How to draw Therapeutic Mandala - Step by Step (Worksheet included) | Abhiraami Thangavel | Skillshare

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How to draw Therapeutic Mandala - Step by Step (Worksheet included)

teacher avatar Abhiraami Thangavel, Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Class

    • 2. All that you need

    • 3. Back to Basics

    • 4. Patterns and Fillers

    • 5. Guidelines

    • 6. Layering

    • 7. Class Project

    • 8. Thank you and More!!

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About This Class

To take this class you don't have to be an artist or have any prior knowledge about drawing. If you can hold a pencil or pen and draw a line on a paper, that's more than enough. We will be brushing through the basics right from how to draw a line to curves to shapes on paper. 


Mandala making can be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. Mandala making also is a way to practice mindfulness, a reflective state of being aware of the present moment.



The videos will walk you through the following:

  • Brushing Basic Strokes  - Lines, Curves and Shapes
  • Drawing Patterns and Fillers
  • Creating Guidelines and Template
  • Combining patterns, fillers and guidelines
  • Completing Class project (Including Tips and Tricks)

 Everything you need to complete your project:

  • Supplies and Materials needed (as mentioned in the second video)

Product Links (Click on the product name)

  1. Cartridge Paper
  2. Printing Paper
  3. Compass
  4. Pro Circle and Protractor
  5. Ruler
  6. Black Pen
  7. Pencil
  8. Eraser
  9. Sharpener

Take pictures of your process and final class project to share in your project section.

Your process and end result will definitely inspire others to take up this class and learn this therapeutic art form -  Mandala.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Abhiraami Thangavel

Architect - Artist - Entrepreneur


Hello everyone. I am Shri Abhiraami. I am an architect, artist,illustrator and entrepreneur. I am currently based in Erode, a small city in India.

In my final year of my under grad, I started conceptualizing my brand - The Pixie Dust. Currently I am focusing on developing a range of products under my brand- The Pixie Dust, and also working on sharing my skills on Skillshare.

Check out my Online Store on Etsy and Instamojo.

I am also working as independent designer for Pixylz and Noun Project.

For me, art is fun and therapeutic. I really can't keep restrict myself to one style or medium. I love experimenting with different mediums. My recent obsession is Water Colour Florals.

Follow me on ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my Class: everyone come to my first class. I'm going found on artists behind the exit. In this class, you will learn about how to draw a therapeutic Mandela in few easy steps. You don't require a specific skills for this. If you can draw like on a paper using a pen or a painting, that's all you need. You're going to take this class. This class is structured in a veil that will start from the basic and move on several steps to learn from different elements needed to complete a mandala by drawing a manila therapeutic mandala is after me, too. Extra punches, drawing or even burning on Mandela will relieve you from tension. I'm safety and it helps you relax and kill your mind body. And so it's also a way to express your feelings in a non threatening way. It stimulates creativity thinking and problems are come. Let's get started. Oh, before I die, I have a big surprise for all of it. Is my first kinship class. Have a welcome gift for you in one of the video. Listen, I have living a coupon for my product in a sister, this gift, especially for you guys. So look out for the open court 2. All that you need: wait. Let's see what all we need to draw a model. First, we need paper. You can use any normal paper that is used for printing for a sick days and paper or a Kardashian. I would suggest you to use a thick paper because the news conference later it could probably make a hole on the people it is not. Next it some basic station. It dispenses Hamza Shoffner. Then, if black thing, you can use a fine liners off with thickness 0.3 Emam or a normal blood helping in this class, I'll be using this. The most important thing that being a blow a mandala, are the pro circle compass and protester. I'll explain in detail how to use these to draw a mandala in the printed description have provided the links from where you can buy these station Aires the next important things. Other worksheets so don't know these works its head over to the project description and click on the link from the previous on a four sheets 3. Back to Basics: Welcome to the class. Back to basics. Which means we're starting from basic. Take this page from your work. See, you can use a pen or a pencil to drop. I'm gonna use my black friends. Be confident and start with the truth for Notre Aroma For direction, Go over the light lines first. Now start filling the empty spaces for this night. Start from your top left to bottom. Right. Practicing these truths will help you in future lessons. This one is a vertical night. Starting from top to bottom. You have the great boxes for reference This one incident drinking similar to the first drop we launch. But it has a girl. Give the reference point on connect them with the coast. It is a sign if the ninth of the curfew draw or not exactly seen as a reference deep off giving your kind of morning practice start from bottom left to bottom, Right on my record This one is easy to use. The four small boxes on drone Are you on a lead? This one is a circle trying drawing it without lifting your hand. Start at a point where you're comfortable. Draw aspiring. Try keeping the gulf Eat with disdain. Try this one without lifting your hand 4. Patterns and Fillers: using all the basics be brushed in the previous class. We are going to draw the patterns and fillers in this lesson. We're practicing these on a grid sheet because it will be easier in the father Listens contained the girl within the bosses. I think this one unfriending within the four square boxes in this one, the center point is important. Take the fourth quest. Start from the bottom left to go up and come down to write bottoms. If you can broaden continously, it's OK or else left your hand and draw each strope for the next two persons. Take the fourth quest on Draw the pattern continuously. This one is two semi circles. Attack together, take four square boxes, start from the bottom middle and ended at the top middle and now start from the top middle and indeed at the bottom middle's try recreating the next aspect there offenders showed. - Next comes the Phylis worksheet. Here are a few examples to give you an idea how you can fill the patterns. Tractors over the light ones order new sheet. Once you're done practicing, let's start with the next class guidelines 5. Guidelines: in this, you will need a compass, Benson, a ruler and a paper. There are two ways to draw guidelines. One is the measure of a mother is a random. I'll be teaching boot the base here in this lesson, the bank you pay for into four quadrants using a penzance on a now divert the ninth on Keep a point at one centimeter this one centimeter. If, for example, you can go ahead with any regimental like like 1.5 centimeters or two centimeters, so on. Use your compass and draws up. I usually keep my compass statment on. Rotate my paper. This method is easier for me than dating my hands. Don't play pressure at this point, and it can make a hole on your people. Make sure these lines are later on. These are guidelines and will be needed after the vandalized. Now let's see the other way to draw Goodling's pick a middle point of the sheet and draw SoCal off any radiance. Keep drawing concentrate circles by increasing their radius. These circles are drawn very random, based on instinct. These are the movies you can draw concentric circles. Now let's get into drawing different hundreds. You can use a protractor for a pro circle for this part. Prosek Alehouse 3 60 degrees. So it will be a lot easier. Where there's a protector has 2180 degrees and they are rotated and use again. I'll be anything pro SoCal's in this list. Elaine. Your close circle to the center. No mob. The angles closer the angles. More detailed. Your vandalized gonna be. For starters, I'm debating them about 30 degrees after marking all the anger, connect them using a ruler. No, we're then drawing the guidelines. 6. Layering: in this class you will be using glaring watch in this cloth is very important for drawing. On Monday, we learned how to draw stroke pattern fillers on guidelines. In this class, you will learn how to draw patterns within the guidance. This is your first layer, your second layer 3rd 4th and we're going to conserve the partners over differently way before feeling number name now talking rubbish. The lady on the good cheek before going on to the radio. Great, No, Let's move onto the next one in this one. Do it. They always start from the first layer. Complete that leave and to your next leave reading this day and want someone late to practice this before starting your next class projects. 7. Class Project: no way lessons. We create a class project guidelines layering bad. Don't I'm filling. I am using my ruler and pencil to divide the paper into four quadrants. No, you think of Compass. I am drawing concentric circles in a randomly at my instinct. If you're feeds, two circles are very far off. Draw on a decibel in between them now, using a close circle. Other protractor, My find a different angle. I am making angles at 15 degrees. You can mark them are any angle. As for your like 10 degrees 30 degrees? When you do wonder half victories, etcetera, closer the angles, more interrogating or vandalised going to be, They point to each other through the make sure the lines are very late. Call your pencil father from the tip so you don't play much pressure while drawing these lines. Now we are going to drop mandala, using the patterns and fillers going from layer to layer. You can you feel free slushies as your inspiration. Let's start from the first year Cordelia paper. If you're not able to rotate your hand for the second layer, I'll be using this partner from my philosophy. I'll be using the circles that we learned in a stroke. Sheep from 1/3 layer. No being done with the 1st 3 layers. We're gonna start with the fourth layer. I'll be using this partner for my foot layer, completing our rights case using 10. Now I'm going to go over them with my black friends. - We have completed Amanda. I used an eraser to erase the guidelines and now are cast. Project is ready as promised. Here's a coupon court for 20% in my Sisto First still shake when I am our testing link to my sisters in the project description. 8. Thank you and More!!: it's not going to get it right. Practice comes perfect. Try practicing different strokes and patterns. They get creativity. Flu. There is nothing, right? So we're drawing a model. Just isn't a hard left hand. People cleaning Mandela will definitely help you. Relax. Any thoughts? Don't hesitate trippingly on instagram i the pixie dust by eight. Thank you for taking this hope. You enjoy reading the process off Mindful Matula. I would love to see your washing off Monday. Upload your class here on stage and on Instagram and shared it with me. Was using a hashtag create with not forget to give a review. And she I experienced about this class It will help me in improving for my next class Once again a big thank you for taking these lessons with me. See you in my next class