How to do Increases? - Portuguese Knitting Technique | Vania Infante | Skillshare

How to do Increases? - Portuguese Knitting Technique

Vania Infante

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. How to do Increases - Introduction

    • 2. How to do Increases - Materials

    • 3. How to do Increases - 3 Methods

    • 4. How to do Increases - Yarn Over

    • 5. How to do Increases - Make One

    • 6. How to do Increases - Knit Front and Back

    • 7. How to do Increases - Conclusion


About This Class

Hello dear makers and welcome to a new knitting class!

In this class you will learn how to do increases, and by that I mean, how to increase the number of stitches while you are knitting.


There are different methods for doing that, and I will be showing 3 methods.

This class is aimed for complete beginners.

In the end of this class you will learn :

  • How to do a yarn over (YO)
  • How to do a knit front and back (KFB)
  • How to make one (M1R and M1L)

The class project is to make a small sample, using the 3 different methods of doing increases.

I like to knit samples with different examples of knitting techniques, because that allows me to practice the technique and shows me the results that you end up with. You can build your own portfolio with your samples! It is a good way to practice before you jump to your final project.

This class is useful if you want to knit garments such us cardigans and sweaters with raglan sleeves. You will love to knit a piece using the raglan technique.

Hope that this class is useful for you!

Thank you for your support and for watching my classes!

Please feel free to leave a comment or any question!

Happy Knittings :)