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How to create viral videos and build a successful social media presence

teacher avatar Lucas Pelizaro, Filmmaker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Make your video impactful

    • 3. View duration

    • 4. Looped Video

    • 5. Beyond words

    • 6. Make your videos look better

    • 7. How to use TEXT

    • 8. How to use MUSIC

    • 9. Tags and Descriptions

    • 10. Consistency

    • 11. Summary

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About This Class

My name is Lucas Pelizaro, I'm a filmmaker and content creator I work with successful businesses like Tiktok, Max Klymenko and others, the videos I've created have reached millions of views time and time again and I've learned a lot from creating these videos so I decided to make this class to share with you some of the key components I've learned on this process.

This class will talk about some good habits on social media, what to keep in mind when choosing the type of content to create and most importantly how to make the most out of every video you make.

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Lucas Pelizaro



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1. Introduction: Hi there, My name is Lucas and I'm a videographer and I work with brands and creators, helping them create vertical videos for tiktok and other social media use. And a lot of those videos have reached millions of views time and time again. And today I wanted to share with you some of the details behind making these videos so that hopefully you can duplicate these results for yourself. Bear in mind that there is no formula for viral videos, but there are things that time and time again has proven to work. This course we'll explore how to find ideas that work and can do well on tiktok, how to increase your view duration so that tick tock keeps recommending or videos to other people thinking your content relevant to a wider audience. A little bit of the technical sense just to make it look a little bit better, poaching, use texts, trends, and music to your advantage, and then hashtags and consistency to keep you going and long-term so that your audience will grow. This course is not just for those who want to do well and tiktok, but also for those who wish to understand that at the platform and how to use it to our advantage throughout the course. I'm also going to give you some tricks and tips for you to keep it up your sleeve to help you fast-track you to growth. So get ready and I'll see you inside. 2. Make your video impactful: When making a video, it's very common for you to overthink it. We'd think on how to start, how to introduce yourselves or the product and how to close the video or call to action. And a million things that come to mind whenever planning or just trying to make a video. One of the main things I'm Tiktok is stripping down your concept to the essentials. The platform flips through content faster than you can imagine. So you need to keep that in mind when planning your videos. Let's say you want to make a video on how to eat a burger like or Fermat's of here is you make sure your message comes across in a few seconds. Preferably while you've shown yourself idiom burger or something similar, that way you're making your content more visual, engaging and interesting. Throw the whole video Introductions, no need to complicate or overdue. There's a lot of difference between a YouTube video in a tiktok video, when people are watching YouTube video to expect to spend a longer time watching, they'll click on a video if it's 81020 minutes. Now I'm Tiktok. You're not given d option, therefore, you're scrolling so you're only plan of action is to move forward. So your goal as a creator is to make them stop and consume the content. So those very few first seconds are incredibly crucial for you to keep that attention. If you start a video with a slower pace introducing yourself or any of those things that can be detrimental to the content itself, you're going to lose attention and people are going to scroll up by. So you want to start impactful. You want to start a string to the concept. You want to have them in and now the blink of an eye. So the time that people spend on a tiktok video is very short because their finger is already on the trigger, they're ready to grow. And so you don't want to try and overdo. You don't want to make five-minute video or a three-minute video and try to push them out as long as possible. Especially in the beginning, you really want to be efficient and gray, just capturing gray footage, having that compact, the smallest possible video and move forward. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We'll get to that point. So illustrates the point. I wanna make a video about how to be a burger. Start by explaining how and a few seconds you're done. I'll say if you're just starting on tiktok or you're trying to grow, keep your videos short. It's harder to keep attention on longer videos. So it will be difficult for Tiktok to recommend you. I keeping your videos around 30 seconds or less. You have less work on putting them together. But the possibility of someone watching the whole video is a lot higher. But we'll talk about view durations on the next video. 3. View duration: When you look at a video, you immediately look at the viewCount. And by that you judge if the video is successful or not as a creative, you need to change the mindset. And this is for Tiktok as well as YouTube or any other social media. View duration is the most important component. View duration is how much of your video people are watching. If you have a 30-second video and your view duration is 20%, that means that people are leaving your video after six seconds, your bid is not engaging, at least not enough to keep them watching. You should aim to have your highest possible view duration. This may vary depending on the length of the video itself. If you have a ten minute video on YouTube, 20 or 30 percent of your duration is good. 30-second video, you should aim for about 40 to 60 percent. Now, how do you change this? Let's say you're looking at one of your videos and the view durations around 20 percent. I'll go to the video and try and pay attention to what's happening on that point where people need what led them to that point? What happened in those six seconds? What happened around that time that would possibly lose your attention or not really engaged, that they will keep scrolling. We'll talk about different techniques to keep audiences later in the course. But I would try and find out why people are nine engaging with the video. Is there something around the 6 second mark that doesn't quite work is the whole premise of the video and are really engaging by analyzing a video is B to make the next video better, the better you make your view durations are more likely it is for Tiktok to recommend you on your For You page, meaning your videos, we'll get more views and your channel will grow. One very common technique for better view durations is by creating a loop. So creating a video that can play a repeat and your Audis won't be able to tell exactly where the video begins. May end up with your audience watching the video two or three times or trying to find ds2. Beginning point is almost like you're playing a game by creating this loop and they have to find where it starts and ends. This bankers your view duration by around 200 percent. This doesn't always work and does require a little bit of planning beforehand. But if done effectively, it can be really great for your analytics. The next session I'll discourse would be a quick video on how to create a loop. If this is not something that interests you, you're welcome to skip it. The following class will be how to reach a larger audience. 4. Looped Video: This is how you make a loop to video. You start by writing a script that starts sort of halfway through the sentence. But you want to have the beginning of the video playing out at the end. You cut the clip and you start from the halfway point. Now, this is how you make a looped video. You start by writing a script that starts sort of halfway through the sentence. But this is the script of this video, but this is how I recorded it. You want to have the beginning of the video playing out at the end. You cut the clip and you start from the halfway point. Now this is how you make a loop to video. You start by writing a script that starts sort of halfway through the sentence. But I simply cut between halfway through a sentence. But, and this is how you make a looped video and not cut becomes invisible. And Ashoka is in the middle of the video. So keep that in mind on newer plenty and X video loops can be great too if you use them wisely. Channels like color and Samir and Dylan LeMay uses this technique, hold a time and works great for them. So check out their channels if you'd like to see more examples. 5. Beyond words: Check truck is available within a 155 countries and LA you guess how many of those speak English? Not many. This means, or your content is limited to those who can understand it. But what if it wasn't? If you spent any amount of time and tiktok, you probably came across a create a call tabulating is one of the most popular creators on the platform, has never said a single word on his videos. He achieved incredible numbers all by using expressions and gestures is relevant to anyone that allows him to connect in reach millions of people across the globe. What does this mean for you? Maybe it is worth considering if there's a type of content you want to create. The can possibly be done in a way where anyone can watch it, even if you require speaking, can you make the visuals engaging, even if someone doesn't understand your language, is still engage in to watch. So if your counter was watched without sound, would your audience still be able to understand and enjoy it? Those are all questions should be asked. And the better you are at this, the more likely your content is to appeal to a wider audience. The next lesson we'll be looking at how to make your videos look better. 6. Make your videos look better: As a filmmaker myself, I couldn't help but add this section here. I will not be walking you through a full filmmaking cores, and there are plenty of those here on Skillshare. But I do want to share with you some small tips don't make your image considerably better. Firstname, lighting, make sure your body is nice and bright. So show me it is not kind to darker videos, so make sure you VD is nice and bright, either by having a light front of you or by just using the light, make sure you're composing your videos properly. Most videos are people just filming themselves, but we want to avoid is this huge space between your head and the top of the frame. And it's hard to y so make sure your faces and top third of the frame, audio is everything. In the last lesson we spoke about making videos they can watch in silence. If you're having audio and your video, make sure it's nice and clear. You can do that by avoiding loud places or closing a window if your home should have VoiceOver, few videos, finding a nice quiet place to do it, and having a microphone us closer, you would drastically improved the quality of your video. And other one is editing, and I don't mean full on editing. I mean use dApp itself. One of the main features from TikTok is the editing tool. So make sure you trim in your content. So if you go and you reach the camera and you hit record and then you start talking, make sure you cut those very few first seconds because those doesn't look good. Remember what we said on the first class, where you want to keep it to essentials. You want to be fast and you want to start with the delivery. So make sure even in those few cells that are beginning to get yourself adjusted, if you can cut that out, the quality of the video already starts to improve. Now this last step is not a must, but if you have access to a camera, maybe you should consider using it. Most videos on TikTok are shot on a phone, but that means that they all tend to look very similar. If you can use a different camera, they will help you videos to look a little different and stand out when people are scrolling through their feed. In case you're curious, I made a different class on Skillshare on how to edit Tiktok on your computer. The next class, we'll talk about text. 7. How to use TEXT: This could make or break your video. This is such an incredible tool if use it appropriately can help you hold audience's for longer and give you more context on your videos that can be used in many ways. And I want to try and tap on a shield them that I think may help you to increase your quality of your videos. The first on the list is creating expectation, using things like Wait for it. Have you seen this? You won't believe what happened, those sort of texts and trigger audience and usually helps them stick to the end. Just make sure you're not click baiting them. If you use the cyberattacks, make sure your video delivers. This is an example of a video that I posted there recently reached 2 million views. Now the second type of tax would be explaining where a lot of the first-class making it as short as important, but it can be quite challenging sometimes. So a great use of taxes to give more details on the topic you're covering. Give the video more context. The third is highlight. Remember I told you a lot of people watch videos and Silenus. Great use of types can be to highlight whatever it is that you're talking about. Easter we're watching without some, this can give an ideal of the video is about so that they may decide to switch on or we watch a later. Checks can be used in many ways and I would suggest you experimented with it. It can be a great way for you to make your videos funnier or more engaging or criticizing the topic you're talking about or explaining further. So make sure you are using accordingly. Another use of great texts is subtitles. Now Tiktok offers you in app subtitles, which is great. You can just click there and add. But something that you can take further is customize your subtitles to add either bold text on whatever is important to use emojis and all those things that are really great examples out there that you can check it out. X class music. 8. How to use MUSIC: Tiktok used to be a music app. And this use of music creation has stick around and still a great part of what Tiktok is and you should not be overlooked. A lot of songs and are released on tik tok first. So he's a great idea to keep an eye out for. New songs are showing up and trying to find the best song that works for you videos, music makes any video more engaging. And with the way Tiktok works, it helps your search engine, solar was sounds are more popular and see if that can be useful for you that may help your new growth. Now how to find psalms? Well, the best way is by watching TikToks, whatever song keeps coming back over and over again. Click on it and save it to your favorites, where you create your own library of sounds you want to use alongside songs, there are many trends on tiktok. Some of them are related to songs, but some of them are at different types of videos not telling you that you should go out there and make every single trend. You shouldn't, especially if they have nothing to do with your type of content. But well, you could do is try and understand what makes that trend and bended to your ways. Let's say you have this tech talk about food and cooking. Maybe a dance trend is not aligned to your content, but maybe using the sum from that trend in your video helped you find more traction. You want to make trends relevant to your videos. Now your videos relevant to trends. Next class we'll talk about description and hashtags. 9. Tags and Descriptions: You shouldn't be surprising to you that you should be writing relevant description tags and your videos. And that's not just to get into those hashtag. Reason why you want to make sure your writing is good and relevant is because Tiktok engines use your texts to find what your videos about. Who's your video irrelevant for it? Can they find an audience that likes two or more of the things that you tagged and use that to show it to them. They want to promote every single video on their platform, but it is your job to make it easier for them. You want to write enough to give them an idea of your audience. But you want to create a good variety where they can find the exact person who this video is for. So if you make a video about making a burger in your tags that are like hashtag, burger hashtag, burger life Hashtag, making burgers, hashtag flipping paddies, your tags all the same thing. So tiktok was struggled to find a specific audience for your content. We all like burgers, but we're not o your audience. You want a nice, relevant variety. For example, this video I made, I used a hashtags hashtag, kitchen hashtag, interior design, hashtag, cooking hashtag, and minimalist. That gives Tiktok two or three different subjects that they can use to find someone who would really like the content that I posted. So try to elaborate your tags and help Tiktok to help you. Now a little extra tip is comment on your own videos. Ask questions relevant to the video. People love having debates and conversations on the common section. So make sure you're part of that. Sometimes we will open the comments to seawater people are saying about the video. And if there's a question you asked your might be engaged to reply. In the next class we'll talk consistency. 10. Consistency: Make an incredible video there reach millions of use and you don't post it again for another two weeks. Now you'll wonder you wise your new video not doing as well. Consistency is one of the most important things after making a good video. If you make great video but you never post, people will now feel compelled to follow you because why would they consistently posting videos will help your audience know that they can count on you. They, you would deliver videos after videos and they don't want to mess it, they'll follow you. It's more likely that the platform itself while so I recommend you more often because they want to keep their creators in. Overall the weight to get better and grow is to be consistent. It's very common for some creatives and then beginning to post multiple times a day. But I will suggest to you posting once a day or maybe five times a week. We want to build that body of work. Ask yourself, would you follow someone that only post one or two videos? I doubt it. Most greatest, most often, and you won't get the views they get without doing the same. Next class, we'll talk about other opportunities. 11. Summary: You putting in all the work you're crafting ODEs videos and making them better every day. Why stop at Tik Tok vertical video has grown more and more of his past few years. Every platform wants to become the home for them. So don't focus all your eggs in one basket already doing most of the work. The difficult part is to create these videos. So go further and post them on Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts. You will find some videos do well with some platforms and not so well in others. But keep posting especially beginning of a new trend to give notice and gave use your video doesn't matter where it's placed, even if your goal is just to be poplar and TikTok or YouTube, you can always get your audience to move from one platform to the other. So go to step 2, you learned so far and apply them to other platforms as well. A great strategy is to try different things in different platforms with the same vidi, different color text, different texts altogether, maybe different music. Keep experimenting, see what works and try to replicate that. Afterwards. Congratulations on finishing. I really hope you took something great out of this class. If you're gonna leave a review them below, they'll be amazing, will help this course reach more people and helped me do more of these. I also make sure you take action. It goes without saying that area without practice won't get you anywhere. There's a time where you have to stop learning and start making, so don't make excuses for yourself. Think of it this way. If you make a video is not good, people probably won't see it. So keep making key posting until they're good and millions of people want to watch them. And there's no such thing as a shortcut. You gotta keep posting videos one after the other and trying to make them better. It's simple but not easy. Please let me know if there's anything I can help you with in any way. If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can do so through my website. I do consultations to help creators improved their videos. If that's something that you're interested in getting contact. Thank you for your time and I'll see you next time.