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How to create short cartoons

Alina Stepanenko, Designer

How to create short cartoons

Alina Stepanenko, Designer

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5 Lessons (7m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Why you may need cartoons

    • 3. How to prepare your working space

    • 4. How to move objects and make photos

    • 5. How to edit your cartoon

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About This Class

In this course I'll show you how to add something special to your video. This class is designed to show you how you can spice up your video course, adding some body. 

Your video can be  about anything: the recipe of a wonderful grandmother's pie, the guide of how to pack a make-up bag for a journey or how to paint spring flowers with watercolors.

Why not make your video a little funnier, forcing some objectives to move on their own?

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Alina Stepanenko



I have graduated from art school and together with the students of a summer art-camp we have been making home decorations and toys as well as embellishing clothes for several years already. Therefore, believe me, children have been able to do this, you can do it even better! For these classes I chose the most interesting master classes which look very beautiful and at the same time do not require a lot of work.

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1. Intro: Hi, everybody. My name is Elena and I'm going to tell you how to create short cartoons. I'll show you how to add something special to your video. If you are watching this video, it means that your interests in the way off making your video course better. My lesson is designed to show you how you can spice up your redo course aiding something special. Today. These would be a moving object, a group off objects shortly ecotone. 2. Why you may need cartoons: your video can be about anything. A recipe off a wonderful brand mothers by the guide of how to pack a maker back for the journey, or how to paint spring flowers with watercolors. In any case, for your video lesson, you will need certain tools, which you will show to your audience. Dyes, brushes, spends, make a bag was its contents or the ingredients for the cake? Why not to make this part off your video class? A little funnier, forcing some off this items to move on their own. Imagine that you are talking about what route to choose when travelling around Europe by car from north to south. Let's move the car on the map like this. It's just a few seconds, but your lecture has already gained a special feature. Or, for example, you are speaking about what to take with you on location like this, and your makeup back will be remembered by your audience much better. In this video, I will show and teach you how to film the short stories and let it take a few minutes in your lesson, becoming the part off every opening or the closing text they can make your style. Really memorable. It is very easy, Believe me. You do not need special equipment or skills. I'll teach you. 3. How to prepare your working space: well. In order, objects begin to move. We have to prepare our workplace. The secret and competence off our future cartoon will be photos, which we will use to make a video sequence. There is a number off simple methods to make your photos better. What do we need? First, we need to choose a room. It should be light, and we always give preference to a natural light. Avoiding artificial. We need a place for our objects to move on. It can be a table floor, a rog, rough paper or any surface. It's important to install a tripod after all. The main secret is a fixed, motionless camera. But what if you don't have a tripod? It doesn't matter. You can use a pile of books or even a step letter. Look, I offer you to use your smartphone for filming and editing. Clean your camera and said the phone into its working position. It's is it. I will explain editing later, but now I will tell you what to do. We played the smartphone, understand so that the picture was horizontal. It's convenient for editing and for further use of the video in social networks, who will be our first object in the cartoon? Let's tell a story about to make up back 4. How to move objects and make photos: here it this it is empty. We put it down and take a picture. Press gently because it's important not to move anything in the design where ground letter camera or the object. We move it a little bit for about an inch and then take one more picture in this way, repeating the same actions. We get a serious off photos, which later will be put together as a movie. You two look like this. Let's imagine that we are moving several items at a time. Then we do it like this Look. 5. How to edit your cartoon: when we got all the photos for the field, you can sit into a comfortable armchair or at the desk and begin editing. For this, you can use any free software for creating slide shows. I use perfect video for the iPhone, but you can use any. - We can set the display off every photo for one second, turn off the slide transitions, choose the music and save the small cartoon, and then you can use it in your video class or as a separate movie. So I showed you how you can spice up video course, aiding something special. Today. It was a cartoon. Whatever video you have made, such Khartoum can become a master signature, a health in the creation off a lesson and delivering the information. Thank you for your interest. I hope my video helped you. I look forward to seeing you again.