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How to create an Simple Animated Intro in Adobe After effects

teacher avatar Shiv Gupta

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. How to create a Simple Animated intro for your Video

    • 2. The Process of creating a Simple Animated intro for your Video

    • 3. Conclusion - You learned it

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About This Class

How to create an Simple Animated Intro in Adobe After effects.

This is going to be a simple tutorial with a lot of knowledge

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Shiv Gupta


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1. How to create a Simple Animated intro for your Video: Hi. My name is Shu. Today I'm going to show you how you can do a simple animated intro in after effects. This is simple intro You can add in the start of your video off any video that you are creating. Once you learn the technique, I'm going to show you You can create your own customized into video, You know? No, by clicking the blue in roll butter. 2. The Process of creating a Simple Animated intro for your Video: Okay. This is our aftereffects. Receive welcome screen. Most of all make a new composition to proceed your work. Click on this icon for new composition and no, make the composition setting. Composition, Name. I am giving it a name. Next, Any mission And I will go with my presets as TV 7 2025 frames per second. Now, at this time I have it with 12. 80 exurbs and hide 7 20 Exerts with 25 frames per second. And my time duration is 10 seconds. Background color, black it. Okay, now we successfully created our composition. This is our timeline area where we can added our effects. And this bar is timeline bar Most of all, you have to create a background. You can see it is transparent. It means there is no background in your composition. So why trick here going new anklets solid Oh, you can go with layer new and solid It's short cut key is control while from your keyboard Make a name it BG needs background click on make home size You restrict the size as your composition have are just a color that you want I will go with grace color it. Okay. Now, as you can see, we have a background in our composition. Okay? The next step is to create our text. You have to visible our I shouldn't say far. Okay, Now create a new text layer. Go to layer New indexed all you can make it right. Taking on your this area. Go with new flick text and type here. Hello, friends. Okay, now I am going to create about make sure there is no earlier active at this time. Please click on this blank area. Then go with Bento flecked in the corner. And now Holywood shifted from your keyboard and click on another one. It will give you the state line now come to settings. My irritating is no color click on this film. Can you have an option? A Grady and single color or non color? I will go with non color. Okay. And with stroke, you can change any color. I will go with. Yes. Okay. With two pigs. Irv's, it's OK. Now click on this area and you can see your this yellow bar. It's like you're moved on and no, we have sex here and about here. Time to make some animation. Select your shape here, Break it down to hell. Friends Now! Hello, friends. It's your first layer. Press on this. I would learn to hired for this time. Select your shape. Clear. You can open this menu by clicking on the Cerro and 10 transform. Here you can see all the options. We will go with scale on. Check this chin and now change its value. Put it zero No! Now click on your stopwatch. Move your arrow. Four seconds. Make it again. 200 Press enter Now you can see what's happened. It is an animation off this far mooring sport. Lee towards all the screen would fit onto two seconds. Make it quickly. Okay, now check this out for smoothness. Select the board. I can't right click on them. It's like a key frame assistance and easy You can change. It's very of smoothness by this craft. Also by this again, click on this graph editor will come back to your timeline bar dragger bar and see the animation. Now make some animation. Did text also visible this layer again and move your this layer a little bit photo and move your and move your this Lehto one second at this sport for one second. OK, that is okay. Change its position. Press p from your keyboard. Now you can change its position, but I will go with same 6 40 by 3 60 You can align them by this ally in paragraph. If it is no visible on your aftereffect, just goto window and select a line. It will align your this text toe recently. And what it really? No. You can drag it a little bit up with the help of shift by keyboard holding your control and move the scroll off your mouth. You can zoom in and zoom out. Now you can see clearly it is a little bit up from your line. Or you can also zoom in or zoom Oh, by clicking on this icon and fit, it is no big by scream. Okay, make a copy of this text by pressing control the from your keyboard and now put it down my holding ship again. Do the same. Put it 200% and you can see clearly. Okay, that's cool again. Go with it. Now Select the board players and best be from your keyboard. The short it position as you have selected the board layers. When you press once on store, watch the boat. Have an a mark here, Drag it through the three second. Okay, Now select. Hello, friends. Just one there and drop it down this time. Not like the Secondly, hello, Friends, too. And put it up like this by pressing DoubleClick, you can change this text. I will go with. Welcome to Plus, let's move tour. I just you as when you're du monde. Okay, that's fine. Now you can see by pressing space bar what we done on your bar. Okay, Now you can see this animation. Welcome to class, friends. This both have also converted into disease for smooth result. You ve you cannot suppress f mine from your keyboard performing the same. He's a pig. Now convert your these both layers to pre composition, right? Click on it. And like recompose, you can change any movie. But I am okay with complaints. Convert this also right keeping here and convert recompose. We're going to like your post player and like rectangle to and draw a mosque to the center . Now you can see the animation. Our welcome to class is coming from our mosque, not from the top. Do the same with the second there. Select a finger to and draw a mask. Hello, friends. Okay, now you can see this animation by pressing space from your cable north issues as the board coming from the line. Fantastic. Okay, now we will go with Terry War section. It is the opening effect. We have to make the end one. So it is easy when you create once. Just go with first calm, double click on it. It will open this nuclear bulbs. Select this. Press you from your keyboard to seeing all the properties and options which you make changes over. Go over six seconds. Select the boat Breast control C and control week A full copy the before effect and pasted it to your current bar position. Right? Click on there Slack key frame assistant and select time Reverse key frames. Come back to text animation. Gore with second record Double click on it. It's like your layer press. You select the board less control. See? And now control me, Right? Cleveland them select key frame assistant. And now time rewards keeping Come back to text any mission, go over shape here. Select You controlled. See? Come to six second. Best Control V. Right Click on them. Give him assistance and time rewards keeping now See your final animation. Welcome, friends. Hello, friends. Welcome to Klaus. At this time, our disbar spirit is so spilling. Move this icons. And now you can see. Adjust them with your an emission. Okay, I think that's OK now. Yes, that is OK. Now you can check it by pressing zero from your keyboard. 3. Conclusion - You learned it: awesome. I would like to say thank you very much to go to my course. Please leave a wife separating if you like it, and please create and complete your own class project based on the course you just saw.