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How to create online courses using Teachable

Fran Solo, CEO at Meijin Limited and Apple Certified Trainer

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8 Lessons (1h 2m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Exploring the dashboard

    • 3. Create Home and Start here page

    • 4. Create your first course

    • 5. Adding lectures to your course

    • 6. Pricing, and publishing your course

    • 7. Publish your school

    • 8. Membership levels and Wrapping up


About This Class

Learn how to create online courses using Teachable and scale your business on your own terms.

This course will guide you through all the steps that need to be done in order to publish your first course.


1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome back. So in these class, we're gonna talk about teachable and how to create a course in teachable. So as you can see here, this is the teachable home page. So you need to do simply go to get started and get started from there. But before we do that, you can should go into pricing just to find out What are the the pricing available? The pricing plan that we have available here. So if you scroll down, we have $39.99 dollars in $299 per month. If you scroll down here, I assure you, what other plans if I go all the way down and you can compare plans if you do that is gonna show you. Also, the free plan is available. You got free, basic professional and I volume. And here you see the differences COC forage transactions that you do using a free account teacher was gonna take 10% of your transactions and ah, also, if you have a basic, he's going to get only 5%. And if you will, of course, get a professional one, which is not united dollars. It's not gonna take any transaction charge ever. Look at these little top that appears. For instance, if you choose a professional one. It says here when utilizing custom gateways for for PayPal and stripe if you do not utilize custom gate where teachable charges 2% for each transactions. Now, if you have, if you use PayPal if you stripe, which is very easy to use, I'm gonna show you also to do that. How to set up an account with them. You're not going to pay a teacher ball for anything. Ah, but he said if you want to use teachable instead off those two, they need to pay 2% for the purpose off these course, I'm going to use a free account. I'm gonna show you everything under the free account. And as you can see, the processing fee every time someone buys your course, Teachable will charge these 2.9% times 30 cents per transaction. You have a monthly payout, so it's gonna be every 30 days. And the cool things of teachable you gonna have any limitation in terms off. You intend those number of courses and number off pages. You can create unlimited courses are limited, student etcetera. So amazing terms of support. You get email support, but you don't get live chart and other services that are more for professional etcetera, where we not there yet. And in terms of features, we have integrated payment processing, which is amazing. The fact that you can actually make sure that the student pay directly on your website without living to another place like such as PayPal. Oh, others. And you have an SSL. So it's It's https when you see that on the U. R L. It's a secure website, so people feel mawr kind of safe when they put that critic cars. A debit card details when it by your courses. If I scroll down here, of course, you don't have things like coupon codes, etcetera, but I'm gonna show you a way around that way around. You can use coupons, etcetera. Drip course content is not including the free account, so the drip content essentially is. If you sell a course, would let's say, 445 modules. You can release each module every week, So if someone purchase your course in, let's say the first of February, they can only access to module to on the eighth of February. So after one week, So everyone else who purchased your course will have dripped content as well. That are benefit of using drip content so people don't get overwhelmed by getting the whole lot together. They just follow in a digestible order. All of your modules and all of your information. You go other functions, he accelerates that you are. You can import student from other places. Of course, this is only available on the lot on latest planted in the most expensive plan. And that probably means that companies that are more established, who have lots off student, lots of email addresses, and they want importance into their database here, they can do it on Lee on that plan, etcetera, etcetera. Of course you're gonna have one author. So one teacher, in this case of one owner on the free version on the basic version, you have to author and then and it goes increases over and over if you upgrade to other plants. But in this case here, I'm gonna just upgrade, are just gonna choose this plan, the free plan, and then it's gonna, of course, ask me to create an account. So I'm gonna skip this part. But all you need to do simply put your full name, your even address your password and then agree to the terms and conditions and impress get started. And then once we there were going to go into a different page, or we're gonna create our schools to you in the next video. 2. Exploring the dashboard: welcome back. So hopefully you create your account with vegetable and we are ready to create our new school, which is gonna be how website? Essentially, where we're gonna put all our courses, all our digital parts and anything we want to. We want our student to access to you have here on the left. Inside, you have my schools creating your school settings. Billings help and log out to make sure under building you put your debit card or credit card details in case. Also, you want to eventually upgrade to a basic or professional account. You can do that by putting your information there. Settings is where you're going to change your password. If you want to change your possible for your account, and then we have created new school. Now I'm going to create a new school here. I'm gonna call this cool. It's a business online. Or call it, um, online business boot camp. So make sure you name your school about your niche or about trying to find umbrella name that covers all of your courses all of your topics in one place as much as possible. The wise you can create just different school depends what things you're selling. If you are into real estate, create a school about real estate. If you know anything about that or not for a shop which is completely unrelated to real real estate, create a school about that. A graphic design school, something you can have as many schools you want. So you you can you can be very flexible here and you can expand later on. So it doesn't really matter what your name, the class, the school now, but give it a generic name, so I'm gonna call it online business. Both come from my my case year. So it's gonna create my school, and then after a few seconds, you should be able to see this. This is sort of a survey to let teachable know what sort of things? Urine. So here it says, What kind of online course do you want to create extra access to go through these steps in the new press? Enter my school? You would do that? I've done this already, so I would just press continue without answering. I would probably do that. Answer these questions after you do that, you have the dash sport. Now the dashboard here. You have a pretty nice pretty look about. Teachable is very similar to a WordPress because you have your side by here on the left and Sadiq all of your options. And you have this nice many which guides you through step by step, what to do at the top Here you have. Welcome to your teachable school and you can view your school by clicking on that button. As you can see, it shows you how is gonna look like when the line is cough courses. Not online yet. By if you right, click there and you open a new tab. You're going to see how your school look like. So my school looks like this Very nice. It's just this nice. Bonner is not nice image. And I've got my foot down below here and of gold to the menu. So some of the menu is done. For years ago, I'd remained my courses. All courses and preview, as in logging user log out uses Very nice. It just gives you away the options you need to give you your avatar here on the side to edit your profile, etcetera as pope. Pretty much about your student is going to see They're not going to see admin, of course, but they're going to see their course of the course of that. They enroll and all the course of the you provide and also their avatar. And they can change the passwords and the information from that. So I'm gonna close the stop for now. I just want to show you can actually view your school by just clicking their buttons. Very nice. And you have these parts in it. Says, how do I integrate teachable with my website for us? It's gonna teach you hear out to link your website with teachable, etcetera. But you can also create your own website entirely intelligible. So you don't have to have any WordPress or any other website. Really? Okay, so we have sign up for our free live webinar teachable offers several webinars about about that platform, of course, and how to optimize your courses there that you have created course and you have a re tutorial, customized look and feel. Set up your domain name on the left. Inside, we have dashboard, but that's where we are now that we have users site transactions and emails so Let's go quickly through the dashboard first. So we know that here we can get started, we can create. Of course, that's going to users on the user's gonna have forced your own users. In this case, here is a free account. So it doesn't that you have another author by few. Upgrade. Of course. You can have two authors or more on the site. This is gonna show you all of your pages. And you excited all of your options. I'm gonna skip this for now because I'm gonna shoot this in a second. Then you have transactions on the transactions. You have a history of purchases. You you got a breakdown off. Who purchase what, etcetera by day by month. And you also have you up cells. Now the up cells do not work on the free. You have to upgrade to the basic at least. So let's go back here. As you can see, when I went into transactions, I've got these other menu. These are the sub Manu here. Not gonna go into emails. Yeah, I've got composed and again to send emails to your students. You need to have a basic account. History is going to shoot the history of the emails and then templates editor again, you need to have a basic account, A very mind with these accounts, free accounts. You can do quite a lot already when you start to have your student coming in and then you need to put them into a funnel. We know into another responder to follow up with them. You can do that by upgrading or by using another to respond to, such as a leader a. A Weber get respond so others you can export your emails list from here and use the other other responders. If it's too cumbersome, you just upgrade for $39 a month. It's not as not all artists, if you If you started to sell two or three courses a month, it just paid by itself. Let me go back here. Now I've got these other I got on the bottom. It's of course, is we don't have any courses yet. I'm gonna go into sight now, and I think on site I've got all these options have got theme where I can actually customize the Lago in the background off my website. I've got the font family I can choose any of these fund. And also I've got the colors I can choose what colors are dominant in my website. You can choose it from here. Then we have domains domains You decide to either have thes standard of my name, which is your school name dot Teacher will not come So people is going to see teachable at the top off the euro like you see now online business boot camp one Because I already have another one. Another boot camp. Dark teachable dot com Uh, or you can have your custom domain very mine with you. If you want to have a custom domain, you need to upgrade to the basic plan. In this case here, we can just leave it as it is and just leave it. Then we have navigation. Navigation allows you to create your bar, your menu bar that you have on top of your website. We don't in the navigation buttons. So here you go Home page settings. You have just go back here. Yeah. So you call your home page, you have the navigation bar with my courses or courses. Log in, sign up, etcetera. So you have the options here to customize this. Then we have authors. This case here, I've got I've got none. I can put my name here to add as an author. I'm gonna just put my name headline. I say instructor, And then you can just put a little bio here with you and just press at author. I can even add my name. My my avatar. My my photo pages. So, in pages of God, all the pages that are available now under my website at the moment, I've got the home page that we saw before when I pressed him preview for go there and opening a new tab. So this is the main page we saw before with our nice menu navigation menu on top our name and roll. Now, whatever you have available, the moment you have anything available, then we have privacy and policy, which is another page three trip already gives you this sort of a template that you can choose when you sell you online courses. And then we have terms of use very nice, right down for you, in a way. So but I would either asking attorney or going to a website to create your If you search on Google terms of use and privacy policy maker and then you can put your information in. And then I think that are certain website we to find for free. And they can create your own terms of conditions, terms of use for your website of your privacy in policy, privacy policy, a policy or just pay $2025 around that price to create privacy policy page and terms of use page as well. Then we have comments here, and this is to enable comments into your courses. So if you ever like 10 lectures for each lectures your students can comment below, so you can make that very interactive comedic the experience very interactive. Then you have custom text. Custom checks of the moment is it's my header you have got. Add main sign in, Sign up, log out and more so you can change here. How you want to are You want to rename these navigations? Then we got cold snippets. Here's, you know, a little bit of it. CSS code. You can add that CSS code to customize your pages. If you're no into coding like myself, don't bother unless you have to do some modification in the future. You can ask someone already know this and pay Ah, and pay for it. And then about food. Now you don't need so on. Then we have the power editor, which is another function that allows you to modify HTML right in HTML and CSS as well, but only if you upgrade to the basic plan. So these is the dashboard. So far, we haven't covered courses yet. By the next lessons, I'm gonna show you how to create your pages. And after you create your style, you have your home page set up. Then we're going to upload a few videos, and I'm gonna show you how degree your course 3. Create Home and Start here page: right. So in this class, I'm gonna show you how to create your home page, how to add images on the on page and also how to create an about me or start here, page, Wait. Some text and images. So So we are on the theme now, and we have logo on background. We gonna upload some images here, so I'm gonna go to psych logo. So the first thing they're gonna do when I go back into my finder and I've got a site logo here it looks like this. So you have to basically have a certain dimensions minus 500 by 111. If I click on upload image and I go to my computer and I uploaded mind by dragging and dropping in, got a Plourde on. There we go now is here. Now, if I want to see what I've done, I just press save, and I'm gonna go into preview on top Ryan corner and they're gonna open a new tab. So this is my logo over here. So you have to basically have that sort of size 400 by 100. But you find all the guidelines here in teachable for the Fabricant, which is essentially this little I gonna you see on top. This little T icon is a fabric in, so you can have your own one as well. So you upload image. I'm gonna go into my computer, Andi, But with my computer on, then I'm going to applaud mind. This is minus 800 by 770. Um, it's quite big if I go in in preview it, but you can never just justice more. One, this is 290 kilobytes, I believe on then you drug debt in and express operate To make sure your images are not too big trying to reduce them down to less than a megabyte. You can. This is the way I've done it so far. Just click on save when I go back to the home page of a refresh and my father gone is already up there. Spend was very quick, actually. Okay, so let's go back here, and that's at our image. So I'm gonna upload an image. Ah, I happened to have this nice computer here, so I'm gonna go and add that, by the way, when you go to custom source here. You find also a lot off nice images that you can use as well. I used my for my major not gather me school. So if I show you how it looks, it looks like this. So basically have done my logo. I use that image. And of course, this nice background. And I've got all my courses here. I've got my menu on top. Eso Let's go back to our a Plourde impress upload. Now the images there breast save. When I go back into my original here paging our refresh, it's good to have a references. So you know what What you're doing. But, Robbie, this is the home page background, dark overlays. Is that one? I'm gonna just zero. That one is the transparency, and I'm gonna go see our looks. Now, there we go. Now is transparent to completely. So it's very hard to see my menu on top and the actual text year. So I'm gonna go here. I'm gonna make that slightly darker. I would probably say around 05 but you need to play around and see what works for your image. See how it looks now It's gonna be a slightly darker, much better. And then we're gonna go back here. Now, the second option we haven't down below is font family. So I'm gonna choose any of these. Choose the one you like. I'm gonna go to railway and press save and then the colors you have to choose. What colors would you like to have for your website? You got some preset pilots on top, so you can just choose any of these and see how it looks that say, I click on that one press save I'm gonna go into here on see how I look with that with those colors. Now, my background, my my logo is as that call over that green color, so I wouldn't choose. Probably these Qatar's for this website, even though it looks looks OK, but in this case here, I'll probably stick. Quit what I've got here, press save. So you find you will find your colors. Anyway, I'm gonna show you a way to choose your your favorite colors and create some sort of ah, match between them. I'm gonna link couple website below this lesson and you can go and choose whatever color you like. I will also record the video about how to choose the colors for your website. Okay, once you rest save, we're gonna go on top here and with them. So for this page here is you can see I like teachable because it gives you this many on top , and it kind of guide you through the different things at different phase that you have to go to finish a page. So we've done our home page. We're gonna go into domain. We haven't really confirmed Artemis yet. So in this case here, I call this the main online business book camp. And I'm going to remove that one at the end online business boot camp. And I'm gonna then choose confirm domain. And perfect now has Bean now accepted. And now my page is It's ready. So I'm gonna go back into my backhand. May go back here, Andi, go to admin on. Then I'll go back into my sight domain. My domain now has been accepted, and then I'm gonna go into navigation. I'm gonna keep navigation. Is it is I'm happy with this. My course. All courses, logging and sign up. That's fine. Then I'm gonna go into authors and I'm gonna leave my shoulders heavy as it is. I'm gonna go to pages and have go home page, which is the one that we saw before. Which of this? Very nice. Ah. Then I've got my privacy policy and terms of use. Bank Ghana and another page. It is going to call it start year page. So I click on the top, right? And then we're gonna add start here. The u r l is gonna be Start desh here and then you're gonna put your text years. I'm just gonna copy and paste some text that I grabbed from my website. And this is my bio text, so I can just do copy that and paste it in. Now, if you want to see how it looks on your website or you need to do simple create page and then we're gonna go into preview and then the page is gonna look like this. So automatic e laid your text this way in the center. So let's go back here and let's, for instance, add some text in the middle here at 70 Kawana have some images that say, after the stacks are gonna press return, there and I'm gonna go on top. Yeah, the beauty up teachable is that you can customize your text as much as you want here. So you go all of these options on top. I'm gonna go to add image, and I'm gonna go back to my media browser here, and they're gonna add another image that see where the other image is. Okay, lets say I'm gonna choose that one. I found my images. I'm gonna choose that. Gonna drug it in, and you have got the option to crop it. So I'm gonna crop the image. Make sure is corrupt. Right up here, click on Save is not going to good for the image of images in never gonna click on Save and we're going to I went back to our start here, Page on Refresh. And now our image has been added to our text. Now, if I wanna have it down below there, I can go on delete this image on that. Say, wanna have it there? I'm gonna go into my browser and drag the image there again on just minimize that makes it smaller. Click on save. And now the image has been saved. Press save Go back refresh so I can create a page like this in a matter of seconds. So you just need to make sure you have your text done. If you want to customize your tax, you can do that simply by going here. If you scroll down, you also have settings. How do you want to name the page? If you wanna have that show in non navigation bar If you wanna have a colored navigation about what that means is you If you're gonna have that little that bar on top just colored or you and I have a translation to say You wanna have that trans Lucien toe unjust on Take that box, click on save. And now, if I go back here and press refresh is gonna be now transparent, of course I'm not gonna see anything because all my Texas white so I can go back there and breast save to go back here and refresh. And then, bam, you have all of your pages there. This is done gonna save that. And then we created our page. So we're gonna go back into page to refresh in our start here page. Now it's here for Tilikum. Publish now the pages be published. So now I can go to navigation and I want to make sure that start here Page appears in my navigation. Marshall have to go Andi at a link. So the navigation bar will be that and the text would be start here page, and then we're gonna add that you are ill. Which is this one gonna basically copy that your old top copy and paste it here. And I'm gonna say it's gonna be visible to all Definitely impress ad link. And now my start here page is is gonna be here. Ah, and I can move it as first thing in the menu on gonna go into my page here on the refresh. And now my start here page will appear on top. So when I go to my courses, I don't have any courses yet, but in a go to start here, I'm gonna be able to see this is like an introduction to your website, and people can see what you're doing. Well, who you are and what the company is all about. All right, that's you in the next video, when we're gonna create our course 4. Create your first course: All right, welcome back. So in these class, we're gonna create our course from scratch. So the first things we need to do is to go to course here on the left and press the plus button or click on new course already. Um, come up with a name. So I'm gonna just copy and paste some text from here. I'm gonna paste it there. Author is gonna be me, so I'm gonna just leave it as it is then Subtitle is going to be just a description off what your course is going to be about, and then I'm gonna just copy and paste here. Uh, thesis text is my bio, but you can just essentially, you can copy and paste the description off the course in Click on, create course after you do that on the left inside. Going to see a list off all the different things that you can change within the course. Yeah, the information. Which is gonna be the information about your course. You have the publish button on top and you have preview to see how your course looks like. And then you If you scroll down, you have details. You have CEO this is just to make sure that is, sir changing friendly. So make sure the descriptions here is correct. Makes sense. You have the key words that you need on the meta descriptions. So I just put here my This is this description off the course. Then you get branding. He had a cool thing in teachable that you can actually see how your course is gonna look like on the desktop on the night IOS devices. Well, so you have here thumbnails. Where you gonna put the families of your course? I'm gonna just press adhere, and I'm gonna add one of my images from my folder. Ah, I happen to have the folder open, and I'm going to choose an image from here. I'm gonna drag in, so make sure you cook on my computer. I'm gonna drag you here because I've got already the folder open and click on upload. So now the image ish it's uploaded here on the future background is the background of your sales page. So if you want to preview this, you can go on top here and click on sales page, and it's gonna show you how yourself page is gonna look like So he I've got a black background with the name of the course, and I've got my social media. Here's a teachable already gives you this mega buttons. I've got a description of the cores have got my avatar here, which you need to basically put your picture aan den the f A Q at the end. So I've been finished yet. So I want to go back into my admin here, and I can go back here and choose a different background. So if I replace the background image weighed one of mine, I'm gonna choose one of my images just to show you. I looks saying, going to choose this image here. My computer. I'm gonna drug the image in and click on upload knife ago in sales page or going back to myself. Page and I refresh the page should be able to see that image in the background. There we go. Now, if the image is too bright and you barely see the text, you can go back here. We can make the image darker. I'm gonna show you how to do that in a second. And also you have the option to put a video. So if you want to add a video, just press that and I'm gonna add a video from another course I did. Andi, I'm gonna just do that and press applaud. Okay? The videos being uploaded. Now, I've got my thumbnail my feature background at my Perma video. Now, the difference between thumbnail and future background is that the future back one is gonna be in your sales page. The thumbnail is going to be the small little cover for your course in this case, so it can be actually the same as the future background. So you could do that just to keep the course consistent so I could actually go here and replace these image way the same image that we use for your background. So I'm going to do the same gonna go to my computer, and I'm going to add that in when a press upload. So we have the same thumbnail image that our sales page and then our video is here. Now, if you scroll down and here you have default pages says thank you page that means after they purchase, your course is gonna direct them into a thank you page just the standard. Thank you, page. Or you can choose a customized thank you page. You can create that in teachable as well. Like I showed you in the previous videos out to create a page you can make a thank you page in the same way. In this case, you're gonna just leave it the default page. Thank you, Page. And then we're gonna scroll down here. You also have an option to delete the course if you change your mind or to duplicate the course. If you want to just make another version off the course. We Let's say you have, like, a full price core course, and you have another course, which is like version of it, which costs less. But you have, like, sort of, ah, teaser module just for them to see it like a free of charge. Or like Alfa Off Price. You can do that sort off strategy just to attract more students into the course. Okay, so this is our first page. And now we can go back to the sales page and refresh. And now we should be able to see these button that appears in the background. Says war watch promo. So when I click there, video is going to start and it still uploading so is not gonna come up it right away. But after the video is being uploaded, a fully uploaded into teachable when they click there is gonna play straight away. Let's go back here on. Then the next step would be adding you videos into the curriculum. So in the next class, I'm going to show you that puts you in a bit. 5. Adding lectures to your course: Now it's assigned to applaud Aava videos into the curriculum section. So we're gonna go into curriculum. And here is where we going to create our lectures and our sections as well. So section is gonna be, let's say, your module, and then you're gonna have all the lectures underneath that module. So in this case here, I've got this first section, which is gonna be my introductions. All you need to do simply have the curse of their and renamed that. So I'm gonna just call it introduction and I'm going to just press the green button here. Now, if you want to click on new lecture here, you can do that and you can start to create a new lecture. Now, any great new lecture you can rename the lecture on top. Let's say I'm gonna call it, start here and then here you can add some files that say, If you want to add an attachment to disk lecture, I can just go to choose file. I can go to my computer and it's a one at a ZIP file. I can do that. I can drug the zip file in and express upload and the fire is gonna be available down here . I can also enable the comment so my students can comment. Your students can comments to the lecture. If they're further questions they want to ask you, they can just do it here. They're gonna just enable it at tax. You can add some text there. I'm gonna just add some text us to show you how it looks. I'm gonna copy that text I'm gonna pay. Sit here and again is the same thing as the same structure as when you create pages in teachable on a press save. And now I've got my text and I can choose how this are laid into into the lecture page itself. So I've got my ZIP file here, and then I've got the text work and have the tax first and then a zip file after I can just simply dried that on top to change the order off my text than my blocks. If I wanna have that on top, I can do that so the student can actually click on the file and then follow the lecture. If is a video after you do that and just breast save, remember to save and I had quiz. You can also add a Cui's So you just press at Queens and put your questions that just validate about your lectures is very useful. Very nice the way they done it, very easy as well. And then once you're finished, you can go back into on top left and you have your new lectures done so I can call that new lecture. Let's say start hopes. Start here lecture And I've done. Now, if I need to upload all of my Venus, let's assume they you finished all to record all of your videos and all of your information already. My suggestion is create a section first, then upload Onley that section using bulk upload. So you say you have 10 videos on module one. Just do bulk, upload and drug all these videos into that gonna show you how to do that. But if you don't do that, if you just bulk, upload all of your course, including all the modules is going to be kind of a nightmare for you to drag on and reorganize your lectures. Because when you do a bulk upload, this is not gonna be in order, so make sure you do a section by section, there's gonna be much easier for you to manage. So if I go to bark upload now, I can go to my curriculum here. And I've got a video I'm gonna just download. Um, just a small little video just to show you how it looks. Impress, upload. It's going to upload the video. So once you've done that, the video's gonna show up here on the my curriculum page, and then I can choose to have that into but say, as a first lecture is a second lecture, etcetera. Ah, in this case, he is gonna be my second video. So I'm gonna call that it's a how to use the exercise files. For instance, that could be another lecture. Now, after you finish you'll, it's a module one. You can go to new section and create. Let's say I'm gonna call this module to create your first WordPress site off the You Don that that's the second section and then you're ready to add your lectures in. So that's a simple is that so you need to basically created the structure and start to upload park, upload your videos in where it can be a video can be attacks can be just a pdf Weird quizzes is really up to you. How you want to do it could be just a series of articles that you create as well became the next video gonna show you about pricing and other options you have here on the left hand side. I'll see you in a bit. 6. Pricing, and publishing your course: Okay, let's talk about pricing. Now, If you go to the pricing section here on the left hand side, you can just create a new pricing plan. No, if you have an idea what to do with that course, and perhaps you want to give that course of free, you just breast free. Otherwise, you have an option here for subscriptions for one time purchase or payment plan. So So that's I wanna sell these course with one time price. I can go here and decide. I want to sell this course for its a 4 97 click on add Price. Now you can choose he had a currency. This case I'm gonna leave us dollars. And at my 4 97 here on edit that I could go to edit here on the right hand side. And you can just say you okay, paid course. Title says one time payment. You can say it's really up to you where you want to write. And then here, down below, you can just type, benefit or paying one time by paying one time you save 25% for instance, off the full price, something like that. And then you just click on save. If I want to go back into my sales page, you can go into preview here on the top left, or you can go on top on the outer, create Andi the sales page and you'll see now I've got the button with a price there. So I've got also the button down below as well is done it for you. So you don't have to really worry about. So if I go back into admin now on, go into drip drip is again that feature that you get when you apply for the basic, um, plan. But in the moment is not available. But that's fine began. Just go back into comments. You have to basically enabled this under general settings, if you want to enable comment. Moderator. So if I want to do that, I can go to general to my previous settings, and I can enable comment moderator. So that allows you to basically check the students comment before they get published. Depends if you release free course. I'll probably enabled the moderation, but this is me. So you just kind of take my advice with a pinch of salt, but you never you never know. It depends. What? What? Protecting what? Um, what service you are providing? Uh, let's go back into our site. Actually, it's go back into our course. And as you can see now, when I click on course is going to show me the thumbnail with the course and is gonna show me also here the number of sales, the number off students that are enrolled, etcetera. If I click on that is going to go inside the course and I'm back here and I'm back into comments what it was before. Coupons again. This is available on Lee for basics. I plan on words and then you hold. So have here users a number of users in your course. At the moment there's no one. Let's go back to courses again and we're gonna go back into bundle contents. So these allows you to bundle your course with other other courses. I'm gonna show you an example off one of mine. So if I go into my so my courses here goingto admin now, as you can see here on the left hand side of got Master mustering your mark. So if I click there and I come up with a sales page to the sales page here is gonna show me the court the course that I'm selling. And if I go down here, I've got all the bundled course within that. So if they purchase this, they're gonna get all these other many courses that I sell separately. So you can do the same thing here by going to add course to this bundle and then choose whatever course you have available at the moment. You don't have any course there, but if you have, like three or four courses that you want to include in a big bundle, you can just create that course here. Let's call it master mustering your Mac, for instance. And then you're gonna go into bundle contents and gonna basically here you just add the other many courses you got, and that is gonna be part off the bundle. Then you have reports. And again, the reports is only available for basics. Going up plants and the f these three pages very useful and very easy the way they done it . Now you go to sales page here is gonna show the structure of your sales page, which is essentially this now, As I told you before, these image here it's quite bright and is very difficult to read the descriptions off the course. So what you gonna do here on the sales page is, too, if you hover over the cursor where it says here overlay so you can actually drag that slider to make the background darker so you can see here live? I was gonna look like so if I leave it that, say, roughly at the center and our breasts save now, if I go back to my sales page and I refresh, is it slightly DACA? It's easy to to read an article. My sales page were actually taken. It's taking shape now. I can go back to admin. And as you can see here, I've got all these blocks so I can move these things around. So if I want to have a coupon banner here, I can have that, or I can just delete it by using the Do you think the been on the right right hand site? I've got the course description. I've got my bio there. If I want to have my bio before the course description, you can do that, or you can move that down. I've got my curriculum with all the classes I've got. The bundle course in this case is not bundle. So I just delete that section and I've got my f a Q as well that I can edit coupon Bonner. I can delete that. And course page closing letter. Yeah. You can actually type a little bit of, like call to actions to your student. Otherwise you can delete them. And then you have the primary and Loeb roll button as well at the very bottom here and then at the very and you have settings where you used to conceal you got sure. A navigation bar on the sales page. Well, I wanna have the navigation bar that I want to be able to navigate to. Some other classes have called the navigation bar. You can have that. So, at the moment you have this nice, transparent look off the navigation bar. If you wanna have that color that you can do that and press save and then when you go back into thesis Ailes Page, you're gonna have that bonder on top which kind of separates the background with the menu, and then that's it. So this is what you have in yourself, page. And again, if you want to add an additional block here, that's they wanna have any midget after the this description, or if I want to add a new image within the text. I can do that like I did before when I created the page with the image. Otherwise, you just hover the cursor on any of these blocks, and he says, Here, insert new block so you just click on it and then you can choose to have a tax blocks like this. You can have a link on HTML block. You can have a background image, you can have a video, and you can have other blocks for click There. You got lots of new features, new pages that you can add in your sales page so you can choose any of these and at an image so it's safe. I want to have any magic and go to add background image. And now I can just click on that and choose an image from my browser from my computer. So I'm gonna go into one of these images here. I'm going to go to my computer here, and I'm gonna drive the image in and click on upload. Now, the images being at it that we go is here, and I can choose an overlay as well. I want to have that. And then a press save. I'm gonna go back to myself, Page, and I'm gonna refresh just to find out how it looks. If I scroll down now, I've got my description. I've got this nice Buner and then I've got my bio and I've got my frequent the X questions . Now, if I want to If I want to modify frequently asked questions I can go here, press the external editor and then I can go go here and change the questions that you want to pull your sales page Whatever objections your student might have before they purchase your product, you can just type here, just click on, add it and you can add it your questions and answer very easy. And you can go back to your cells page and you're back in business. But this is the way to create your course, to applaud the course and to customize all different pages. Now you have sales page here you got check out page as well. So the check out page as this nice little look So you can have some testimonials here 30 days my money back guarantee you have a guarantee down there. You can change that by just scrolling down. Here. You have all these blocks again is very similar to the other blocks that we saw before the sales page. I can choose to have a different badge. Let's say if I like that badge there, I can choose that or I can choose. I couldn't choose that one there and press save. So that is going to now refresh. And then it's gonna look like this. Ah, I can have my testimonies. I can add my pictures off my student here, and they can You can just basically copy and paste what they say about your course just to incentivize other students to enroll. Then you could have a bullet point of things that you're gonna get when you purchase your product. It's very simple. The way looks, they made it so simple. And then once you finished, you can go into publish and the course is gonna be published. I'm gonna press publish, and then we're gonna go back into our sales page now myself. Page, it's already If I want to watch the promo video, I can just press there and is gonna play a video that I did. Okay. And then after they play the video, they can just close it. And if they decide to enroll, they just press and role in this course. Now I'm logged in as an admin, but that's how is going to look like when they're going to press the purchase or the enroll button. You're gonna have a 30 days money back guarantee they're gonna have alot different testimonial to if you have testimonials, bullet coins, etcetera, and then you're gonna have that price they gain. Basically click on and roll in this course, and they're gonna basically pay with that card with PayPal. Pretty simple. How to create your course year and you have more options to create more pages. So enough to you create your pages. You can go to courses here and you can have a new course, and basically you end up having lots of courses in one place. So if you have any questions about how to greet a course in teachable. Please leave a comment below or send me an email and I will be more than happy to help you out. I hope you find these helpful and I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. Publish your school: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to add your home page into your website. So we're going to sales page here just to check how our course looks like we have our many want top. And of course I'm logged in as an admin, but your students going to see on Lee, These are the ones. Start here, my courses or courses in that avatar here. Now, if you want to add the home page, you have to go into back your dashboard on the sites, and we're gonna scroll down until we see we go. Two pages home page here. So if I press preview is going to show me the home page, which is gonna look like this and we have our course down here, if you want to have that into the menu, we have to add that in the back hand here. So we have to go into navigation and on the navigation bar. We have to add that. So we have to go back into ah, home page, which is this you're going to copy the your l on the top, and then we're gonna go in to add a link, and we're gonna call this home. The euro is gonna be the one we just copied on. We're going to leave everything as is visible to all. Yes. Huh? And then we're gonna make sure that one is, say, after start here, for instance, and I for gonna go back into my page, and I refresh I should be able to see my home. But in that that we go now, This is in my home, which is actually this page, and I've got my first course down here. So you're gonna have your course is showing up here. Now if I want to have my school published because I haven't published school. We published the course, but not the school, but so we have to go back into the dashboard. And as you can see here, I've got all these boxes sticked. But I haven't launched the school yet, so I'm gonna go into launch your school. I've got now these three plan, but I can scroll down here and I can launch the school with a free plan so I can click there. Any school too? It reminds you that they're gonna take a fee for each purchase for each sale you make is gonna be $1 plus 10% off the off the value of your transaction off your course. And then that's it. Says your your school has launched Click that to say, Look, let's go to the page And, of course, here on top. It gives me to two messages. One says, in order to be paid out by teachable, you must provide a working paper address. So let's set up there. So let's go into papal here. We're gonna go down here and our PayPal gonna put my email address there, my PayPal account and press save. And then I'm gonna go back into my dashboard. We don't have address on file for your account along. Luckily, con Police said in a dress year. And then I'm gonna put my address here. You can put yours get going to hide this from screen press save. So after you typed to your address, if you scroll down, you also have lectures where you can decide to play the video to Martic. Mr. When they click on Electric pavilion will start automatically and you also have an option to auto complete lectures automatically mark lectures as complete when the final video is finished to play. So that would be great. Good to have their own when I'm just turn around and just press save comments again. The moderation I was telling you about before we can enable or disable that. And then you have blogged if you want to enable the blogged and then you have an option down here, too, to take your school or flying if you decide to do that or to delete the school, and then that's it. Now you've done all the things that you need to do, and then we're gonna go back into our sales page here. When you click on home is gonna be your home page, of course, is there and you're done. And you know all the things that needs to be done to create your course and your school. Okay, Hope is being useful. And in the next class, I'm gonna show you how to create membership plans using teach book 8. Membership levels and Wrapping up: welcome back. So in this class and will show you how to create membership levels using teachable. Let's say you want to make a silver, gold and platinum level. You can do that easily, impeachable. Now, if I click on my name here at the bottom left. So if you do the same thing you click on your name of the bottom left hand corner of your teachable dashboard is going to show you these page. So this is the page is gonna come up with. You're gonna have your first school, which is gonna be one of your levels. Now, I'm gonna show you what I have done in this school here on the major academy. When I click there is going to show me, of course, older, older courses that I have go back into view old. I've got all my courses here. And if I want other people to access all of my courses using a membership like a monthly membership, rather than creating a membership plan or a subscription plan for each off my courses, I can make one that includes all of them. So you know that to do that, you have to create a new course, and I'm gonna call these course. It's a membership sealer, membership first and silver, silver member shape. And I'm going just to leave. Okay, I'm gonna just put some text here, and that's press create course. I just want to show you what you need to do. Essentially, once he created your all of your courses and you want to make these silver gold platinum you can do. You can just go into bundle content here, and you can click on add course at a course to this bundle so I can go here, and I can choose any of my courses here so I can go. Let's say when I have that oppress at course, then I want to also add another course, which is gonna be to say that one onda and then I'm gonna have another course is gonna be that one. So I could literally go and add them all if I wanted to added these three courses and then the Silver Member. I goingto access to these courses. Now if I go back into the pricing, I can just say subscription a payment plan so I can just go into subscription. I can say you can. You can access two days for se 37 dollars a month press at pricing and now my Bandel is created. I can go back to my courses and go back to view all and then if I scroll down here, I'll see. I've got my silver membership down here so I can have that. If they want access to all these courses, they can just go here. They can purchase this. I go to the sales page now. I haven't done anything yet, So you're going to see just the blank sales page. But they can just access to this. They can see all the courses available here for scroll down. You see all the courses that are available in that silver membership. They compress and roll, and they can do. They can just subscribe for your membership can create silver, platinum, gold You can. You can create different level of membership by using one school. So in this case here, I just used my school and get the major academy school, and then I can just create different bundles. Page Just doing that. I go back to course if I want to make gold bundle again. I can go here. I can call this gold. Um, gold membership create course so I can go to bundle contents and go to adhere on, like, start to basically ad more courses in the bundle. And then after you've done that, nick and access to all these courses as well. Okay, Just to recap, you can create one school, and inside that school you can make all of your courses available in one membership. So you create a course school membership, sex, iler membership. And you can basically make sure that all of your courses are included in the membership so the students can access to all of them. Or you can make each school for each level you can make. For instance, See, the membership's gonna be one school golden member. She's gonna be another school, and the platinum membership is going to be another school. And for each of these cool, you have to create a course coal membership so they can go and pay for the entire bundle. So this is the an idea or how to use teachable as a membership site using membership plans . If you have any questions, just please leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to help you out. Otherwise, I hope this is being useful and I'll see you in the next lecture.