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How to create interactive online courses FOR FREE

Joe C., Trainer

How to create interactive online courses FOR FREE

Joe C., Trainer

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    • 1. Create great courses with content studio

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About This Class

Do you have plenty of ideas for video content but you do not know how to create entertaining videos? Do you want to teach online courses but you are lacking the money for professional software? Or are you looking for video editing software that is easy and fast to handle?

Then this course is the right address for you. In this course I will show you how you can

create entertraining and animated videos for free and within a few minutes. No hustle, no extra costs and no detailed video editing knowledge required. Boost your video productivity and enroll now.

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1. Create great courses with content studio: so Hi, guys. And thank you for enrolling toe the scores. So in this course, I will show you how you can create awesome, entertaining online courses completely for free. So what we are going to need as a tool which is called content studio, and you can find that toe on this page www dot i am miners si dot com When you're there, just over here, over learning technologies and here on the point or three here you will find Tool I m c content studio, which is and learning authoring tool. So here his the link where you can download the trial version so just kicked out. I don't know what it and then you can install it. So it's a desktop application. And where you can read this off course on your own, we will directly jump into the program. So I've already installed it. So what can you do with this? It's ah tool, Similar toe power point, but very easy to year to use. Sorry. And you can create a lot off cool effects quite quickly. So we just start. So if you open the program, you will directly is here. Here, help button and here you will find the manual. And on top on that you will find video tutorials directly here. So I will not show you the very basic details because you can find everything here. So how do I create a course? For example? Just click here. Then the link will open and you will see a manual. How do you create a course? So But let's go back so those you can watch on your own. We will not directly start to create a course. Homes quench. So you have different templates to use and different designs, and you can also choose different formats. So what's the target device and the target for Mitt? So we will stick to desktop and we will start with playing course. Just click here, create. Now we can create our first course. Okay, so to this course, you can add a lot of different compliments, such as usual slides so you can at once like to slide or more. And then once you have added one slight, you can edit off course the slight, and on this light you can. At text field, you can add images, screenshots shapes. You can add videos you can bet even video recording. So, Cam recordings with your microphone. Oh, yeah. Without and screen recordings as well. All you can be added. Subtitles can be added. You can integrate. What spots? So what is the hot spot? So when you over over ah, specific item, then on interaction will be displayed. I will show you in a second and even more you can at Ling's and inter activities we will later show. I would like to show you how exactly this will look like when you have a course with useful content. This is just a quick tutorial. So once you have entered some contents here, you can launch a preview and then the preview off this slight on Lee was that where you can watch all your content and check how it would look like in reality when you put it life? Okay, Okay, so this is the preview. This is the subtitle, and this is the interaction I told you about. So whenever your loner call us over this point, then you can show them the specific takes so more over. Just like in PowerPoint. You can add animations, for example. So if you click on the text box here, for example, you click on properties, then you have different properties, which you can adjust, such as fillings, spacing, kyllo and also here animations so you can add, for example, of faith and animation. As you can see, this is all very easy to use. Here. You can see the timeline where you can see all your elements, that you fed it and when they would start. So as you can see, I moved the play button and have a watch it the stage here. So I go forward and then the text face. And that would be a very simple animation. And just let us check that again, how it would look like. So we have an animation edit, and it is quite easy to do so. We were close that and now our first lightest ready. What else? We can also add questions, so those are interactive elements. So your learner has the ability to, for example, test his expertise or knowledge. The things that he has learned in your online course you can ask questions, informs off, For example, Dragon dog questions or fill the gap or single choice multiple choice. Let us Just have to look, for example, at track and drop. Here is a template which you cut a just for your own. So let us just edit it to have a look How it looks like. So you can add several types of questions here. More the patrol single choice. So you can see you can add answers. You can just imagine just change it to single choice are great. Question what else we have at cap objects. So it would be like a capitalist editor and then you could, for example, at a gap The correct answer would have to be entered by the user himself. Answer hunger. Okay, so here also, you can add text images, shapes and you have the option to have different views. For example, if the user and sauced. Yet I'm sorry, question correctly. Hey would see you this screen which you could adjust in and say for its on call, wrecked Oh, adjusted And the way you want it. And you would see this image here incorrect would be different. And you also have a try again on option which you could adjust Sergeant less Let us just have a quick look on this. So this is the preview. So year the and random text here is the dragon drop questions so he can drag those objects and put him, put them into the correct fields. And then he answers the question, and then he can see that this waas not correct. So much for this. What else? You can also add memo games. So those are also interactive elements which helped to make the course for your learners more attractive. So let us just have a quick look. So let's just this. We will have three different piers could also add images instead of text, for example. And well, that's just a random image here. We could also adjust and said the time limit, and now we will launch this and that would be the memo game. So here you could also test the knowledge off your learner so it's close to sense Well, and what else you can add? Fold us a glossary. You can add a final exam for your course, for example, and here you could at different question types and configure how much off the content has to be answered correctly. So that ticks it's past, so for example, the minimum percentage could be set to 50%. And you can add the question which you already created. And then this would look something like this. For example, if you click here on the first item and then launch a preview, the preview off, the entire course will be shown to you. So this is our feel slide. We click next second slide here we have an overview, and if you click here on the exam now, we consider it some. It has one question. There's no time limit, and now we can start. So we answer it. Then we submit. And now, unfortunately, we can see we did not pass. That's only exam again. Yep, we failed, and this is our result. There was one question, and he answered it incorrectly. So you can also add a certificates. So once the loner has completed your cause, he can receive ah certificate for successful course completion, or if you can also get a certificate without requirements or just a certificate showing the exam results. You can add fights to your course. All those can be accessed as well, and videos, which can be at it also directly here toward the core structure. You can also create some kind off learning path. This is all also very well explained in the tutorial videos or a restricted area, which can only be accessed ones. Certain content has been have been passed, For example. Andi. Yeah, that's it, basically, and this is just the first impression. So let us just have a look how Riel course could look like. So let's move back to the homepage off the vendor. And we are here long technologies authoring. It's going down. Okay, then hear examples here we can have a look how a final cause could look like. So let us check this course. This is a demo course, and we can either edit the crossfire so we can watch it in our content through the itself and see how the elements like there and added them or just for demo purposes. Now we will check the final course in a rep Rosa. So that's the first life off the course. There are animations, the tone, the audio's muted. But of course you can at music here, some first light. This has ended. As you can see here in the timeline and here on the overview. He can also see 10% have been completed by us. Let's just proceed with the next light. Sorry. So this is the next slide. So again, another animation. This is just a simple slide with simple objects. But once you add animations and images, this off course looks very fancy. And again, this is very easy to create with content studio. So we click further. Now we have interactive element. Is is a trick and drop question. We can simply trek this there, and it confirmed, and unfortunately, this was incorrect. But we have another try. No, my Internet connection's quite slow, but that's continue. Just so what else? Let us check some more competence off the course. Okay, maybe refreshing helps. This is caused by my Internet connection, not by the cause. Can I continue so another slight text images? This looks quite cool. So imagine if you produce a course for your pupils. Are loners users on your website or even you demonstrate students or school share students . This, of course, looks much more cooler than just aesthetic Power points light, and it will help to make your courses more attractive. And then be a chance for you to increase the stairs. Of course. So this all looks quite cool. So what else? More slides and again, interactive elements are very good to keep the loner awake. I would say so. Here, as you can see it again, animations and as well. We have interactive elements, so we have most over elements. So once we click here, we can see a text, which is also quite cool. Okay, that's it. I guess that should be enough for the moment. So if you want to see more examples, just click here again and watch examples. And there are more courses which you can check out and where you can. I realized then what? The full potential of content shooters. So ones we are ready with our course. We can do some final settings here. We can. Well, just the name said the player language. So which language should be displayed? It toe the learner. English, German, Arabic, whatever. So let's just change. For example, So the contents itself here they do not change but the player language. So I will show you this. So we had English. Now I always said it to French once we do so there will be elements from the player be shown in French. So we launched a course preview. This would take a few moments. So here, this is not French. And then we can also set the settings. When would the Cosby considered as successful completed? For example here, when the course progresses 90% or higher and once all exam exams are past. But you can also change that to something else as other requirements. So again, if you want a detailed Victoria, just check out here the manual and make sure that you watch all de videos. So once we are ready with this, we saved the course. So it has the former 80 s which can only be opened with content studio and we click here on export. And remember, this is all for free. So where can we export now? Our interact. Of course, you can export it to a cloud which is also offered. But by that vendor. So what that cloud is called, I am see teach. You can register their for free as well. So there are no costs involved right now. So you just let me just check it again here. Once you open this, if you do not have account, then just click here on register online course management account. And I will not go through this with you now. But what you can do is you can simply register here. Then you have across manager account. Your course, once you have created an account, can be then uploaded here by click and export, and the course will be on the cloud and under clout. You will receive a link for your course. And then this link can be passed on toe all your learners. And this is all for free. Of course, if you want, we have different export options so that you can export it because to your local drive, for example, then you would need to purchase the premium version off this program. But I guess, for starters, that would be it. You could simply create a course for free and uploaded to the free cloud there and then pass on the link toe all the relevant runs. So I hope you enjoyed this course. Make sure you don't note content surely will and try it out for yourself. And maybe it is something that you would use for your future. Thanks for your attention. Bye Bye.