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How to create unique compositions for your artwork ? 4 Exercises

teacher avatar Mehreen Hashmi, Curator/Visual Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a good composition actually ?

    • 3. How to choose a focal point and what is it anyways ?

    • 4. what does balance do in a composition ?

    • 5. how rhythm makes your composition unique ?

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About This Class

After curating several exhibitions and projects since 2013 and also exhibiting internationally as a visual artist every year since 2009, now I am sharing my skills , experience and knowledge , all related with 'Art', artists, art criticism, different artists and every thing you have always wanted to know about Art with you. These classes are the perfect activity for artists improving their portfolio, for photographers, it improves your composition. if you have been planning to start painting or drawing as a hobby but did not know where and how to begin with. You will improve composition and your entire portfolio if you understand few essentials of a good composition. 

Visit my website . You can watch videos of my on-going projects on my channel 

I have designed these classes specifically for adults who always wanted to be an artist but could not peruse it and artists who want to improve their artwork. Now you can start it as a hobby and do some budding artist with your children too. 

You will learn the following with me ;

Improve creative thinking skills 

Improve visual skills

skills to create a unique composition

Basic elements and principles of art

How to create unique compositions with simple elements?

How to upgrade your visual skills?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mehreen Hashmi

Curator/Visual Artist


Mehreen Hashmi, residing and working in Karachi, Pakistan is founder and curator of MH Initiatives, and MH Online curated art gallery featuring renowned artists of Pakistan and international artists.  In 2019, She has curated a traveling project called 'Kabutar; which is a cultural exchange between Italy, Turkey, Netherlands and Pakistan. She has curated Pakistan's first art summit, Karachi Art Summit' in 2017. She has been exhibiting her multidisciplinary artwork based on art activism globally and have been part of several projects in Europe. Her work has been reviewed several times by pioneer art critics. She has taught for International Baccalaureate  and Cambridge systems and have worked as Head of Department for four years. 

About her work as an artist ; ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello there, my name is many Hashmi and I am an internationally acclaimed visual artist and a curator. And when exhibiting since 2019, locally and in different countries including Europe, including London, Germany, Finland. And that the lens and Nepal and other countries. My work is, has a very conceptual and multidisciplinary approach. And i have received several awards nationally for my work as a curator as well as actuator and founder of my organization called image initiatives. And I have to reject a cultural exchange project called Gunther, which was a cultural exchange between a key France, Netherlands, enter. And I took that project to booster burrowing epi, wife you it in with the municipality. I have a vast expanse of curating public art projects and as well as knowing about good art and bad art in how to produce good work, how to improve critical thinking skills, and how to be your own judge to create masterpieces and to improve your artwork. I have also written articles as an entrepreneur tech in local and international magazines. Oh, it has been almost ten years of curating and nonstop exhibiting my work. I am a painter major by studies. I did my bachelor's in fine arts from index value school of art and architecture. And then since then I'm exhibiting and curating and promoting new office right now, I'm going to share a lot of my skills and experience that's written. Because I have also dot for international baccalaureate system as head of arcs, arc, right? As well as as a gas coordinator. I have also taught for different colleges and institutions in Pakistan. There is a whilst experience of eating. As written, I got my students dinosaur and I love teaching. That's why I decided to teach you what I have learned, crosses, and achieved throughout these years. So about my glasses, you will learn about how to improve your creative skills and how to use your skills to improve the compositions and theory. We all learned about his skills, mainly about how to draw, how to paint, how to do this, how to illustrate where the harvey, They're not many doses which are teaching you how to just use your actually present skills and improve in those regards with your walk. In my classes, in my course, we will be learning about principles and elements of art in a lot of theory about art, which can enhance your skills, as well as your creative approach as well. In an art painting, everything is about composition. You have seen a lot of artists which goes internationally or there those who just gets stuck to be a hobby artist and spend their life producing work which does not get representation in the galleries or internationally outside their countries. They are, those artists also will keep on working and improving their illustration skills, but they don't get the good projects. So they are those who get to make their name big and there are those who just get stuck in their own level. Have you ever thought about it that who are those people who go forward, who keep going forward in creative fields, whether it's illustration, it's photography, it's painting, it's drawing. It's what every word wink. There are few photographers. Everybody is using a same camera, but they are few. Who gets to make their name big and make good money out of their work. Also. They also get recognition and acknowledgement for their work. So this is what we are going to improve in my course, How to improve your creative thinking skills. This is the ultimate cores of creating artwork. Good work, I mean, so stay, deal with and keep watching. 2. What is a good composition actually ? : Before creating any outward, whether it's a drawing or a painting or a photography, we have to understand where to place your insurance. There are a few elements and their few principles of art and limits of art. Art, line, texture, image, ROS, visuals, everything you recommended in your composition and principles of art. Art balance, harmony for good, goin rhythm, movement. We're going to learn about principles of art, ecosphere, odd of Europa, and how do you use the elements? It's about venue are entering in your group and you need to have a space with your surroundings. And you put your baby in the right place where you can go to sleep, really got pretty blue. And it should look leasing estimate. It's about how you've worked things in a room or in your house. It should not be too much cluttered. It should be convenient as well, and it should give you negative space for everyone around. You do move around with come forward and eats. Otherwise it's not a good design, are not very good drawing or not, or good fine art. Is this worth? We're going to learn. Focalization is about placing your elements of art in a surface. For example, as we have this white gang, this white vapor is completely blank and it's leaving for you to put the intimate art on it. So it looks nice. You ought to see a nod of artworks re-compete Minimalism, the huge gap atlases and then the one end. And when either it's a cup of tea or dollar oil circle, it's just placed so nicely in the point. Then gambles, that looks amazing and it gets stuck being placed in different galleries and it gums in the art moves as well. Have you ever taught about the, what the artists were thinking, how these artists or creators who have reached to this level that they don't have to go through experimenting so many pieces of visual images and putting on a gambles or up paper and making it a faded lateral line. There's one thing to remember that I always store the one my students is. Simplest, is thus strongest. If you place field elements besides a lot of friends, it gives you a nod of their prey conversation with the audience. For example, if I have this white before and I thought this a square. So I am going to place this here. And it's going to explain about my creative to understand where to place this and square on this paper and how to make a Greek bumps physician without lowering your OK. work. And how to you keep it towards the high our words and get you working for nice. The ANOVA skills. If you have drawn the skills, you can do this paper or if we just want to experiment with your bulk position and can just use doctrine. You can also equals any medium you can lead us forward on your sketchbook with watercolors or markers performances. I like to use different butter papers. Why I'm doing these that I'm going to beat you in next video. What is for who's going to, which is very important in any art composition. 3. How to choose a focal point and what is it anyways ?: Our work, who can void is the major element. It's like where do you want to place the kitchen in your home? Or where do you want to watch your fate in your bedroom? Or how much mean in greeting you would like in your cooking. Points is the start and the beginning of any onwards. And there it is, where the audience is start looking at your artwork. There, do lines of art work there few artist who goes for minimalism in their work and their few August who'd like to paint extensively, don't eat any negative of specifics. My work is like that. If you can find out on my Instagram and my Facebook. But it's very minimum, as with I like to exaggerate one end and went towards the edges of my gap. That's high. I liked to exaggerate my artwork. But there are a lot of art works which are very simple and very miniscule. So how do they attain, how do they do that process work, and how they just decide to put back one element onto your canvas. Ie, exaggerate on one face and spread it out on my Downloads, just like this one. It's very simply is just one and they're meant that nothing is. It's about how I want to eat, but that comes later for another Gore's off, how to improve your beekeeping skills. This one is to start and start learned thinking. This is also very important for, for DOM refers, it goes in photography. Everything depends on your angle and your composition. It's about how you want to see and you want to show the unseen to the audience. For dog refers to is show something I'm different, Angular which other beeper don't look at on that object? And should we do the Word? That's what makes it a good photography, and that's how photographers is start their career. Scum position is very, very, very, very important in your every artwork. A focal point I will pay you have to create a nice whether point. So this is your blank gun moves for example, and you have to list as a square. Mostly what we have learned to place this morning in the send-up. Bart, you can place this a squared is somewhere. Is this a killer for a composition? Never, ever place your image, your focal point right in the center. And less that's the only thing you want to do. Or it's a set of porphyry, oughta, portrait, or interface. You're going to learn, decide after the scores about how you compose your floating point. So this is, what you can do is I can put this a squared anywhere on this paper. So this is my blank gun loose and I'm going to place this here. I can they assert ear. There's like this. So that's also one bump position. You have enough negative 812 as rigth. So your ball position has to be unique and MBA brisk. I can also place a here. I can place it on the dock. You know. I can place it over here as well. No, it doesn't look pleasing to me. I can place her here because we need to have balance of negative and positive spaces. But what is balance? If you don't have anything else? How can you understand bones? That's where we are going to learn in next video, Red Forest. I wanted to tell you something else which is very important in any art work. There's positive space and their negative space. So one element, if you are planning to use only one object or one wish would, then you have to balance it out with your negative and positive spaces. It has to look and move around your eyes. It should not get stuck at 1. If you are looking at an artwork or at any composition. If I place it in the center of this paper, just goes there and there's nothing in trusting. You don't look around. But if I butchered here, you have Interesting thing going out. It's like outside. You don't look at the box eight, outgoing outside of the gallows theorist, enough space around and move around it also, it looks good from the Site C, from this site us. But so there should be options of flow in any artwork or any goal position, which makes it very interesting and ambiguous for audience. That's like another advanced level of art. But right now we're going to stick to calm physician. So this is focal point and I want you to do the project mentioned there to create a composition with 1is score, either on your sketchbook or you can use a paper like me and cut out papers. Learn to, and learn and experiment with your square or any other shape on your paper and move it around wherever c you can find. At composition, we just re unique in every aspect. This will help you to improve your thinking skills for focal point. But this is only the beginning. They're more things coming up. We have to learn about balance and rhythm and movement as well. So let's go forward. 4. what does balance do in a composition ?: Balance is very important. I think it's very essential in order for everyone whether you addressing, whether you are setting your room, whether you are cooking, you can not have of something and do less of anything else. Or if you are doing it as well, then you need to learn that which can move more and which can go less. Or Ballroom things which can go Which are enough if it's a little bit of it. And there are few things which are raised socle and mine, then it will gain, you know, have a lot of it. You have to balance the salt and the spices in your cooking. You have to balance all the furniture in your room. If you're addressing a god of one thing, for example, imagine if you're reading a great suit, why arrange dress? And then if you have magic shoes, matching mega, matching lipstick, matching every pain, I couldn't even imagine that. Good. You need to have a balance of it. You need to add something is a little bit of something is. So it gives some balance through the pain which we have. Is it too complicated for you? Let me break it down. Vd imbalanced. That's why we have change of seasons. In some countries we have its triple it and then they have the vase short summer season because they need to have a balanced, they need to have something as to enjoy the cold. That's how There's so many examples on balance. I can go on and on and on and on about it when I think it's the most easiest to understand measure. And an odd word, bonds is very essential. It's very, very important. After four can point, balance is another tank which can either make it or make it through the desperate. You know what I mean? When we are very frustrated about not having good Israel and we don't know what to do that those drawings and illustrations end up in the misread to migrate. So let's start with that and learn more about both position. I'm not going to change my composition. I went to stick to my previous realm. So you can take and not get overpowered by my examples when I'm talking to my students and just turn them what to do and have to do. But I ignored share a lot of samples because then they can stub boundaries to their own to gain skills. Then I show you something which has to have open ended iterative solutions. Then I'm not supposed to show you a naught, I mean, view to think on your own after learning what balance and focal point is. So this is a continuation of focal point towards bones, right? So remember this composition. This is a focal point, right? I'm going for a very, the same composition. And we have three imbalance of the negative spaces. But I want to show you some simple examples, some easy ones to understand. So I have another square. I want to, I can put it here as well and create balance. And a little bit of offsite Center is run C. Or I can ordered here as well. If I fall inside, then it looks like this. But still it's not a good composition because there's so much less negative space down there. So I'm going to this tape over here. There are so many kinds of balance asymmetrical and symmetrical, equal or not for it, I'm not going into those two days. I wondered very simple and easy for you right now. So you can understand balance in the simplest way possible. You can do that in the same measurements as well, or you can just school with different instruments. C, You can do it here. I can put this here and there's some others. Again, put this here. There's some buttons. I can put this sphere. You can use different circles of different shapes as well to create violence such as I can do it with a circuit. How above the lizard here. So the skin will disrupt, the skin will disrupt, the skin will disrupt this. When will this run? C, there is some balance. We have equal amount of negative space, and we have good positive space. There's not negative spaces, not over poverty your positive space. And you can move your eye around, see just changing a shape has changed my entire ball position. I'm looking at the circle, I'm looking at the square root, I'm looking at the negative whitebark goes, this was also part of your composition. And so now I want you to create a call position, either using pencils, markers being beamed, you can draw your circle or your different shapes. Gotta rentals, how ever you want to do it and create a composition while aiding focal point and balance to it. 5. how rhythm makes your composition unique ?: There are a few OK. works which has a twist in it. Whether it's a photography and illustration or an artwork up anything. I like to go on it twisted any artwork because that's just one element which is a little bit of a sprinkle on any artwork as a gift it to WD port, some dressing and Doris othered or just some verbs on some booking or your sticks which enhances and retain as in it. I lose a lot of booking examples because I like to cook for my dying off and they'd sell hobby. And I am surrounded by all the creator, painting, drawing, greeting, installations, writing about a promoting, selling art. And if people are viewing it or to see noodles and Lord, it's like food. Much art are relatively, I hope you are enjoying this class and learning that I'm trying to each year. And I hope that it also helps you to improve your artwork. So let's go on with our listen. So there's lot of The aim, which is the doping of the artwork and that's gone. Rhythm or movement. Yes, they are. Martyrs. And fuel aren't words who just lets the simplicity and the minimalism and their artwork. There are few who likes to show the exaggeration and complication in there onwards. I am well, I love to do that. I'd love to add the toys and the jury on the dock in my art work. And that's riddle. Once you understand composition for viewpoint, balance, after that gums rhythm, which creates weighty that interests in any audience. If you're looking at an IPL, it's a regular drawing of an up. But if you see an apple beam did in a very different way that you have never seen before our photograph that in a different way than you have never seen before from that. And then that creates the rhythm in a takeaway. And that is for a good composition. This is all about thinking because there is a misconception that artists all about studio work and then learning the skills of how to draw and how do themes and how to photograph her. How would you illustrate? There is much more about how do create, which comes besides skill. So let's go towards the listen for i'm going forward with my 40 composition. The one I have created for Eel, because I don't want to give you a lot of samples, otherwise you won't be able to take on your own. So here it is. The previous Gong position, very behalf creating balance and harmony and hopefully avoid things, right? So harmony even. It is the same thing with different names against it's the scene. Once you are done with your focal points and your basic thing, it's like when you sit in your bedroom, you put the furniture in your new book, The basic things, basic elements, basic for nature elements. And then you add decoration pieces to your ventral are, if you do have a co-creating example and I would love to give you a yummy examples there maybe make a state. There is always a twist that you put some rosemary or some curves to enhance its flavor and announce its aroma. Once we're done with the bleeding, you just put the doping or to submit but their own, i'm bringing me away, maybe up three bras, I can just avoid meat. So let's go towards creating rhythm. Good composition is which can create ambiguity for an audience who airways looking at an odd word, they should look at something which is very unique from others. Ok, words at regular life as Uzzi, my circle. Let me get the circuit. So here it is. I found this circle. Here is my circuit and I'm going to place it here. Then I have different circuits. I can portrait here. And we're very year. I get forward this year as well. It will get your laser stuck or I get ordered here as room. And I am going to, again, you have to balance your, all of your elements now. Otherwise, it will break your rhythm. It's very important. You have to take care of the balance or the die. Just like your life, just like dressing up, just like setting your ventral, just like cooking and just like everything is don't worry. Everything great girls. It's not a good combo. Yes, so okay, let me think about this circuit. I can place it here. It's better to move it around. Here. I think here it would be look good. And I am saying we need more and more server because if we draw a straight line, it's going in a line and it's breaking the composition into two parts. And it's not creating rhythm. So what I am going to do is add one more something here. Are, I just want to remove the circle and added here. We could do that as well. Now your eye doesn't get stuck in one spot. And the square is a very edgy and very squarish and very leaners shape. Whereas circles is about drawling and movement of everything else. So that's how it's creating its breaking. It's very hard boundaries, solid boundaries here and it's taking your eye or towards here. You can, if I look at my composition, you can have it here. Oh, I found this really cool. Let's place it over the sea. More. The batter or Dawn de-clutter so much. Have you noticed that I only use two ships, one squared and circuit. If I had a lot of shapes in it, it will become very cluttered and it will not look good. Simplest is the strongest in the most complicated way. You'd just use two elements in artwork and then use it in the most unique way possible. Composition is all about creating ambiguity and interests of your audience. This is why you can look at this composition C, from different angles. Oop, see, check this out. You can go different places. It looks similar. So that's how you greet your composition. Now they do have learned about all the elements of composition, the principles of art had savvy. God aids, forbid it, boy, balance, rhythm and harmony.