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How to cure art block- What to draw when you don't know what to draw

teacher avatar Kalina Koleva, Art Student-Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Redraw old art

    • 3. Inspired from other people's drawings

    • 4. Random generators

    • 5. You as a character

    • 6. Draw from random shapes

    • 7. Challenges

    • 8. Draw from life

    • 9. Draw new things

    • 10. Figurative art

    • 11. Draw your dreams

    • 12. Class project example + final thoughts

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About This Class

Have you already experienced this feeling when you have no idea of what to draw or how you should start your painting? Some artists call this issue Art Block.
How do you know if you have art block?
Are you unable to create anything for hours and hours and you end up staring at the white canvas or procrastinating?
Are you feeling self-doubt?
Do you feel tired and unmotivated to draw?
This course can help you boost your creativity as well as give you some tips and tricks on how to find new ideas for your paintings.
Each video will give you a couple of concepts and concrete ways to find your unique ideas. At the end of this course, you will for sure come up with some fun ideas. No prior knowledge is required, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional. This course is geared toward every person that struggles to find inspiration or ideas.
So get comfy and without further due, let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kalina Koleva

Art Student-Artist


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1. Introduction: what to draw. You don't know what to drop. Have you ever experienced this feeling off not knowing what to draw on how you should start painting? Some artists call this hour to block. How do you know if you have our block? Are you unable to create anything for hours in hours and you end up staring white canvas and procrastinating. Do you feel tired and unmotivated to draw? Each of you will give you a couple of concepts and concrete ways to find your unique ideas . At the end of this course, you will for sure come up with some fun ideas. No prior knowledge is required. It doesn't matter. If you're a beginner, are professional. These cars is give out every person that struggles to find inspiration or ideas. Discourse can help you boost your creativity as well as give you some tips and tricks on how to find new ideas for your paintings. So, without further ado, let's get started. It 2. Redraw old art: in this video, I'm going to talk about only one thing as you're so into titled Redrow Old Dart. Why is that a good option if you have our block? Well, a lot of times we have our block because we're discouraged to put pen on paper because we think that what we're doing is not good enough. This method can help you be more confident with yourself. Choose a painting you did a long time ago like an E six months, two years, three years. As time passes by, you have most likely done a lot of improvement here. I'm gonna put on the screen the picture I was drawing from. I did this picture an year ago and I'm not very proud of it. I feel like in that time I have improved a lot. Well, what I do now is not perfect either, but it's a lot better than what I was doing before. So I asked myself questions like, What is it that makes this drawing bad, at least for me? Well, the hat is too big and the shoulders are too high. Also the line Artie's too thick. Then I thought, What can I do? to make myself believe that I have improved well, I can use this new medium that I didn't know how to use when I first did this drawing. In this case, it was digital art, and I think I did a lot better now than a year ago. This drawing is still not perfect, but it is better than it was before, and that's all that matters. You shouldn't compare yourself to other people's work because there's always going to be someone better than you. You should compare yourself to your past self. Seeing your improvement is the only way to not get discouraged and to continue art redraws some old art, have fun and Syrian the next video. 3. Inspired from other people's drawings: Hello. Welcome to the second video where I'm gonna tow. I take inspiration from other artists illustrations. The first thing you can do if you don't know what to draw, is to follow. The hashtag drove the senior style. That's what I'm doing here. I created my own version off Casey Golden's drove this in your style. Cactus girl. I just took the concept and created my own version of it. This kind of hashtags can also be really helpful to help you create an audience. Another thing that can help you grow your audience is to participate to a fan base and create fine art. You could do your own version of your favorite book character or show character or anything . Take the book that's the closest to you right now and create your own version off the protagonist or your favorite character. You could do a gender swap of that character or eating their favorite food or doing actions like running costs, playing or listening to music. You could draw their emotions, but they look like if they're happy, sad, angry. Then post your work on the social media platforms so that every person that participates to this fan base can see it. Another thing to do if you have no eighties is to copy it half of a drawing. What do I mean by that? You should take that one thing that you love about the drawing, for example, You love the exaggerated shapes. In that case, copy just the simple shapes off that drawing that make the composition just circles, rectangles and triangles. Then try to create your own. Seen out of these shapes, another thing you could take from another person's drawing is the color palette. Create your own illustration with the color ballot picked by another person that's not stealing. People can't put a copyright on colors. I personally do that all the time, and no one has even noticed. So have fun and create illustrations based on other people's work. 4. Random generators: Welcome to the third video, where I'm going to show you some of my favorite to random generators. I personally think that random generators are the best way to kill our block because they automatically take you out of your comfort zone. They make you draw things that you wouldn't normally draw All the links to the generators that I'm going to talk about will be in the class project description, so feel free to try them for yourself. The first type of generators that I'm going to talk about is the color palette generator. I personally often get stuck in some color ballots that are familiar to me, so I sometimes forget to use more vibrant colors. And that's the thing I'm working on. You can also use random sentence generators, but you might end up with son crazy drawing. The big problem with this type of generators is that you often have a sentence that doesn't mean anything, so we don't really know what to draw. I think my favorite type of generator is the random creature generator because it challenges you to find unique ways to create fun creatures. It's not just about putting a lion's head on a bird's body. It's more complicated than that, and I find it so much fun. I think I might even create a class on how to create your own creatures. The random character generator is almost the same thing, but instead of creating creatures, you create personalities, and I'm really found off fantasy characters. I think the one I use most often is the random post generator. It's really important to get to know the human proportions and anatomy because in order to stabilize the human body, you need first to understand how it works. And the best way to do that is to set yourself some time. Limits. 32 15 seconds is for capturing the feeling off the gesture and how the body works. You should also draw a line of action, and 5 30 minutes is to capture the details of the human body. That's what I at least tried to do there. An even better way to find dynamic poses is to find some videos or new tube on people doing some kind of movement or action or even dancing. Just stop the video and draw the bulls frame by frame. If there's a type of generator in this video that you're interested in, You can find it in the class project description. See you in the next video. 5. You as a character: Hello and welcome to this you as a character video. The first thing I want to talk about in this video is personas and a lots of people don't like personas, and I honestly don't know why. So if you're one of those people, please comment and tell me why you don't like them. Otherwise, find a show or a film or anything and roll yourself or your persona in this other world. What's the difference between growing yourself in drawing your persona while a persona is meant to represent you but is often times a way better version of you? Imagine this show you love was a game. Well, a persona is kind of an avatar for that game here, for example, I drew my Steven Universe persona. Her name is Hamid tight, and she is meant to represent me with. She's way better than me, like I'm not in that good of a shape like this girl, and I'm not so beautiful, but she makes me feel better. And that's what mothers you can choose any show you like, like here. For example, I chose Steven Universe, but you can take adventure time star versus the forces of evil or gravity falls. The second type of you as a character I want to talk about is, how do you feel like when I have a headache or stomachache? I might to draw myself suffering or something like that. But it can also apply to joy and other emotions. For example, if I'm arguing with someone, I can draw myself with a broken heart. And when I'm flipping through my sketchbook, that helps me to remember how I was feeling. This type of drawings is really easy to do, at least for me, because there's no person in the world that I know better than myself. So have fun. Drawing yourself is a character and see you in the next video, uh. 6. Draw from random shapes: So this video is all about growing from random shapes. It's really easy. You just have to draw some random blobs. And even better, you can ask someone to do some blobs for you so that you can start growing your usual shapes to find some unusual shapes. You can also take already existing things around the house like a vase or a box, a bottle, a pencil case have been or a cup. And last but not least, you can take on object in the house and make a character out of it. Let's take, for example, a teddy bear plush. Draw the thing it comes from in this case, do some studies of bearers, then draw the plush and finally make a story out of it. What would this plush field in the everyday life think about your land? What is she feeling today? You can even draw, for example, a little comic illustrating the story off your oh project slash character, for example, a toilet that is tired of being, well, a toilet and what could happen to his toilet character? Enjoy making characters out of random shapes or objects and see you in the next video 7. Challenges: Hello and welcome to this video. That's all about challenges. All of those artistic challenges can help you grow your following on social media. If you use the right hashtag, the first Challenger will talk about is a mermaid because that's what I'm doing here. Mermaid consists of drawing one mermaid every single day off the month of May. There are similar challenges, like March of Roberts, where we have to draw a Robert every single day of the month of March. There are also ABC Siri's, where you choose a character for every single letter of the alphabet, and then you illustrate one character per letter. There's also the sketchbook slam change, where you choose a huge schedule and you tried to complete it in one month. There is also a challenge where you try to draw the same drawing for 10 minutes, one minute and 10 seconds. You can also choose 100 something's challenge where you choose a thing and you draw it with 100 different versions in hue, Vem ber. Every single day of the month of November, you're going to choose a que or a color, and you're going to illustrate the whole administration with only discolor. Last but not least, there's also in October, where we draw with ink every day of the month of October. Olden for about those challenges will be in the class project description. I hope this video was not too short and steering the next one. 8. Draw from life: Hello and welcome to this Drove from life video. The simplest thing I can tell you if you don't know what to draw is to draw what's in front of your eyes right now. Like here, for example, I'm drawing a little plant that I had in the house, and I'm not usually used to draw plans, but I'm working on it. You can draw what's on your desk right now, like your art supplies, your pencil case, your sharpener, your computer or anything that's in front of you. Drawing from life is really important because when you draw from a picture, well, the picture is flat, so you're drawing tends to look flat to, but when you draw from life, everything looks more three dimensional. Another thing you can do to draw from life is to go to coffee shops and draw the customers that will help you improve a lot with your faces. Plus, it's a really interesting exercise because you're often times do not have a lot off time to draw a person. So basically what happens a lot of times is the person leaves the coffee shop or any bar you are at, and you haven't finished your drawing. So you end up with the head, shape or the shape of the eyes or something like that, and you have to figure out some details by yourself. For example, you don't remember the color off the hair. You don't remember the shape of the eyebrows or something like that, like at the train station or at the bus stop. See you in the next video. 9. Draw new things: Hello and welcome to this trying new things video. A lot of times when we have our look, it's because we're stuck with the same things over and over again. So the first thing you can do to bring some excitement and new things in your life is to try a new medium. We love buying ourselves our streets. We're always excited to try a new medium we haven't tried yet, and who knows, it can became our favorite Over time. You have never tried markers, but you always wanted to go ahead. Watercolors wash acrylics, colored pencils or even a new digital tablet. You never know if you like it until you've simply try it. Maybe you're stuck because of your out style. Remember when you were a child and you were simply copying other people's drawings? But today you don't do that anymore because you're ashamed because you know when other people are going to ask you is that you're drawing. You won't be able to say yes. Yes, it's mine. If you really are are blocked, this kind of stuff can help you feel a lot better. Plus, studying other people's work can really help you build your own art style. And finally, for this video, just trying new things. That's what I'm doing here. I usually never drove buildings, so that helped me get myself out of my comfort zone. Draw the things you need improvement on. If you're really bad at drawing intense, just draw a bunch of hands, and at the end, you're gonna be a little bit better than you were at the beginning. 10. Figurative art: Oh, and welcome to this first video. The title. This one is figurative art. What's lying mean? What if figurative things or concepts took human form like a luxuries such as Freedom Order ? Draw the person they would be. What would they look like? What would they personality be? How would they act? What type of person would they be like here, for example, I'm illustrating magic. What if Magic waas a person? What would she looked like? So I went with a girl with, like white hair and blue skin in some circles, violet and pinkish magic. I don't know much about her, but if you want to write her story, feel free. Down. In the comments, for example, I thought about illustrating a grandma that was really tired, and she would illustrate Earth and nature. And she would be with, like what? Here again, which would be like, really tired. She would smoke a cigarette because of today's pollution, and she would be arguing with her grandchildren. She could also be dressed up as a guard enough, but that's just one example. Feel free to illustrate any of the examples in this video or in any other video create some cool concepts by yourself, too. You can also illustrate emotions with random emotion. Generators like the When a list in the description off the class project, you can create some sort off inside out characters. What would they you look like as a person? What would boredom look like? Or depression, bitterness, anxiety or fury? Something I found fun to is to illustrate my own diseases, like I invent diseases but not scary stuff. Or it may be scarce stuff. Why not? Like for example, ghost delusion that doesn't exist does the name. But I took it from the random generator that I list again in description off the Currents project. The ghost illusion, for example, would mean that the person that has this disease thinks that no one else can see and begins to even hallucinate and not see her own or his own body parts. He thinks he is invisible, and no one can see it. Then later, wrong. They begin to have depression because they think that no one else can see them and that they're all alone. You could also create Zodiac based characters like each and every constellation is represented by a character you could also draw gods and goddesses from, for example, The mythology are from random things like What would the gold is off pizza bill like or computer or any kind of food? That would be interesting. I always find it so much fun to illustrate mythology, creatures or characters, so have fun and see in the next video. 11. Draw your dreams: Hello and welcome to this. Draw your dreams. Video. Literally and not sometimes I literally draw what I have dreamt the night before. I usually keep a journal next to my bed. And whenever I remember my dreams, I just write them down before I forget them. And that's fun, because I often end up with some interesting ideas. Another thing I do is to draw my dreams. But this time, by dreams, I mean, what I want to achieve One of my biggest dreams is to get in color codes, and my chances to get there are really low. It costs a lot of money, and only 4% of the people are accepted. I have no reason to think that one day I can get him there, but I still don't believe sometimes I need to convince myself that a day is possible. So that's one of the ways I have to visualize it happening. Like here. For example, I drew myself when I have just tried my color, its acceptance letter that helps me feeling better, and I hope it will help you to so draw your dreams and seeing the next video 12. Class project example + final thoughts: Hello and welcome to this project. Example slash Final thoughts Video here. I'm going to tell you how to post your class project. First of all, because of the courses. Suggestions. Then do a quick sketch been posted on your class project. I highly encourage you to post your work in progress and finally post your final work on your class project and enjoy the feedback. You have to choose the suggestion. That's the easiest renew to start. If you decide to post your project, click on your project, then create a project. You will get feedback from me and the other students. Really? Don't be ashamed to post your work in progress. You got yourself to work. It's already a great accomplishment here for this class project. I followed my own advice. I went on instagram and found this beautiful beast I'm going to show on the screen right now. I found it in the draw this in your style hash tag, so I drew it in my style. What you see on the screen is what I came up with. Now let's talk about the final thoughts part of this video. If none of my advice is worked just take a little break. You're going to have ideas when you're not waiting for them, Just go for a walk. If you have an idea during your break, just write it down on your phone, all in the sketchbook. When you're ready at your desk, ready to start, don't be scared to fail. And remember, the most complicated part is to get started. The white canvas is your worst enemy. Put your references in there. If you're a digital artist, it's even easier. And just have fun drawing like when you were a child. By following, you can stay up to date on my newest classes. I think my next class is going to be on how to create fun creatures. So subscribe. If you want to see that she want to see more of my artwork, Follow me on Instagram else. You in my next class. Bye