How to create and sell your online course with 7 simple steps

Arsenio Mouton, Online Innovator

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18 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Introduction

    • What this course is about

    • Welcoming

    • Discovering what you can teach

    • Tips on how to find what you can teach

    • Finding your ideal customer

    • Planning your course topic

    • Validating your topic

    • Why do you need to validate your topic

    • Example of how to validate

    • Tips when doing research

    • Creating your course outline

    • Creating your content

    • Tips on creating your content

    • Polishing your course

    • Delivery your course

    • Course summary

    • Your at the end


About This Class

Ok so you're probably tired of running around the web looking for information on how to create your first online course and happened to end up here

Well my friend I'm glad to say an angel has just pooped on you! Your blessed because you just found what your looking for

Jip that right this is the holy grail and I have your secret answer but guess what

It not more information , if that's what your thinking we both know you've had enough of that.

The secret is you my friend .I put a lot of effort into this course to help you. 

Long story short ,I sat out to make this course as simple as possible for you, there is a lot of valuable information but my focus was to inspire you .

It was designed to get you started and create your first online course .

Remember it won't be pretty the first time so don't worry just launch.

That's the honest truth ,you have it with in you .

So start now and change your life!              





Arsenio Mouton

Online Innovator

Hey Guys my name is Arsenio Mouton

I’m an Engineer by profession but in 2016 I felt a change occur within me.

Something was different and I knew what I was doing didn’t fit with me.

 That’s when my entrepreneurial spirit rose to the occasion and beat the living daylights out my procrastination.

It wasn't easy though as my first business in Wi-fi communication didn't do so well mostly due to me my buddy procrastination and his two cousins fear and doubt.

They were the demons lingering over my shoulder but I was determined not to give up.

 As if losing half my years saving wasn't enough I decided to take on E-commerce simply because my failing business had taught me the most valuable lesson what I like to call it the "Just do it " mentality.

So in October 2016 I stepped in to the world of E-commerce drunk with confusion and little know how .E-commerce courses popped up like flashy casinos on the las vegas strip.

Needless to say, it too failed miserably and my last savings were gone but what I had learned was invaluable.

 In beginning of 2017 one of my clients asked me to assist them with their marketing. So I decided instead of doing it for them, I would create a short course .

This was when I discovered my talent ,breaking large amounts of information into bite size easy to understand chunks.

But because I felt free information actually does more harm than good, I decided charge him simply because free information does not invoke action but rather create doubt and disbelief. 

I charged him a relatively low insecure fee but at the end he was so impressed with the short course it that he had even paid double what I had initially charged him and this was the beginning of my Online Course Creation journey.

The lesson from my experience do not hesitate ,empower yourself and learn from your mistakes.