How to draw Realistic Hair with Colored Pencils | Emmy Kalia | Skillshare

How to draw Realistic Hair with Colored Pencils

Emmy Kalia, Pencil Artist

How to draw Realistic Hair with Colored Pencils

Emmy Kalia, Pencil Artist

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10 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Coloring Part 1

    • 4. Coloring Part 2

    • 5. Coloring Part 3

    • 6. Coloring Part 4

    • 7. Coloring Part 5

    • 8. Coloring Part 6

    • 9. Coloring Part 7

    • 10. Last Details

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to draw realistic hair with colored pencils.

I will show you how I build up the layers gradually, how I create shadows and highlights to create depth and how to create a realistic look.

For this drawing I am using Faber-Castell polychromos colored pencils on Bristol smooth white paper. I prefer to use the polychromos because these are oil based and great for details.

Remember it takes some practice so you could practice with some small sections first...
Now let's get started :)

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Meet Your Teacher

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Emmy Kalia

Pencil Artist


Creating is my passion and I'm happy to share it with you!

I believe when it comes to drawing, it's not all about talent, it's about having the motivation to become better. I have learned so much through practice alone. If I can do it, you can do it!

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1. Intro: I ever won. In this video, I will show how I draw a messy roban with cover pencils. For this drawing, I'm using fabric. A spell 40 girl was pencils. Before you start, make sure you have sharpened all of the pencils you will be using, especially when you are drawing hair. Keep on coloring with life to medium pressure, I used the dark brown to define the shadows in each section. Now I only used the dark view for the darkest shadows. With Eventually Racer, I raised where I wanted to be lighter for the highlights. Then I go over this again. If it's too light to make your hair dry look realistic, you need to create many layers. 2. Materials: for this drawing. I'm using fabric a spell, 40 chrome os pencils, and these are all of the colors I will be using. I labeled each color pencil. If you are wondering what you see on the wall in brown pencil, it's a pencil extender. The names of the colored pencils will be listed the whole tutorial, so you will be able to see which pencil I use every time before you start, make sure you have sharpened all of the pencils you will be using, especially when you are drawing hair. You want to make sure you keep your pencil stick sharp. 3. Coloring Part 1: Now we start by coloring the first section with the lightest feller. Always cover in the same direction as the hair is going on with light to medium pressure, never with heavy pressure because you want to be able to build up the layers. Now the next color, I start drawing hair strokes and again in the same direction as the hairs going. Keep on coloring with life to medium pressure. If you notice that the color isn't dark enough, don't press harder to get a dark color. Just switch colors, for example, is the dark brown eyes and dark enough for the shadow I want to create. I color with the dark blue where I want a darker shadow, and then I color over that with the dark brown again. Always would like to medium pressure unless you are coloring your last layer. I will only use this color where I want some warmer tones. I used the dark brown to define the shadows in each section. - Now I only used the dark view for the darkest shadows where only the dark brown isn't dark enough. I always go over the dark blue with the dark brown again. - Now with the wife colored pencil eye color over the section with medium pressure. I do this to blend all of the colors together and to create a softer look. The colors are a bit lighter now, so you will go over the section again. Of course, you won't be able to copy every step, but this allows you to see the techniques I use. And following along with me is a great way to practice these techniques because only watching someone draw won't teach you as much as actually doing it yourself. I don't worry about the highlights yet because I will create them with the pencil eraser now with the pencil eraser erase where I wanted to be lighter for the highlights or erased a great fly away hairs. Make sure to clean the pencil eraser in between on another piece of paper, or you will just smudged layers instead of erasing. Then I go over this again if it's too light. That's how I go back and forth to make your hair drawing look realistic. You need to create many layers with the second lightest color. I draw some fly away hairs because hair is never perfectly together. - gently erase over these Fly away. There's so it looks like they are more to the back. - I sharpened the white color pencil to a fine point for thin hair strokes to create more fly away hairs. This will only work on many layers. It's more visible on the darker parts. Now I'm trying to Karen Dash luminous white pencil with a sharp dip because this white pencil is more opaque just to see the difference for the next sections, I do the same. I start from light to dark. Blend with the white pencil. I go over again where I need more color. I used a pencil eraser for highlights and fly away hairs. I make sure I call it the same direction as the hair is going and pay attention to the shadows and highlights. You can go back and forth with the colors on, gradually, build up many layers for a realistic look. Oh, and when I color, I always keep turning my pencils like this. This will help you keep your pencil tip shark while you draw here. This is how it looks when I show it slowly and you might not even notice it when I color because I do it very fast. Try to keep this in mind. Practice with it. Eventually it will become a habit. If you don't turn the pencil and keep coloring on one side, you will need to sharpen more often. 4. Coloring Part 2: - Yeah . This is another technique you could use for very thin strokes. A craft knife. Just make sure you hold it in the right angle. And don't press too hard because you don't want to damage your paper. This technique works best with wax based pencils and only if you have many layers. This doesn't work very great with the pony girls, but I wanted to show you this technique so you can try it for yourself. I still prefer the pencil eraser because you don't have to worry about damaging the paper. 5. Coloring Part 3: 6. Coloring Part 4: - If you want to lighten up a part of the section, you could gently erase with the pencil eraser and go over this again with the lighter color you. 7. Coloring Part 5: okay for you, it's 8. Coloring Part 6: you. 9. Coloring Part 7: do, and it's once I'm finished filling in all of the sections, I take a picture to see if I'm satisfied and then curve it or at some details do. 10. Last Details: here. - I really hope you could learn something from this tutorial and you will try it out for yourself. Remember to have fun while you drop and try not to rush.