How to design a logo with golden Ratio

Mohamed Achraf, Graphic designer

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Intro

    • The Golden Rectangle

    • The Golden Circles

    • Fish Logo With Golden Ratio

    • Turtle logo With Golden Ratio

    • Coloring The Turtle

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About This Class

How to design a logo with golden Ratio
This free course was originally a long tutorial I published on my YouTube Channel

Many designers search for a good tutorial about golden ratio and how to use it in logo design, I was searching for this before and I found a hard time to find some good resources but there is never the good explained video.

So today, I tried my best to explain how to use the golden ratio in logo design and how to make a logo using golden circles. 

This Course Include:

  • How to make the golden rectangle.
  • How to extract the golden circles.
  • How to use the golden ratio to design a logo directly on illustrator.
  • How to use the golden ratio to grid a sketch and make a perfect logo design.
  • How to color your logo

This free course was originally a long tutorial I published on my YouTube Channel.

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Learned somet
Excellent. Don't let the computer voice put you off - this is a really useful and clear tutorial! Thanks.





Mohamed Achraf

Graphic designer

My name is Mohamed Achraf and I live in Tunisia North Africa.
I am self-employed as a graphic designer specializing in Logo Design.

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