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How to create an influencer marketing campaign

teacher avatar Mirel Ichim

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 What do you need

    • 3. 03 How it works

    • 4. 04 How to choose the influencer

    • 5. 05 The organisation of the contest

    • 6. 06 Figure out the costs

    • 7. 07 The sales process

    • 8. 08 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class we will learn step by step about how to create an influencer marketing campaing with an influencer. We will learn everything from how to decide what influencer to colaborate with, how to manage the contest and how to create a strategy to make everything go together.


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Mirel Ichim


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1. 01 Introduction: Hi guys, My name is middle and I own social media marketing agency here in the beautiful country of Romania. And today I'm really, really excited about teaching you how to create an influencer social media campaign. So it can be really easy for you to follow. I split it in six easy steps. You just follow along and make the magic happen. But first, let's talk about why you should make an influencer marketing campaign. Because you can do whatever we want with it. You can grow your brand, you can generate sales. You can see what kind of people like your product or services. You can know a lot of stuff with it. You can use it even in, I don't know, raising money for charity or any other stuff. So the principles that I'm teaching you here, you can use it in a lot of ways. Action, not just to generate sales, but to make good things happen in the world. So yeah, you're going to learn some techniques that you can apply to whatever you want. These techniques are going to bring you people that are interested in learning about you or your message. Now let's talk about how we're going to make it happen. First things first, what do you need? Second part, how does it work? Turn this how to choose an influencer for is how to create and manage the contest. Five is how to manage the costs. And six is how to organize the cells or the part where you want to spread the message to the people. So yeah, six really, really easy steps for you to follow. So let's begin. Let's go. 2. 02 What do you need: Welcome. Now let's talk about what you're going to need. Again for me, it's about the simplicity. I want you to be able to understand this process really, really easy. So I split it what you need in three smaller categories. First, you are going to need a free product that you are going to give to the influencer. Also, a limited time offer for the people that are going to join the contest. To, you're going to need an influencer to find him and to collaborate with him. It would be nice if you found one that represents your brand or message or did things in the past that kind are in the same niche as you are towards. You are going to talk with him and negotiate the fee and the communication plan. Third, you're going to need a simple sales process and an emitter salt processed, but it doesn't have to sell things, as I'm telling you. So the sales process part is the part where the message from you as the brand gets to the people. But it's going to be named sales process. Keep in mind that I'm going to use the term service process as it's going to be easier for us not to use lots of terms and get confused. So sales process is the part where you get the message to the people, but this is going to happen after the contest ends. So let's begin with the beginning. I promise you it's really simple. Just follow along. 3. 03 How it works: Now that we understood what do we need, Let's talk about how does it work. And again, we're going to break it down into smaller pieces, so it's really easy for us to follow along. So the mechanics of the contests Are, you get a free product, you give it two in the influencer, he organizes a contest on his social media profile. Afterwards, a wiener is picked for the price and you do the sales process to the other people that participated in the contest. Simple terms, this is how it's going to work. But let's break it down even more so we can have a lot of details that really, really make a difference. In addition of the contest, you should prepare a message that you want to get to the people that joined the contest and special offer for them. The offer can be either no, 5%, 10 percent, 20 percent discounted, the buying of one of your products. The discount is going to be addressed only to defend base of the influencer and the people that are going to join the contest. After you give the influence or the product, he's going to organize the contest on his social media account. And now it's a really good time for you as a brand to communicate with the people there in the comments, reply to them, encourage them, make some jokes with them, be active with them. And remember, the price of the contest is the free thing that you are going to give to the influencer, to give away, you are going to have to negotiate some things with the influencer besides the feed that he's going to get, you should talk to him about the rules of the contest, as in how can people join the contest. But also you shouldn't negotiate with him a communication plan. Let's talk about the rules of the contest first. I personally think that you should let him decide on how the contest should work because he knows his fanbase the most and he knows how to interact with them, engage with them, and have fun with them. So I don't think you should really be strict about the rules, but I think the main focus of the contests should be comments. As in social media comments, he makes a post and people write something in the comments to participate in that context. Because this makes it really easy for you to follow the number of people that joined, what kind of people they are, what kind of interest they have, and stuff like that. Also, you will have all the participants social media profiles, use them to give them your message or your special offer. I think you should send the message personally to them, as in from the brand account to a direct message to the participants where you thank them for joining the contest and also give them the special offer. That is that discount code. For example, after the contest ends, you should also ask day influencer to post the discount code for a limited amount of time. For example, three to five days that the other participants that didn't see your message or didn't get it, maybe got a chance to buy your product at that discount. Usually the discount code is going to be posted in the same post where you announced the winner. I want to make a short recap so I can make sure that you understand where we are so far. Don't worry, we're going to get into more details on here. Give a food product today influencer. He organizes a contest on his social profile account. You engage with the customer, you announced the winner, and you follow them with special discounts or messages that you want to give to them. Giving them that discount called makes them way more likely to buy your product or what do you want to give them as a message, this is how it basically works. Now it's time to get into more details. 4. 04 How to choose the influencer: Now let's talk about how to choose the best influencer. First things first, I think you should decide on which platform you are going to put the contesting. The most common ones are Facebook or Instagram. But I think you should consider some things before choosing your platform. Where do you think you find the most people interested in your brand? And also in which platform you are the most active, because it doesn't really matter that they are going to follow you if you're not going to post on that platform. So for example, if you are never posting on Facebook, any organized a contest on Facebook, it's not going to be really, really smart to bring people to your Facebook account that is going to be empty and they're going to be, this contest is going to bring in new people that are interested in your brand, especially in that platform. So make sure you choose the platform that you are the most active in. Now it's time to create a list with a influencers. And I think you should really, really categorize them based on how many followers they have. The first category should be micro influencers, up to 10 K followers, afterwards, 30 K followers afterwards, 50 K and 100 k and plus influencers. This is a list where you should add as many people as you can think of and select as many of them as that represent your brand identity. Or they have a fan base that you want to give your message to or that would be interested in your product. If you have the budget, you can organize more contests in the same time. But keeping my indifference small business at the beginning, things are gonna get more complicated. And I really, really just starting with one. In this way, it's easier for you to track how the contest goes, how many people engage, how many people follow along with your message and stuff like that, especially that after the first contest is done, you can start another one with another influencer. And afterwards you're going to have to influencers to compare which one rots the best results. This will help you or Latin the future. Let's recap. You choose a platform and you make a list with influencers. Now it's time to talk with them. You have to keep in mind that for a lot of people, this is their main job and their assets are their fan base. So if you want to get the message to their fanbase through them, or get the product to their fanbase through them. You have to pay them a fee. Most of the influencers already did brand deals, so they might be used to how the process works. But also keep in mind that some people might not want money, might just want to help your cause or your product because they really love it or stuff like that. So yeah, this is the thing that you have to talk with the specific influencer after you negotiate the price. Now it's time to negotiate what kind of deliverables he can give to you as in what kind of things he can give back to you. For example, how many posts, how many stories? How many times will he mentioned your brand and stuff like that? And also what he can do after the contest ends. Maybe I don't know where your t-shirt at the convention or stuff like that. It's really, really important to decide together from the beginning that this amount of money that you are going to give him, you are going to get this kind of services from him. So yeah, just decided these things together from the beginning as it's the most fair and you're going to be stress-free afterwards. But I really think it should be an open discussion. For example, you give him your ideas. He gives you his ideas and together you build the contest and the rules. And whatever you want, whatever he wants together. Because this is, after all, a collaboration between two things, then I think it can be something awesome if you talk it out. So yeah, everything should be built together. The communication plan, the rules, the fees, everything. Next thing that you wanna do is put a schedule on the campaign. So you want to put all the posts and stories in the calendar to really see at what our is going to happen in which date. So it can have a big overview about what is going to happen. In this way. You can easily track and make sure that everything is going accordingly to the play. And also this is going to come in really handy if you are going to work with more influencers at the same time. It's really, really helpful to have everything in dates and hours that they are going to happen. Painting a timeline is a key for the long-term success. Now let's talk about another key to having success and that is being active in the comments sections with the people because they're going to love it. As I said before, you can try some jokes, you can try encouraging them. Also giving them some facts about your brand may be interesting stuff. Reply to their questions because some of them will have questions about your brand, the product, message, all kinds of stuff. So be active there, responded as a normal human being, as a brand human being active with them, we be real. This is a great way to raise people trust in your brand. Yeah, now it's time for the numbers. You have to see. What kind of impact did you had with this campaign? How did it work? So you can decide if it was a success or not. So if the contest wasn't a success, don't worry about it. Rome wasn't built in just one day. Now we can find the top three or five influencers that you can work with in the future, just repeating the process. So yeah, the last step is analyzing and repeat. Basically this is how it works so far, step-by-step. 5. 05 The organisation of the contest: Now let's talk about how to create and manage the contest that we keep talking about. Any contest is made in three stages. Warm up, the happening and the closing. I have some recommendations about how long should each stage last? The warm-up stage should be two to three days. The happening should be three to seven days, and the closing should also be two to three days of content. Should you post in the warm-up stage? Again, it's really simple. Influencer can post stuff like that. I'm working with the brand to create some stuff for you guys. Stay tuned or messages like this. Here is the part where the influencer is getting his fanbase interested in the collaboration between you and a head and make them aware that a contest is going to happen on his social media account. This is the really, really important part to make people aware of what is going to happen. So I think you should also use your social media accounts to announce it. Also, if you have a mailing list or any other way to get to your fanbase, you should make them aware that a contest is happening on that influencers page where there, where they can win something from you. This just raises up your chances of success with the contest. And also the influencer will appreciate that you are really trying to help him as well. It's not important that some people from your fan base are going to follow the influencer. The target is the engagement after all. And I think it's really, really nice gesture for the influencer to get some followers as well. It's just a friendly way of sharing followers. And I think it's an awesome way for longtime growth and also make the influencer be even more engaging or giveaway. And now the happening, there are two things happening in that happening. There is the contest where people can join and also the advertising of the contest in the contest post, I think there are two important things that people have to see. What are they're going to win and how can they join, curious the place with the most engagement. So make sure that you are going to be active as well on this post if you want, feel free to also pay some ads for this contest. But generally this is not necessary, as in it's going to make self advertising because people are gonna comment and the algorithm is going to pick up that, oh, there's some interest in disposed. Let's show it to even more people. So yeah, you can pay for some extra ads, but I generally don't think it's needed. A closing stage, two to three days is where the winner is paid. Also spread the message to the people that didn't win through direct messaging. And afterwards post of yourself with the discount code and they influencer post with a. Thank you for the, thank you to the brand for collaborating with me. Here's a special discount for all the people that still want to get the product. Yeah, just because the contest and don't forget that you should keep posting about that special offer or discount that you have dm important things about the discount code or the special offer. It should have a really limited time offer, three to five days max, so you can give people the urgency to buy the product. It should also be introduced to all the people that joined the contest because they already imagined themselves with the product. They really wanted it, they didn't buy it. And now it's a really special time for them to get it at a special price and a special offer, and they have a limited time. So it will make them way more inclined to buy it. And it's really important to make the participants feel special and that just them got this offer because they participated in the influencers contests. Also makes sure the influencers understands that the main purpose of this contest is the engagement. This is by far the easiest way to understand your customer and to understand what kind of people like your brand and to understand why people might be interested in your brand. Of course, there are lots of lots of waste organize contests, but any other extra step, it will just complicate the process and the way you are going to get to your customers and stuff like that. So this is by far the easiest way that I found. And I also think it's Izzy and a fun way to create engagement for your brand. I want to give you some hints as well. Pick the winner randomly. Because if you are going to decide the winner to a judge or any other criteria, is just going to complicate the process and people are going to get more skeptic about why did that guy when or why did that Kerwin and stuff like that. And it's just going to complicate the process for no reason. Just pick a website and a random winner using, I don't know, or stuff like that. So it can be really easy and transparent for you and for the people that during the contest to see who won and let the fate and chances, the side simple and elegant. This is the best way to choose a winner and a hint is about the special offer. This should be obvious because team the name, but the offer should truly be special. Focus on actually bringing a good offer to the table. So people will be really interested in getting your product because it's going to be about short-term cells and long-term value of the customer. Because, okay, maybe they now bite at a really low price, but afterwards they're going to recommend you or by another stuff from you. So yeah, this is how you create and manage the contest. 6. 06 Figure out the costs: Now it's time to talk about that money and how to manage the costs. There are three things that we have to keep in mind about the costs. First is the free product that you give the influencer. Here you have to calculate the production price of the object. The second one is the payment that give the influencer. The third one is the special offer or discount that you give to the people. Yes. If he's still make profit, it doesn't matter. You have to calculate that loss. Let's say like that, that you lose giving this offer because it's a reduction of the price. So you should put in there. So yeah, those are the three things that you have to keep in mind about the cost, the product, the payment to the influencer, and the discount of your cells. Adding these three things up, we'll make the contest production costs afterwards if you calculate how many cells did you get or how much impact did you make with this? Subtract the total cost of planning the contest that will give you how successful was the context and my end, my Team's experience in 90% of the cases, these types of contests are a real, real success. So yeah, this is how you deal with the costs. 7. 07 The sales process: Now let's talk about how to organize the sales process. In the sales process should be adapted to the communication plan. And it shouldn't be in all three stages, the warm-up that happening and the closing. Let's recap what those three stages are. The warm up, it's where you and the influencers and nouns and D is the contest happening. The part where influence that pose the contest and you engage with the audience. And the third part of the closing is where an winner is announced and you spread the message to the other participants of the contest. I now recommend getting some kind of spreadsheet where it can organize some things. First things first, you should organize all the people's names that during the contest. So you can make sure you message all of them. And after you message them, you can cross off the people that bought your product so you can have a clear and straight number of how many people saw your message, how many people did you send your message to, and how many people bought or got the message that you were interested in giving. Because measuring those things are going to give you the conversion rate. So how many people joined? How many people did you send the message to? How many people responded? Using these three things can make you the conversion rate and seeing how many people actually got what you wanted. And you can use this conversion rate and put it in the table with a influencers so you can easily see which one was the most successful to work with. This was how to organize the sales process. 8. 08 Final Thoughts: Thanks a lot for being with me in this course. I really hope you got some information that you found useful. I hope you are going to apply them and make the best contest that the world has ever seen. Once again, I've been mirror from Romania here for you and for your growth. Thanks for being awesome and have a great day. See you.