How to create stunning videos FOR FREE in minutes with Adobe Spark Video | Joe C. | Skillshare

How to create stunning videos FOR FREE in minutes with Adobe Spark Video

Joe C., Trainer

How to create stunning videos FOR FREE in minutes with Adobe Spark Video

Joe C., Trainer

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11 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Awesome video examples

    • 3. Where to find this cool tool

    • 4. Getting started

    • 5. Adding visuals

    • 6. How to add a recording

    • 7. Previewing your work

    • 8. How to add videos to Adobe Spark

    • 9. Publishing your work

    • 10. An amazing advantage about this tool

    • 11. Time to get started

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About This Class

Do you have plenty of ideas for video content but you do not know how to create entertaining videos? Do you want to teach online courses but you are lacking the money for professional software? Or are you looking for video editing software that is easy and fast to handle?

Then this course is the right address for you. In this course I will show you how you can

create entertraining and animated videos for free and within a few minutes. No hustle, no extra costs and no detailed video editing knowledge required. Boost your video productivity and enroll now.

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1. Introduction: do you have plenty of ideas for video content, but you do not know how to create entertaining videos? Do you want to teach online courses? But you are lacking the money for professional video software? Or are you simply looking for video editing software that is easy and fast to handle. Then this course is the right address for you. In this course, I will show you how you can create entertaining and animated videos for free and within a few minutes, no more hustle, no extra costs and no detailed video editing knowledge required. Boost your video productivity now and unrolled with this course. 2. Awesome video examples: So before we go into the details, I will show you a few great video examples which were created with the awesome video tool called Adobo Spark Video. These videos can be found on to your job Spark page itself. I will now shut up so that we can have a look at a few videos. Now, remember, Adobe Spark is for free, and these videos are not produced in weeks, but probably only within a few minutes. Hey, Liam and Carson is an carry over here in New York City. And I wanted to tell you guys the story of what happened to me yesterday. It was a crazy day. So I'm gonna call this story. Thomas the Tank Engine and Batman save Manhattan. I know you guys love Thomas the Tank Engine and Batman. Such a coincidence. Let's begin with a subway map of New York City. That white dot marks the spot where I live. I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Now, yesterday morning, like every morning starts with the sound of my alarm clock beeping, beeping and me ignoring, ignoring until I'm very late. Which leads to a mad rush to get ready to get out the door saying bye to friends and rushing to the subway. I was simulate that I cut through the park and my mind was so lost in the checklist into dues of my upcoming work day that I didn't see that flowering plant had pushed up through a crack in the sidewalk, and I stepped right. When I look at Instagram and Facebook and see all the fun that other people are having, I confess I can be really gels. But when I grab my coffee and go back on my porch and look out the window and hear the birds in quiet stillness, I realized vacation isn't as much about going places that about rest, finding peace where you are and being happy with that. 3. Where to find this cool tool: How are we able to create now? Such kind off videos simply register for Frito Adobo Spark Page, for example, with your Facebook looking and start using Adobe Spark. 4. Getting started: let's start with the first steps. By creating a new video, we have now the option to select a theme. Each team has a different appearance with different transition effects between single slides. We can also select a layout for our first light, for example, full screen photo or photo with text. Additionally, we can also add a background song for the entire video and adjust the volume for this. 5. Adding visuals: now that we have said the initial settings for the video, let's start with the first light you can simply at images and icons, either from your computer off from different libraries. Also, you can add simple text and adjust the phoned and color off it. 6. How to add a recording: we have added visuals. Now what? It's timeto at microphone recording toe this slide. This is indeed a super awesome function off Adobe Spark. Depending off the length off your recording, the length off this slight adjusts automatically. If you have ever worked with other toots, you probably know how much work it is to synchronize audio with video. Well, this to does it automatically for you and thus saves you a lot off stress and time. Just press the microphone button and record what you want. 7. Previewing your work: it is also simply possible toe duplicate the lead or move a single slight off the video. This way, this way, you can do quick adjustments to see the preview off a single slide. Just press the play button. 8. How to add videos to Adobe Spark: Hi, guys. I just wanted to add this lecture because recently I just discovered that there's a new awesome feature that those back video is now offering on. I will show you what that is about. So you are creating a new video and we will check here on the layout step. We have the four layouts, and now previously we have only the option to add photo I can and text. And now we have the awesome opportunity toe. Also, add V deals. So this means you can add background videos. This means you can add maybe screen cars and they will be perfectly integrated into your video that you are creating on a nova spark. So let's just check an example that I already did here. I already uploaded a video, so and I will just change the text, all right? And okay, we will just delete this. Just we were just keep it. Just press play. What? You can see you now have without much effort, an awesome background. It's animated, it's a video. I don't ordered it from video blocks and these are very cool effects, and I will show us well how this actually works. So if you create a new slide, you can choose if you have the layoff full screen and thing you can at the video on the background, but not in the middle. So if you have one thing you can at the video right into the middle, just let me select one. I would have to check. So where is video? This one is a video. This will take a few moments, I guess. But all right, we have the video. Then, upon adding the video, you have the option to clip it or toe choose the time frame how long the video should go. So when should be the end? When should be the beginning? So we work. For example, Just say the video should last only eight seconds and then once you're selected, the time frame just like here on safe individual, then be clipped. This will take a few moments, so I would just quickly pulls to not waste your time. So the video has now been clipped by now and now it's integrated. And now here you have some more options. So you can also clipped the volume. You can continue the clip you can trim you consume, which is pretty awesome because, well, the software is still for free and even later on, it will still be free. But then with watermark. But that's another story. So we can do all right. Onda, we will trim your we confirm again. Here we can clip volume and choose to have it muted. Soft allowed. Okay. And we can also check toe continue to clip and keep going. Your video will be continued on the new slight right from where you left off. Okay, Got it. So this is so cool. Because I just discovered this by coincidence. Didn't know about this future. So no, we have to clip where it will be continued. And so again you can hear at some text. Or I could photo no kiss. That's much here. But you get my point. So And if we choose, let's just check the other layouts. If we have thing and captured, we are not able to add a video. And if we have two things, we are also not able to add a video. So only for full screen and thing and one thing. So let's just checkers let us check again. The video from the beginning toe. Have a look at it. So here we have the background video with the text. Then we have just a clip, which was one thing We clip that video and trim that muted the audio. And then we also chose that the clip will be continued on the next flight. So all this is pretty easy to handle and awesome to use. So have fun with this new feature and see you on the next video. 9. Publishing your work: Now that we have created our first slides and fill them with life, it is time toe. Preview the entire video and check out the playback, including all slides, transitions and audios. Just click on the button on the bottom line way are totally happy with our first adores spark video created video, and now we will export it just that simple. Like this. You have different options available, such as saving it to your local computer. Since the conversion, A stunt on the cloud you do not need even toe have a high end computer. If you have ever worked with other video editing software, you may know how much time video conversion can consume, especially if your computer is not that good. Once again, this awesome tour says you a lot of time and money. 10. An amazing advantage about this tool: Once the video is exported, we can return to the home screen. Our videos always saved automatically to the cloud, and thus you can edit it also from another computer when using your own adorable spark account. Another super advantage is that you can actually lose Adobe Spark, also offline on the go with the help off the freely available spark you IOS app. This was really a game changer for me, as I do traveled a lot with train and bus, and often there is no Internet available. But thanks to the EP, I am no nonetheless able to create new videos or edit old videos on the go offline. And the next time I am online with my iPod again, all my videos are synchronized to the cloud. This is also a huge time and money saver, since I do not need always Internet to create my videos. 11. Time to get started: Now that you know how to create stunning videos for free and in almost no time it is time to get started as course project. I dare you to create an entertaining video with Adobe spark and uploaded toe this course so that you can practically apply your new gained wisdom and off course, share your creativity with other students.