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How to create stellar graphics, even if you are NOT A DESIGNER!

teacher avatar Amsa Venktesan, Digital Marketer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction - Branding for Business

    • 2. Choosing an image from Pinterest

    • 3. Using coolors to generate hex codes

    • 4. Overview of Canva

    • 5. Overview of choosing font combinations

    • 6. Creating stunning templates

    • 7. Duplicating Templates

    • 8. Creating amazing backgrounds using colors

    • 9. Using Shapes to create Templates

    • 10. Branding your Social Profiles

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About This Class

Are you still hustling with the branding for your business?

I get you!

You are looking to bring your business like a pro but your designer has no idea about what you are looking at and cannot replicate all that you are looking out for! You have very little knowledge about branding and graphic design and this completely looks overwhelming even though you are looking to create this on your own without spending tons of money on your designer.

DIY like a PRO

Your color palettes, fonts, and graphics are the most important aspects that represent your brand and takes this to the ultimate customer.

Can this be just not satisfactory?

Imagine.. being able to create designer-quality graphics even if you don't have enough creativity? What if someone could teach you the exact steps and help you out to get your creative juices flowing?

In this course, I will teach you the exact step by step process from gathering inspiration, choosing your color palettes and creating the ultimate graphics for your business.

What are you waiting for? See you inside the course!


After completing this course, you will know how to:

  1. Choose images and fonts for branding your business
  2. Brand your business and social media profiles
  3. Keep your branding consistent
  4. Create amazing graphics for marketing your business
  5. Leverage the power of graphics for you and your clients. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amsa Venktesan

Digital Marketer


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1. Introduction - Branding for Business: Hey there. Welcome to this brand new training on branding for business. I am. I'm serving contagious in a social media manager on strategist who works with online business owners to get them visible engine trait more leads using social media marketing. I am so excited that you decided to join me in the scores. Since you have decided to take your branding game to the very next level. Well, you know, branding is vital when you decide to reach your ideal client, because then you have a product or a service based business, basically the identify it as a brand. You know, your ideal clients will not identify you or will not remember your business name, even though you might have amazing business names. But they would easily relate you and your brand using the colors and the phones. And this is how running can help your game, you know, literally your brandy game. So this is exactly why consistent branding is necessary, and that's how it can help you and your business. All right, so in this course you're gonna learn all about riding for business and how you can take your branding game to ah, whole new level. I am so excited and let's get started 2. Choosing an image from Pinterest: all right now let's talk about creating the most important aspect, which is creating a brand boat for your business. Remember that creating your brand boat or mood board as you can otherwise call it, is the very first step in taking branding into your business seriously. Branding board makes showed that you have all your colors, forms, grade Ian's textures and any images that you might specifically need for your business into place. Well, I'll tell you how to use this branding booed or how to first of all create your branding board. So to create my branding board, I used a tool called Pinterest. If you're not aware of what pinches is all about, Pinterest is a powerful search engine than a social media platform. Yes, we call Pinterest as a search engine for a specific reason. 68% off. The buyers are the customers who have a bought certain products have reported that they trust Pinterest, and just because they saw something on Pinterest depot chested for their business. Can you believe this? And can you see how really Pinterest has affected the way people search for products and by them? Yes, if you have not considered leveraging Pinterest for your business than remember that you're losing out on a really big potential that you can attract customers to your business, said Now. And this a chapter. You will learn how to use Pinterest to gather some inspiration, how to choose colors on forms, probably other options, and how to get the heck score of these colors to understand what is your liking? Well, before we start with this, sometimes there are few who might have their favorite color choices with them. Well, for me, my color choice is more of a pink, a blue on a team. Sometimes I would prefer getting into goals, but this is something that has been there in the back of my mind. And that's the reason I used Pinterest to search at these combinations. Now I'm breaking the presentation mood in Can va to show you how toe scroll and get images from interest. All right, so this is how my Pinterest profile looks, so you need to log in to Pinterest dot com, And if you already don't have an account, I would highly recommend creating an account for your business. If you are yet to start a business, you can as well have a personal account. So this is my Pinterest account. And you can follow me on pensions to get complete updates on branding, virtual assistants, social media marketing and productive ity. All right, so now this is how the board's looks. If you get into Pinterest, you have something called and I have loved into my profile. So you have to click on my profile and this is how the page actually looks. It will show you your complete description. Your business name. Andi, you don't be heading that you have given. And then it will show you the number of followers and number of people you are following. So you can see the pince the boats on the tries. So pins show you the individual pens that we have created our pinch on both show you where exactly or in which board exactly have you been all of the's. All right, so now when we scroll down, I have a separate brand bowed inspiration because it has held me choose. The best colors are the best images from there. I need to choose where I let me get into the brand board inspiration colors and I'll show you how to choose the right colors for your business. All right, so now I have decided that I want something with a teal bees. So I'm looking for feel color palettes if you color palettes. So now that we have all the teal color combinations that Pinterest has displayed, now it's time to first of all, scroll through the combinations that are the images that you probably like. Well, if you see I like this particular image that's on the top. This image, Yes. And, uh, if you are somebody who is more into paste all colors, you can as well do that. But I kind of like a mix of teal purples, violet and like, cream or like pink. I'm not a been kind of a person, so I like more of thieves steal colors that I feel would pop. Andi, I feel would really you know, you re shape up on, make my business live nice. All right, so I like this particular image So you can see this is the perfect color off teal that I'm actually looking at four. So this has given a combination of all the four colors that this has. So apart from that, this all these looks beautiful. So I will just give you an example of how we choose the colors. All right, So once you choose the color, you can either you can goto the top right and see safe. And this is going to ask you to which board you might need to save this particular image. All right, so I can see that. I want to, um you add this to brand board inspiration colors and say safe. All right. If you really don't want to save, you can actually download the image and store it in your downloads folder. Now, this Pinterest has been having an issue for the past two days. So whatever I save or if I create a board, it is not doing it. So I'm skipping this save, and I'm taking this image downloading this image, and I'm going to tell you how to find the hex code off this particular color. So let me say, um, so I'm storing This is un sub brand image. All right, now, this is not for my brand image, but I'm just I have to rename it, all right. In order to find this. So I'm saving this particular thing, and you can see that it's already saved. All right, so once this is saved, what I have to do is there is this website called coolers dot com, which is a color picking website. You have to enter, or you have to literally upload the image that you have downloaded from Pinterest. And it's going to automatically populate something called the Hex Code for it. I'm sorry. I think there's something wrong with this coolers getting the morning moments. Unless something wrong with this. Okay, actually, let me call it coolers. Um, you guys a literal Oh, sorry. Yeah, yeah. Coolers dot feel not come. Sorry. So it's coolers, not CEO. So you just log into that. It's taking a little bit of time to populate. Okay? Yes. So you can see that it has an option. It's the website. Looks something like this. All right? And this is option which says, Start the generator. So click on that. All right. It's all getting a little slow because I'm recording it 3. Using coolors to generate hex codes: All right, So once you say, click on or start the generator. This is how it is going to look. Well, just because I have had an entire different set of image the previous time on I was looking through the hex codes of this. It has still, you know, regenerated the same colors. So in order to choose the color from the image that you downloaded, you need to click on big colors from this image. That is a ride. This third option. Click on that and it will tell you to browse or drop an image. Or you can automatically choose the link I prefer toe. Take the image that I have downloaded, and I can see that it's in my download section. I'm sub brand image. Now. You convey how easy it is for me together. A particular thing. All right, so now it automatically populate the colors for me. So I just have to click on the Kahlo's and it is giving me the hex codes of fed. Right. So the first hex code is want to 7 89 a 79? Yes. And the second color is this. So you can choose this to be the first color. The second would be this. The third would be this on the fourth would be this color. Now, this is totally up to you. It is totally up to you to choose either two or three or four colors. From this load are you might as well download an entirely different set of image and combined the two colors. Always remember, these combinations have to be word on rebuild and tested on your brochure or are you on your website or you know pretty much anything that you use these colors for. So you know, your branding colors evolved over a period of time. So which means even if you have had about side and please, and even if you still have your brand colors in please and you want to re book on it, that's totally okey Barack. Please don't take it as a discouragement that you are getting influenced by others. But remember, don't be influenced. Or don't have that instinct that your color looks a bit dull than others because everyone is in a different journey in their business and everyone stays is different. Just because I don't like this color, I don't have to go with the same. My idea is steals goes on, you know, Like I said, you can like these, you know, kind of slight colors or you can even you don't need based on colors, so I'll show you. You can type based off collar college. Onda claimed. A populated a few for you. I'll show you so these other colors, so you can as well download one of these images on you. Can a mix and match the colors well, I really like this color because it's a very good combination. I like this one, so it's totally up to you to mix and match colors. I would recommend you tohave at least three different sets off color palette, one place toe, one dark color and one kind of banks. If you are, you know, on woman entrepreneur and your super for things you can as well, though, so you can see that these this has are kind off upping patient, which is a brownish pink on. You know it's totally up to you, so no color is bad. And please don't compare your branding journey or your branding taste to someone else. So that is my request. When you have to do branding, it's up to you. So somebody might like this as well, which is totally okay, because that's their taste. That's the way in which they do. All right, So now that you have figured out, all the hex codes are going to be here, so what you can do is once have done with that. You are then going to go and hit. OK, which is here. Hit on this. OK, button on it is going to take you again here and show you all these colors. All right, so all your hex code with the colors are here. So all that you need to do is hit export. Onda, download this as a PNG file. All right, so once you have done this, it's going to up here, and all your hex codes are going to be here. All right, so you just have to hit slave image as and I will again. So call this. I ran colors and hit street, but you can see that my brand colors are ready. And now that I know what my brand colors are and now my heights coats, it's time for me to go and pick the fonts that I like using these brand colors 4. Overview of Canva: So here we are in the Can VA website, so the website will be www dot Canberra dot com. All right, so once you enter into it, this is how the interface will look so sure is the list off all the templates that I have created for my business and for my clients. So I basically create these templates for the simple reason that I will use them over and over again to make them really easy and that people can really identify that it is my own work. All right, so here is the account. When you create an account, you can see that your account settings on your personal profile, including a sign or button, is here. But I do use a personal account and I do share it with my team. So here I am in the camera for work, which is a paid worsen off the can va. You know the website basically. So there are two different features. One is the camera for which is the free version, and the other one is the canvas for work, which basically includes approve service or the prove version off your actual basic website or the actual basic Ah, body called is a software or designing whenever you can call it. All right. So if you see towards the left it says, create a design, it shows all your designs and you're actually in that page all the designs that I have created, And then the one with this shared with you. If it'll somebody has shared something with me, probably my team or somebody. Yes, it appears here on. The next thing is, if I want to create a team which is a pro feature, then I conducive that. And then your brand said this is one of the most important reasons why you need tohave. Ah Campbell for work account if you are somebody, if you are a creative business owner on, you need to do a lot of graphics. So even if you have no idea about using photo show, but you still want to use a lot of designing tools, then you definitely need to have Canberra for work. It's a worthy investment. It comes somewhere between, you know, a $9.99. I guess I'm right. So it comes number within $10 it's a word your investment so It's less than $10 for months , so I'm pretty sure that you can use that. All right, so you feel See, these are my brand colors. So I have already, you know, added all my brand color. So if I want to add another color, I can click on it, and then I can enter the hex code. Basically my colors for the blade public, if you see it already here so I can end of it there. So that's how it actually goes. All right, so and then my phones are here, So my headings are since l I already have the combination. So since Alysia, if I want to edit it, I can click on the Spencer like, onto edited. My subheadings are either quarters in tow or they are, um, you know, the new one that I think I forgot. I'm all three working on it. So I left. He tell you it is? Yeah. Click a script, which I have recently included, And all the body text that I include is off quick sand size 16 Quicksand is really legible , and it's really, you know, easy to use my The logo is off, you know, I love little phones, so uploading your own custom phones is available only in candle forward. So remember, you don't have this option in the free version. So once you're done with this, you can get into your find templates if you want the templates that you need to figure out . And then again, adding folders is available Onley in Canada for work. All right, so this is, anyway, is going to be available in the other side. Also, I'll show you or add New folders are available only in Canberra for work. So remember, I love expanding amount on camera for work, and it's amazing. You need to definitely give it a try. All right, So now I already told you the first way on the second day to find your phones, which is using Pinterest on using Google phones. Can VA also has it suggested for combinations if you see towards the right off your brand. So if you click on the suggested foreign combinations, it's going to take you to another page, which is a built by can va. So this is going to show you how you can choose the right phones, so it'll tell you what are the right, you know, combinations and how it is going to look if you embed them into your website or in Jabra Jewel. All right, so this is taking a little bit of time to load. Let's give it some time to load. All right, So if you see the combination, the first combination is a league Spartan, which is leaks parting with a liberate basket will and then a Julius Sands with league Gothic. So you basically have all these combinations, which you can give it a try again. You're you are definitely, you know, allowed to mix and match all of this because your brand is a representation off you or your business. Nobody is going to question you as long as it looks up. You know, a readable on eligible. That's totally okay. My other personal favorite combination, apart from my own brand combination, is this Play fattest lay black. So all my new courses generally that I'm launching and my website usually comes on a plate farthest. Lee and I really like this combination. It's really nice, especially when you create graphics. Susan can. But this is really going to do the magic all right. So just using images and colors will do 70% of the magic. And according to me, the other 25 or 30% that we can call is all with the kind of phoned on the policeman's of the phone. So that's where it comes into picture. All right, so now that you know the card may define the phone combinations, I now want you to go ahead and find the right formed combination for your business and let me know if you have figured out one. All right, so now let's proceed into our can va. So I will show you where and how to find these phones are I'm sorry, bear, and how to find the templates. So if you see on the header, you can actually see that it is. Either you can click on this toe, enter your custom dimensions infertile. You know, the algorithms off Facebook and Pinterest. They keep changing their algorithms. And I am also a social media manager. And I do social media, you know, uh, what do you say? The images for most of my clients, I'd a social media strategy. So that's the reason most of the times When Facebook changes its algorithm, I need to enter the custom dimensions. All right, so once we're done with this, we can see that there are Lord off. You know, if you click on this plus sign, you can see Lord off a new recommended options for you. 5. Overview of choosing font combinations: all rights. And now that you have big your hex codes and decided on the kind of colors that you might need for your business branding, it's timeto analyze and figure out the fonts that you like personally and that you think you might want to incorporate into your business. So there are two different ways that I would recommend choosing the funds. The very first way would be to use a Pinterest back again, or the other way will be to use a tool called Camber. Like I said, camba dot com is, ah, graphic designing website, where even those who have absolutely no knowledge on designing can create absolutely professional and starting templates for their business now breaking presentation mode in Can va. Well, I have designed this particular template using can ver. So the very first thing like I said, I will take Europe interest and take you through up for lunch combinations, right? Professional. So if you get into this, you can see so all these combinations are popping up right? So if you see these on Pinterest, like I said, I use Pinterest for creating and gathering all that. I wanted my business for gathering different ideas. I use Pinterest. I don't use Google. I rarely use Instagram on YouTube, but I want to see video tutorials. Don't understand something specifically otherwise my go to for every day everything is interest so you can see 34th combinations. That is up to you. If not the clear thing you can see. Somebody has already done a block post on this is five best elegant Google forms combinations. You know, Google phones are easy to install, easy to use, even on your website. So all of these choose that they're in your Google formed list so that it's going to help you get all the same information or the same. A formed in your WordPress are you know, your hedge trimmer, whatever. But site is well, all right. So the first thing you can see is a combination off play fire display, plus a rally very light. I'll tell you how they look and how do you understand? Or Joseph and Sand with Merryweather are gent in book basic with Latu Or add Amina with a multi lateral or TN a. All of the's are completely up to you. I personally love, love, love this particular thing. I have also saved it on, you know, in one of my pens. So it's totally up to you so you can have a look into this, or you can get into Google phone so you can get into fonts. Um, got google dot com price. I'm just getting a good points that Google don't come and you can, you know, have a look into all the phones that are available in Google. It's taking a little bit of time, Yes, so you can see how these phones are displayed. So these are few combinations that you can have a look into on. You can just do it. All right. So let me be really practical. Finding off phone is not that easy. Finding on phoned combination is definitely not easy, because even phones depend on the kind of person you are. The person you know. There are certain up, you know, clients of mine who really likes the phones that are really straight on tall. While there are others who likes all those, that's a bit, you know, that's a bit fat or kind of funeral at the thick kind of phones, so they usually prefer all of the's. So I'm telling you something like this or there are few who likes phones like this, like the slab ill. And she started through. So these two are entirely different types of phones, so this is completely okay, and you're the way you use funds will not judge your brand. So please remember, your phones are your personal child's. Nobody is going to question you on the you know, the kind of fun that you choose or it doesn't have any serious impact on your business. Always remember to choose the phones that are ledge a ble, and that will make your, you know, ideal customer. Or that will make anybody basically, who has a look into your website. They should basically understand what you have written there or water of time. So they should be able to read it allegedly. And that's one of the key ideas off choosing the right front. So now that you have either decided on the kind of phone, or that you at least have an idea off what kind of a phone you might have to choose? I'm taking you into something called Can Va. Like I said, so can Va usually looks like this. So this is the inter fees off can va And this is how you can actually see so sure is my running for business the presentation that I've recently created. So this is how can Va is going to look. So this camera is going to help you create wonderful graphics and stunning templates for your business, so I will quickly give you an overview in the next video. 6. Creating stunning templates: So now that you have had an overview off how camera looks on the features that are available in the free on the paid versions, it's time to start creating stunning templates. Well, by templates, I mean, you are going to gather all your you know, the hex codes on the phones, and I believe that by now you have the font combinations on the color combinations with the hex codes already in place. Well, I usually noted down in a paper are I used a trail Oh, as my project management to where I create a particular card and have all my brand information, which includes the font. If I have any custom image that I have designed from my designer for this particular, you know, probably the cores or whatever that I'm launching. I keep that in one particular car. All right, so now we are going to create stunning templates using all the assets that we have gathered . So now I'm again breaking the presentation. Morgan can va on. I'm gonna take you through up. You know, the what you say. How do you create the templates? All right. The very first thing that I will create is that I will go and tell you quickly the different types of posts that are available. You can create a one exclusively for social media which includes an 800 by 800 pixels. So which means you can use this specifically for or you can use this pretty much across all platforms. Instagram, Pinterest. I'm sorry, Instagram. Ah, Twitter on Facebook. While this is available or this size is for all of the categories, you can as well use the stop in on Pinterest. But remember, the algorithm off Pinterest is always that they acceptance than a tall All right, So you can see here the next one is the presentation more. The next one is for us letters and for Facebook cover. Like I said, when the algorithm changes, it does change on specifically for a Facebook post. You can use this or you can I prefer using the social media thing and I really like it on one more thing that I, you know, wanted to include here is all about the ah, you know the feature called Magic resize, which is available only in Canberra for work. What this magic resize does is once you create a particular on image or, you know, a particular graphic for your business. And then you realize that you want to post it across all platforms, usually the poor create one and posted across all the platforms in which the client or, you know I am myself. Ah, part off. So once we do that, we have this option toe take a magic resize and it basically resize is toe all the dimensions on its own for Pinterest, Twitter, for Facebook, for Lyndon, for Instagram So it does on its own. All right, so there's one for email header. This one for Twitter pours. There's one for Pinterest graphic. I usually use this all the time. If you use Tumbler, you can use this while you have one for instagram pose. So basically it's there for every single thing that you need for your blogging, Entire said. For the marketing materials that you might need, I get off for a particular marketing based companies or any companies that has a marketing department. All right, so all of these are available on. You can use very much all of this to create using the custom dimensions. All right, so now I'm gonna tell you or give you an idea of how we create a standard template. I'm gonna use this social media traffic. Just click on that particular social media graphic and it will take you to another beach. All right, so you can see ah, white canvas, which is open for you to create and use your branding colors to create a particular graphic . So let it load. So once it loads, this is how the interface looks. So you have all the editing tools towards the left, and you have all of the unity saved, the resize, all of this on the top, including a download button, which I'll tell you what to do and how to do. All right. So you can use either the custom templates which are given for you sure, towards the left, all you can create an entirely new one using your idea. Or let me tell you. So once for the first time, I will use the one that's given on the left using a template. And then I will use one on my own. I'll create one on my own, right. So let me look for a nice graphic. All right, so I like this one here, so I'm just going to pull it here. Simple. I'm just going to drag and drop it. There are few who as well go the other way. Which means you can just click on it for the controls. You can click on this, and you can press delete to delete this image. Right. So you can basically lead olive press. We're going everything and go to delete. All right, So what I would prefer I would make a copy of the Beijing delete this first beach. Basically. So which is a lot easier. Lead the lay judge. So I would Sorry. Add a new rage. So if you want to remove any of the controls just like outside of the page and the control is so I would drag and drop this to bring this particular image from there to ship. All right, so you can see that these are two different image overlays that are on top. All right, so this includes two different, you know, elements. So if you see, these are the layouts. Layouts includes all the templates. Elements includes many things like grids, friends, shades. Well, I am not telling you all this in detail for the simple reason that I have a specific course if you want, you know, for on how toe use camera and become a pro at camp. Right, So here. Well, it's first click on the background image. I want to change that image. So what I'm gonna do is because this is the outermost. I'm gonna click on that, and I'm gonna press delete, which means it's deleting that and giving me another canvas toe applaud my favorite image. So I am going toe uploads, and I've already uploaded certain images. You can see that you can upload your own images, and I'm gonna blue one of my favorite images here and pulled his image and put it at the back. All right, so now you can see that the image has placed and it'll adjust itself. Teoh, you know the availability or, you know the space availability. Now, when you know if you can see, I'm gonna zoom it a bit. If you can see it. There is one you know, cream colored circle behind this. I'm gonna click on the circle on, give it another color so you can see that I have this team color off mine, which I'm going to incorporate to it for it to get some a definition. So my brand gallows are a teal aweil light. Like I said, So I don't want this particular color. It's grouped. So I'm on grouping this. I don't clicking outside and I'm selecting this brown color because I don't like this particular color. So I'm selecting control A and changing the fund. Um, probably change it to Mont Strat. I'm just giving you an idea, monster. It is definitely not my, you know, brand colors. I'm just changing it to, um, one of my brand color. So I just have to pick and re click, which gives me that brand gallop. So I just have a click on it and then clicks number outside for it to change. All right, so if I have to change this, I can use my brand. They don't be found, which again, is click a script or since l. So once I click on it, it is going to change the way of the scriptures. Can you see that? And I'm going to adjust the phone size while I can make it to 32 because this is more of a curse of writing. So if you feel that this is not visible, you pinching to the black, so basically you might have toe play with fond combinations on Do you have to work on it? Right. So this is one off the pre made layouts that you have chosen. The second thing that I'm going to show you is that you may not have a pre made, you know, layout, and you want to create something on your own, but you have no clue how to start with it. In that case, you can as values all of this, but create something on your own. All right, So I am going to create one for myself using the elements, so I'm going to include shapes. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to include a shape here, so I will first take up frames. So which means I need frames of different types so you can see that there are different types of frames, but I can incorporate, so I'm gonna take up one that has a color onto the outside. Um, right. So I'm gonna pick something like this with a frame. So I'm pulling this here and adding the stood this and dire thing. All right, so I'm just zooming this up. I just have toe pull this towards the corner and drag Simple. All right, so I have pulled her and you can see that the out of border has a color. So I'm gonna take the out of order into my out. The rink is my color. So it's coming into my, you know, branding style. And I have to get back to the uploads and upload one of my favorite graphics. I'm gonna take something a little darker this time so that it would give me some dimensions . So I'm gonna take this painful This here. So you might, you know, in certain images, the image might not really look the way in which you wanted to look. So in that case, you can double click on the image, and then you can adjust it according to the way in which you want You might want the apple logo to be centered. So I'm just centering it and giving it afflicts. And now you can see that it's a little center. All right. So I might feel that this looks although, you know, toe dark. So I need to create an overly on this in order to make it look, you know, a little you know, the way in which I want. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one off the shape and put the shape on top. Well, remember, I don't want that out of color to be spoiled. So I'm just creating a lee out a shape on this, and I could pretty much use are black or a grave, which I believe would be right for me on I'm going toe, adjust the transparency, which is on top. So I'm just going to click on this had just the transparency, some marriage of 40 to 50% I feel would be okay. I think a 40% would do so now that you can see that the transparency, everything is suggested. I am going to create, you know, on text on this. So I'm gonna add surgeon texts here, ID I can use the white space, or I can use this actual space to create a next. That says Simms is my front. I'm just creating one feet and then I'm gonna adjust the color two white or whatever. It's illegible for me. All right, So I'm just going to increase this size 2 36 Or I can even increase the transparency off this for it to be, ah, lot more visible. If you can see the more darker becomes, the more eligible the phone is. So I want the phone to pop because I want people to understand what I'm writing. All right, so this is definitely not my best graphic, but I'm giving you an idea off the kind off and a graphic that you can do on the way in which you can create starting templates. So now that I have done something like this, I want I'll show you How do you resize this? Right. So let's get into when you click on this resize option will show you all the way in which you wanna raise I outlook on Facebook. Carvel. Ah, probably an email header, a Twitter post up interest graphic. And I say ab rocket Sabra, and that's going to resize it for me. Look at how it works. Look at that magic. So it's OK, so All right, so there is this huh? Right. So there is this thing where I need to. All right, so it says click the bubba builder. I gonna the browser. All right, So I need to now you don't hit the pop up book, okay, blocker, I can say a love, and then I say, done. And then, yeah. So I guess now it will work. Yes. So you can see that it's opening multiple pages on its own. And it's going to do that Magic resize for you so that you don't have to spend a lot of time working on resizing this. So it is taking its time. All right, so now you can actually see that it has adjusted itself, and there's a gap. So if you want, you can just pull this towards the corner, and this will be resized. So if you can see this, you can pull this to the size in which you want pull the edges. So I'm just from moving this overlay to a justice. I'm just pulling this here. And then I am adding the overly on top of once again. And there it is. So us letter is this is how it has free sized itself. So I need to again pull this and then Facebook cover is also done. So you can add this. Take all of this and put it back towards the left and you can once again dragged. So it's all about dragging once you're done with it. So most of you might prefer creating few different graphics, Even you if you have to resize it well, that's totally up to you. I am just giving you an idea that you are also have this option off creating these stunning templates using they are, you know, ideas and well, I wanted to give you an idea. So this is how I have created my particular you know, with a clean why bays and only what do you say about ground upping background? And you know a border for this wary presentation. If you see, I do have other graphics that you know I have created, which I will show you. Yes, this is loading so we can include all of this. Andi, really get this done in the right way. So here is an overview off all the formats, but I've created. So if you see this, you can see that There's one here with the block post title. So there's this thing. And here I have created one where you know, there's this shaped and then the ultimate business plan. And here where it is, you know, it's half the way where the images half the way about and then I have an image. So these are few templates that I have created for my own, you know? Ah, what do you say? My own Facebook page and you know, my own Pinterest templates that I really will use. But if I want to trash it, I will go on a particular image and then click on this. It says, move to trash. Well, now, because I have just created this for you guys, I'm moving this to trash because I don't want to use these templates again because these are not my kind off templates. All right, so I have shown you extensively about how do you create stunning templates and how do you incorporate these stock images into it? All right, In the next video, I'll show you how to duplicate the templates that you have created and that you will know how we can use them over and over and over again. 7. Duplicating Templates: all right. Now that we have learned how to create templates that are meant for your business, it's time to understand and learn how to duplicate these templates. Let me tell you the advantages off duplicating while duplicating is basically going to save time for you and that you don't have toe work or re work on any of the templates that you have created again. By duplicating, you tend to get the exact same thing. So which is just like a copy paste from a website into your own business? Well, it doesn't mean that your copy pasting from a wet side, but it means that it works just like a copy and paste. It's like a photocopy off the same. All right for that, I'm gonna break the presentation mold in Canada. And there is this option. What says copy this age when you copy, I'm using the very same template that I've been using and it shows Copy this page this up, Eros A's. You move the page up and this stays peach down, and this shows the page number while this gives you an option to copy the page. So just click on this once and you can see that the page is already duplicated. Now you can change the phones, the colors on the next year. But you're out earlier. The design that you have made will draw mean the same. You can make certain changes, you know, only toe the inside off it or to the text or to the color. But basically you copy and duplicate this Andi, you see time. So this is one of the reason why the duplicate templates on this is going to give you some amazing time saving tactics. And that's one of the reasons why I love camber. 8. Creating amazing backgrounds using colors: even though we use beautiful templates to create our images or to create our graphics. Sometimes we might need just a solid background or a solid color for us, too. Distinguish ourselves or to remain consistent with still the branding. It's still OK to not use something called the stock images, which we usually used, or the images which are available for free on the Internet for us toe, you know, have a background, you know, as an overlay before the text. But it is still okay, and most of us do use a solid color. Well, if you see, I have used white as a solid Babylon color here, and I have used adjust up 10 border. This thing border is still a template. While I can as well use just ah white color without this think or I can use a, you know, a pink color without this white. What it is up, you know, likely to do is that it still sets you apart from your competent as and people will know that it is your brand. If you'll still continue to create using your brand. Well, let me show you an example here. All right, so Let's again get into the social media of you know, the graphic and I'll show you two different options. One is having a white Bagram and the other one is having a solid, different colored background. I usually do this a lot when I do, you know, my block posting. Because that really pops up. Having nothing in the background still does give a solid idea and feel to it some now Gettinto elements now. Okay, the 1st 1 is going to be ah, plain Ah, you know, wide background. So where I just get into the text out of heading on a subheading if needed, or get to the body off it, All right. And this will give me a really clean finish to this, or if I have to add a solid color to the background. I go to the elements shapes, and I go to this square shape and pull this and add different colors to this. Well, I can choose the various colors. I can choose this color or this or this, which is my you know, these are my brand colors. So if I'm choosing this, I can either at just the transparency to make it a little light or I can still you don't keep it at 100 person and then include all the text, or I can you know as well what do you say? Add a different color to it, or make it two halfs where I add one color here and I keep I just copy this and then bring it down over here. And I use an entirely different set off color to this. So this is completely up to me and I can choose the bad grounds that I won't and that I want to create while this is completely up to me. So using a solid background, it's still advisable, and people can really relate to it. If you are using it consistently on the you know how it means to be used in the right manner. 9. Using Shapes to create Templates: All right, So now that we have created using solid colors, let's use shapes feature to create, you know, stunning templates for your business Now breaking the presentation more than again, moving into this. Ah, well, this time, let me use up interest graphic to show you how we can use again. Are solid colored shape to create are graphic. All right, so let this load. So once it starts a loading, you can see that, Yes. So we have again Ah, white canvas for us to start working with. So you can choose either between one off these layouts or you can choose your favorite, you know, shape. So choose a shame. We get into this element section on, look into this shapes which is already available for us to choose from. So once we get into the shape, you can see that there are squares, circles, rectangles, dotted circles, triangles on many more. You can as well use all these shapes. Well, if you create something with this shape so you can, um you know, use the shape to create ah head are or you can use it in the side. You can use our triangle if you would like Toa create the three sides or something? That's like the three solid core off you know, any Ah, would you say any graphic that you would like to create So you can say this is a This is B and then there's a c so you can create something like that. All right, So usually I prefer using a stars. Well, something with this kind of a background for the simple reason that you can create this graphic toe. Had any bonus in your sale speech if it all you are using. So I am assuming this a bit to tell you or to show you or red with my brand color, or I can use a pink brand color that I have. But here is my bring brand color on Eigen. Incorporate our text that says bonuses included. Well, this actually highlights on, says that I can see exclusive of bonuses. So it actually says that there are certain bonuses which are included in this and that I can use either I love little phones off mine or I can use um, my clicker script, which I keep forgetting all the time. So I use my click a script and increased the size of it and added. So this actually gives an additional factor for your ah graphic and says that there's something exclusive which people will have to definitely check out. So you can add something like this or you can add a square that we usually do, or you can add us something off this sort. And again, I most of the time, use this on my Facebook group to promote with says, You know, we have various, you know, concept going on our Facebook group. So I do. We have a practice Tuesday, so recreate the hashtag on address on top of this. So this is basically how we use shapes and if at all you need, you can use the most commonly used shapes are triangles because we can add triangles as the borders. I'll show you how to use triangles as the borders. All right, so if you scroll down and see, you can see that there are various triangles and you also have them in white color. If you just crawl and check them, you can just pull a one off the triangles from here. That's as free, and you can add it to the corner off our you know, Would you say to the image while you can adjust it as and when you need? And so what I usually use this triangle for would be I would use this to this extent, and then I would clear this. First, let me clear this. Let me remove all of the so that I could give you an idea of how I create so you can take exclusive bonus. You can probably have it there. And then I usually extend this and then I use my brand color so it more or less comes to you know what I need? I usually don't use two shapes together for the simple reason that it doesn't match. So what you can do is you can give your blood post attacks because that's what I use it mostly for. Well, you can say, um, branding for business as one off the block posts that I create and recon increase the size of fit and probably make it, you know, bold if needed. And then we can include a few lines and excerpt so we can add a few lines off it. I'm here so you know, a sample text goes, Yes. So this is basically the body. And then once you're done with it, we can include the worksheet here, and we can actually bring the worksheets toe. You know, inside the screenshots of two different worksheets here, probably What exactly? If you have a freebie that you're promoting, you can add it here. And that's how we use these shapes. For if you don't want to add the shape here, you can as well turn this shape to take it to the left side. Right. So this is also there in the last night. So you just have to use this much and and you can use it in the corner if you don't want to use it here so you can use it on top so you can just take it here with these two down and then take it here and you can just use it on top, either here or the next side. So this is pretty much how shapes can actually change the way your graphic looks, and you can have again templates or consistent running using shapes so that you don't have to do new every single time 10. Branding your Social Profiles: I'm so proud of you that you have come to the end off this branding for business Course on . I really hold that you have got tons of information about how to use can va, how to choose colors and phones for your business and how to keep a branding consistently using templates. Remember, these are the base off, creating a good branding and to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Er, more than differentiating yourself, it is really important to put yourself out there in the market and that people should start really realizing that it is your particular brand, even though if you have not included your logo in every single page, it is still okay. My clients on my students will take up. My courses are still able toe easily, recognize my branding and my pins because of the simple reason that I maintain a consistent branding off. Ah, Violet, a teal on a pink. So they really understand that it is a more like my brand and more of me. Why include some other phones? I really don't get that me personality in that particular graphic. So only when I include my phones and my colors. What I feel it's more, you know me. It's more kind of a me kind of a graphic. So if I try incorporating Allah Kahlo's I still remember and I still have, you know, come back and use my kind of fun to make it look more me. You're very much allowed to duplicate few. You know, Would you say a few stock images that you have seen? You can download the stock images that you see outside somewhere, and there are a lot of websites that do give you stock photography. The stock images, such as excelled start dumpy XY ls dot com unflashy. And these two are my most favorite platforms for dumb bloating stock images on to make them apart off your branding. You know, graphic. Would you say your community or your branding graphic any single thing that you want, like your brand kids. You don't have to necessarily choose the images that goes with your branding unless and until you have taken your own branding images and not downloaded it from Internet. Also, remember, it's really important for you to choose. Those images are those that you're copying from the Internet to be copyright free, so which means you are allowed to use it in your business. Otherwise, you will definitely have copyright issues which I don't want you to run specifically into. So now that we have come nearly to the end off the scores, I would like to give you a few dues on Don't off maintaining your social media profiles using your branding because we are all ultimately here because we have to learn branding to basically be available in this social world off. Right. So let me give you a few dues off branding. You need to maintain consistent branding threw out and across all your profiles. Secondly, your head us should be clean and meet. That means you should not have multiple call to action buttons in your heading, which will make it flow really difficult. So just your name. What do you do on your website? Will do the magic with a beautiful and not, you know, really an overlaying stock image. The stock image should be really clean if nor please use a shape to lay the transparency just the way with it. And then I want you to have your head as clean all the time. Please do not include 10 culture actions if you need just included one call to action on You are good to go with that right When you are promoting and multiple groups are in multiple websites, please remember to promote with value because the value that you drive ultimately is going to drive clicks to your website and ultimately probably they could up. You don't see your ah post on your Facebook page which will take you to the group Or they will see it on your person profile where they flicked your Facebook page and then it takes to the Pinterest account or, you know, your website on DSO. Your branding is ultimately going to speak for it, so they will think Oh yes, it is this person who has done it. It's so good. So your branding will also speak and they will remember more off you, which shows your running said Remember to promote with allow you when you do this consistently. Also, remember toe update your head off from time to time. I would say that if you are launching a course or if you are doing a lot of webinars In that case, remember to create again a template for your webinars over your course launches separately . And remember, toe Oh, use them over and over again so that you know that it's your weapon, orographic, and you have your brand colors and your phones there. So you just have to change the title and the body, and then you can use it again. So wherever you pin it, people will know that it it is yours. It depends on the way in which you have created value in that particular thing, even the previous time. And so they remember you. So don't you know, change ahead? It's too often, but please change them on Lee when you feel that you are giving them some value and then it needs to be promoted. All right said, Now let's get into the don't off branding, which is more important than your dues. All right, so don't keep changing your collars and phones all the time. Well, I told you initially that it's still okay that you evolve in the process and you keep changing it. But remember to be consistent, at least you know, for a few years, which means you can take a lot of time by the time you decide and put it out your customers . But remember, once you put it out, your customers and you start promoting yourself, you can still revoke on your colors. But if you take a till, remember, let it be till but probably you can take up shades off teal. And if it's a pink, you can take up shades off pink. But don't change it completely from black to grey. Or from you know, I would say, from black to blue or black to red. Don't do it that way because people will really not be able to resonate with your font or resonate with your colors. Also here. Now that you have seen my brand, you will be able to figure out that this is my brand and this is my color. Whenever you find me on social media, all right, so you need to have a brand bored with you all the time. And also like I showed you on my Pinterest account, I have created a brand board for me, which includes all my logos, all my colors, my phones, everything in an in a U. S. Letter format, and then I have it downloaded or with me. All right, so then please don't change. Your head owes on a profile photo too often, unless needed. Don't keep changing them every day. Or don't change them every week unless and until it is really needed. That. Like I said, if you are somebody who's doing a webinar on a you know on a weekly basis, please remember to create Ah header which will include at least the headings off four webinars with the dates on the time so that you don't have to change your you know, your head us too often because you need to have all the headers across all the profiles. Similar. You cannot have its you cannot have ah, green photograph. You know, off your 10 sounded photograph on your facebook and you cannot have a 12 standard or you know something like, um, you know ah, college. Your photograph with the different dress all together in your Pinterest profile, please remember to take up a clear had shot a professional headshots on meaning it consistently and ah, prototype is going to be once you choose your colors. If you could buy a short or, you know, whatever dress you're planning to go for a photo shoot still in your brand color. That's going to be amazing. I did that on my brand. Should represents my brand color. And I'm really happy about that, All right? And don't try to fit too much information in your head. Oh, on which is going to look really messy. And I hope you learned a lower of it from the do's and don't off it. So I am really happy that you have made it to the end of the session. And I am really sure that I'm going to see all your questions and comments below this course. And if you have any doubt, please remember to reach out to me on my Facebook community. Thank you. Take care of yourself. I'll see you in another course by