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How to create animated dotted line in After Effects

Shankar Seveliya

How to create animated dotted line in After Effects

Shankar Seveliya

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. How to create animated dotted line in After Effects

    • 2. How to create animated dotted line in After Effects - Process

    • 3. Final Words

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About This Class

I would like to share my knowledge where I have learnt how to create a dotted line in after effects and animate it. This can be used in various animation project.

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1. How to create animated dotted line in After Effects: Hello, friends. I am chucker. And today I will told you how to create dashing line animation with different styles. When you understand the basis, you can create new designs, animations with practice and your creative mind. Please click the enroll. No button to enroll for this course. 2. How to create animated dotted line in After Effects - Process: This is our after out back to make an immature line effect. Well, stuff all make a new composition. Make it setting with the name line and the mission. I'm going with 12 81 7 20 pigs, Irv's and 25 frame rate for second. You can change from her preserves their building desserts. But you can also change your written hired to uncheck this checkbooks. Anderson, check. You can base it manually, but I will go with the same by 7 20 dime gration and chickens hit. Okay, now it is our composition and this is our timeline. Bar time. Land area are shooting Carol. Okay. We have to create a shape procreating shape. You can choose the shape tool like the tango. Circular conflicto, fully going star Anyone. But you can also use this bento for creating a ship because it will give you a manual ship as your own. Okay, First of all, please check your fill. Color is transparent or no. Phil, Click on this fill option. Here. You can see Grady and single color and radio go with none color hit. Okay, It's true. I'm going with Dwight exults you cannot just with 3 to 4. No, Draw shape here. Like this. Okay, now select your move. Tool. You can see here the secret Al Beichler line in our screen. Now let's play with the effect. Go to your layer. Options in contents. Open it. Shape one stroke one. Here you can see multiple options. But we will go with dashes and brushes. You can see here, plus sign. When you click on it, it will open the option. Dash and offset. Click one more on, plus sign. Then you can see the gap Come to Syria To the point. Now you can see here Our line is converted into dots for zooming. You can go with 100 video space ball. You can move your screen with 50. Don't scream, Okay? No, we can't change its shape. So moreover, dishes drag it. No, you can see the dash is is no different. A large one or a smaller one to bring it back. It is your own choice. I will go with this time, okay? No, you can also genius shape by line. Cap it is No but Gap Go down, Gap. What's the difference on them? Go and tzomet all you control from your keyboard and move the school from your mouth dressing space bar. Move it! No! You can see the difference. That is bad shape. And that is wrong. Ship rejecting Gap. We will go with round cap. No. Select your store watch by clicking on this stopwatch icon. It is well key Mark, drag your cue mark 26 seconds. Feed your screen for the final result. Seeing and drag it toe zero. Now See the difference how the straight line comes in tow. Dashes line. Okay, uncheck this. So create a gap of them. Okay, Now we're the contents. Click. Add aunt slept prim parts. You can see we are just a one. Any mission in trim parts here. Open it. You can see start and then offset. We'll go with that, Jack. This stopwatch and you can move the amount off it. As you can see, we have at this time half line with increasing. Our line is increasing and out of the street In start we will go with zero. No. Through six seconds you will put the amount here 100. No, See that new mission? Look, how's this animated line works. It is so simple. affect. You can create multiple designs as on your wish. You can create bundle off effects with your creative mind. Let's play a little bit more. I'm going to create new composition with the name will effect it. Okay, big depend tool reconfirmed settings fell no color and show wide with four pictures. Now I'm going to create a graph. Been create anything with this pen tal like this and this. And now get this this then like this and out from the screen as it is shown, it is like a crop. You can change it ship any time. My just select your shape here and he consoled like this one. Or you can also drag with the's. Adel's like this. If you want North, this icon just selected and press delete from your keyboard and drag it like this. You can create any shape as you require as you want. If you want to add someone more so just click. You can see there a plus sign in the mental, so just click on it and select or drag it like this. Okay, now create any mission on this craft. It's like your move toe goto this arrow contents and ship one wolf. It's truck one. Now we will go it. This dish is It's like plus, our line is now converted into dishes. Rest one more dishes for seeing the cap. Okay, No. Move this gap like this and make some more Freddie over dishes like this. Okay, I think that's good. Now we're going to create animation on them. So just go to this ad in contents. Go to this ad and select prim pods. But this my favorite effect to create this line. An emission. So simple, but looking really cool. Compliments. Toe watch. Hit once. And really good one mark here. Drag toe the six second rest. One more on this add remove key frame. We got one more key from here and drag it into Zito. Now you can check your animation by pressing space bar. But this you can create this craft. One more interesting thing. You can change its shape anytime. Just selecting this shape here and move. Let your bento on drug it anywhere where you want. Well, level cover this. What is a little bit down? You get more down. This also now these are almost lying with each other look. Select your move tool and your animation is saying. But with your you hear look, it's really amazing. Cool. You can change its shape, its color. Any time. Just click on this color button and change its color. Now you can see it is red. Okay, As you can see, our animation is going to the end. But we have the shape still on our screen how we can remove it as it is passing toe out of scream so deleting from the back side. So go to your start and trim parts in the middle of the effect. Click on this stopwatch Burton. And as you can see, we haven't a cue mark here Goto four second and increase it to 100 now. Just see the animation look. Now it is he moving from start heart. So for small defect, you can increase its this tense. Now see, it is really cool. You can create many effects with the help of this like this, you can create these shapes with the help of this. Let's play with the rectangular. Create a new composition. It's OK. Draw a shape here like this and go to contents a finger one stroke one and now withdrawn. Ship take one. Plus once more. He had a little bit gap. Okay, now going Contents Add and trim pots in trim pots. So evident. Hidden stalk. Watch Moving to zero Goto six a Kemp's and dry toe 100 No, come 23 seconds. Good starts. Toe watch. It is zero and go toe. Almost nine second dried toe 100. Now just see the animation. What we done with ship one. Look now make a copy of it. Press control the from your keyboard. Select your move Tool reshape it wants and change its color. Go to contents there. Tango one. Trump won change its color. So blue. Okay, now see the effect again. You can create many effects with the help of this. 3. Final Words: now we complete our last step. Now you all know how to create a stylish line effect on your video. Thank you so much for watching my course. Please leave a five star rating if you like it. And based on this course is created and complete your own class aboard.