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How to design a sports text in Illustrator

teacher avatar Youssef Sanad, Graphic Designer.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. ESPORTS TEXT 1

    • 3. ESPORTS TEXT 2

    • 4. GAMING TEXT 1

    • 5. GAMING TEXT 2

    • 6. GAMING TEXT 3

    • 7. GAMING TEXT 4

    • 8. JGobzTV's Question

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About This Class

Hello, everyone, my name is Youssef Sanad I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. in this class I will show you how to design ESPORTS text for your esports and sports logos from choosing and customizing the text. also how to apply strokes and shadows to the text.


here it's all the steps:

- choose a sporty font like freshman font.

- try to customize the text as possible to make it unique.

- make another copy from the text and make it the last layer without moving it.

- add a thick stroke to that layer and make it black.

- while the last layer is selected go to object and expand that layer.

- also, go to Pathfinder and unite the expanded layer to make it one shape.

- repeat the same process again and give the expanded stroke a hot glowing color like hot red. 

- to add shadows to the text, make a circle or a rectangle above the text and give it a different color than the text color.

- align the shape you made and the text vertically to balance the shadows, make the shape in the middle of the text.

- select both the text and the shape you made and use the shape builder tool, press Alt and delete the unwanted parts. 

- group all the design. more advanced effects in the class lectures.

see you in the class.

Youssef Sanad.

Meet Your Teacher

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Youssef Sanad

Graphic Designer.


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1. Introduction: Welcome to my class. My name is Usef Senate. Am a graphic designer and illustrator And this class I will show you how to design East board sticks like this to you in the class. 2. ESPORTS TEXT 1: Hello, everyone to this section. There s sports Next design. Let's make an e sports text. Is it this text right here? It's called the fresh Man. Okay, let's Ah increase the space between letters though. 200. First you get the time menu, go to window type and select character. Okay. Use the text and increase the space up to 100. 500 is pretty good. Okay, it to object. Expand appearance in object and expand. Okay. And then we expanded the phone. Right? Click on groove it. It was the first and the last teeters on. And this shift and art and resize in Blace elects these two letters exam smaller toe fit with the as our deters Onda group. As the letters in the middle align them, I exist and then to all of them and make another Kobe alta under drag. It was this one and make it near other letters. And this one also And do I'm here on them vertically, find them horizontally, then land them in upper section make a small rectangle to measure the space between the letters make it is the same does this long. That's on group at first on a rope on Make it to a friend Best square base. Then they leave the two squares and yours on Make a Kobe alter under drag. Use the letters in the middle on room, the first and the big two. Andi. It was the middle Vickers at Do Effect and Rob Arc. And then Manipulate is a band ill until you reach a comfortable arc and hit OK, it to object. Bend appearance and then find them again in the middle of right. One controls that to undo and do that to do that who is all of them and over them make another Kobe or into Effect and Arc and that just hill. They've been as good on head. Okay, The object and expand appear Ian's. They leave the whole text control less to save your design. The type right here is a freshman text A. You can find it anywhere. There's a text make another Kobe control C control F. And then it gets the last layer controlled shift and the left bracket key and make a stroke around 7 to 5. Or identify is great and to object. And okay on, then hit. No, you Night it was a text and give it a white color. He was a background layer and choose a bento on delayed these extra Boyd's that may ruin our design. Make it, you know, more symbol our balance elite Do you want or alliance on the left points to go that to ruin our design. And then you leave a section right here or this points bars fish for is ah ah, more stool. Don't fight it right here under the pencil tool and click and drag over any unwanted points to make the design more simple with fewer points in right here they're easy. It make a fewer points and, um, or symbol design. No, let's under that. Didn't control that because it ruined our deadline. Just, you know, don't use it too much. Who's the Slayer? Alternate drive to make another Kobe engines are Make it the last layer Hold shift and the lift Brackey take a smaller control Old and Jeff tourist size in blaze and shoes. You called her and then you saying the mental make this share bright here, rooms, anchors and Nick is the last layer hitting control shift and the left Rocky and make another one right year. The anchors from this anchor to this one, you know, to make a shadow layer for the first there and the black clear we just made and then close it. Use all off the red layers on Move it through the back. 3. ESPORTS TEXT 2: who's a with shape and take it outside of the ark board. Take other Kobe group it first and make another copy. Control C control F in the Mac os Kommen sie kommen Andi, make a stroke for the background. There we just go bid around 50 on change its color to white and ah, who's Brooke and make around it cap on corner for that stroke? OK, the object and expand and broke wins the shape. And, you know, we just made it another victor layer. It was the whole okay. And right here control is to save your design. Command is on the Mac. Here's the whole object. Next, Right here. Take another one. All under drag to make a copy. Human, of course, was old ons Ah, ruler, your mouse on groups Whole object that exists Next. The first we need to make a rectangle miracle a circle story and change the color of this circle. First we need to align it and position it well. The mix f effect appear on the letters in gits color too. Maybe you'll gray color light to gray. He was a text only on with circle on using the shipbuilder tool had auld on diligence part on delete this other Bart all also elected out on clicking with our house Things a share builder tour Collect all of this shadow capes and prove them, of course, Or unite them. Am forces it to radiant. Andi might need to take the angle round two onto degree and on. Reverse it and you can lunge the scale of radiant. It's Anna's are effect. We can apply it on our designs. Maybe this is a scholar here. It was a greedy int first and lies a scholar. But this doctor run and we make it our own 50% that school effect. But I think yellow color if it a brighter yellow color No Zahra's, maybe get the mission. It okay, there's this car also doesn't chooser. This about kills me. Let's make it white. First this color it okay? Yes, under control that now we got back by color. Okay, use the white stroke area. Was I on a keyboard? Select the sculler and control is to save your design. Now we got to versions off our parts. Extra logo 4. GAMING TEXT 1: Maybe that's mood. It's take another Kobe All bag, right click toe transform Reflect it. Okay. Make it over this letter. Take its place. Okay. Rightto align it perfectly with the 1st 1 because it's going toe. Replace it. Of course. Onda, let's delete 1st 1 It's this one. Of course. Now we just eat it. It's just one right here on this one. Moved them, of course, to hold that I in them bun here through all this letters controlled, you find all of the letters them's color hidden. If I was in, this was our house, the rectangle stroller. We'll make dinner, make the letters You I cheer years other one and make ah measure. Tango will be it and it's here and make another run here. I'll tell you drag off course and try to fit the little to equal the distance between all the little zbig to one very important. Oh, bear it in mind when designing the sports And then, of course again. And to them leads him. Okay, use rectangle. Isolde text that will be all stunned right to is a rectangle dinner. Okay. How is that school if understated the Rick down Go it below the layers. The middle. Oh, them, um Noor Zehra. Tango on them again. Make sure them if then select all of them. Find them horizontally and vertically. Robes m controlled. Uto grew them. Rogie toe grow Any text rubes? This wound control G to group bed economic Kobe control C control F and add a stroke. Do it. 50 is good it to expand and hey, it to mess Finder. And I like the text on give it color. And we just made a stroke back and drop therefore our original text, all of them. 5. GAMING TEXT 2: make another Kobe. You're all Tonder drag resize. It could bigger and to recite in Bless head out. And if dander size with your most make another Kobe below 100 drag human was out And the roller off your mouth Use the back layer on. Give it that color. I ends the color very easy. The lives of background layer Make another one emit this black Well, I under drag making the last layer controlled shift and the left bracket key elected Andi resize it in Blace using control shit out and shift zalora as a ruler off your mouse floor the background layer the group's original text with the back layer. Align the whole layers. Okay. The legs have been to make the shadow the background shadow off course. And here, off course, the background. Chad. Elect all of the slayers. Thank them. The last layer controlled shift and the left bracket key. Unite them from the Pathfinder window. I just made it, you know, look like a really objective Randolph. Are I? That's great. Room it. Make another Kobe control C control F and unite the last Kobe. Give it a stroke around, too. That he off course 50 is good. Onda had toe object band it. Okay, The same steps and so, like the last layer, But to the best finder. And I did the leg this white Are I answered? Now look at it. Awesome. Yeah. Now off course, you can add more effects on details to your, uh, sports or sports Next. You know, just, you know, making shadows to the text like here it to an group. Pick a rectangle from here from the middle off the letters off day the center Okay. And make correct tango. Let the text only and the rectangle on delete this points And at the M there is a point here. Now we just deleted it. Selecting all able the tool to relate any extra points Take a kombi off This airs, Give it a black color. We'll see control left to make another. Kobe had a stroke to the background layer. We just Kobe around 50 object Nixon and hit a united just air like alone person I color on save your desire ing roll 6. GAMING TEXT 3: maybe get this one right here. Undersized in place, holding out on you on dragon with our mouse you step into on delete explains right here on then control C control F to make another Kobe. They could make it. The last layer, okay, was a black air. And who is it? And make a stroke for it around in, Maybe reflect the stroke toe a white color down in a new one. Bandit. Okay. And united expanded layer and choose extra ITV. Give it it Got our hit. I answered. Hello. Now we applied this effect to it. That's another affect you who You're ah, East Berks excludable And then make ah our rectangle from the middle Off the war though I color, you know, just and with shape a little delete any unwanted bards Hold in our Andi clicking. Okay, let's groove this bite layers on literally the other bark on the M right here. It's maybe increase another five. No, that's too much for a little one. Well, it's banned and you liked it, right? Two years on original text The ship Colotto religious one holding old Being on any on in parts control is to save your desire and we just undoing that stroke on made another one like the original text on the yellow bars are really just part again. Those we go back in history clicking controlled that to and o any unwanted dangers. Okay, Now you got the feeling Garrow, or apply it on a text that has a stroke that give it, you know, a very cool effect. Make a kombi off the black background layer alterna dragon, align it with the 1st 1 on. Also make it the last layer holding control shift and the left bracket key. Align them on, then try to make this ships shadow shivs with the bento. Maybe make it bigger golden Alton chip braggin to resize in face on Let's make our shadow. It's connect all the layers with each other on dry to you and make the other one necked both of them and go around to finish and connect final shape. Collect all of them gift and select any other ones and make them the last layer holding control shift and left bracket key. Very important. Cards are very amber on. Then unite all the background layers layer. I mean okay, now go to the pen tool and try to make the thorny edges That gives a nice shadow. It was a design or a nice hips. Try to make this Gabes very easy to do out. And the drag Another Kobe Goto transform story. Right click, transform and reflect on then Okay, then make it a line. It was other one in the same place. It's very Is it to do better? Because adobe illustrator is snappy. Choose a white color I on the legs of color on the keyboard gift and select the other one and align them on. Group them had in control, G. Okay, Now unite them. No, we need to A on group this layers first a the group player we knew. Ah, We need to and group them. Okay, Right click and un group the link the back Brooke and and united them with each other. 7. GAMING TEXT 4: let them make them the last layer to make the yellow shadow appear. Had him control that Hunza left drowned in bracket key Rolla gift. Sorry. Okay, now we got this effect. Look how cool it is on to let you know it's the world gaming. Those sports on East balls gaming globules are the same. Okay, maybe true. The black color iron solutions of color. Hey, control C control There the black background layer on other stroke to it around 50 50. It's good and had toe objective. And always expand your Brooke and then united. Okay? And select any color you want on the art board. But I on and selecting the calorie want on the our boat now. We just made a great contrasted Brooke to our gaming global or our eastwards. Okay, photo radiant. Andi, try to if you want to make you know ingredient effect owns that from the text shadow, you can make a cool one pretty easily. Ok, legs, a white color. We'll go to color. Just double click on the scale, OK, and you will goto swatches and suddenly all your colors and you can play with the scale so you know increase a teller quantity in Zagreb. Radiant as you want. OK, elect exists way. We're just like our one and I just the scale as want is at school. Yeah, here we have, you know, a kind I'm It'll look to our logo. That's very good luck. Okay? And with Grady int, we just made the white above on gray color down. Okay? Trying to find a good color for the stroke. Maybe the white one is great. Oh, control s the savior design. And right here on make it. I'd stroke toe fit. Our design control is to save your design. Contrast right here is the key to all. It was a solution. Okay? Trust is very important. Role is to save your design. But that one right here you have Kobe over goaltender drag. Of course. Make a Kobe, of course of just one right here also on select the stroke. In this color, I give them this red Hello. Right here. Make a greedy int. You know, I'm thinking about making a red radiant red to white. Of course. Then right here we need to make a contrast. This makes ex color to ah white color right here I and selecting the color how it's interested next. And it's very good. Really 8. JGobzTV's Question: Hello everyone. One of you just asked me a question about tau to wrap text in Adobe Illustrator. And it seems like it's not working for him. Okay, so let's make another one. Okay. Let's type our text right here. Supports okay. Shift to resize while maintaining aspect ratio. Okay? Alt and drag to make another copy. We will walk on two versions of getting. One is in AECOM bleed texture state, okay, it's a text. And here it will be a graphic because we are going to expand it. It's going to be a vector graphic. Ok? Select the text and go to Object, expand and make sure both of these are checked and hit, Okay? Okay. Just as a vector graphic, this is a vector text. Okay, let's grab both of them. Select the first one, it's a text, then head to Effect, Warp, arc. And then select whichever you like. Okay, there's a lot of the ends you can architect lower, upper, like that and controls a slider. Okay, that's very good. So let us first one arc right here, because it's our subject. And just I give it a value around 25. You can just write it down or move the slider and make sure it's in a horizontal state, not vertical. Because, you know, vertical will ruin ever saying, okay, just choose horizontal and hit Okay. And then had to object, expand that periods. And here it is expanded. Ok. Select this one and go to Effect Warp, arc. And it's very good for now. And horizontal, Let's click Okay. You can go to object, expand appearance. Here it is. It's very clear.