the hand because the end is in the middle of power things yes, and almost having something Words okay. And now the character first just drawing for they're going to use the word and rapacity on the shoot seems to be something like this. It can also used selection tool could be faster because you just do a selection, - okay ? And filling it was a color. And we have this from swinging out. All right. Now I can do the hairs. Can a Fred completed? Also the whole in the color that remains and correcting the few coloring point that are missing? All right. And now I can start working on some details here, parent there, and starting working from the shivs que some shiny effect in the airs. And then Shadow thinks you can see that easily. Have something interesting offering on, then working on the shoots. Still, with some threats, killer played away here and supposed to be the background kids and now a clear filler just to create difference. This on completing graze for you is here. So we have our cannibal character now can create another layer still in product node where we can add additional lightning like to increase the atmosphere just like some. Maybe this right, that's you in eight years. It's really to bring the opacity of the layer itself. You can see Concrete's some effects off initial shadows. So it's trying in, and you're gonna complete some things behind just to I have a feeling there is something behind, like buildings, stuff like that. And we can also add some light effect for the power around the hand. Not this one. That's fine. No, that of the Earth King . And if I creates another layer in a product built with the full of fat C team, we can trying to and some lights only current to itself. So you congee, if differently play with difference. Layers to add and fix are considered, especially thinks like the light, reflecting somehow on the directive we should reach forgive additional realistic hair straight. All right. So many other things could be had its many other effects that it This is a first example how you can go from drawing down with the paper and offensive and how we go from this and we start from a freedom model to finalized illustration own for Russia